Vaping News Headlines: Aussie Vape Day – Anti-Vape Billboard BS! – Scott Watch – Undercover Kiddie Vape Cops and that Vape Pacifier Video!

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Aussie Vape Day Dawns!

In a bid to encourage smokers to quit and to educate the wider public on the truth about e-cigarettes, the first Aussie Vape Day will be held later this week.

The event takes place at Five Dock Park Sydney on Thursday 30th May between 12-3pm and organizers says there’s plenty of things to see and do.

The event has been organized by advocacy groups: Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association [ATHRA] – Legalise Vaping Australia and the New Nicotine Alliance Australia and will have experts on hand to offer advice.

Events include:

  • Free sausage sizzle
  • Free lung health checks and carbon monoxide readings
  • Advice on vaping
  • Live facebook stream of interviews
  • Mingle and mix with other vapers
  • Meet the team from ATHRA, Legalise Vaping and New Nicotine Alliance


Vaping on nicotine based e-liquid is currently illegal in Australia – unless prescribed by a doctor and can carry heavy fines and jail time if caught.

I have to say the Aussie Vape Day website is very good indeed with advice on how to quit smoking via vaping – a 5 Step Plan – videos from advocates – including Professor Colin Mendelsohn and personal success stories. There’s even a section for Australian doctors on how to legally prescribe nicotine…like I said a very good website indeed.

I really hope the event attracts a ton of people and in turn, the local media…and the message is sent far and wide that continuing to make vaping illegal in the country is not only ridiculous, but bordering on a criminal act by the Government…

‘Award Winning’ Anti Vape Billboard Factually Wrong

The anti-vape crowd of America seems to love sending kids to the frontline to spout total BS about all things vape, and they’re at it again.

This time its school kids from Colonie High School NY who entered an annual design competition promoted by local company Lamar Advertising.

In the past award-winning billboards have tackled social issues such as drink driving, however this year and given the hysteria going on about teen vaping in states, the winner was you’ve guessed it vape ‘orientated’.

anti-vape billboard
image via: Spotlight News

However, those of us in the know can quickly spot the glaring error – you can’t get popcorn lung from vaping!

Check this quote from Laura-ann’s excellent article – Diacetyl & Popcorn Lung: A Real Concern Or Just More Propaganda?

They noted that levels in liquids containing diacetyl were lower than those set by occupational safety standards and well over 100 times lower than in cigarettes!

Studies have shown that while an e-cigarette cartridge may contain about 9 micrograms, a cigarette contains about 430 micrograms.

Nuff said, people!

And of course and probably most importantly of all – most trusted e-liquid manufacturers who have jumped through all the red tape to get approved have, and for a long time, stopped using diacetyl and without being ordered too either!

But hey don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story…or in this case billboard…


Scott Watch!

He may have resigned as FDA supremo but Scott Gottleib is still taking potshots at vaping every chance he gets.

Great tweet…but I digress…

You may remember Gottleib’s parting shot to the vape industry, not forgetting the millions of vapers around the world was to ‘suggest’ e-cigarettes could cause seizures…a point I rebutted in the article Gottlieb’s Last Spiteful Parting Shot

Last week he spoke at the CNBC sponsored Healthy Returns conference and took another opportunity to take a swipe at vaping in general saying maybe he’d been too lenient!

Dr Scott Gottlieb via reuters

He spoke out on the back of a Federal judge’s ruling that under his leadership the FDA, by pushing back applications for vape devices and e-liquids, had in effect amounted:

…to an abdication of its statutory responsibilities.

Gottleib says at first he thought the ruling had set a dangerous precedent, however now he agrees with it telling the conference not only had he considered banning all vape pods – especially JUUL, but wished he’d been tougher on the vape industry:

We were looking to move towards putting those products in earlier anyway. Now whether or not this judge’s ruling provides the impetus for the agency to go in and do that now as opposed to waiting, I don’t know what decision they’re going to make.

If I was there, I would certainly consider taking that action now in review of this judge’s ruling.

Jeez lose the hard-on for vaping mate and enjoy your new highly paid job with New Enterprise Associates [NEA] a venture capitalist group that funds Big Pharma companies…

Wait, what? Big Pharma? You mean the corporations getting their ample collective asses kicked as smokers turn to vaping instead of mind bending drugs..?

Imagine my surprise…


Under Cover Canadian Teen Vape Cops Wanted!

A Canadian health organization is currently recruiting kiddie cops to bust vape shops for selling to minors.

Yeah really.

Ontario based Middlesex-London Health Unit is looking for kids aged between 15-17 years old and say this is an ideal opportunity for students looking to eventually get into law enforcement.

undercover kids bust vape shops

I assume its an unpaid position and the part-time job involves the kids:

  • Visit local retailers/vendors with a Tobacco Enforcement Officer and attempt to purchase vapour products, tobacco cigarettes, or other tobacco products like dip, chew, cigars and cigarillos;
  • Take detailed notes to document test shopping activities;
  • Attend and speak at court hearings as required; and,
  • Attend mandatory training.

Linda Stobo, head of the units chronic disease prevention and tobacco control department said:

Young people are choosing to use vaping products at an increased rate that is of significant concern.

These products are delivering higher contents of nicotine per puff than older models of e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes.

The team plans to visit 300 stores and I guess are hoping for a better result than the 8 ‘charges’ and 2 warnings shopkeepers given last year.

Smells like entrapment to me…

Two BIG Stories From The Front Page

In case you missed the two main articles over on the front page here they are:

and finally…The Vaping Pacifier!

There’s a term we in the UK use for folks getting all upset about pretty much nothing as in having a full-blown hissy fit come tantrum…it’s:

Spitting out the dummy…

You do see quite a lot of that in the crazy world of vaping lol.

Over in the US a baby’s dummy [as we call them] are known as pacifiers and Comedy Central has just made a tongue in cheek video combining a JUUL with a pacifier…

I think it’s funny…though I reckon some of the more sanctimonious snowflakes from both sides of the vape divide might er spit the dummy out over this sketch lol…

Forget the teen vape epidemic – what about the baby vaping epidemic!

I mean we’ve already had the shocker that was the My First Vape Baby Toy and now this…

milky mama e-liquid

And it get’s worse with the suggestion of a play on the hugely popular Mother’s Milk juice, with an eliquid made entirely from breast milk…or as they’ve called it Milky Mama…OMG!!!

I mean talk about hooking them when they’re young…

Looking forward to trying that one…not 😉

*Shuffles Papers*

More vape news on Wednesday!

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