The Veiik Airo pod mod is from a brand new vape company based in China and the Airo pod kit is their first release.

It has a 360mAH internal battery and the kit comes with x2 refillable 2ml capacity 1.2ohm pods and as you can see is a very smart looking set-up to say the least.

Classy Design But Is It A Classy Vape?

Veiik says the Airo’s looks makes it ‘shiny on the market‘ and yup in the hand it really does have an executive look and feel to it. Those good quality faux leather panels really do lift it to another level to say the least.

veiik airo pod kit review

Ok I’m getting into gush-fest mode right now…but I think you can tell already that I like this one…just how much we’ll have to see.

So…given the pod kit scene is filled to overflowing right now is there anything that makes the Airo stand out? Let’s take a look.

The kit was sent to me free of charge from Veiik – thanks Roman – and finally got to me despite UPS holding it at customs demanding a ridiculous ‘surcharge’ [I call it a ransom lol] that Veiik very kindly paid – so thanks again! And despite all that freebies in no way influence my thoughts and opinions.

So does the Veiik Airo pod kit vape like a boss? Let’s see…

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Inside the Box

veiik airo box

A box is a box but this one is very nicely designed and inside you’ll find:

  • X1 Veiik device
  • X2 2ml refillable pods
  • X1 USB cable
  • User manual

veiik airo contents

Veiik Airo Pod Kit Specs

  • 100.5 x 25.5 x 12.5mm
  • 2ml pod capacity
  • Coil resistance 1.2ohms
  • 360mAH internal battery
  • Zinc alloy and PCTG

Quick Start Guide

  • Remove stopper from side of pod to fill
  • Insert pod into battery
  • Leave for at least 5 minutes for cotton and coil to prime
  • Draw to vape
  • Lights – red flashing flat battery – red low power – mid power blue – full power white

Key Features

There’s no getting away from it – the Veiik Airo is a stunning piece of kit to look at – but that’s getting into the design and build!

OK this is a refillable pod kit with a 2ml capacity a 1.2 ohm coil with organic cotton. The airflow is bottom fed – cleverly coming in via the USB port and traveling through the pod – it is none adjustable.

veiik airo pod kit review

It’s powered by an internal 360mAH battery and the LED lights at the bottom of the device shows current battery levels – see above.

Not much more to say about the features – there’s no fire button, screen or menu and the vape is draw activated.

Design and Build Quality

I think you’ll agree this is a stunner to look at. Those panels are high quality faux leather and not only look great but are also very grippy. This is a very comfortable kit to hold and extremely pocket and bag friendly.

I received the black and the brown ‘leather’ versions and there are other colours available: red – blue and black /rainbow.

veiik airo pod kit in the hand

Build wise the device is beautifully put together and has a premium feel to it – whilst not heavy thanks to the zinc alloy it has a weight to it – flimsy this isn’t.

The pod attaches to the device with magnets and they are very strong indeed – just popping the pod into the device and those magnets suck it in with a satisfying snap. BTW the pod mouthpiece has a lovely shape to it and feels extremely comfortable in the mouth.

airo pod

The only issue with the design I have is the filling. The silicone bung is easy enough to get off however it isn’t attached to the pod and more than once it has gone for a wander when filling so be careful!

Now to the million dollar question – is it once again a case of style over substance?

How Does the Veiik Airo Pod Kit Perform?

Apart from that wandering fill port stopper the whole experience with this set-up has quite simply been superb.

airo pod fill port
watch that stopper!

You do need to let that cotton soak for a good ten minutes and persevere with the pod to get the best flavour. It took about a third of the tank before those flavours pop and boy do they pop!

Whilst you’re not talking rebuildable or stock coil MTL and DTL quality flavour – for a pod kit this is most definitely one of the better ones out there…by a long way.

The draw is restricted but not overly so and it has wicked like a champ. I’ve run nic salts50/50 VG and PG as well as an 80/20 and its kept up without the hint of a dry hit – even when chain vaping and I was able to take a very restricted lung hit with no bother.

veiik airo pod kit components

Incidentally if you want a tighter draw there’s a tiny hole on the side of the battery you can cover with your finger making it even more restricted…clever and definitely tight!

One thing I must point out is the airflow. When first using it I managed to cover the USB port and that shut off the air meaning I was unable to vape. That’s not to say the USB port placement is wrong – far from it – I was just curious as to where the air came in and certainly found out!

airo pod kit led

As to battery life again I’m impressed. It might only be 360mAH but I took this out for a day and managed 8 hours give or take a few minutes. As the power dropped there was no significant drop in vape quality either and it recharges quickly too.

Given the air intake is via the USB port you can still vape whilst it’s charging [pass-thru] because there’s obviously just enough of a gap to get some air in!


  • Good flavour
  • Good clouds
  • Very well made
  • Stunning design
  • Good battery life
  • Pass thru
  • Refillable
  • Pod life – almost 2 weeks and still no flavour drop
  • Cheap!


  • Just that wandering fill port stopper

Final Review Verdict

I’m seriously impressed with the Veiik Airo pod kit. Great flavour very good vapour and it looks bloody beautiful – what more do you want!

You have to remember that pod kits in general can’t compete in the flavour and vapour stakes with stock and rebuildable tanks and given this one isn’t even a mesh coil the flavour is very good indeed.

You can take a restricted lung hit too and whilst the MTL vape isn’t the tightest it’s certainly passable even for those of you coming straight off the smokes especially when covering that tiny air hole.

I absolutely love using this with nic salts and for me that’s the best way to vape on this stunning looking pod kit.

The only niggle I have is that silicone fill port bung! All they needed to do was attach it the pod – to stop it bouncing away into oblivion! Just a tiny niggle but trust me when it falls onto the floor you will be scrabbling around looking for it – like I said take care when filling!

BTW I have had zero leaks and it’s been upside down in my pocket and gym bag…OK I lied about the gym bag – I haven’t been near one of those houses of torture for decades…I guess that shows lol…I meant my rucksack – but you get my drift!

This is Veiik’s first vape product and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next – well worth a punt given it’s a premium product at a bargain basement price.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged?
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