Introduction To The Vandy Vape LIT RDA

Today we are looking at the Vandy Vape LIT RDA. A 24mm, dual coil RDA with side airflow, and three, YES THREE ways to build. Vertical and horizontal coil plus you can use the included mesh strips! This is all down to the new sandwich-style clamp system that it has.

Now Vandy Vape are a big name in the vaping world at the moment, famous for producing great products such as the Pulse BF Squonk Box series, Bonza RDA, and the Kensei RTA.

Vandy Vape LIT RDA Pulse 80w in Hand
Lit on the Vandy Vape Pulse 80W Squonk Mod

But does the LIT (meaning awesome) continue this greatness? Find out in my written and video review!

Currently priced between at around £20, it’s definitely an affordable RDA. It also comes in 4 different colours which are black, stainless steel, gold and rainbow.

As always my opinions are honest and my own.

Check Out My Hands On Vandy Vape LIT Vide Review

£19.37 / $25.17 Delivered WorldWide – Use Code VVRDA23.16 (Ends August 14th)

What’s In The Box

  • Accessory Bag
  • Delrin Drip Tip
  • Ultem Drip Tip
  • Accessory Bag
  • Mesh Strips
  • User ManualVandy Vape LIT RDA Boxed


  • Size: 24 x 31.4mm
  • Drip tip material: Resin/Delrin/Ultem
  • Dual Coil, Sandwich Deck

Build Quality & Design

We’ll start from the top and make our way down the LIT RDA…

The Drip Tip:

The preinstalled drip tip is 810 sized and made from a marbled resin. The other two are made from Delrin and Ultem and are black and a translucent white.LIT-RDA-Resin

All 3 look great on the RDA and the Delrin and Ultem versions have grooves cut into them for a slightly different mouth feel.LIT-RDA-Drip-Tips

The Top Cap/Airflow Control:

The drip tip attaches to the top cap by a single o-ring situated inside the hole.LIT-RDA-Top-Cap

Inside the top cap is nicely machined and domed to produce some lovely flavour!LIT-RDA-Inside1

Below this we have some nice and chunky knurling which helps grip the top cap so you can adjust the airflow.LIT-RDA-Knurling

The airflow on the LIT RDA comes in two forms, both in a rhombus shape. One is full of 16 holes in a 4×4 configuration.LIT-RDA-Airflow1

The other is in the form of slots, offering a smoother, less restricted airflow.LIT-RDA-Airflow2

The outer airflow barrel comes in the form of a tube with two rhombus shapes cut into it.LIT-RDA-Inside2

In between those shapes is the LIT branding which is nicely engraved into the barrel.LIT-RDA-Logo

The Build Deck & Base:

The deck comes in the form of a dual screw ‘sandwich-type’ post system. You’ve got multiple layers of metal and insulators to make sure there aren’t any potential shorts. I have broken down the clamp system so you can see how it is constructed.LIT-RDA-Post-Parts

You can undo the clamps with either a flat head or Phillips head screwdriver and the layers are pushed apart with the springs that are on either side of the clamps.LIT-RDA-Deck-Open

At the base of the clamp we have a hole on either side which is where the e-liquid comes out of when you are squonking.LIT-RDA-Squonk-Hole

The juice well is pretty damn deep too. Great for squonking or if you want to fill the juice well up for some long hits whilst dripping.LIT-RDA-Juice-Well

Towards the base we have two large o-rings that hold the outer airflow barrel to the deck.LIT-RDA-Deck1

At the base we have a nicely protruding, gold plated 510 pin which is removable and can be replaced with a hollow 510 pin for squonking

Build Quality & Design – Overall:

Overall, the design and build quality of the LIT RDA is pretty damn good! Everything fits together rather nicely, it is well thought out and overall it is a very clean and tidy looking RDA.

BUT, and there’s one big but… It’s dirty as hell.LIT-RDA-Dirt

When I received mine, it still had quite a bit of machine oil inside the deck, airflow slots and around the o-rings.LIT-RDA-Dirt2

I expected better from Vandy Vape, but it’s nothing that a quick soapy wash wouldn’t sort out!

Vandy Vape LIT RDA Build Tutorial & Performance

On this RDA, I am using a pair of kanthal coils, 3mm internal diameter, coming to 0.5Ω

LIT RDA Build Tutorial

Building on the LIT RDA is extremely easy. Firstly undo the post screws and insert your coils so that they are central over the deck.LIT-RDA-Coil-Position

Screw down the clamps and cut off the excess from the legs.

Once that is done, reposition the coils and get pulsing. They will start out firing unevenly like so…LIT-RDA-Heat-Up

But after a bit of manipulation, pulsing, pinching and strumming you will get them heating evenly from the inside out.LIT-RDA-Heated-Coil

Once the coils have cooled, grab your chosen wick (I am using SWAG Cotton) and roll it into a sausage, not too tight, and tightly twist the ends of the wick and pull through the coils. You can see our test here for different vape cottons.LIT-RDA-Wicking-Uncut

Gently floss the wick inside the coil and then cut off the excess. As with most RDA’s I find that cutting just outside the deck is best.LIT-RDA-Wicking-Cut

After that, tuck the wick into the deck, juice them up and you are good to go!

LIT RDA Performance

Now I will admit that the above build isn’t the best for this RDA. It is suited for big, chunky coils, probably around 0.2Ω. I think this is mainly due to the massive amount of airflow that the RDA allows in, and even with the airflow shut down, it isn’t enough.

But with some more aggressive coils in there, it performs like a charm! The flavour on it is pretty good and the clouds are immense too!

Another thing I have noticed is that the post screws seem to work their way loose every once in a while. Now whilst on a regulated device, this is not a massive problem, but if you are using it on a mech. It’s a MASSIVE problem.

Therefore, I’m unsure what to say. It can’t be user error, as I have tried multiple builds on it and it does it with Claptons, standard wire as well as mesh. Could this be down to the heat messing around with the springs that make up the clamp system? Possibly.

Either way, I won’t be using the LIT RDA again because of this.


  • Looks good
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Nice flavour
  • Thick clouds


  • Machine oil
  • Posts come loose – MAJOR CON

Final Review Verdict

At the beginning of this review, we asked the question whether the LIT RDA is LIT or SHIT. And because of the post screws continuously coming loose on my RDA, it has made it unusable and unsafe to use. So it is the latter.

And to be honest, I think that this is a shame. The Vandy Vape LIT RDA had great potential for being a cloud chucking, flavour machine, and it was when it worked. But as the screws kept loosening, I lost my confidence in using it.

£19.37 / $25.17 Delivered WorldWide – Use Code VVRDA23.16 (Ends August 14th)

Build Quality
Ease of Build
Chance of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
Hi, my name is Dean and I have been vaping since April 2014. I decided to start reviewing back in mid 2015 as my friends kept asking me about different e-liquids I had tried and whether they were worth buying. So I thought I'd start on Instagram writing written reviews for them to read. Then several months later, I saw that people were publishing reviews on YouTube, so in late 2015 'TheDevilVaper' was born! And since then, I have built a following across social media and I'm reviewing anything from starter kits to mech mods. Budget e-liquids to premium flavours and prebuilt coils to carry cases. To me, vaping is more than just a way to quit smoking. It is now a hobby. And a hobby that I have great pleasure in doing! And if my reviews help people ditch the cigarettes, then it's a job well done. TheDevilVaper


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