Kangertechs Answer To The Box Mod Invasion – The K Box

Update: Take a look at the new Kanger K Box reviews for more upto date devices

The Kanger K Box is the first release by Kangertech in response to the ever increasing box mod devices to hit the market in the last 6 months. Kanger K Box Featured image

It has to be said there are some excellent vape mods so I was interested to see if Kanger could come up with something that could make an impact on this segment of the e cig market.

Only one way to find out, I bought one to see for myself!

Lets take a closer look with this K Box review.

In the box / Presentation

The KBox comes in sturdy compact sliding draw box and includes.

  • 1 X K Box Mod
  • Manual
  • That’s it!


The first thing to say about the K Box is that it’s a box mod where the battery can be replaced rather than a fixed power disposable item like the Eleaf iStick and MVP3.

Nothing wrong with the latter but there are loads of vapers out there that like to be able change over their batteries without the need to buy a brand new device.

Kanger K Box

The KBox takes a 18650 (with an output above 20A) battery and doesn’t come supplied with one so you will need to buy one if you don’t already have one. Just be sure to buy quality here, don’t risk a cheap battery.

Aspire 18650’s are the batteries I personally use and are recommended by many as being a good quality with a decent price.

It’s also just a variable wattage mod, so no option to switch to volts. For me not a problem, I tend to vape primarily just using wattage mode anyway.

This way I don’t have to think to much about the coil resistance I have in the tank on top and the device adjusts the power output automatically.

There is no charging the battery in the device as you can with the Cloupor Mini which would have been good but with a couple of batteries you can easily rotate to reduce or do away with any vaping down time.

Out of the box

My initial impressions weren’t great. Whilst it was solid and well built it reminded me (looks wise) of an e cig I reviewed three years ago called the Gripper MOD, anyone remember that? It just all looked very basic.

Anyway, jumping forward a couple of weeks and after using it in this time my opinion has changed quite a bit. Yes it’s simple in it’s design but it is well made on a whole. The not so good point I will cover at the end of this section.

I found it comfortable in the hand, it has a smooth finish to the body that feels good to hold. The firing button is well placed and has a very satisfying click to it although if I was planning on stealth vapingĀ in the cinema this wouldn’t be the mod to choose, the click is actually quite loud. Probably a little too much thinking about it.

Holding kangertech kbax

Below the power button Kanger have gone with a lighting system to display remaining battery and wattage. Below this is the button to change the watts. It is a very simple e cig in terms of design and one that looks targeted toward the beginner/intermediate vaper. There are no OLED displays and nothing to over complicate it’s use.

The functions may not suit everyone though, especially more advanced vapers that want more control.

Now the not so good point for me with the build. I don’t know if it’s just me but unscrewing the bottom cap to put the battery in/out is a real pain in the butt.

Not only is the threading stiff but the way it is designed makes it difficult to get a grip of the actual cap. It takes a fair bit of pressure and numerous tiny little turns to get the thing off.

Kanger K Box threading

I did find a way around this by just pressing my thumb against the bottom and twisting but it wasn’t designed to be removed like this so is poor design in my view.


There are just 7 watt settings that can be used – 8 / 13 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40. So while it does go up to 40W which is more than enough for a high percentage of vapers the lack of really controlling the power in between the above amounts may be a draw back for some.

Selecting the above is simply done by pressing the button marked ‘W’. Repeated pressing will flow through the selections to 40W and then drop to back to 8W. Simple.

Further Features

  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • 10 second cut off


Very simple design that is solid and well built, apart from the bottom battery cap. The wattage functions are very easy to use but may not be extensive enough for more advanced vapers.

How Does The Kanger K Box Perform?

The K Box can fire coils down to 0.4 Ohms, I tried all the current Subtanks as well as the the Atlantis by Aspire, all worked well.

It’s no coincidence that Kangers Subtank fits perfectly on top of the K Box sitting flush with the edges. The Subtank Mini also looks great and would be my personal preference.

Kanger K Box Review

Using 0.5 Ohm coils in all of the above tanks they are difficult to separate in terms of quality. All do a great job. Going over 30W with these and the e juice I was using however was too much for my tastes. 20W was my preferred setting.

Overall – No performance issues although maybe too basic for advanced users. The Kanger Subtank and Subtank Mini fit well on top.

Overall – Final Thoughts

The K Box, in terms of looks and functions, is super simple. That for me is part of the reason I really like this box mod. It will be easy for the newer/intermediate vapers out there to use and this looks like Kangertech built this with them in mind. They have done away with what can seem like complicated selection functions that other box mods have.

Lets round up with the good and not so good.

The Good:

  • Solid, quality build quality (apart from one thing – see not so good)
  • Takes a 18650 battery so no need to swap device when battery dies.
  • Wattage functions are easy to use
  • 8-40W.
  • Use coil resistance down to 0.4 Ohm
  • Works well with variety of tanks I used but pairs well with the Subtank & Subtank Mini.

The Not So Good:

  • The threading for the battery cap is poor as is the design to actually turn and remove it. Difficult to remove and stiff.
  • The eight different watt settings may not be enough or precise enough for some vapers
  • Need to buy batteries and charger as extras
  • Overall may not be suitable for advanced vapers

Final Kanger K Box Review Verdict:

Very Good for most vapers

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  1. i bought this mod for its aesthetic over function. not much mod looks well to go with taifun GT. and this one does. but later i found that i love this mod since it does works as advertised and really able to drive my taifun GT to its potential. i own kbox for about 5 months and still working well. i’ve been vaping for more than 3 years now and never touch analog ever sincec


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