Vape News Headlines: NZ Lifts Nicotine Ban – iQOS Study Worry – Kashmir Bans E-Cigs – Drop In Us Vapers – JUUL Hysteria Hits YouTube – Mech Mod Blamed For Tragedy – Italian Vape Tax Removed? And “Tobacco The Net” For Rangers FC and Vaporized!

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New Zealand Lifts the Ban On Nicotine E-Liquids

The Government of New Zealand has finally officially lifted the ban on e-liquids containing nicotine.

They had broadcast their intention to do just this and now its been passed into legislation sparking calls from vaping advocates in neighboring Australia to call for the same sensible approach.

University of NSW professor Colin Mendelsohn welcomed the move saying:

Essentially, New Zealand is recognizing that … vaping devices which heat a nicotine solution without smoke or combustion are substantially safer than products which burn tobacco, like cigarettes.

Most of the harm from combustible tobacco is caused by the 7000 chemicals produced by the burning process and these are mostly absent from vapour.

It is unethical and unscientific to ban a much safer product that could help many thousands of smokers to quit a deadly addiction.

It would be a mistake to delay these products for another 20 to 30 years. Too many lives are at stake.

Wise words indeed and let’s hope the Australian Government takes heed – though given its current stance one doubts there will be a change of thinking any time soon.


iQOS ‘Not As Safe’ As Phillip Morris Want You To Believe?

New research has thrown doubt into the suggestion iQOS – the Heat Not Burn product – is nowhere new 10x safer the lit tobacco.

A study published in the BMJ – [British Medical Journal] suggests that not only do iQOS users have to take more puffs given the device shuts down after 6minutes – but charring has been found including from a plastic component.

iqos vaper expo

The researchers say this occurs even when users follow the correct cleaning instructions:

For all testing protocols, pressure drop decreased as puff number increased. Changes in testing protocols did not affect aerosol density. Charring due to pyrolysis (a form of organic matter thermochemical decomposition) was observed in the tobacco plug after use.

When the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions were followed, both charring of the tobacco plug and melting of the polymer-film filter increased.

Headspace analysis of the polymer-film filter revealed the release of formaldehyde cyanohydrin at 90°C, which is well below the maximum temperature reached during normal usage.

PMI – the makers of iQOS as you might expect disagreed adding:

Contrary to the authors’ conclusion the polymer-film of the filter does not melt in normal use nor does it release the named toxicant into the vapour.

The polymer filter in the HeatSticks is made from corn starch. The toxicant the authors measured is not used in any step of the manufacturing process, nor was it detected in emission tests conducted by PMI scientists, under realistic conditions, using methods similar to what the authors themselves used.

Rather than melting, filter hardening and discolouration can result from the process of cooling the vapour, but this is not indicative of emission of toxicants.

I’m expecting the to-ing and fro-ing of research from both sides of the debate to go on for a long time to come yet.

You can read the research findings HERE.

Kashmir Becomes Fifth State To Ban E-Cigarettes Outright

Despite 11.20% of the world’s smoking population living in India – Kashmir has joined 4 other states to ban e-cigarettes completely.

The country is home to a staggering 120 million smokers and despite soaring death rates reaching over 1 million people dying from tobacco related illnesses each year the country continues to ignore the hard fact that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Baseer Ahmad Khan announced the ban – to take place with immediate effect – last week and this includes online sales – purchasing and the use of all e-cigarettes.

A spokesman said:

The ban has been imposed keeping in view the harmful effects of e-cigarettes which contains nicotine and hence is additive. It triggers change in the adolescent brain and exposes lungs to dicetyl that can cause severe lung disease.

Lit tobacco is still available – which it has to be said is mind boggling.

An absolute shocking state of affairs and yet another country wrongly demonizing vaping and vapers while their people die.


BTW the announcement comes after the magazine GQ India runs a brilliant article on the vape scene in the country – well worth a read…

More Folks Trying E-Cigs In the USA – However…

New research suggests that 1 in 7 Americans have tried e-cigarettes but the number currently using the devices is dropping.

The study showed that only 3% were now regularly vaping down from over 4% in 2014.

Once the numbers are crunched that means around 33million Americans have tried vaping .

You can read the full study HERE.

This Week’s JUUL Hysteria Watch – YOUTUBE Bans Reviews!

As I seem to say every week hardly a day goes by without the media screaming hysterical headlines over the wrongly perceived dangers of the JUUL pod system.

And hot on the heels of the recent cull and punishment of vape related channels the video giant has been at it again targeting reviews of you guessed it the JUUL.


Top US reviewer Ruby Roo voiced her concerns on social media:

YouTube is handing out strikes left and right for JUUL vape reviews. Today I had to delete 3 videos, one of which was my most viewed video ever. To see my hard work being thrown out makes me sick.”

Vape channels are being targeted by YouTube. All I want to do is help people not to smoke, and to put food on my table. Why does it have to be this way? I’m angry, frustrated, and feeling defeated today.

Many of the major names on the US vaping review scene decided to make back-up accounts on Vimeo in case the hammer fell on ALL vape review channels.

However UK reviewer Vic Mullin aka Vaping With Vic said this was a wrong move as Vimeo has a history of shutting down channels it and its users deem as ‘inappropriate’.

BTW Vic had his ‘punishment’ for daring to review a perfectly legal CBD kit revoked last week after a successful appeal – great news indeed.

However in better news for the makers of the controversial pod kit the JUUL brand has just launched in Israel with NO restrictions lol.

Nothing it seems splits countries – governments and social media more than vaping…

Exploding Mech Mod Blamed For Death Of Vaper

First up our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the vaper killed apparently due to his mechanical mod exploding.

A terrible tragedy indeed and a timely reminder that when using any vape device particularly unregulated – battery safety is paramount.

Please read our three seriously important safety guidelines for more information:

Beginners Guide To Vape Batteries
Why E-Cig Batteries Explode
Electrickery – A Guide To Volts – Ohms and Resistance

And no matter WHAT vape manufacturers say please please please only charge you batteries in approved chargers and NOT via the USB cable.

It was sad to see the mainstream media using this tragedy as yet another attack on vaping in general.

A quick Google shows more people have died from exploding phones and laptops than vape devices – this being the first recorded.

I’m not making light of this terrible accident – rather pointing out that when dealing with any battery its safety first.


The BBC cover the story and offer some good vape safety advice from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

Italian Vapers ‘Contento’ Over Removal Of Vape Tax

Despite an increase in Government spending vapers in Italy were happy [contento] at a decision to NOT raise more taxes by hitting e-cigarettes.

The move comes as politicians try to get some kind of consensus among themselves to actually form a government!

The country has been without one for some months and this move is just one in a myriad of backroom deals to form some kind of coalition.

Ex smoking politician Matteo Salvini said:

Out with the tax on electronic cigarettes!

Let’s hope that is indeed the case.


…and finally…Rangers FC Flavoured E-Liquids!

As we reported a while ago Rangers FC has teamed up with vape giants Vaporized in a major sponsorship deal but have gone a step further.

They decided to celebrate the deal with a competition and the goal being for fans to name new e-liquid flavours.

vaporized rangers e-liquids

The winners have been announced and the names has you might expect have a play on words with the winners being:

  • Simply The Zest
  • Tobacco The Net
  • Ibrox Ice
  • StrawBarry Ferguson
  • Peach Of A Goal
  • Boys In Blue Razz

Ouch some of those puns are worse than mine and that’s saying something lol.

A spokesman for Vaporzied said:

Thousands of entries flooded in — there were puns aplenty, old classics and a few that weren’t safe for the public domain.

Haha I bet!

*Shuffles Papers*

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