SMOK XPRO – The Mini Box Mod Entry With A Beefed Up 45W

Smoktech have come out with a number of Box Mods recently ranging from 22W to 65W with a 50W bluetooth device thrown in for good measure.

They also have an 80W device on the way. There is no doubting Smoktech have always been a reliable producer of vaping products but can they compete with the likes of the Eleaf iStick and Cloupor Mini when it comes to mini box mod devices?

That’s what I will be looking at today.

In the box / Presentation

The Smok Xpro M45 comes in a well branded yet standard cardboard presentation box and contains the following.

  • 1 X Xpro M45
  • Manual
  • EGO adapter
  • Charging cable


The Xpro M45 is slightly bigger than the Eleaf iStick 30W and around the same size as Kangers K Box.

The 2200 mah battery is not replaceable and although the bottom plate looks like it can be removed I couldn’t do this to check things out as I don’t have a small enough Allen key to let me in.

The battery itself lasted well however lasting me a couple of days before I needed to put it on charge.SMOK Xpro M45 ReviewAesthetically the M45 is good, the aluminium body is solid while keeping the weight down and the grooved side opposite the firing button gives a nice tactile grip in the hand.

The power and selector buttons on the opposite side are built well again but the latter do have a slight rattle to them which should only be bothersome to the most detail oriented vapers amongst us. I would personally rather they didn’t rattle but at the same time it’s not an issue.

The OLED screen is set in between the buttons and is a nice clear screen that presents all the information you need well.

SMOK M45 XPRO Screen

Which brings us onto the functions:

  • On/Off by pressing power button 3 times in quick succession and selecting power off in the menu
  • Pressing the power button 3 times also allows you to select either Wattage or Mech mode
  • 5 Button click locks/unlocks the screen

The screen provides the following details

  • Battery level indicator
  • Current resistance (ohms) of attached atomiser
  • Underneath this is the output voltage when vaping
  • On the right, the main number is the output wattage (6W-45W). This can be changed up or down using the selector buttons.

I didn’t have any issues with the functions, rifling through the watt settings start of slow but does gather paced to fly through the settings. The only thing that for me is a waste is the mech mode.

This function allows the device to give out the maximum wattage for the tank/atomiser attached. As mentioned not something that i would use and for those that would take advantage of this I would hazard a guess they have dedicated mech mods to do that job.

The 45W maximum outpout is without doubt large but again not everyone will have the need for this.80% of the time I vape around 10W with the odd crank of power to 20/22W if I’m using a Subtank with the 0.5 Ohm coil.

Some may find an issue with lack of a variable voltage function, for me personally I mainly vape in wattage mode where I can so this isn’t an issue for me. Wattage mode automatically adjusts the power output to suit the resistance of the atomiser you have sat on top.

Charging is done by way of the supplied USB cable with the added bonus that you can vape the device while it’s charging.

SMOK USB Connection

Further Features

  • ‘Weak Battery’ display when battery reaches under 3.4V of power.
  • ‘Check Atomiser’ displays if coil lower than 0.2 ohms are used
  • ‘Cool Down’ Mod overheating
  • Low resistance protection
  • 10 second cut off


The Xpro M45 looks good, is built well and is easy to use. The Mech mode may not be of use for many vapers however.


The Smok Xpro M45 is compatible with coils from 0.2 Ohms to 4.0 Ohms so great for sub ohm vapers.

I tried a number of tanks including the Aspire Atlantis 2, SMOK VCT and the Subtank Mini. From these, my personal pick would be the Kanger Subtank Mini when using the M45 for sub ohm vaping due to it sitting flush on top of the box, it looks the part.

SMOK Xpro M45 With Kanger Subtank Mini

SMOK Xpro M45 With Aspire Atlantis 2

Firing upto 45W with the 0.5 Ohm coil was too much for my personally tastes, the 20-22W range was just fine with the Powwow Sauce e-liquid I was using, which I have to say is great by the way. The M45 also worked well at lower 8-10W settings with the Aspire Nautilus Mini.

Overall – Performance, as expected was good for me with both the tanks I used and had no problem working with a range of coil resistances.

Overall – Final Thoughts

The Xpro M45 from Smok is without doubt a well built piece of kit and is easy enough for vapers stepping up from Vape Pen style devices to get to grips with. Whether that category of user actually needs a 45W device is another question, one that only you can answer.

If you want a larger watt device I personally prefer the Eleaf iStick 50W which comes with a huge 4400 mAh battery. If Watts are not your priority then other devices may suit you better.

Lets round up with the good and not so good.

The Good:

  • Aluminium build is good whilst keeping the weight of the device down.
  • Battery capacity is good at 2200 mAh and should suit all levels of vaper
  • Functions are easy to use
  • 6-45W will be a positive for some.
  • Use coil resistance down to 0.2 Ohm
  • The variety of tanks I used worked well.

The Not So Good:

  • Slight button rattle.
  • The mech mode (for me) seems a wasted function.
  • Battery is built in and not replaceable.


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