The SMOKO CBD oral drops review and this trio of flavours are made in the UK from a company I have a lot of time for.

SMOKO makes one of the very best vaping starter kits I’ve tried and reviewed – the Vape E e-cigarette – so I’m intrigued to see how its CBD oral drops fare.

smoko cbd oral drops review

There’s three CBD flavours to choose from, Orange – Mixed Berries and Mint – and all three come in 10ml bottle with either 500mg – 1000mg or 2000mg CBD strength.

SMOKO is using broad spectrum CBD, which means the whole of the cannabis plant is used.

CBD products have the active ingredient of the cannabis plant – THC – removed, meaning they are perfectly legal if your country’s laws permit.

SMOKO uses organically grown Cannabis Sativa L plants sourced from California USA, and says it has its own unique extraction process getting the very best CBD extract from the bush.

OK, I’ve popped some useful links giving more info into CBD at the end of this review.

For the record the x3 10ml bottles were sent direct from SMOKO – thank you – and as always, my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

Right on with the review and let’s see if the SMOKO CBD oral drops are indeed a drop of the good stuff…

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SMOKO Oral CBD Drops – Orange 500mg

smoko cbd oral drops orange

Not a very strong smell of orange from the bottle…initially.

A few deeper longer sniffs and yeah I’m getting a faint whiff.

Flavour wise it’s the same – very gentle at first, but then it builds on the taste buds.

It’s a subtle taste to say the least which is no bad thing, and not as oily as some oral CBD drops I’ve tasted.

Ideal for your morning shot of CBD and if strong flavours put you off.

SMOKO Oral CBD Drops – Mixed Berry 1000mg

mixed berry

A much stronger aroma from this one, you can almost taste the berries.

I’m getting a lovely hint of blackberry or blackcurrant on the tongue and again it’s not too oily.

Just like the orange flavour, the taste seems to build in the mouth.

It’s not at all sweet and there’s a slight tang to it too.

I like this one a lot – very refreshing.

SMOKO Oral CBD Drops – Mint 2000mg


A delicious smell of peppermint once the top’s whipped off – good start!

Again it’s very light on the flavour for the first few seconds.

However, wait a while and once more the flavour builds.

This one feels slightly more oily – but only a tad.

It really leaves your mouth fresh with a lovely little tingle.

Final Review Verdict

Not a bad little oral CBD drops collection from SMOKO at all.

The flavours aren’t what I’d call spectacularly tasty, but they taste decent enough.

You can certainly pick out the individual flavours let’s put it that way.

It’s good to have a choice of CBD strengths too and as I’ve mentioned, the SMOKO CBD oral drops are certainly not over oily.

I do have to say that for a 10ml bottle they are a tad on the pricey side, but then again these are full spectrum CBD oral drops.

Like most things in life you pay for what you get so I guess they’re just about value for money given the quality ingredients.

Given the subtle flavourings, and lack of oiliness, I reckon these are ideal for newbies looking to see if CBD oral drops are for them.

Are you using SMOKO CBD oral drops?

What’s your favourite flavour and strength?

Please do let me know in the comments below.

More Info On CBD Products

CBD really is becoming a ‘big thing‘ these days and there’s a number of ways you can take it.

Vaping on CBD e-liquids is the fastest way to get the good stuff into your system.

what is cbd

However, you can also use oral drops – sometimes known as tinctures – creams, gummies, bath bombs and so much more.

Legally I’m not allowed to say what if any benefits it might have to your health, both mental and physical, or indeed if it can improve your well being.

I’ve been using CBD for the last 4 or 5 years and swear by it 😉

Here’s some handy articles I’ve written to give you more info on if CBD products are right for you:

Important Note: CBD oral drops should NEVER be vaped unless specified by the manufacturer – ALWAYS check the bottle!

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SMOK CBD Oral Drops Orange 500mg
SMOKO Oral CBD Drops – Mixed Berry 1000mg
SMOKO Oral CBD Drops – Mint 2000mg
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