The Suorin Edge is the latest pod mod from a brand who have certainly made a name for themselves in the pod market with previous releases such as the Air, the Drop and the Vagon.

Known for their sleek and simple designs, Suorin devices certainly seem popular with vapers all over the world.

What Can We Expect From The Suorin Edge?

The Suorin Edge is a light and compact pod system with its main feature arguably being the removable battery. Not only is the battery removable, you also get 2 batteries in the box! However, you may need them as each battery is only 230mAh.

The replaceable pods are capable of holding 1.5ml of e-liquid and have a 1.4ohm coil inside. The device is best suited to higher nicotine e-liquid or nic salt vape juice. Plus, this is one for the mouth to lung vapers out there.

Having never tried a Suorin product before, I was keen to try this out. Did it take me to the Edge of vaping pleasure or disappointment? Let’s find out if this can sit along side the best pod mod devices currently available.

Thank you to Suorin for sending me the Edge for the purposes of review. As always, all opinions are from my own testing of the device.

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What’s in The Box?

  • 1 x Suorin Edge Cartridge
  • 1 x Suorin Edge Case
  • 2 x Suorin Edge Batteries
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Caution Card
  • 1 x Quality Certification
  • 1 x User Manual

Kit Contents

Specs and Features

  • Battery : 230mAh
  • Output : 10w Max
  • Removable Battery – Two included in box
  • Material : Aluminium Alloy Shell
  • Pod Capacity : 1.5ml
  • Coil Resistance : 1.4ohm
  • Automatic inhale activated fire
  • Safety lock
  • USB C charge port
  • Available in 6 colours – Black, Silver, Red, Living Coral, Blue and Gold

Build Quality and Design

The Suorin Edge comes nicely packaged with everything you would expect to find in the box as well as an extra battery. Yep, finally a pod system where you can switch out the battery.

I received the Suorin Edge in the “Living Coral” colour which is a very pretty pink and has sort of a metallic finish to it.Suorin Edge handcheckThe aluminium alloys provides a nice quality feel and finish on the main body and battery.

The overall look of the pod is very sleek. It fits together beautifully with just the right amount of tension on the magnets that hold the battery and pod in place.

There’s one button on the main body which is used to lock the device.lock button

The indicator light sits right around the join between the main body and the battery and will serve as a battery level indicator as well as a couple of other functions.

The pod is secured into the housing with relatively strong magnets. You get a rather satisfying click when inserting the pod and the battery, which I like.pod contacts in modEach pod will hold 1.5ml of eliquid and has a maximum wattage output of 10w. They are installed with organic cotton and have a resistance of 1.4Ohm.

The mouthpiece section of the pod is really comfortable to vape on.

The base of the mod is where you will find the USB C charge port.USB C port

Overall I’ve really enjoyed the design and build quality of the Suorin Edge. It feels nice in the hand, is really easy to use and comfortable to vape.

Quick Start Guide

Basic Operation

  • Press the lock key 5 times to lock the device
  • Press the lock key 5 times to unlock the device
  • Battery Indicator : Red = Below 30%
  • Blue = 30 – 70%
  • Green = Above 70%

How to fill

Remove the pod from the main body of the mod by gripping it firmly and pulling

Turn it on its side and locate the rubber stopper

Open the rubber stopper and expose the fill hole

Fill with your choice of E-Liquid and close the rubber stopper

how to fill the suorin edge podInsert the pod into the device and wait at least 5-10 minutes to ensure the cotton is thoroughly saturated before vaping. If you don’t you may run the risk of a nasty burnt coil.


  • Install the provided USB C charge cable into a suitable outlet and plug it into the charge port on the bottom of your battery
  • (Battery packs can be charged in or out of the mod itself)
  • When the indicator light shows red, this means your battery pack is charging
  • When the indicator light shows blue, this means your battery is fully charged

Charging from empty only took around 30 minutes for me which is great!

How Does the Suorin Edge Pod System Perform?

For this review I’ve been using Menthol Mist by Double Drip which is a 10mg nic salt E-Liquid and is 50/50 PG/VG. You can check out other nic salt options here.Suorin Edge Size in Palm

The device is draw activated so simply take a draw and vape, no buttons to press.

Fully charged, the Suorin Edge provides a very satisfying vape. As the battery wears out, you will notice a decrease in power.

This is definitely a mouth to lung (MTL) pod device. I have tried a couple of direct lung hits but almost lost the aforementioned lungs in the coughing fit which ensued afterwards.

I do really like the ‘draw’ though and it provides a good amount of restriction, mimicking the pull from a cigarette quite well.

Flavour | Cloud

Flavour is good. I’ve definitely had the full minty menthol of my chosen E-Liquid the whole time I’ve been using it.

Clouds are small but as expected for a small pod device. Would definitely recommend it as a little stealth vape.

Pod Lifespan

Pod life seems to be really good. I’ve been using mine for almost two weeks and it’s yet to give me any issue.

I also really enjoy the addition of the lock button. I get a certain sense of security knowing my device is locked before I slip it into my pocket.

Battery Life

Battery life has been ok but nothing to write home about. I get about 2/3 hours use from each battery pack.Suorin Edge battery pack

I sort of wish they’d put a bigger capacity battery in the packs though as realistically you’re getting the same amount of vaping time using both batteries that you’d normally get from any other pod mod.

Not really double the battery life but I still like the fact it comes with two batteries in the box. You could also buy spares as well as back up.


  • Two batteries
  • Can charge the battery pack without having it installed in the device
  • Good flavour
  • Good pod life
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Nice feel in the hand
  • Good quality
  • No leaking
  • Easy to fill
  • Compact size


  • Small battery capacity (even with the two batteries)

Final Review Verdict

The Suorin Edge is a cracking little pod system that looks good and will fit easily into your pocket.

I’ve had no issues in the time I’ve spent with the Edge. No leaks, misfires or anything else untoward.

With good flavour, a nicely restrictive MTL draw and great pod life, it’s certainly one to consider if you’re in the market!

The only drawback for me has been the battery life. When I found out it came with 2 batteries in the box, I was really excited to have a spare on me all the time and have loads of usage time. But in reality, it just meant I had to switch out the battery more quickly.

I’d love to see Suorin come out with a larger capacity battery and still provide a spare in the box. Then I’d really have trouble faulting it!

I’m not sure I’d rush out to buy another one as, although it works great, it just didn’t wow me but is a good little pod system nonetheless.

Have you used the Edge Pod Mod? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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Rest of World – Save 15% With Code ECC

Are Suorin Edge Pods Refillable?

Yes for sure. The Edge pods are 1.5ml and can be filled with a vape juice flavour of your choice. We tested with 50pg/50vg and nic salts, both worked very well with this device.

How Many Times Can I Fill The Edge Pod?

It’ recommended with pods like this that they can be refilled 5-10 times before you need to replace. It does all depend on the type of vape juice you are using and your style of vaping. We tested for 2 weeks and refilled many times without loss in performance.

Does The Suorin Edge Come With A Spare Pod?

The kit only has one pod.. So be sure to let your e-liquid soak into the cotton prior to use.

What charger does the Suorin edge use?

The Suorin Edge batteries and pod have a USB-C port. You can charge the battery in the mod itself or separately.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Replace if Lost
Hey, I'm Simone, 30, from just outside Glasgow. I started vaping in 2016 after buying a little Aspire ETS tank and a Coolfire IV, never believing it would work but I've never smoked another cigarette since. Now I'm a like a magpie for a vape shiny and my family joke that I could be hired out as a smoke machine. My every day set up is the Loop RDA and the Paranormal DNA 250c. I'm also a big animal lover and massive fan of anything sci-fi :)


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