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E-cigarettes VERY BAD For Vaping Pregnant Zebrafish…

Now there’s a headline I never thought I’d ever have to write lol…or the words vaping pregnant zebrafish…but when it comes to anti-vaping studies the world is the scientists oyster

OK stop sniggering, this is some serious science shit right here…especially if you’re a vaping zebrafish looking to start a family…

vaping and zebrafish study

I missed this study due to a couple of weeks off prior to the latest lockdown – but just couldn’t resist, it’s just so bloody laughable…and more than a little fishy

Honestly if I’d written this as an April Fools piece, folks would have spotted it immediately…maybe…lol…

I mean lets face it my piece: Beard Mites and Vaping – Scientists Say You’re Probably Already Infested – had more of a scientific truth about it lol…

However, because it’s a study done by scientists from University of Calgary, the mainstream media has gone into a shark like feeding frenzy…

Or one might say the ‘school‘ of fake negative scary vape news reporting has gone into overdrive…

vaping pregnant zebrafish study
pregnant vaping zebrafish that smoke urged NOT to vape

OK, the UK’s tabloid the Daily Mirror made a huge splash about this ‘science‘ scaring the shit out of pregnant women in the process – see the headline above and the double down below:

Exposure to flavoured e-cig chemicals in the womb leads to hyperactive offspring, while those with nicotine cause even more dramatic changes to a growing foetus’ grey matter, warn scientists

Sounds scary huh?

But you have to scroll down to see the line:

Experiments on zebrafish indicate it harms the developing structure of a baby’s brain. Embryonic development is surprisingly similar in the humble marine creature.

I call bollox…but hey I’m no scientist or marine biologist…but this smells like 2 week old tuna left in the sun to me…

So how did they come to this startling conclusion, given I assume zebrafish are under water and therefore unless they’ve got their hands – sorry I meant fins – on say the waterproof Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus – then how are they vaping in the first place?

geekvape aegis boost plus kit available colours
NOT to be sold to pregnant vaping zebrafish

Come to that, has anyone ever gone full Jacques Cousteau and vaped underwater..?

If these Calgary scientists are vaping under the ocean, I’m sure it won’t be long before SMOK comes out with a vape kit for skin divers…but I digress…plus if they do I want my 10% of sales revenue now lol…

Nope, the ‘scientists’ used the well known technique:

…we performed a screen of vape aerosol extracts (VAEs) to determine the potential for prenatal neurotoxicity using the zebrafish embryo photomotor response (PMR)—a translational biosensor of neurobehavioural effects.

Yeah that’ll work…I nodded sagely lol…

I’m guessing they chucked a shoal of zebrafish embryos into a petri dish and then blew vapour over them whilst peering at the poor little buggers reaction under a microscope with a very bright light…

Just a guess…anyone familiar with the PMR thingymabob please let me know in the comments below…

BTW, I bet the vaping mice were relieved to get a day off from sucking on the latest pod kit…poor little buggers deserve a break…

I did try to get the hashtag #savethevapingmice trending but failed miserably….but I digress…

Vaping Pregnant Zebrafish: Only FLAVOURED E-liquids Turn Baby Fish Into Psychos

Apparently, the pregnant vaping zebrafish only showed signs of harming the structure of their off spring’s brains whilst vaping on…wait for it…flavoured e-liquids..?

Wait what? Say it ain’t so!!!

I’m sad to report that yes…it’s those pesky e-liquid flavours causing all the trouble yet again…who’da thought lol…

Lead author Professor Mathilakath Vijayan was in no doubt that as far as vaping pregnant zebrafish were concerned, flavoured e-liquids were the juice from the Devilfish [actual fish lol]:

Vape flavourants dull sensory perception and cause hyperactivity in developing zebrafish embryos.

Vaping during pregnancy exposes the developing baby’s brain to chemicals in the vape.

Our results suggest flavours have the potential to impact pre-natal brain development.

We tested the effects of flavoured blue raspberry and cinnamon and unflavored vape liquids with and without nicotine.

cinnamon flavoured e-liquid
cinnamon bad for vaping pregnant zebrafish – you have been warned

While the unflavored vapes had no impact, the flavoured vapes even without nicotine caused profound behavioural changes which were similar to nicotine alone.

Vaping during pregnancy exposes the developing baby’s brain to chemicals in the vape.

Flavoured vapes with nicotine caused even more behavioural alterations.

With more than 7,000 vape flavours on the market, each having unique profiles of chemicals in the final aerosol, characterising their potential neurotoxicity will be an onerous task.

Results from this study provide the first evidence that the PMR may prove to be an ideal candidate for screening vape flavours for developmental neurotoxicity.

Translate that to we need more cash.

If Bloomberg is reading this and has his cheque book handy, I’m planning a study on the effects sub ohm has on sea lions…$250,000 should be enough…

In all seriousness…WT the actual F**K are these scientists on lol.

In the interest of public and ocean life health, here’s a urgent message to all vape shop owners:

Please, I’m begging you for the sake of the children, warn any pregnant zebrafish ordering blue raspberry and cinnamon flavoured e-liquids of the risks…you really don’t want to get sued if they produce a family of psycho baby zebrafish…

So What Does the REAL Science Say?

Not a lot given the ridiculousness of this latest serious scientific research into vaping and e-cigarettes during pregnancy.

The awesome pro-vaping advocate Clive Bates was particularly biting [think about it lol] saying the scientists were basically trying to link vaping to delinquent behaviour lol:

From a study observing hyperactivity in developing zebrafish embryos exposed to chemicals used in flavours, these anti-vaping fanatics conclude that vaping during human pregnancy causes crime.

A new contender for the most comically absurd inference in the history of science.

Perfectly put!

OK and in all seriousness, only last year the Royal College of Midwives urged pregnant women finding it hard to quit smoking to turn to e-cigarettes.

Royal College of Midwives pro vaping whilst pregnant statement

Its Support To Quit Smoking position statement made it VERY clear:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is safe in pregnancy and should be provided in line with evidence-based protocols to women and their partners, to maximise its use as a quitting aid.

E-cigarettes contain some toxins, but at far lower levels than found in tobacco smoke.

If a pregnant woman who has been smoking chooses to use an e-cigarette (vaping) and it helps her to quit smoking and stay smokefree, she should be supported to do so.

As I said, you cannot be clearer than that.

A detailed and lengthy study by the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland agrees and says the evidence shows:

…if they (pregnant women) choose to use an electronic cigarette and this helps them to quit and stay smoke-free, it is safer for both them and their unborn baby than continuing to smoke.

This all chimes perfectly with a piece a wrote a long time ago now from the NHS backed Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group – a collective of health professionals – that concluded:

The great majority of the harm from smoking comes from inhaling tobacco smoke which contains around 4000 chemicals, a significant number of which are toxic.

While it is nicotine that makes tobacco so addictive, it is relatively harmless.

facts on pregnancy and vaping

Nicotine replacement therapy is widely used to help people stop smoking and is a safe form of treatment, including during pregnancy

Although not completely risk free, electronic cigarettes carry a fraction of the risk of smoking for users, with no known risks to bystanders.

It goes without saying that in an ideal world pregnant women would neither smoke, nor vape, however this is the real world.

And sadly in this real world, its scary science like pregnant vaping zebrafish that catches the mainstream medias attention.

Tuna in for next weeks Vape News where I’ll be reporting on a scientific Bloomberg funded vape study that shows former smoking North Sea cod are becoming addicted to CBD

pregnant vaping zebrafish

Christ, I’ve given them an idea now…

and finally…Are the New X Boxes Smoking OR Vaping?

Just when you thought pregnant vaping zebrafish was a bit too much to handle…here comes more proof the world has gone completely nuts lol…

Yeah it’s true, the mighty Microsoft has had to publicly ask its new X Box users to stop blowing vapour into their consoles!

The Xbox Series X costs anything between £450 and £600 and was launched last week.

Within hours of the launch day, photos and videos of the device appearing to be on fire sprang up on social media.

Users were obviously concerned until Microsoft revealed the photos were a ‘prank’ or ‘fake news’.

Xbox Series X vapour not smoke

As you can see from the Tweet, the fake photos had been caused by users blowing vapour into the machines.

So nope, it doesn’t appear to be the case your X Box is about to burn out…

Pity Microsoft called it “Vape Smoke” though…

NO doubt the anti-vaping zealots will find a way to linking teen gaming to the none existent teen vaping ‘epidemic’.

I can see the headline now:

New X Box Encourages Teen Gamers To Vape

Not as far fetched as it sounds lol…


I’ll be fishing for more serious Vape News on Wednesday 🙂

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