Another interestingly designed RDA from Tobeco in the form of the Zorro RDA has hit the market following on from the Hollow Point, Rubik, Turbo and a number of others!

The Zorro RDA is an RDA aimed at cloud chasers, with a short chamber to increase flavour, large airflow and a wide bore drip tip included in the package.Mini RDA by Tobeco

Tobeco seem to be churning the RDA’s out like no ones business at the moment, production seems to be in overdrive! Lets have a look at the Zorro…

Kit Contents

Short and sweet with the Zorro as per its brothers in the Tobeco stable, in the package you get-

  • Tobeco Zorro RDA
  • Spare O-Rings
  • Spare Phillips Screws

As mentioned above, that is it! Nothing else included here…

Tobeco Zorro RDA Setup

Upon first impressions the deck of the Tobeco Zorro RDA is pretty much an exact match of the Tobeco Rubik RDA, which was a really easy deck to build on and one I could happily recommend to a beginner.

There is one slight difference though- the middle centre post is square to stop any issues with spinning centre posts. Pleasingly, I found the deck to be clean of machine oil and ready to build and use however I would check your own unit for any machine oil traces and give it a good clean to be on the safe side.Tobeco Zorro RDA Deck

Three big posts with oversized post holes are to be found on the deck, with large Phillips screws present, you have got plenty of room for your coil legs in the wide post holes, and dual coiling the Zorro can be done with ease.

The juice well is a decent size, slightly larger than the Rubik RDA, with bottom airflow present for increased flavour, but having bottom airflow you do lose a little bit of room in the juice well.

Now, you can adjust the airflow, but not enough to run single coil builds. The Zorro RDA is a dual coil RDA only.Zorro RDA Build Deck

As it uses a very similar deck to the Rubik RDA, I went with the same build I used in the Rubik RDA which was 8 wraps of 0.42mm kanthal with a 2.5mm diameter, coils over the airflow slots and centred on the deck, this came out at 0.5 ohm in the Zorro RDA.

Again, as per with the Rubik RDA, no issues trapping the coil legs down at all and once tightened down they stayed in the post holes securely.

You want to make sure you have your wick over the bottom airflow holes to prevent leaks, but not completely obscuring them.

The Tobeco Zorro RDA is a rebuildable dripping atomiser and requires you to have knowledge of how to build and install your own coil and wick configuration, as there is no pre installed build that comes with the Zorro RDA.


  • Genuine RDA design from Tobeco
  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel
  • Diamond cut top cap
  • Removeable wide bore delrin drip tip
  • Silver plated contacts and centre post
  • Square middle centre post to stop spinning issues
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Bottom Airflow
  • 22mm width
  • Short 27mm height

How Does The Zorro RDA Perform?

The Zorro RDA sports a reduced chamber in order to increase flavour but to be brutally honest, the flavour from the Zorro RDA is nothing special, it’s not bad but it isn’t particularly great either.

It’s definitely passable though, and better than quite a few other RDA options out there.base of the tobeco Zorro RDA

I would have expected better flavour from an RDA sporting under coil airflow, but a lot of RDA’s I have found with under coil airflow tend to spit juice back occasionally when in use, and I haven’t experienced hardly any of this with the Zorro RDA.

Clouds are the key here and the Zorro doesn’t disappoint with its airflow. I was getting some great clouds from the Zorro with my build of choice, the draw is really airy, and as a result you can blow some huge clouds with it, cloud chasers are going to absolutely love using the Zorro.

I was able to take my build up to 60W using the MVP 3.0 Pro before things got a little too hot with the exterior of the Zorro RDA, but the included Delrin wide bore drip tip prevents any unsightly burns on your lips and allows you to maximise your vapour intake at the same time and keeps the vape relatively cool at high power.Zorro RDA on SMOK M80

Airflow is adjustable by rotating the top cap but it ranges from wide open to pretty much wide open again!

As mentioned it’s a cloud chasing RDA so you wouldn’t expect any less. Having under coil airflow does improve flavour slightly, it’s certainly better than a lot of other RDA’s available in the same price range. You need to be careful not to over drip with the Hunter RDA otherwise you will end up with quite bad leaks through the bottom airflow.

Tobeco Zorro Video Review

Final Review Verdict

It’s a solid cloud chasing RDA and a cheap one at that! The airflow is very good and flavour above average, flavour isn’t as great unfortunately but it’s not bad owing to the reduced chamber, the Zorro RDA is geared more towards the cloud chaser than the flavour chaser.

The good points without doubt outweigh the bad with the Zorro, and at the price you can pick it up for I definitely think it is a bargain atty.

All in all it gets a thumbs up from me, it punches above its weight, gives great cloud chasing results and above all, it’s very cheap! One I can recommend for a beginner due to the easy to use build deck, this would offer a good introduction to dual coil cloud chasing RDA’s.

The Good

  • Big clouds! If you are looking for a cloud chasing RDA the Zorro won’t disappoint
  • Another unique design from Tobeco
  • Easy build deck
  • Huge posts with generous post holes
  • Great price, the Zorro is a bargain for an authentic RDA
  • Big airflow

The Not So Good

  • Leaks through the bottom airflow if you aren’t careful
  • Can only be used in single coil mode
  • Flavour is average
Build Quality
Chances of Buying a Replacement if Lost
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