vape news Stroke Association Supports Vaping

The UK Stroke Association Supports E-cigarettes

The UK Stroke Association supports vaping alongside other quit smoking tools.

This a massive shot in the arm for the UK vape scene and more importantly the thousands of smokers at risk of strokes.

stroke assocation supports vaping

I have a personal stake in this, as before my father died, he suffered a few major strokes and very many smaller ones and he was a prior smoker.

The Stroke Association says smokers are TWICE as likely to die from a stroke and quitting to a safer, healthier alternative such as e-cigarettes is an obvious choice.

It says:

There are strong links between smoking and increased risk of stroke.
For example, smokers are more likely to develop high blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for stroke.
Also, smoking nearly doubles your risk of having an ischaemic (caused by a blood clot in the brain) stroke.

Whilst agreeing vaping is a far better alternative to killer lit tobacco, they are calling for more research into the long term effects of vaping – no bad thing.

The Stroke Association concludes:

We support the view of Public Health England and other UK public health organisations that smokers should strongly consider the use of e-cigarettes alongside other methods to stop smoking.

However, given the unknown long-term health impacts of e-cigarette use, we believe they should only be used by smokers as a route towards stopping smoking completely and we would not recommend their use by non-smokers or those under 18.

Good news indeed.

Read the full announcement: Stroke Association – What We Think About E-cigarettes

We Vape London Meet TODAY!

If you’re in or around London today, or fancy a trip, then do check out the We Vape backed meet up.

It begins in Westminster Square at 12.30pm and will see the team chatting with UK MPs and discussing the UK social media campaign #BackVapingSaveLives.

We Vape say:

Come to talk fellow vapers, and learn more about the strict stance the World Health Organisation is taking against vaping.

We will head to the pub Marquis of Granby 41 Romney St, London SW1P 3RF between 1:30pm & 3:30pm for drinks, food and some vaping freebies.

Pub, politics and vaping – sounds like my kind of event!

To find out more checkout the We Vape Facebook page.

IBVTA Autumn Webinar

The Independent British Vape Trade Association [IBVTA] is holding its Autumn Webinar later this month.


Among the topics to be covered are:

  • The launch of IBVTA’s new tool to fight back against misinformation about vaping
  • How to protect your business’s bottom line and your customers from non compliance
  • Important regulatory updates for businesses

The IBVTA Webinar will be held on Zoom on September 30th at 4.00pm.

For more details and to book your spot checkout the link: IBVTA Autumn Webinar

and finally…Vape Decimation Day Looms In the USA

Tomorrow will see the FDA deadline for the PMTA process with many of us fearing the worst….vaping in America will NEVER be the same again.

Vapers will return to smoking in their droves, smokers will have no real alternatives to quit and thousands of businesses will simply fold.

fda protecting tobacco

Shocking even criminal times indeed.

The controversial Pre Market Tobacco Applications are needed for any vape product or juice to be ‘legally‘ sold in the USA.

Each one can cost upwards of $460,000 and so far the rejections have far far outweighed those likely to pass.

Last week we say hundreds of thousands of PMTAs rejected and all were flavoured e-liquids.

As I said recently, the PMTA process is a flavour ban by any other name.

September 9th 2021 is the FDA ‘deadline‘ however given it is under intense pressure to clear the backlog, one assumes there may be an extension?

Though saying that, the FDA did remove a whopping 4.5 million PMTAs with the stroke of a pen.

Due to the backlog those vape companies with a ‘market share‘ have been pushed to the front of the queue, with a decision on vape giant JUUL expected imminently.

As the doomsday clock ticks on vaping in America as we know it, the anti-vape brigade was collectively licking their lips at the prospect.

Matthew Myers, the president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, told Politico:

FDA really is at a critical juncture.

In some critical ways how FDA will be perceived will probably be defined with what it does now with regard to pending applications.

My reaction to that once again rhymes with anchor

I wrote a piece last week showing the sheer gall of the FDA.

As it began decimating the US vaping industry and dropping death sentences on vapers and smokers alike, it was promoting nicotine gums, patches and sprays, proving yet again, it was hand in hand with Big Pharma.

On the eve of the PMTA deadline FDA Tobacco tweeted:

Go to the link and of course there’s absolutely NO mention of e-cigarettes as being healthier – 95% safer and FIVE TIMES more likely to help smokers quit.

Shocking doesn’t even begin to cover it.

My heart goes out to the vape companies, bricks and mortar vape shops and the hundreds of thousands of employees in the once great US vaping industry.

It’s no time for jokes, but my tongue in cheek short story written 3 years ago reads eerily true: A Vaping Fairy Tale Of New York 2022 – A Short Story Or Dire Warning?

In that I suggested vaping in the USA would become a major mafia backed black market with devices and vape juice being sold at extortionate prices with unsafe materials and ingredients.

I said the DIYers would become the illicit liquor brewers like back in the bad old days of prohibition…and vaping would carry prison sentences.

I wrote:

Nicotine and vape smuggling was even too risky for the most fearsome of Mexican drug cartels it would seem.

The DEA had half of its resources stripped and moved to the coffers of the AVA – the fearsome and brutal Anti Vape Agency.

I was a year out, but most of those doomsday prophecies sadly look like coming to pass.

The only winners here are Big Tobacco and Big Pharma.

As I said, crazy, criminal and bordering on murderous.

Shame on them all.

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