I have a lot of time for this UK based vape company and I’m hoping the SMOKO pod kit is another of its products I’m going to enjoy reviewing.

I have stated the SMOKO e-cigarette is without doubt one of the very best vaping starter kits out there, and I still stand by that.

smoko pod kit review

Which is a good job given one of my quotes from that review is loud and proud on the front page of the website *blushes* lol.

And nope – I’m not ‘sponsored‘ or paid by the company – I always tell it exactly how it is 🙂

The flavours with the SMOKO pod kit are exactly the same as those in the e-cig and it will be interesting to see how they taste in the pods.

What Can We Expect From the SMOKO Vape Pod Kit?

Ease of use and great flavours are key here.

And given the SMOKO pod kit is designed with the smokers looking to switch to vaping in mind, the draw needs to replicate that of a lit cigarette.

in hand

As you’ll see, there’s a total of 8 flavours to choose from all with varying nicotine strengths from zero to the max of 20mg.

OK, I’ve received 6 of the 8 flavours and they were sent to me direct from SMOKO – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

Incidentally the word smoko is an old term used for taking a smoke break…now you know 😉

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Inside the Box

It’s a very nice tin rather than a box…


  • 1 x SMOKO VAPE POD Quick Charging Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 x USB C Charging Cable
  • 1 x designer SMOKO Metal Tin
  • 1 x SMOKO VAPE POD Instruction Manual
  • Available in silver or black

Note: at the time of writing there’s a FREE £10 voucher to use on your next purchase of pods!

There’s limited info on the specs for the SMOKO pod kit so I can’t tell you the mAH – any guesses let me know – I’ll say 650mAH at a guess lol.

Key Features

What you see is pretty much what you get with the SMOKO pod kit – there’s nothing new or trailblazing.

And that’s no bad thing given this is predominately designed for brand new vapers and smokers looking to make the switch.

pod and battery

It’s a simple battery that’s draw activated and the pre-filled pods snap in and out thanks to pretty strong batteries – easy peasy.

Not much more to say, apart from if you do buy the starter kit please note it does NOT include any pods.

However there are some very good bundle deals on the website.

Design and Build Quality

I’ve already touched on the design – in that it looks like a plethora of other basic pod kits out there.

Again that’s no bad thing, it looks good – feels good and is small and definitely pocket friendly.

Design wise and I’m not at all keen on the huge SMOKO logo – but hey it is what it is.

Build wise it’s a solid little vape kit that feels like zinc alloy – though it may be aluminum – pretty light though.

The pods are all very tinted and you need to hold them up to a light to see your levels.

Strong magnets means the pod snap in nicely with no wobble and even inside my rucksack there’s been no leaks.

How Does the SMOKO Pod Kit Perform?

As I said at the start of this vape review, I have a lot of time for SMOKO and still recommend the very impressive SMOKO VAPE E-Cigarette to smokers looking to quit, and at an extremely competitive price.

Nope…and once again, I’m not paid to promote the brand – just putting credit where credit is due 🙂

OK, I received 6 of the 8 pre-filled flavoured pods and there’s a choice of zero nicotine right up to 20mg strengths.

Let’s have a taste.

SMOKO Vape Pod – Original Tobacco



Our ORIGINAL TOBACCO flavour has a strong and authentic tasting tobacco taste making it the perfect vape for people looking to quit smoking cigarettes!

With a bold tobacco flavour and mild Vanilla undertone to produce a well rounded vaping experience.

I Say:

I said in my last SMOKO review, this one reminded me of Marlboro Lights.

It is deceptively mild and a tad on the sweet side through the pod.

I guess that this vanilla undertones coming through.

The exhale does leave a slightly stronger tobacco vibe and yeah this is definitely reminiscent of ‘straight‘ filter tipped lit cigarettes.

SMOKO Vape Pod – Virginia Rolling



For those who like a deep and rich tobacco flavour when you smoke, the VIRGINIA ROLLING VAPE Pod is the perfect tobacco flavour to satisfy your cravings!

If you roll your own cigarettes and want an authentic tasting tobacco flavour, this is the right VAPE Flavour for you.

I Say:

I loved the flavour off this one in the cartridge and was the first flavour I tried in this review.

What can I say but WOW!

I rolled my own – and without filters – and this comes very very close to that flavour.

As I’ve said before, all that’s really missing is that slight smoky sweetness I used to get.

Other than that – amazing blending…and this is the pod I take out and about.

SMOKO Vape Pod – Mint Breeze



If you are a menthol cigarette smoker and looking for the perfect menthol vape, then the SMOKO MINT BREEZE Flavour VAPE Pods will be a perfect fit.
Our MINT BREEZE flavour has a strong and satisfying pure menthol taste – for a super refreshing and clean alternative to a menthol cigarette!

I Say:

A lovely fresh minty smell from the pod – very much like Polo mints rather than extra strong.

The inhale is a tad on the sweet side, however that breeze does calm it all down.

It is a gentle breeze of mint rather than a full on arctic blast.

Given I don’t really do many menthol/mint vapes, I actually liked this one.

Lovely clean palate after every vape too.

SMOKO Vape Pod – Menthol



Our MENTHOL flavour has a strong and satisfying menthol taste with the undertone of tobacco – as close to a menthol cigarette that you can get!

Incredibly popular menthol vape flavour that delivers a truly satisfying smoking experience without the harmful chemicals found in a cigarette.

I Say:

No doubt what flavour this is when you take the pod out of the packet!

The inhale delivers a very deep and rich menthol flavour – however a throat freezer this isn’t.

Yes it’s ccold but not ccccold if you catch my drift!

I actually found myself vaping on this for a lot longer than I expected.

I totally agree, this is perfect for the smokers that miss their menthol cigarettes.

SMOKO Vape Pod – Fruit Burst



Our Fruit Burst Flavour VAPE Pod refills uses our high quality flavours and ingredients in our e-liquids that are Made in the UK!

I Say:

Not so much flavour notes, more of a marketing spiel but hey so what lol.

Again I’m getting chewy candies rather than fresh zesty fruit – despite the smell suggesting a bit of a tang.

The inhale does indeed threaten to be over sweetened and despite a lack of coolant, it does calm on the exhale.

Still a touch too sugary for me, but those with a sweet tooth will enjoy this particular flavour.

SMOKO Vape Pod – Raspberry



Get ready for pure raspberry bliss!

Our RASPBERRY Flavour is oozing with fresh and juicy raspberry goodness.

Like it was just picked and squeezed into the vape pod!

If you like sweet, bright and fruity flavours, our RASPBERRY will be one of your favourites.

I Say:

There’s that word again…sweet…so am I sweet on this one?

I’ve said it often that I love tangy zesty raspberry vapes.

This one is so close to being perfect it’s untrue.

The inhale is just a tad too sweet and that builds on the exhale.

Dial down that sweetness and I’d be vaping this all day – still a decent vape though.


  • Dead simple to use
  • Contemporary design
  • As tight as a lit cigarette
  • 8 great flavours
  • Decent vapour
  • Long lasting battery
  • Leak free pods
  • Competitively priced


  • Logo is a little ‘in your face‘ – nitpicking lol
  • No pods with starter kits – though bundle deals are available

Final Review Verdict

SMOKO has definitely done it again with this pod kit.

Sure the more established vapers might give it a pass, but remember vaping is all about giving up smoking right?

The SMOKO e-cigarette is still one of the best vape starter kits I’ve ever reviewed and the SMOKO pod kit is just as good and maybe better in some aspects.

The e-cig version was shall we say very very old school in design – I think it looks retro cool – but you know what I mean.

Plus if you drop it there is a danger the tank will smash.

The SMOKO pod kit brings things up to date and whilst the logo is a little gaudy, it looks good and vapes extremely well.

It’s also a very tight draw on a scale of 10 being tight this is an easy 9+ so smokers looking to quit via vaping will enjoy the familiar draw.

I can’t really knock the flavours either with the tobacco’s standout and even the mint and menthol get my nod of approval.

The fruits are maybe a tad over cooked on the sugar, but hey most of you out there will love them.

I recommend pointing the smoker in your life to the SMOKO website and trust me they won’t regret it.

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Build Quality
Original Tobacco
Virginia Rolling
Mint Breeze
Fruit Burst
Likelihood Of Buying If Lost Or Damaged
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