VGOD e-liquid is from one of the most recognizable names in the vape industry.

Even if you don’t think you know them, chances are if you have seen a vape trick video on Facebook or Youtube, you’ve watched a VGOD video with their minigun hoops, jellyfish and any number of shapes being made out of vapour.VGOD Vape Juice Review

Blowing a couple of O’s just don’t cut it anymore.

What Can We Expect From These VGOD Liquids?

All of these juices have come in 60ml bottles filled to 50ml and a 70/30 mix. This lets you place a 10ml nic shot in the bottle to bring to a 3mg juice. The bottle nozzle is easily removed to place your nic shot.

As most people will put a nic shot in their juice, I have placed a standard 10ml nic shot in the bottles. You can read more about short fill e-juice here.

The Wotofo Recurve will be used for this review with and Interlock Clapton Coil ohming in at 0.18 ohms. Sitting on top of the Ultroner EOSII running at 80 Watts. Let’s find out if they can beat some of our best rated e-liquids.

These bottles of e-juice have been supplied by NewVaping for the purposes of the review and I will give my honest opinion.

VGOD Apple Bomb

vgod apple bomb review

VGOD says:

Strolling along green grassy rolling hills overlooking the coast, you come upon a lone tree and find solace in its’ shade. It is a perfect time for a refreshingly juicy and crisp Granny Apple, so you reach inside your pack to find your mod. You take a rip of Apple Bomb and it instantly detonates notes of a mesmerizing juicy apple at the fore of the hit.

Throughout the pull you taste a momentary rich sour tartness that bursts through to a captivating savorous candied apple sweetness on the exhale. After a few hits of Apple Bomb you’re erupting with energy and ready to blaze your trail once again!

I say:

Sniffing the bottle you most definitely get a very strong apple smell, the finger taste is very sour apple, like squint your eyes level sour. It was just like drinking an apple concentrate without the water.

The inhale brings a subtle sour that just tickles your tongue, the exhale brings a really nice apple, slightly candied and not overpowering, the water just went into that concentrate.

The apple aftertaste hangs for a short period and this is quite pleasant.

This is probably one of my best experiences with an apple flavoured vape, it’s not too sweet and as VGOD says, they have pretty much nailed the Granny Smith apple with this juice.

VGOD Berry Bomb

vgod berry bomb review

VGOD says:

Hittin sweet freshies all morning, it’s time to lay low on the top deck at the sugar-coated summit watching snow sprinkle like confectionary. A craving arises for something fruity, but candylike. It’s time for VGOD’s Berry Bomb! Drippin it, you can’t hardly wait for the balance of sweetness and tangy sour strawberries.

As you inhale, it’s instantly satisfyingly sublime strawberry zest on the top note! As it hits the back of your throat you taste a lip-smacking tartness middle note, but quickly you’re blasted with candied strawberry as a base note on the exhale. Bursting with Berry Bomb charge you take a couple more pulls and your driven to make your way back to the slopes to blast out fresh tracks!

I say:

The smell from the bottle is exactly like inhaling deeply from a bag of strawberry shoelace sweets, I got VERY excited about that.

The finger test, well, this was stronger than a strawberry concentrate and then came a strange aftertaste. That aftertaste hangs around, it didn’t want to leave.

It was just like an unsteeped juice, very chemical like taste. I did leave it to steep for a few more days before going back to it just to give it a chance.

Four full days later, no change, so onto the vape.

The inhale, gives you a very subtle strawberry taste, with the exhale being a lot more of a candied strawberry. Unfortunately the after taste with this for me, was not pleasant, vaping for an hour took hours to get shot of the aftertaste that was quite frankly interfering with other vapes.

I did go back to this after it was steeping for nearly 2 weeks, there still isn’t any change to the chemical aftertaste, it is possible to be just down to the batch made at the time.

VGOD Baklava

VGOD backlava e-juice review

VGOD says:

VGOD’s Baklava is so sweet and rich just like the pastry you love. VGOD has perfected the combination of fresh filo and finely chopped nuts held together with sweet sticky honey to create a satisfyingly succulent dessert vape!

I say:

Firstly, that is the shortest paragraph that VGOD has against any of its juice.

The initial smell from the bottle you can pick up notes of pastry and honey, the finger taste test initially was a sweet flavour bomb that really opens your eyes with the honey followed by an after taste of nuts.

The inhale definitely gives you a subtle pastry taste, the exhale brings on a type of honey with an after taste of nuts lingering on your tongue after you have finished the breath out.

There is something with the honey though, it makes me think of parma violet sweets and you pick up that very fragrant smell during your exhale.

This is not a bad representation of the middle eastern pastry, I just can’t quite put my finger on the flavour that comes with the honey.

An enjoyable sweet after diner vape, wouldn’t be able to vape it all day long though.

Final Review Verdict

So, this is my first experience with VGOD e-liquid and I have to say, it’s really not all that bad.

VGOD Apple Bomb could, and probably will, become one of my all day vapes. Out of the three this was definitely my favourite.

I’ve tried a number of apple vapes in the past and this is ranked up right at the top, VGOD took their time to get that apple flavour just right.

The Baklava dessert flavour, it’s a nice vape and it is pretty close to the profiles of an actual baklava but that additional flavour profile that is in there, throws it off from being a completely accurate representation.

A strange and unique choice to launch a dessert range with, but good for them to go for something a bit different, I feel it has paid off.

The Berry Bomb is the only real disappointment in all this, and I really do hope it was just a problem with that particular batch.

That aftertaste will put you off it, I was tasting it for hours after I finished vaping it, no amount of toothpaste was getting rid of it.

I will definitely be trying more from the VGOD range in the future.

Do you vape VGOD E-Liquid? We would love to hear your thoughts and flavour recommendations in the comments below.

Ken The Diabetic Vaper
Ken The Diabetic Vaper

Vaping since 2015, I started an Instagram page dedicated to the vape that has over 2k followers and climbing. A fan of all things tech (Geek and Proud), vaping was a natural step as it included both nicotine and technology. I started vaping with a simple budget pen setup, now, vaping is my main hobby and I'm passionate about getting people to switch from smoking to vaping.

Apple Bomb
Berry Bomb
Vaping since 2015, I started an Instagram page dedicated to the vape that has over 2k followers and climbing. A fan of all things tech (Geek and Proud), vaping was a natural step as it included both nicotine and technology. I started vaping with a simple budget pen setup, now, vaping is my main hobby and I'm passionate about getting people to switch from smoking to vaping.
vgod-eliquid-reviewAn Apple Bomb a day will keep a smile on your face. You won’t be placing the Baklava bak on the shelf and the Berry Bomb may be good for cleaning.


  1. Vgod Iced Mango Bomb (25mg -ish)
    It’s literally the flavor that helped me quit smoking altogether.
    Literally a work of art to me , especially when coupled with my first usable device (kokoPrime) … 3 years down the lane , with multitude of flavors n devices later , Vgod Iced Mango Bomb (12mg) is still one of my backups & suithes the cravings beautifully l


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