CBD products are all the rage now with a marketplace filled to almost overflowing, so can the UBCBD CBD oils make an impact?

That’s what I’ll be looking at in this CBD oil review and have to say straight away given these have multiple use options, they may have an edge.

ubcbd cbd oils review

One thing I MUST make clear is the UBCBD CBD oils CANNOT be vaped – do NOT use them in your vape tank or pen!

The multi use in this case means to be used orally as in drops, as a topical as in rubbing on your skin, or even in an oil burner for a CBD aromatherapy session.

First look and the branding screams class – the 15 and 30mg bottles come in lovely screw top tins, whilst the starter kit comes in a very smart presentation box with x6 5ml bottles.

It’s not surprising the website and products ooze class given the UBCBD CBD oils are a sister company of the impressive Kuga Heat vape and HNB brand.

I was very interested to see if the UBCBD CBD oils taste as good as the branding.

What Can We Expect From the UBCBD CBD Oils?

There’s a total of six flavours each with a specific task and CBD content.

I’ve received all 6 and the names give a clue as to the function: Heal – Relax – Immunity – Purify – Slim and Young.

ubcbd cbd oils models

UBCBD CBD says it uses:

…multipurpose oil formulated with physician recommended safe amount of natural essential oil and PREMIUM cold pressed carrier oil that can be used internally, aromatically, topically, or massage directly onto body.

UBCBD only produce products that are 100% safe, 100% natural and 100% plant extracts.

The website has a wealth of information about the product, from its inception to manufacturing and includes all the relevant scientific documentation, well worth taking a look.

OK, on with the review, and for the record the UBCBD CBD oils were sent direct by the company – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

Note: at the end of this CBD oil review I’ve linked to a number of guides and info on CBD…what it is, it’s uses and correct dosage.

UBCBD CBD Oils Heal – 2250mg

ubcd heal review


Using Avocado as carrier oil, infused with steam distilled True Lavender essential oil and CBD extract, we name the formulation as “HEAL”.

It can reduce anxious feelings, promote peaceful sleep and help ease feelings of tension.

When apply to skin, it soothe occasional skin irritations.

True Lavender is extracted from: Flowers and Leaves (Steam Distilled)

I Say:

A very delicate smell of lavender from the bottle and I immediately thought of my nan.

She had lavender all over her house including under my pillow…old school!

I’m legally not allowed to say if any CBD product has helped me, however lavender has been used for an age for all sorts of reasons.

What I can say is I swapped this for my usual night time CBD for 10 days and seem to be waking up a lot later 😉

It’s a little oily, however the flavour – like the smell – is very delicate indeed.

I also used this on an insect bite after a hot sunny hike and might be just me, but it definitely soothed the bump.

This is a huge dose of CBD and maybe best to use only once per day – 2 or 3 drops.

UBCBD also say avoid driving or using any kind of machinery as this may cause drowsiness…

UBCBD CBD Oils Relax – 750mg

ubcbd relax cbd oil review


Using MCT (Coconut) as carrier oil infused with CBD extract, we name the formulation as “RELAX”.

It can boost good cholesterol, help better liver health, improve heart health, and enhance absorption of nutrients.

I Say:

Anything that can improve liver health always gets my attention.

Again I’m getting little if any aroma from the bottle and it’s the same taste wise.

It’s not bitter, however, there’s the slightest tang of those cannabis terpenes I adore.

It’s maybe a tad oily, but cleaner than many CBD oils I’ve tried.

Given this one allegedly sorts your liver out – I shall be using this regularly…

UBCBD CBD Oils Immunity – 2000mg

ubcbd immunity review


Using Avocado as carrier oil, infused with steam distilled Peppermint essential oil and CBD extract, we name the formulation as “IMMUNITY”.

It can promote healthy respiratory, treatment for nausea, digestive issues, common cold and headaches.

Naturally cleanse the skin, has antiseptic, antibacterial properties and soothe inflammation due to acne.

Peppermint extracted from: Flowers and Leaves (Steam Distilled)

I Say:

A lovely fresh minty smell from this one – very refreshing.

Taste wise and again it’s almost too oily, however that peppermint cuts through quite beautifully.

There’s a lovely almost powdery mintiness on the tongue and the flavour is just as refreshing as the aroma.

And trust me, the flavour stays in your mouth for an age!

I tried this one after a ‘bad Guinness’ and it settled my tummy quickly – NOT a medical opinion lol.

This is another high strength CBD oil – so use sparingly to begin with!

UBCBD CBD Oils Purify – 1000mg

ubcbd purify cbd oil


Using Sweet Almond as carrier oil, infused with cold pressed Lemon essential oil and CBD extract, we name the formulation as “PURIFY”.

The formulation is a natural antimicrobial, antioxidant agent that nourish the skin and purify the body.

It slow the body’s digestion system, pausing the conversion of carbohydrate into sugar which could help level off the spikes in blood sugar.

Lemon extracted from: Peels (Cold Pressed)

I Say:

I guess this is a kind of CBD detox oil, and boy could some of use that!

A really fresh lemony smell which promises big things.

And given I love tart flavours this one definitely hits the spot.

It’s bang full of citrus notes that again cut though the oil.

Very pleasant taste indeed and I reckon this one’s ideal first thing in the morning.

UBCBD CBD Oils Slim – 1500mg

ubcbd slim cbd oil


Using Sweet Almond as carrier oil, infused with cold pressed Grapefruit essential oil and CBD extract, we name the formulation as “SLIM”.

It can suppress overactive appetite, promotes weight loss, help reduces stress and lower down blood pressure.

When apply to skin, has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects, treats acne.

Grapefruit extracted from: Peels (Cold Pressed)

I Say:

Given I’m ‘big boned‘ this is another CBD oil variety I’m very interested in…

I may have dropped over a stone since taking up hiking, but the re-opening of the pubs means I can/do get a bit of a beer belly now and then.

Or dad bod as some call it lol.

This one has another delicate aroma, but you definitely pick out the tangy grapefruit.

OOooo and yeah this one also hits the spot.

Just enough of that citrusy grapefruit to cut through the oil leaving a lovely fruity fresh taste in the mouth.

I’ve been taking this one after lunch as I tend to graze my way through the fridge…

Let’s just say a packet of 6 sausage rolls is still there from a couple of days ago… 😉

UBCBD CBD Oils Young – 1500mg

ubcbd young cbd oil


Using Avocado as carrier oil, infused with cold pressed Wild Orange essential oil and CBD extract, we name the formulation as “YOUNG”.

It can speed up relief of unwanted bacteria and pathogens, promote healthy blood flow, improve immune system, ease trauma symptoms and maintain healthy cholesterol level.

When apply to skin, it soothe inflammation due to acne.

Wild Orange extracted from: Peels (Cold Pressed)

I Say:

I hit the big 60 in a few days so here’s another one I’m interested in lol.

Well hello to the smell from this one!

This bottle is screaming fresh oranges and trust me the taste is exactly that.

Again the citrus notes cut through the oil leaving a very clean fruity taste.

This one is very moreish indeed and again ideal for your morning CBD dose.

Not sure if it’s made me look any younger – but a man can hope!

Best of the bunch for me.

Final Review Verdict

To say I’m impressed is an understatement.

A quite wondrous selection of CBD oils that taste as good as they sound.

The fact they can be used orally, topically on the skin or indeed for aromatherapy is another tick in the box.

ubcbd starter kit
UBCBD starter kit – great way to try!

Though saying that, it might me an expensive way to fill your oil burners…

As I’ve already stated, I can’t say if the claims made by UBCBD CBD oil are valid.

What I can say is from the presentation, the scientific facts on the ingredients and of course, the taste, these are very good CBD oils indeed.

I’d go as far to say they’re definitely among the best I’ve tasted and reviewed.

Fingers crossed they bring out some CBD e-liquids…

More Info and Facts About CBD

I’ve written extensively about all forms of CBD including CBD vape juice, oral tinctures, CBD gummies and even face masks.

To find out more please read my articles:

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


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