Introduction – The HotRod RDA by Swedish Vaper

Designed by the Swedish Vaper and incubated by DeepinMaker, the HotRod is a 24mm RDA with an interesting look.DeepinMaker HotRod header

DeepinMaker have a few other products they have taken under their wing as it were including The Boomstick Reaper and the Hive Squonk Kit which looks so sweet.

So what are our impressions of the Swedish Vaper HotRod RDA – let’s take an up close and detailed look at it.

This RDA was sent to us for the purpose of this review by DeepinMaker. But as always my views and thoughts are my own.

Hands On Swedish Vaper HotRod RDA Video Review

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In The Box

    • 1 x Swedish Vaper HotRod RDA
    • 1 x Squonk Pin
    • 1 x Extra Glass Tube
    • 2 x Coils
    • 1 x Screw driver
    • 4 x O-rings
    • 2 x Gold Plated Post screws
    • 1 x Cotton
    • 1 x Mechanics Handbook

DeepinMaker HotRod RDA comp

Main Specs/Features

  • Size: 24 x 103mm
  • Main Material: Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tip: 810 Resin
  • Thread: 510
  • Gold Plated connection pins
  • Gold Plated Post Screws
  • 3 colours available – Midnight Blue, Carbon Black & Titanium Gray

Design and Build Quality

The Swedish Vaper HotRod RDA comes nicely displayed and packed in a rectangular tin that is decorated with a picture of a vintage Hot Rod car.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA in tinThe design and quality of the RDA is very good as is the manufacture of the product; the RDA has taken its appearance from an engine piston.

Made of stainless steel, Pyrex glass and resin, the RDA measures 103mm in height and has a diameter of 24mm.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA togetherThe HotRod dismantles into 5 main components.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA bits

Base/Build Deck/Airflow

Starting at the base, the laser etching shows all the normal info you would expect to see.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA infoA removable gold plated 510 connection pin that can be swapped for the gold plated squonk pin, the connection threading has been well turned.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA connThe base has a removable airflow (AF) control ring that has 2 small adjustable slots held in position by an O-ring, above the AFC are 2 O-rings that hold the barrel in position.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA afc deck

The liquid deck is quit deep I would say it looks to be at least 2ml.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA deck The centre of the deck draws its inspiration from an engine block. The centre is a flat block with V-10 laser etched and to each side of this an upraised section with five small round air ports making for a total of ten ports.

Each side of the engine block are 2 posts with gold plated flat headed screws. The wire holes are quite wide, the negative post is moulded to the deck while the positive post can be removed by unscrewing the 510 connection pin.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA block

Viewing Barrel

Made of stainless steel you have 4 viewing spaces 2 wide and 2 round, with threading one end to connect the top cap into position, the glass tank slides inside to create the viewing windows. DeepinMaker HotRod RDA wslotDeepinMaker HotRod RDA dot

Glass Tank/s

The HotRod comes with a 2ml sized Pyrex glass tank pre installed and is held in position by an O-ring; you have a spare glass tank in the box.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA glass

Top Cap

Made of SS with a set of 3 lines decoration around the outside that give the whole RDA the look of a piston.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA decThe cap has a flat top with an embedded O-ring for the 810 drip tip,DeepinMaker HotRod RDA capInside the cap you have a bevelled surface so that any liquid or condensation will drop back down to the coils.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA bevel


The 810 drip tip is made of resin and has a honeycombed pattern mine is white with the pattern in silver. DeepinMaker HotRod RDA DT

Basic Guide to Coiling/Wicking

  • Insert your coils into the wide wire slots and clamp downDeepinMaker HotRod RDA cold
  • Heat and strum your coilsDeepinMaker HotRod RDA glowing
  • Place your cotton through the coils and dampen with your choice of E-liquidDeepinMaker HotRod RDA wet
  • Re assemble the HotRod RDA
  • Screw on to your favourite mod

You’re now ready to enjoy your new Swedish Vaper HotRod RDA.

How Does the Swedish Vaper HotRod RDA Perform?

For this review I have inserted 2 X 3mm framed stapled Clapton’s that came out at 0.1Ω and have soaked my Cotton Bacon with Coconut Cappuccino by Coffee House. I have placed the HotRod RDA on my Wismec RX Tinker mod.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA liquid

35 to 65W

Starting at 35w with one AF slot open – The vape was cool with fair flavour. At 45w with one AF slot the vapour got slightly warmer with a bit more flavour.

Opening the AF up to two slots and pumping the wattage up to 55W and then 65W the flavour for me peeked at 65w however the vapour production was excellent, nice and warm.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA hand

75 to 90W

Whacking the wattage up to first 75 and the 90w (outside my comfort zone) and with the AF wide open, the vapour production incredible thick I think I may have barfed a lung as I did so much coughing at 90w lol. The flavour was not too bad.


I had to give it a go at 120w even if I knew it was going to be far to hot for me and I was right lol. While there was lots, and I do mean lots of vapour, I was able to fill my small office with one toot, the flavour produced was virtually non existent.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA close


While not unexpected for the RDA to get hot while chain vaping I was surprised to find that the HotRod RDA does get quite hot while vaping at 65w (maybe this is due to my choice of coils), the heat also transferred to the top of the mod.

I also noticed that the coil viewing windows fogged up a lot, which begs the question; why bother with viewing windows?

510 Threading

It’s rather short! No matter how I screwed the RDA on to the RX Tinker or other mods inc squonkers, the airflow slots would not match the side of the mod which resulted in me having to deal with a lot of vapour residue from purged vapour. This can be eliminated by a half turn back, but it makes the RDA unstable on the device.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA mod

Barrel Fitment

While the barrel fitment is ok as the RDA stands, I found that the barrel rides up as you vape (at least mine does) and makes the barrel look like the wrong size for the RDA.

To solve this I removed the bottom O-ring from the deck, while the fitment is now a little looser it has stopped the barrel from riding upwards and seats better as I vape on the RDA, the side benefit is that the cap comes off easier when you’re re-juicing your cotton.

Inserting coils/Changing Pins

This is a very easy RDA to build on! I used my Coily Tool to measure the posts (5mm) and cut the tails at 4.5mm and just slid them in and tightened down the screws.DeepinMaker HotRod RDA measure The 510 Pin is easily replaced with the BF (Squonk Pin) while holding the posts in place for the swap out just unscrew and replace.


  • Good Quality
  • Good Design
  • Good flavour
  • Excellent vapour production
  • Price Point is fairly cheap


  • Short 510 threading
  • Heat transfer
  • Foggy viewing windows

Final Review Verdict

The Swedish Vaper HotRod RDA is a solid dripper that delivers good flavour and excellent vapour production. The look is novel being it was designed to look like a car engine piston and it even comes complete with a mechanics handbook. OK, so it not exactly a Haynes Manual but it goes into good detail and in various languages. I would recommend the HotRod RDA to all levels of vaper.

Would I buy the Swedish Vaper HotRod 24mm RDA again due to damage or loss? “Yes” I would.

WorldWide Shipping – Save 15% With Code AECIGCLICK

Vapour Quality
Flavour Quality
Overall Build Quality
Ease of build
Price Point
Replace if Lost or damaged
Kevin Jeffrey
Hi my name is Kevin, I started vaping back in 2009 mainly because my little boy at 3 years old was starting to copy the way daddy smoked a cigarette! In these past years I have gained a fair amount of experience with different types of vaping hardware, I am not an expert by any means I'm just a normal guy who has made a hobby from vaping! Being disabled, vaping has given me a gateway to meeting people from all different walks of life, many of those I would not have met under other circumstances. The way I look at my reviews is, if I can convince just one person to give up the stinky’s my job is done. I class myself as a tinkerer as I like to take things apart to see how they work and put them back together, yes that includes e-cigarette mods! One day I would like to be able to design my own mod. I am a dedicated father, and husband to my sweetheart of nearly 30 years! Family to me comes before anything else.


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