Update: A lot has happened in the vaping world since this review and while this is a great product we recommend you take a look at the Jacvapour Series S17 e cigarette for a new improved option.VGO Starter Kit Review

This is my second e cigarette from Jacvapour (as of writing), I recently purchased both the VGO automatic battery kit and AIO starter kit (review coming soon) having had a good experience in the past with both Jacvapour and their products.

They don’t have a huge selection on the website but what they do they do well.

Vgo Electronic Cigarette – Putting The ‘Fat Batteries’ To The Test

Back to the VGO electronic cigarette! This falls in the ‘performance e cigarette’ category, they have bigger, more powerful batteries than your standard mini e cigs and therefore will last a lot longer than the smaller devices, pretty obvious really!

I purchased the VGO automatic starter kit with the addition of the bigger 900mah battery using the 15% Jacvapour discount code. All was delivered in just 2 days. The image on the left shows 2 bottles of e-liquid, these were purchased separately.

Let’s get into the kit itself and see how it compares to the best e cigarettes in the UK.

Inside The Box

Jacvapour VGO2 ReviewThe presentation box is a generic e cig box with no company branding but it is a solid build and as boxes go it does the job!

Inside is what we are really bothered about though. I had 2 batteries (650 mAh & 950 mAh), 1 battery cover cone, 5 blank 50mm XL cartomisers, pack of bungs, USB charger and wall charger.

One important thing to note here! You don’t receive any e liquid or ‘filled’ cartomisers, you just get the blank carts. This means you will need to either buy a bottle of e-liquid and refill your supplied carts or get a pack of pre-filled cartomisers.

VGO Video Review


Battery / Responsiveness

VGO E Cig BatteryIf you are looking for a battery that will last the course of a day between charges then these bad boys will definitely do the trick. I am a light to moderate user and the automatic 650 mAh took me well into day 2 before having to re-charge.

The thing to keep in mind though is that everyone’s vaping habits are different so times will vary. On average you can expect to get around 6-7 hours use out of the 650mah and the 900mAh around 8-9 hours. Both batteries provide a nice smooth draw and vaping experience, no priming drags needed here.

Don’t worry too much if the terminology confuses you when it comes to talking about 650mAh or 900mAh batteries. The higher the number the longer the battery will last, that’s pretty much it. 100mAh should last around 1 hour in theory.

When it comes to the size of the batteries they are ‘fatter’ than the batteries that you will find with the Green Smoke, Jacvapour V1P and ePuffer Magnum Snaps.

E Cig Battery ComparisonAs you can see from the picture on the left, there is a noticeable difference in the battery thickness. The battery on the bottom of the image is a V3 battery from the Jacvapour V1P kit that I reviewed previously.

In the look and feel department I’m impressed, they are a solid build and are finished in a nice soft touch rubberised material. The end of the battery also has a blue light that is activated when taking a drag just to let you know everything is in working order.

Overall: 5/5 – Very responsive, looks and feels great and most importantly will last the better part of a days vaping before needing a recharge.

Vapour / Flavour

VGO Cartomiser comparisonAs touched on in the ‘Inside The Box’ section, the VGo electronic cigarette kit is only supplied with empty cartomisers, these are also referred to as ‘blank’ on the Jacvapour website.

You will have an option of either XL carts or Mega carts, the bigger the cart the more e-liquid it can hold. Just remember to buy either e-liquid or cartomisers though or you won’t have anything to vape with!

I went for the XL cartomisers that measure in at 50mm and hold 1.7mm of e-liquid, the mega carts will hold 2.8ml. As stated earlier it would be nice to see an option to add on a pack of pre filled carts and pay the difference although this will probably only benefit first time e cig users. For those that have already got their e-liquid then you are good to go.

VGO CleartankThe other bonus with the VGO is that if you have bought the starter kits from Jacvapour before with the V3 cartomisers, they are all compatible with the VGO battery.

The image here compares the cart size, the small 35mm cart at the bottom was pre-filled and bought separately, these are the standard carts that come with the V1P starter kit.

When it comes to producing that all important cloud of vapour the VGO does this effortlessly with every drag, no primer puffs are needed here. Whilst the consistency is spot on the vapour volume itself is not much different than the smaller V3 batteries that are supplied with the Jacavpour mini e cig starter kits. This is due to both batteries running at 3.7v.

One great addition to the VGO is the clear tank, this is available separately but it offers a nice clean vape and allows you to keep track of the amount of e-liquid you are using.

More details on the best e cig tanks here..

Overall: 4/5 – For the consistency of vapour that is produced with every drag.

Warranty / Money Back Guarantee

Jacvapour offer a no questions asked 14 day returns policy. As usual check their website for full T&C’s!

Discount Codes

There is a 15% discount code that can be used across the Jacvapour website. Use ECIGCLICK at checkout.

Customer Service

I have dealt with Jacvapour on a couple of occasions now and while they may not be the biggest electronic cigarette company out there they are certainly one of the most responsive to pre sales and after sales questions, all answered with a good amount of honesty as well, no BS. One of the best I have dealt with so far.

Overall: 5/5 – Ask a question you get an answer, easy!

Final Thoughts

I found the VGO electronic cigarette to be a fantastic addition to my every day vaping. Many see this battery as the next step up from the mini e cigs, I personally see it as a great addition.

Even if you are a complete beginner then you will have no problems here, the VGO is just as easy to get started with as any other starter kit you will find. I would recommend this for both beginners as well as the more experienced vapours. It all depends on ‘the look’ you want your e cig to have.

I would also recommend it if you are already using mini e cigarettes and are getting tired of having to recharge your batteries every hour or two and just want to find a product that will give you more vaping time between charges.

I personally use this in addition to my mini e cig.

While the 650mAh battery isn’t exactly huge in size I still prefer using smaller batteries (V1P kit) when I go out for a night out or for a few beers, as long as I take a portable charging case with me then I have no problems.

When I am at home though I just use my VGO with the clear tanks as it will last me all day without a charge. This of course will be different for everyone, this is just they way I do things!

For those that prefer a manual battery these are available as well.

As for finding negatives with the VGo I kind of struggled. The only thing I would have liked to see is the option of the pre-filled cartomiser at checkout instead of the blanks, this is no big deal though and for experienced vapours that refill their own carts then its a ‘non issue’.

Oh and one last thing, if you vape heavily then they do also have a 1000mAh battery option available, obviously this will be longer slightly in size than the two reviewed here but should get you a good 10 hours life between charging.

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Final Vgo e cigarette review verdict:

Highly Recommended By www.ecigclick.co.uk

Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. Just amazing. I havnt wanted a fag for 2 weeks since buying a Vgo2 kit.
    I would recomend the clear tanks for heavy smokers. The carts are ok, but Ive found that they dont last too long and the taste isnt so good. Plus with the tanks you can see your juice usage.
    The batteries are excellent, charge quickly and deliver the goods. I went for the black ones and they look great and feel good. Initially I was worried about using the kit in public, but they are really unobtrusive (900maH bats).
    My original plan was to supplement real fags with an e-cig, But These Vgos have completely taken me over, ive ditched a full pouch of Old Holborn which is amazing for me.
    The only downside is I get anxious if my new mate isnt by my side, so I clutch it to me like a long lost brother.
    I wish I had done this years ago.

  2. For someone who hates to keep charging batteries, and wants a long lasting ecig, this kit is ideal. With a large capacity tank, and all day battery life, I don’t think this can be beaten.

  3. I went from being a very heavy smoker for over 40 years, trying all the other things on offer like the chewing gum, patches etc and was still smoking while using them, none of them worked for me. The e-cig completely satisfies me, my husband still smokes but I am not tempted because I actually prefer my e-cig as there are so many advantages to it, such as my hair and clothes not smelling of smoke, not making a mess with fag ash, and being able to use it wherever I like.

  4. This type of e-cig is a large battery model, more similar to a cigar.
    For those new to e-cigs; most users (that no longer smoke tobacco, ever) eventually switch to this type of e-cig.
    It last ages without needing to charge it.
    It is powerful so makes lots of vapour and flavour.
    You can accessories this type of e-cig with larger cartomisers and small clear tanks that can also last far longer than a regular cart.
    JacVapour know what they are doing and the initial outlay is well worth it.
    This type of e-cig is the standard for experienced users. It beats mini e-cigs in every way. Just don’t use it too much with high-strength carts!

  5. I bought Vgo about a month ago. The day I got it I stopped smoking cigarets. At first I thought I might want one but noooo nooo nooo…. I don’t think I will go back . The product it’s self the best e cigs I ever had. Plenty vapours. I bought pg and vg tobacco 11 mg at first. Both liquied was fine then 3 weeks later I drop down to 6 mg with desert and vanilla flavor. Yet again i cannot fault it. Taste is personal things and you got to try few things to find out whether u like it or not. Vgo batteries are bigger then normal e cigs. But in the past if my battery run out and if I was craving for one cig I would go back to the corner shop and buy one. I have no will power what so ever! That’s why I went for bigger battery and no excuses. It looks big but I don’t care… It works fantastic and 4 weeks I didn’t even want one cig even people arround me smoked in my face.
    The customer service fantastic . Any question that you have Andy will tell you. His knowledge very impressive. I converted few of my friends and I hope I will be helping you if you are reading this review .


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