In for review is the cute Vaporesso Luxe Q2 pod kit.

Luxe Q2 in hand

This is the latest addition to the popular Luxe Q range which consists of the Luxe Q followed by the Luxe QS.

luxe q2 banner

This is not to be confused with the separate model – the Luxe Q2 SE (Special Edition) – which is not covered in this review.

luxe q2 se coming soon

Thank you to Vape Club for sending this over for review! I will report back honestly on my findings of the product in my possession.

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What To Expect From The Vaporesso Luxe Q2 Kit …

The Luxe Q and QS kits were very popular and the Q2 has a couple of additional features.

luxe q2 components

The exterior has had a makeover with an upgraded Leather material compared to the fully metal bodied earlier versions.

luxe q qs q2
Luxe Q family, Left to Right: Luxe Q, Luxe QS, Luxe Q2

The battery capacity is 1000mAh which is the same as the earlier editions, but this time the USB Type C charge rate has been increased to 2A – so it should charge in 30 minutes!

luxe q2 battery

Also there are lots of options when it comes to compatible pods!

It is compatible with the original top filling Luxe Q pods which come in 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm, 1ohm and 1.2ohm mesh variants. For those in TPD regulated areas you will get the 2ml top fill 0.6ohm and 1ohm pods included in the kit.

luxe q2 pod options

A new range of side fill pods has been introduced – however these pods are 3ml capacity so will only be included in the standard (Non TPD Compliant) kit. There are 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm and 1ohm mesh versions.

luxe q2 side fill pods

The AXON Chipset will set the applicable output automatically depending on the pod installed and the pods are full of “COREX Technology” which is basically a combination of a mesh element and fancy wicking material to provide a longer coil life.

luxe q2 technology

The mod has adjustable airflow which is a great upgrade from the fixed airflow on the Luxe Q and the 2 setting airflow on the QS. This means you can tailor the airflow to suit the pod installed and your own restriction preferences. It promises to satisfy MTL (Mouth To Lung) and RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) vaping styles.

luxe q2 airflow

There are 5 colours to choose from: Orange, Black, Blue, Grey and Green.

luxe q2 colours

Kit Includes

  • Vaporesso Luxe Q2 device
  • 0.6ohm Mesh Luxe Q Pod
  • 1ohm Mesh Luxe Q Pod
  • USB Type C cable
  • User manuals

luxe q2 box contents

Vaporesso Luxe X Q2 Specs

  • Size: 96.8x26x18.6mm
  • Battery: 1000mAh (internal)
  • Display: LED indicator
  • Output: Not specified
  • Type C USB charging – 2A charge rate – 30 minute charge time
  • Resistance range: Not specified
  • Capacity: 3ml (standard)  / 2ml (TPD)
  • Compatible with: Luxe Q pods
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Side and top fill pods available
  • Axon chipset
  • Corex Heating technology

luxe q2 specs

Vaporesso Luxe Q2 Design and Build Quality

I received the Green version in the 2ml TPD friendly specification. This means I get the top fill pods, sadly I do not have any of the side fill pods to review.

luxe q2 green

Packaging wise, this is pretty standard with a cardboard printed overlay. You pull the main tray out like a drawer and the mod is safely tucked in one side and a lift up cover on the opposite side houses the USB Cable, spare pod and instructions.

luxe q2 packaging

The instructions are great with plenty of diagrams and they contained all the info needed to get up and running easily.

luxe q2 instructions

Also there was a card included which discussed the pods which were compatible with this mod which was helpful.

luxe q2 card

Sadly the USB cable is not long enough to be practical!

luxe q2 USB Cable

Vaporesso Luxe Q2 Mod

On first glance the quality looks excellent, but when you look a bit closer there are some flaws.

This has a mainly metal construction – which is very light so I assume Zinc Alloy or similar.

luxe q2 front finish

2/3 of the front and the majority of the rear is covered in Leather.

However the edges of the Leather in multiple places looks badly trimmed with gaps.

luxe q2 leather edges

The metal areas have a nice metallic finish.

On the front is the Luxe Q2 logo in a rectangle shaped inset area which continues onto the Leather area where the LED indicator lives.

luxe q2 led colours

The LED is nice and bright and a good size. It has a breathing style pattern where the light grows in length. It also lights up when vaping and slightly after to show the battery capacity remaining.

On the rear of the device the “Vaporesso” text is embossed into the leather and the rest is q2 rear view

One side features the airflow adjustment which has a nice chunky slider made from metal. It is slightly reluctant to move so you do have to push it, but it is not too stiff. Also it feels like it would not accidentally move in a bag or pocket.

luxe q2 airflow adjustment
Top = Airflow Fully Closed, Bottom = Airflow Fully Open

On the base you will find the USB Type C Port, the battery capacity and legal logos.

luxe q2 usb port

I do have a niggle about how hard it is to pull the pod out of the device. This could be a bonus as it is very unlikely to fall out, but sadly there is very little to grip when removing the pod. You may notice teeth marks on my mouthpiece in some of the photos, I had to resort to pulling the pod out with my teeth it was that difficult to remove. I do have grip issues so that might make it worse for me.

Sadly you need to remove the pod a lot on the 2ml version as the e-liquid viewing area is pretty small. On the 3ml version the mouthpiece area is clear so you should not have this issue.

luxe q2 e-liquid viewing

Inside the pod compartment you will find 2 spring loaded contacts and 2 magnets to hold the pod in place. There also appears to be a Grey gasket type seal which hopefully means no e-liquid will get into the guts of the mod.

luxe q2 pod compartment

Apart from the Leather edges this looks great quality.

Vaporesso Luxe Q2 Pod

As mentioned above I have the 2ml top fill pods.

luxe q2 included pods
Left = 1ohm, Right = 0.6ohm

One massive complaint is the fact you cannot see easily what resistance the pod is! The only thing I can say to help is that the 0.6ohm has a Red base.

I only knew the resistance as the box said which pod was installed and which was spare. There is some writing on the base of the pod which I could only see after photographing and zooming in. This is bad!

luxe q2 pod resistance

The sides of the pod are clear but the bottom third is frosted slightly.

Using a rounded “Duck Bill” style shape the mouthpiece is super comfortable in use.

luxe qs mouthpiece

It is one of the better top fill pod methods as the mouthpiece does push off quite easily and does click firmly back into place after filling.

luxe q2 mouthpiece removal

With the mouthpiece removed you will see 3 holes. The first is the air vent – so when filling you do not get an airlock or excessive pressure in the pod. The central port is where the vapour comes out from the coil – do not add e-liquid in here as it will spit and pop! Finally you will see the fill port which has a Red valve. When filling you need to push the bottle nozzle into the port to open the flap valve. The round fill port is around 3mm in diameter.

luxe q2 pod top face

On the base of the pod you will see two electrical contact areas, 2 magnets and two airflow inlets. This means you can install the pod either way around and it will still work.

Quick Start Guide

Before use you need to fill the pod, charge up the battery and remove the isolator sticker from the base of the pod.

luxe q2 pod isolator

Basic Operation

  • Power On/Off = There is no On/Off function
  • Vaping = This is draw activated so simply inhale on the mouthpiece to fire
  • Battery indicator = The LED will breathe (Slowly pulse) when vaping. The colour of the LED indicates the battery charge remaining. Green = 70-100% charged, Blue = 30-70% charged and Red = 0-30% charged.
  • Battery indicator when charging = The LED will cycle through the colours stated above and will stay on solid in Green when fully charged.
  • Airflow = Move the airflow slider up to reduce the incoming airflow and down to increase.


  • Low Battery: The LED will flash Red 3 times and the device will stop working until it is charged.
  • Short circuit: The Red LED will flash 5 times and the device will stop working. Clean all contacts. Replace pod. If not rectified the device may be faulty.
  • Over time protection: If you vape for longer than 8 seconds the fire will cut out. Simply inhale again to vape.

How To Charge The Battery

The charging rate is specified as 2A.

  • Using a USB type C cable, connect the small end into the USB port on the q2 charging red
  • Connect the large end of the cable into a suitable USB outlet.
  • The LED will cycle through the colours. When it is fully charged the LED will stay on q2 charging green

I found it took bang on 30 minutes to charge – every single time, so Vaporesso are correct in their claim of a 30 min charge time!

How To Fill the Pod

If a new pod leave to stand for 5-10 minutes after first fill to allow the coil to saturate with e-liquid.

  • With the pod still in the mod push on the side of the mouthpiece until it pops q2 mouthpiece removal
  • Push the e-liquid bottle nozzle into the Red port and add e-liquid. Do not add e-liquid to the central q2 pod top faceluxe q2 filling bottle
  • Replace the mouthpiece firmly

How Does the Vaporesso Luxe Q2 Perform?

As there are different styles of pod included in the kit, I will choose different types of e-liquid to suit.

If any of these terms are over your head – have a read of our handy guides below!

0.6ohm Luxe Q Pod

I tried this with 2 different types of e-liquid.

50/50 E-liquid

I used my home made e-liquid with 50/50 VG/PG with the IVG Bubblegum concentrate. This has 6mg nic salt added.

This vape is very warm even with the airflow fully open!

In fact I would say so far the power is a bit too high for this pod?

You do get rucks of flavour but the vapour is only average, not much to speak of.

I have so far filled this 10 times and it feels exactly the same as the first vape so the coil life is pretty decent and the flavour has been consistent.

I am sort of enjoying this pod, but it is a bit fierce and feels like dropping a Watt or two in power would be beneficial. In use I found I am taking shorter inhales due to the heat.

70/30 E-liquid

I used the Ruthless Energy Drank Shortfill E-liquid which has a 70%VG / 30%PG ratio. I have not added any nicotine to this.

Now this e-liquid suits this pod so well! The fierceness is a lot calmer with higher VG e-liquid and it is absolutely delicious!

I can taste every flavour nuance this e-liquid provides and it is sweet and succulent. Plus of course the extra VG means there is more vapour.

So I would probably recommend around 70%VG e-liquid for this pod to get the best performance. It is compatible with lower VG ratios but it doesn’t perform quite as well.

1ohm Luxe Q Pod

For this pod I used my usual 50/50 e-liquid made with IVG Bubblegum concentrate. The Nic Salt level is 6mg.

Initially I was not really blown away by the flavour, but after the 6th refill it really kicked in.

The flavour is great, there is a good amount of vapour too!

However I just wish there was a bit more warmth to the vape. It just feels slightly under-powered for me. I am having to take very long inhales to feel any satisfaction.

I would recommend this pod for higher nicotine strengths – over 15mg. With high nic strengths the throat hit can sometimes be a bit harsh, whereas this pod will deliver the stronger stuff in a smooth and calm fashion.

After 10 refills the flavour is still the same so no deterioration in performance as yet!


To help rate how restricted the airflow is, I use a scale – where 0 = fully closed, no airflow up to 10 = breathing fresh air.

With the 1ohm pod fully closed airflow is around 1.5 – you can still vape this and the auto draw sensor will kick in. Fully open I would class this around 4 – it is still quite tight. It is unlikely you will want to use a Restricted Direct Lung vaping style with this pod – which is a good job as it wouldn’t really suit that style!

With the 0.6ohm pod fully closed airflow is around 1.5, you can still vape and the auto draw works fine. With the airflow fully open I would say this is around 5. So still not quite perfect for RDL, but you can just about manage it.

Mod Performance

The auto draw was super reliable and kicked in quickly.

As for operation everything worked exactly how it should!

There was not a noticeable drop in power output when the LED was Red – so the power regulation is very good!


I did get quite a lot of condensation on the pod base and around the sides of the pod.

But there were no leaks.

Battery Life

This is always a variable depending on the pod resistance and your own vaping habits.

As a guide I got…

  • 0.6ohm pod – around 5 hours of vaping.
  • 1ohm pod – between 5.5 and 7 hours of vaping.

It is worth noting that I am quite a heavy vaper, so if you are using higher nicotine strengths or vape less frequently you will get a longer time between charges.


  • An elegant looking device
  • Good size LED indicator in a great position
  • Compatible with other Luxe Q pods
  • 30 min charging time – is accurate too!
  • Good tight airflow
  • You can purchase 4 different pod resistances
  • Both pods performed well


  • Leather edges are quite rough and badly trimmed
  • Extremely difficult to remove the pod, nothing to grip
  • Pod resistance ID markings are way too small
  • E-liquid viewing area is small so you have to remove pod to see remaining e-liquid (this may be better with the 3ml side fill pods?)
  • USB cable is a bit too short to be practical
  • Airflow is more tailored to an MTL vape – RDL is possible with the 0.6ohm but it might still be a bit too restricted?

Vaporesso Luxe Q2 Final Review Verdict

This kit would shine with a 0.8ohm pod instead of the 1ohm for me. The 1ohm is OK and would be ideal for those using high nic e-liquids. There is a decent flavour but I found it to be a bit too gentle.

On the opposite side of this is the 0.6ohm pod which is a bit fierce, it just feels a bit too warm. But combine this with 70%VG e-liquid and it really comes to life and is very impressive. So I would recommend sticking to the 70%VG ratio for e-liquids with this pod.

Sadly the scores have been impacted by some issues.

My first issue was the poor trimming of the Leather, which did make the build quality look suspect. This is a shame as otherwise it is robust and very well built.

The ease of use and design score was dropped because it is so difficult to remove the pod from the mod. I resorted to using my teeth to pull the pod out.

There is nothing wrong with a good strong retention of the pod, but my issue was that there was nowhere at all to grip to remove it. As the e-liquid viewing area is small, you do need to pull the pod out to check the level when you think it is getting low. This issue may not occur with the 3ml side fill pods as they are fully clear, but the 2ml pods have a large area obscured by the Black mouthpiece.

Finally the pod resistance markings are way too tiny to see! I could only see by looking through my phone camera and zooming in? This does impact the design score.

Although to many people these would not be deal breakers, I did find they spoilt my appreciation of an otherwise good kit.

A little more attention to detail is required from Vaporesso – which is unusual as they produce high quality gear in general?

The performance is OK, but I would only pick up the Vaporesso Luxe Q2 if all my Oxva Xlim’s and Uwell Caliburn’s were broken. It is a decent kit, but does not match in performance or ease of use with my usual kits.

However if you have purchased this kit you will not be unhappy and think it was a mistake. It performs OK, the battery life and charging are great and you do get a decent flavour. It is not a total write off, but there are better kits out there for a similar price.

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My name is Michelle - I am 48 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again around 2016 and have been interested in the topic ever since. I finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have enjoyed writing for Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy

Build quality
Ease of use
1ohm Pod
0.6ohm Pod
Value for money?
My name is Michelle - I am 48 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again around 2016 and have been interested in the topic ever since. I finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have enjoyed writing for Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy
vaporesso-luxe-q2-reviewThis kit performs OK, it is average. I much prefer an Oxva Xlim or Uwell Caliburn which are in a similar price range or cheaper. There are some build quality issues and some practicality issues which make this a bit of a chore to use regularly. If you bought this kit you would not be disappointed but there are better kits out there.


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