Fresh in for review is the So Soul X7000 Disposable Pod Mod.

So Soul X7000 disposable pod mod image checkWe’re now starting to see a distinct change in the way disposable e-cigs are being released onto the vape market. Up until quite recently 600 puffs from 2ml of e-liquid seemed to be industry accepted.

Even I have noticed the sudden jump in e-liquid capacity, inevitably resulting in much bulkier devices than before. In many cases they’re reclassified as disposable Pod Mods.

For further proof of this check out my review of the Zovoo Dragbar R6000 disposable pod Mod. You’ll see how the disposable vaping wheel is turning.

Shenzhen based So Soul are a new manufacturer and since inception in 2021 have already released a range of classic and traditional looking disposables.

so soul devices

The X7000 under review unsurprisingly belongs to the ‘X’ series and the ‘Y’ range once again demonstrates how disposables are mimicking the pod kit category.

Founded by two self confessed dreamers, So Soul entered the vaping market with a mission to promote the health revolution of the global tobacco industry. With a firm belief that innovation can bring freedom to the soul while working towards a smoke free future.

Moulded side of So Soul X7000 disposable pod mod

Their products are designed to bring a shock to the industry through excellent quality and aesthetics.

Let’s see if the X7000 disposable pod mod does just that..

What Can We Expect From The So Soul X7000 Disposable Pod Mod?

We can expect a bulky looking disposable, most of which can be attributed to the 15ml of E-liquid lurking away inside the ABS plastic body. It measures 30mm cubed with a height of 112mm so that’s roughly 4 inches.

Textured side of So Soul X7000 disposable pod mod

Most of the disposable is cloaked with a rugged jet black appearance with the top portion flavour colour coded. Two sides feature a rough textured panelling while the others use thumb and finger carvings. In both cases, they’re designed to add grip when using.

Due to a copious amount of e-liquid the integrated 650mAh battery is going to need support. This is provided by means of a Type C USB charging port on the base of the disposable.

so soul banner

However, you’re going to have to hunt down one of your own – A USB charging cable is not supplied.

The moulded mouthpiece opening measures around 7mm in width so I’ll be looking to see how it vapes best. Is it suitable for Mouth to lung (MTL) or restrictive Direct To Lung (RDL) vapers? We tell you what these terms mean in our Guide To Vape Styles.

Mouthpiece opening on So Soul X7000 disposable pod modThe official website tells us the nicotine salt strength is 5% (50mg) and there’s also an option of 2% (20mg). Either way, the pod Mod is not TPD compliant as it is over 2ml capacity so will only be available in regions currently outside the EU and UK.

There currently appears to be a total of 20 flavours to choose from spanning across drinks, fruit and dessert categories. Many of these include an icy hit if that’s your thang!

Here is an introduction video from the sosoulvape_official YouTube channel.

Does the So Soul X7000 disposable pod Mod deliver 7000 puffs? How long does a single charge last?

I’ll have those answers after we find out how flavour and cloud production stacks up.


  • Size: 30 x 30 x 112mm
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • E-liquid capacity: 15ml
  • Nicotine strength: 50mg salt nicotine
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh
  • Coil: Mesh
  • Coil resistance: 1.2ohm
  • Puffs: Up to 7000 puffs

I couldn’t find any flavour descriptions for the three I’ve received but it’s pretty clear what we should expect so I’ll jump right in. Massive thanks to So Soul for sending these over to test – it’s very much appreciated.

Please remember these are just my own thoughts and opinions. I’ll be checking for consistency, blending, flavour authenticity and vapour production.

Since there’s no mention of it anywhere I’m assuming these are a 50VG/50PG ratio.

Lemon Strawberry Pie

So Soul X7000 disposable pod mod lemon Strawberry pieI Say:

This is quite a hard describe. The aroma from the mouthpiece, albeit subtle does hint at the presence of pie crust. Where that comes into play is predominantly during the inhale.

On the initial exhale there’s a trace of the bakery element but again, somewhat subdued.

The sweetness from the Lemon tends to occur after the vape and the sugary content nestles on the lips and taste buds.

I can’t help but pick up some Nutty sub notes throughout the heart of the vape and that feels a little odd given the intended blend.

As for Strawberry? I think it gets lost in the overriding sweetness of the mix and for me at least, more or less un-discoverable.

The flavour only seems most effective when felt on the palate, not during the exhale as such.

I’m afraid Lemon Strawberry Pie falls way off what I was both hoping for and expecting.

Pineapple Banana Coconut

So Soul X7000 disposable pod mod Pineapple Banana CoconutI Say:

There’s some very subtle flavour blending going on with Pineapple Banana and Coconut.

The ripe tasting Banana exposes itself to the inhale and opens out on the way out. Interlaced with this is a very tropical tasting Pineapple. A sweetness latches onto both fruits during the exhale.

The tongue is also left with some of that sugary goodness and I found myself smacking the ‘ole lips on more than a few occasions.

However, as with Lemon Strawberry Pie the palate itself seems to be the target for flavour as opposed to the actual exhale. It seems the aftertaste is where the vape’s at.

That’s the only time I could pick out any of the Coconut content and even then it’s somewhat distant.

So to conclude this was more about the predominant Banana then the Pineapple with just a hint of Coconut. It’s not the best of blending, if I’m honest. It doesn’t do enough to keep me coming back.

Watermelon Ice

So Soul X7000 disposable pod mod Watermelon IceI Say:

Watermelon Ice is quite sweet tasting. I picked that up just before the exhale. The fruit also has a candy like edge to it and quite appealing on the taste buds.

As with the others tested, it isn’t an intense or concentrated mix and some will definitely appreciate that. Watermelon vapes can sometimes overwhelm if too much concentrate is added.

Although the flavour profile is a simple, no thrills vape it still doesn’t offer anything new. There’s no Cantaloupe or Honeydew thrown in to separate it from any mainstream offerings out there.

It’s going to be suitable for the newer, less fussy vaper.

I did like the Coolada but don’t expect an icy cold blast. It’s more likely to caress the rear of the throat without playing havoc on the nasal cavities or lining of the mouth.

Watermelon Ice lives up to expectation. It’s just a shame that for me at least, it offers nothing new.

Battery performance, Puffs and Charging Times

The Mod pod held out for a staggering thirteen and a half hours on a single charge. Yes, I was MTL vaping so wasn’t taking my usual longer direct lung pulls but that’s still very impressive given the 650mAh integrated battery.

The Blue LED will flash 10 times to let you know the battery’s had enough.

Working to an average of 72 puffs per hour that equates to 972 puffs between charging. During this time I’m guessing I vaped at least 4ml of e-liquid.

That means theoretically at least, the So Soul X7000 disposable will manage three full charges before needing to be discarded (responsibly). On this basis I estimate a total of around 4,000 puffs which falls way short of that stated on the box.

Type C charging wasn’t that fast, either. It took over 90 minutes to revive the battery. During the charge the Blue LED remains lit solidly and turns off when ready for use.

Nearly forgot! I’ve been asked this before so it’s worth mentioning. Yes. The disposable does arrive fully charged out of the box.

So Soul X7000 Disposable Pod Mod Final Review Verdict

First things first. The So Soul X7000 disposable pod Mod is an excellent MTL product. Just the right airflow restriction is created by both mouthpiece and the two pin hole air intakes on the base. That makes for your classic MTL vape.

As a direct consequence, vapour production is impeded yet still resembles the smoke drawn from a cigarette.

The flavour from the trio wasn’t that great. I usually expect it to pump through during exhale. Here, it seemed best during the after taste – after I’d finished vaping.

The blending wasn’t the best either. Lemon and Strawberry clashed resulting in a nutty taste and Coconut was sorely missing from another.

Residing within the UK means I’m not often privy to liquid capacity such as this. I did begin to feel the disposable had a bottomless juice well. Dangerous for when the inevitable dry hit creeps up!

It can’t go unmentioned that I was overwhelmed by the 50mg salt nicotine. If you decide to partake I wouldn’t suggest chain vaping. I did and the effect wasn’t that appealing. Cold sweats and the occasional shaking isn’t something I associate with my vaping habits.

Going from 3mg freebase to 50mg salt nic is.. well.. something of an experience! lol

The MTL inhale was also rather raspy, rough and dry. Probably due to said nicotine strength. I’m not over familiar with this elevated level so I’m just making an assumption. On quite a few occasions the inhale would scratch the back of the throat in an uncomfortable manner.

Overall I’m not a fan of the ones tested. The vapour quality was fine but let down by some vague individual flavour content.

Have you tried the So Soul X7000 Disposable Pod Mod? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Lemon Strawberry Pie
Pineapple Banana Coconut
Watermelon Ice
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