The Suorin Elite Pod Kit is up for review today!

This device represents a step toward more complex, full-featured, and hard-hitting pods from a brand which, I can safely say, is all about pod and pocket devices.

Suorin Elite Kit review

And with bells and whistles like a customizable TFT colour display, 40W max adjustable wattage, and a choice of mesh coils, I wondered how this tiny little box-pod was going to match up on a flooded market.

Having personally reviewed the Suorin Air Plus , we’ve had the the Suorin Drop, and with Ecigclick’s Simone having reviewed the Suorin Edge, what I was expecting when I saw Suorin’s name on the box was a sleek and delicate but high flavour device, with very lady-like cloud production and less than ideal battery life…

What I got was something unexpected and, while tiny, a whole lot more macho…

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Inside The Box

  • Suorin Elite device
  • Pod
  • Lanyard
  • 0.4ohm Mesh coil
  • 1ohm wire coil
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User manual

Suorin Elite Kit contents


  • Size: 64x36x18 (without pod)
  • Output: 5-40W
  • Battery: 1100mAh
  • Display: 0.96in TFT screen
  • E-liquid capacity: 3.1ml
  • Pods: Refillable, replaceable coil
  • Coil options: 1ohm Wire Coil, 0.4ohm Mesh coil
  • Micro USB – 50 min charging time at 1A rate
  • Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Zinc Alloy and Resin Material
  • Weight:103g
  • Dimensions: 64x36x18mm
  • Available in blue, gold, gunmetal, silver and red

Suorin Elite Kit box

Design and Build Quality

Opening up the neat, white, sleeve box packaging, I’ve sampled so many credit-card-sized box-pods that I was yawning already, but what I saw was surprisingly sexy…

This gorgeous little pocket device is considerably smaller from the side than a credit card, but has enough width to it, and enough weight from that hefty 1100 mAh battery, to look and feel like a solid high-end device.Suorin Elite Kit front

The hard angles are shaved off just at the very edges and corners, so that the device still appears angular and quite stylish for it, but your hands won’t suffer when you grip it.

The Elite fits perfectly in the palm of a hand, and besides accommodating the built-in battery, it’s 18mm thickness makes it easier to hold, grip and turn in the hand than it would be if it was the same size but thinner.

The beautiful resin flow inlay on either side is vibrant. I’ve admired both silver and blue options personally(I got two!), and love how it complements the immaculate, scratch-resistant and shiny zinc alloy frame perfectly.

All but the resin inlays and the cartridge is finished in that high-quality zinc-alloy, which, in both the blue and silver versions looks more like real metal than on many of the devices out there.

Suorin Elite Kit silver and blue

The one inlay is larger than the other, and the smaller one has a corner cut out of it to accommodate a stylish, textural Suorin badge.

There is a small Elite brand at the bottom of the zinc spine on the side opposite the controls.

That same side also has an elongated viewing window for juice levels at the top of it, which doubles as the airflow intake.

Though, I must say that I have to pop out the cartridge to check the juice level, since the dark tint of the cartridge appears quite opaque through such a narrow opening.Suorin Elite Kit viewing window

The bottom of the device features the micro USB port and 5 little ventilation holes.

There is a little lanyard fixture at the top corner opposite the cartridge, so you can hang this little guy around your neck or on your rear-view mirror.

Suorin Elite Kit lanyard

I can’t advise the latter if you’re a fast turner though, since being hit in the face by a 1100mAh battery is actually quite unpleasant.

Suorin Elite Pod Cartridge, Coil Change and Refill

The cartridge is a little block that pops satisfyingly in and out the top of the device with the help of two, particularly powerful magnets.

The top of the cartridge is visible but flush with the top of the mod, taking up about 3/4 on the side opposite the lanyard fitting.

Suorin Elite Kit top

The magnets connect on the lanyard side and the coil base connects on the other, so in order to lock the cartridge in place correctly, you have to ensure that the mouthpiece is on the lanyard side.Suorin Elite Kit connects

A tall-ish fixed 510 mouthpiece protrudes from the cartridge and the top of the device.

To refill the 3.1 ml cartridge, just pop out and look under it, you’ll see a little silicon plug tab sticking slightly out from one side, use it to lift out the plug.refill

This plug is the most convenient one I’ve used, thanks to it’s positioning right the edge on the bottom, so you can grab it.

The plug is also very reliable, I’ve had absolutely zero leakage and mess on either of the cartridges I’ve been using!

Opposite the plug on the bottom is the coil base, which you just grab and pull to pop out and change the coil head.

It’s all very slick, very well designed, and ultra-convenient, with little subtleties making just about everything easier to achieve on this device.

Suorin Elite TFT Screen and Controls

Running down the narrow side below the lanyard fitting on your Suorin Elite, you’ll find the fire button, up and down control buttons and then the screen.

The controls are all finished to in that metallic zinc alloy, are incredibly clicky and perfectly responsive.controls

The fire button is fingertip-sized and the adjustment buttons are very cool, elongated and rounded, protruding strips which feel funky when you run your fingers over them.

The screen is bright and colourful in every light and shows resistance, pictorial battery level, wattage, puff timer, puff count, and 4 colour setting.

All options are easy to toggle with no menu scrolling necessary: you can lock the power, lock the screen, change the colour or clear puff data with easy click combinations.

How Does The Suorin Elite Pod Kit Perform?

Well now! I’m so glad that Suorin sent me two packs of extra coils because I have every intention of keeping one of these pods in my purse or pocket, or on my neck, at all times!

This reliable little device has to be one of the most convenient, efficient, and effective pods around, I’ve been putting it through the ringer and it comes out singing every time.

While it maxes out at 40W, this pocket pod packs enough power punch and coil action to satisfy even sub-ohming flavour and cloud junkies like me.components

Airflow is incredibly smooth and consistent, nicely restricted but for me, not restricted enough for MTL, especially with the fixed mouthpiece, which doesn’t have a narrow enough opening for comfortable MTL for me. It may be different for you, however, I think that has a lot to do with your mouth and lungs.

I’ll rap on about coils and battery life in detail next sections, but all-inclusive, and in spite of any MTL difficulties, the Suorin Elite is top-notch cream-of-the-crop pod nirvana.

Suorin Elite 1Ohm Mesh Coil

Wow, outstanding flavour and vapour production from this little mesh coil.

Since I find the airflow a bit uncomfortable for MTL, I’ve actually been using it for short burst DTL exclusively.

Designed for 14-18W usage, you’d think this coil head wouldn’t hold up to the type of chain-vaping I engage in, but I’ve yet to get a dry hit or a hint of burn from this coil.

Suorin Elite 0.4Ohm Mesh Coil

Designed for 30-40W vaping, this DTL mesh coil sings from as low as 25W, turning to a serious flavour and vapour chorus as you approach the top of its range.

My chosen setting for this coil is a very random 33W, as with the kind of vapour this thing generates, you’re 3.1ml cartridge will be emptying rapidly if you max it out the whole time.

There’s great consistency between the two coils, and I can honestly say that this is just a higher-powered version of the ‘MTL’ coil head, with even more intense flavour from the very start, and vapour production to rival a sub-ohm tank.

The endurance from this coil is also simply outstanding.

Suorin Elite Battery Life

Suorin’s marketing reads true when it says this battery charges in under 50 minutes and lasts all day.

With the DTL coil at 33W, battery lasts for just over 150 x 3-4 second draws.

On the MTL coil at 15W, battery life is just over 340 x 3 second DL draws.

That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.


  • Clever and convenient design features.
  • High-end solid and attractive finish and feel
  • Phenomenal ease of use
  • Incredible flavour
  • Huge clouds
  • Great battery life
  • Quick charge
  • Zero leakage
  • Smooth airflow

in hand


  • Airflow may not be restrictive enough for MTL, but it depends on the vaper.
  • Difficult to see juice levels through the viewing window

Final Review Verdict

The Suorin Elite Pod Kit is one of the most convenient, satisfying, and high endurance pod kits I’ve sampled, with outstanding flavour and vapour punching coil options to boot.

I highly recommend it for anyone after a tiny but powerful pod that they can rely on.

Suorin has outdone themselves with a stylish, high-end device that really hits the spot, and while I had some issues with MTL on this device, the same may not be true for you, all depending on how restrictive you need your airflow to be.

As primarily a sub-ohm, cloud, and flavour seeking vaper, I usually rely on pods to see me through times and places where my larger device is not convenient or my batteries are charging.

So, often I’m left less than satisfied by lower flavour and much lower vaper production from my pod alternative during those times… but this is certainly not the case with the Suorin Elite Kit, which I’ve actually been using exclusively since the start of this review.

Is this a pod kit you’re interested in buying?

Any questions?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Production
Would I Buy It Again If Lost?
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