The Tru Juice e-liquid review, and there’s more than meets the eye with this range, and I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know one of the minds behind the line.

The hint is in the name, and to find the answer, you have to look at the designer of the EHPro True MTL RTA.

Tru Juice E-Liquid Review

Once you know the answer, you’ll realize that the Tru Juice E-Liquid range was first put together by Mark Burns of NatureVape, an online retailer.

Mark took his ideas to Jack Rabbit Vapes and Dispergo to make his ideas come to life, and what was created, was the Tru Juice E-liquid Range.

Mark told me:

Yes I created the flavours and they did the mixing for me.

Samples were sent back and forth until we got it right

Spoiler Alert! I’ve actually been fortunate enough to previously try a few of these e-liquids, and so I’m really keen to test out the complete range especially considering they vary so much in their flavour profiles.

For each e-liquid, I re-wicked an Alien Coil in the Vaperz Cloud Asgard Mini . 0.20Ω at 75w unless I felt the e-liquids required a little more, or little less power.

Lets give them a little bash shall we!

What Can We Expect From th Tru Juice E-liquid Range?

The Tru Juice e-liquid range is a little varied, a combination of fruity flavours, and desserts so its probable that at least one of the range might tickle your fancy.

The whole range comes in 50ml Short-fill bottles, leaving space for a 10ml nic shot should you wish to add one, and they are all mixed at a 70VG 30PG ratio.

Tru Juice – Blackcurrant Raspberry Lime – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Tru Juice E-Liquid Review blackcurrant raspberry lime

Tru Juice Say:

Juicy, deep blackcurrant with a twist of sweet raspberry and a dash of lime for a citrus kick.

I Say:

On the nose, this e-liquid has a pungent scent of fruit juices, similar to a mixed fruit squash and you immediately pick up the blackcurrant notes.

On the inhale you get a gentle fresh blackcurrant across the tongue and a hint of the raspberry to add a bit of depth to the fruity blend.

Right at the start of the exhale, the lime comes through, but its certainly not the prominent flavour, it runs beneath the blackcurrant and raspberry.

As the exhale continues, you basically get almost a Ribena flavour with a gentle raspberry and lime hint running through it.

Also the aftertaste is a Ribena blackcurrant flavour that lingers on your tongue – Very nice.

Also pleasingly enough, this isn’t a super sweet juice, yes it has a level of sweetness, but its certainly not sickly, its about right for a fruity, Ribena kind of flavour.

Overall a lovely fresh feeling e-liquid. I also feel if you wanted to, you could add an ice shot to it to freshen it up even more, and the koolada may bring out the lime a little.

Tru Juice – Rhubarb Custard – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Tru Juice E-Liquid Review rhubarb custard

Tru Juice Say:

Authentic rhubarb blended with creamy vanilla custard.

I Say:

Having a sniff, you really do get a legitimate rhubarb smell, although I’m not smelling much in the way of vanilla custard.

On the inhale, I felt a gentle creamy custard which runs throughout the vape and then bang! Right before you exhale, a strong fresh rhubarb punches you in the mouth.

I’m astounded by how the rhubarb genuinely reminded me of the rhubarb crumbles my Mum used to make growing up. Which coincidentally turned out to be grown in the same place where the neighbours cat used to do its number two’s… Tru story (She washed it first! Apparently…)

However, apart from the hint on the inhale, I wasn’t getting much of a custard.

The Vanilla Custard is there, is just very mellow in relation to the rhubarb which also has a subtle sweet and sour feel.

Personally I’d like more of the Vanilla custard.

Tru Juice – Mango Peach Papaya – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Tru Juice E-Liquid Review mango peach papaya

Tru Juice Say:

Sweet mango is complemented by fresh juicy peaches, with tones of papaya to finish.

I Say:

Opening the bottle, it has that tropical fresh smell, and fortunately enough it doesn’t have a pungent mango, which can sometimes come across a little too strong.

OK I wont lie, I’ve tried this one before, and even picked some up following my original video review, but here’s what you get…

When inhaling, the mango is the first thing you get, but its perfectly matched with the peach which really does mellow the strong mango.

Its a very thick feeling inhale if that makes any sense, peach and mango go really well on the inhale.

On the exhale, it pretty much follows suit, but with that hint of papaya on the outside of it. There’s a fresh sweetness to it and the papaya gently surrounds the mango and peach perfectly.

I really don’t know what else they could do to improve this one.

For me its an excellent ADV (All Day Vape) and could easily work well with a cooling hit as well, if you’re into that kinda thing

Tru Juice – Strawberry Custard – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Tru Juice E-Liquid Review strawberry custard

Tru Juice Say:

Sweet Strawberries, dreamy fresh cream combined with smooth vanilla custard

I Say:

I’m hoping this one will bring out more of the creamy custard in comparison to the rhubarb one, lets see

On the inhale I’m getting a slightly creamy strawberry, slightly sweet and fairly mellow, certainly not a punchy strawberry – but fresh and gentle.

On the exhale the strawberry oddly enough disappears for me, and all that is left is a creamy custard flavour – more so cream than custard.

Overall a pleasant enough flavour, for me again its lacking a little on the vanilla custard, however the smell is definitely a strong vanilla custard, just doesn’t come through very well on the vape itself.

Tru Juice – Bakewell Tart – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

bakewell tart vape juice

Tru Juice Say:

Shortcrust Pastry, deep almond notes with a sweet cherry to complete this dessert dream.

I Say:

On the nose you instantly get a mix of the pastry, almonds and a sweetness which I guess comes from the cherry – a beautiful smelling e-liquid.

This one is all about that exhale! The inhale is fairly un-eventful.

But the exhale is a fantastic blend of a thick crumbly pastry with an almond and sweet cherry mix, followed on by a subtle sweetness similar to icing.

A stunning flavour and excellently created.

Breaking it down a little more, the almond flavour runs throughout the exhale which is joined with a sweet cherry, almost jam like.

The pastry flavour thickens the whole feel to it, making it a mouth filling flavour and I’m pleased to say the sweetness level really isn’t what I thought it would be. It’s behind the flavours where it should be but stays on the tongue once you’re done.

For me, personally this isn’t an All Day Vape, but whats impressed me is just how precise the experience is, in comparison to actually eating a Bakewell Tart.

Well played.

Tru Juice – Vimto – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

vimto e-liquid

Tru Juice say:

Mixed fruit vape with hints of grape, juicy berry and sharp raspberry to get your taste buds dancing.

I Say:

To start off, the inhale will immediately remind you of Vimto / Ribena or any other blackcurrant style juice drink you enjoy, but there’s certainly more to it.

It’s almost the kind of flavour you get from a white grape juice drink.

Exhaling will create a mass of flavours that are a little tricky to pluck out, the predominant flavours for me were the blackcurrant and grape, and what feels like a hint of raspberry which gives the juice a little kick when exhaling.

There also seems to be a little hint of aniseed, but when I say a little hint, I mean tiny. Almost noticeable and I’m questioning myself as to if its even there?

Whats really pleasing about this flavour is the aftertaste which is pretty much a sweet tangy blackcurrant which covers your tongue and lingers beautifully.

This flavour has some elements to it that remind me of Rochford Projects – Black Vine, it’s by no means identical to Black Vine, but I feel it shares some of the flavours or at least is similar in delivery to it, maybe with a little raspberry twist to give it more of a kick.

Final Review Verdict

With regards to the more fruity e-liquids in this range, I’m really not surprised they are as good as they are.

The blackcurrant raspberry lime and Vimto do an excellent job of bringing out a sweet blackcurrant yet not over doing it with sweetness, and they also are well complimented by other flavours.

Unfortunately for me, the two custard flavours in this range, as good as the main fruit was in each, especially the rhubarb, I was let down a little with how the vanilla custard comes through, however there is a nice creaminess to both.

So that leaves the Bakewell Tart, which considering the complexity of flavours in an actual Bakewell Tart, has been superbly reproduced as an e-liquid, every aspect of that flavour has been done extremely well and its as close to a Bakewell as you could get without actually eating one. Certainly a decent vape if you’re on a diet!

What would I do to change any of the e-liquids in the Tru Juice e-liquid Range?

Not a lot to be fair, apart from what I’ve mentioned earlier. Maybe try and beef up the custard in the Strawberry Custard, and Rhubarb Custard to make it a more mouth filling experience. But the fruity flavours have been perfectly created.

If you like a cooling hit in your vape, I’m pretty sure all three fruit flavours will work well with a hit of Koolada so definitely worth a try.

Blackcurrant Raspberry Lime
Rhubarb Custard
Mango Peach Papaya
Strawberry Custard
Bakewell Tart
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