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VIP Electronic Cigarettes are another UK brand but one that also has a retail presence.

VIP Electronic Cigarette Discount Code

You may of seen retail vendors in a shopping center near you similar to the stands that E-Lites have.

VIP80 Cartomizer Kit

This is where I first came across the brand and decided to order myself a standard starter kit  to see what they were like.

So, lets get to the review!

VIP E Cigarette Video Review

In the box / Presentation

The standard kit comes with a cardboard cigarette style box with the following:

      • 1 Battery
      • 2 cartomisers
      • 1 USB charger

All straight forward and basic.


VIP E Cig BatteryThe e cig battery is designed to look like a ‘real cigarette’ but the quality feel isn’t there as it is with the likes of E-Lites or V2 Cigs.

The good thing is though that it doesn’t affect the actual performance of the battery in terms of aiding a nice smooth draw.

The switch was good, which basically means the battery didn’t activate with sudden movements or in windy conditions.

vip-electronic-cigarette-reviewThe only thing that isn’t so great is the battery life, it is not too bad out of the box but after the first few charges my battery was running out of power far too quickly for my liking.

If this was the only e cigarette I had then I would find myself having to wait too long between charges and not having enough vaping time when that came round.

The standard VIP kit is only supposed to be an introduction really, you would definitely want to buy a spare battery if you found this e cig was for you.

Overall – 3/5 Battery life is not great and the lack of a portable charging case (PCC) could leave you without an e cigarette if you are out and about away from a source to charge your battery.

Vapour / Flavour

VIP CartomiserI received 2 tobacco flavoured e liquid cartomisers in 2 different nicotine strengths, 16mg and 24mg.

Everyone is different when it comes to flavours, for me the VIP tobacco flavour was not to my taste, it just seemed a little flat, I have had better tobacco cartomisers/e-liquid. So, not the best but it did give quite a smooth vape with just the right throat hit.

When it comes to the vapour volume though they have definitely nailed it, the plumes of vapour were good and better than may e cigs this size.

As for the amount of time the cartomisers last for, another thing that will differ from user to user, I didn’t get an exact count but I certainly didn’t get the 40 cigarettes worth stated on their website from each refill. I would say it was closer to 20-25 for me. Again this something that will differ from user to user depending on how they vape.

Overall – 2/5 Bit of a mixed bag with the refills, I personally didn’t like the taste of their tobacco refills but they were very good when it came to the amount of vapour they produced.


VIP Electronic Cigarettes do offer a refund for product that is returned in unused, original condition. They also offer a warranty on non consumable items.

Please check their website for full and up-to date details.

Overall – If you can’t be bothered reading through everything!

There were both good and not so good things when it came to the VIP E Cigarette. The vapour volume was excellent and provided a very smooth draw.

The flavour for me though wasn’t quite there and neither was the battery life. The flavour is a subjective thing though.

This is however a cheap option, although I still think there are better options available if you are a first time user, two such kits being the Vapour2 Cigs Starter and the Epuffer Magnum Snaps. You get a lot more for your money with both when comparing to the similar VIP kits.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. Along with the rest of the team we have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 500 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say high then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. Bought an AM10 base kit. So good so far, great airy vapour, awesome battery life so far but havnt had first recharge on it yet, don’t use vip clearos so don’t know if they crack, nice flavour to the vapour on AM10, cool temp of vapour so great for my lungs, nice tasting eliquids such as the pear drop and tuttti fruity ice cream. Coffee eliquid needs improvement and is not very nice, custard eliquid is not bad but not great- I let the eliquids steep and they taste miles better.

    You want the worst customer service imaginable then try socialites zero brand… Some of their eliquids melt all of your clearos which mess up the battery and make it not work after. Tried to return this socialites eliquid to the mall stand and was denied even when it caused £40 damage to my equipment. The socialites cust service dept were rude and unhelpful, wanted me to send in all my batteries with the liquid so they can test them??!! Denied a refund on their liquid and rude service, no refund after numerous emails and calls and they lie.

    My vip mall stand have been nothing but friendly and helpful but again, I never had to refund anything but never had a liquid flavour which messes up batteries from them, or never had any real issues with their cartomizers, which I used to use.

  2. After two years off cigarettes using this product and due to the poor quality cartridges I am not getting the nicotine fix from the cartridges anymore. I’m frankly sick of wasting my money on shoddy cartridges that are almost always faulty and batteries that do not last.
    Initially i was saving money with this ecig. However when you equate the dodgy cartridges and batteries I actually spend MORE per month than I was smoking. At least with the cigarettes I am not left without a guaranteed working nicotine fix.
    Customer service is crap, they do not listen and they do not care.

  3. I bought it from the Kiosk at Newton Mearns Avenue Shopping Centre. It broke the very next day trying to fill e-liquid. When I went to the kiosk with the broken product, they said its the user mistake never will be replaced. £31 gone to waste. NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT AGAIN

  4. Bought a tank which came with three coils. Had to go back to shop as was getting liquid in mouth. Manager said they have upgraded to a newer version as they realised there was a fault and replace my tank for the newer version. Still getting liquid in mouth so assumed the coil was faulty so changed coil. All ok. The two remaining coils worked fine. When coils needed changing I bought a replacement pack of five. Guess what? The first coil was leaking so went to store and made the manager try it for himself and every drag he took he was coughing. Didn’t see the point arguing with him, the fault is not his doing. Tried another coil and it leaks. Third one leaks. Have decided to go and hand back the tank and coils and insist on refund which I doubt I will get. In case I don’t get refund from the shop I intend to write direct to the CEO and demand and go through small claims court.

  5. This item is badly made as whilst in my son’s coat pocket it had come apart. I have spoken to the customer services and they insist that it is not a fault and that it is my son’s fault……Will NEVER purchase another one from this Company and am going to contact Martins Money Saving Expert to get them to look into this.

  6. I was spending 200 euro a week on cigarettes now I spend about 15 euro, I feel healthier, lots more energy and enjoy my food..
    No smell of smoke on my clothes in the car or in the house.
    Very happy with the electronic cigarette it works for me.

    Regards Brendan

  7. Bought photon starter kit from VIP ,battery faulty ,sent it back and just got fobbed off with excuses.Cannot see this company lasting long .
    Customer support is non existent and dispite sendind it back they just lied to me and said it was ok and just sent it back saying it was ok.
    Would never buy from this company again and would advise others to do the same.
    Find a reputable company that looks after their customers.

  8. I purchased a photon starter kit as I was looking to cut down on my smoking.The item arrived quickly and I was keen to start vaping.Read the instructions a few times to familiarize myself with the does and donts.
    Filled it up carefully and clicked five times ,Nothing happened.
    Tried again and read instructions again.
    Emails d their customer care (if you can call it that)
    They advised me to click very quickly (Do they think we are idiots ?.
    Dispite what they instructions say the charger stays on green all the time and it says fully charge before use as there is only a small amount of chare on the battery when they ship.Tried charging it for a couplecof hours in case there wasnt enough power and again nothing.
    Sent it back incurring further costs and tracked it online.They tried to make out they hadnt had it.
    Told them the number etc and they said they hadnt checked the returns yet.
    Emailed for update couple of days later and they said it was being checked.
    Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang and they had sent it back saying it was ok.
    Tried again clicking it very quiclky and continued clicking and managed to get a couple of puffs before it died on me again.Contacted them again and they said send it back again.(I had already sent it back so no way was I going to send it back incurring even more costs.
    Im putting it down to bad experience ,in a nutshell they fobbed me off,
    Lied to me and just did not want to know.Thry really need to improve their customer support and stand by their guarantees.If you buy from VIP do say at your own risk because if its faulty you will be fobbed off.
    Use a company that has a good customer support can anyone recommend one to me ? as Im keen to give up smoking at start vaping.
    Tom Cunningham

  9. I bought a proton tank starter kit, the battery came away on the first opening, the stand would not change and i have a number of terrible emails from the head office so called customer services who refused to replace it and said it was user damage. How can it be on first use.
    Cut a long story short, I issued a county court summons and they refunded me within days along with the court fees. It was only £25, but £25 is money wasted if it is broken.

  10. Had an incident where I received 3 faulty Photon Tanks. I Blocked 2 Cracked. BRAND NEW.
    Went to the Bury Lancs Stand where I purchased them and they REFUSED to exchange and were very RUDE.
    I called head office, they stated that they were not responsible at all as the stand was owned by independent sellers.
    I pointed out that these seller use THEIR name and Logo thus giving them responsibility.

    WASTE of time, they were NOT interested at all..

    I had been a loyal customer for close to 3 years not anymore

    NOw I will shop around, suggest you all do the same

  11. Very quickly the first clearomiser cracked and leaked in my pocket which was a little concerning considering the warnings on the liquids. this was due to a hairline crack. I took it back to the shop to be told there was nothing they could do. I stupidly bought two more which both suffered the same problem within a week of each other despite only casual use and being very careful with them. I swapped a few emails with head office who were very unhelpful and uncaring despite the possible dangers arising from the leakage (I have two young children). The Customer Service Manager stood by the quality and safety of their products effectively blaming me. I again went back to the shop to try to get a full refund to be told I should contact head office if I wasn’t happy! She did try and sell me some more products though! I have put this down to bad experience and will be doing a little more research before I buy another. Read the other reviews then steer well clear.

  12. I have to start by saying that it isn’t VIP that made me stop smoking. Me and my wife both bought VIP clearomizers last year. They worked really well for the first month until my wife knocked hers off the coffee table and the top came off the battery causing a wire to short out against the body (very dangerous). VIP were unwilling to exchange it as it was “my wife’s fault”. As we were unable to afford to replace it at the time (having just spent over £100 on them), we both started smoking again. We then both upgraded our batteries at a cost of £50. These were better quality although the trust had gone and we felt we had to be very careful in future. After another couple of months of leaking and faulty clearomizers and mouth fulls of liquid, we decided to go elsewhere. I knew people that used Mr Smoke who had experienced similar problems but at half the price, so we gave it a try. After spending around £60 on two clearomizers, we are happy to say that we have had no problems whatsoever.
    In summary, I recommend avoiding VIP and going for a less commercial product who’s customer services are actually willing to help.

  13. l was told this product would be amazing and it would help me to stop smoking… the sales assistant allowed me to try different flavours (I opted for the a tobacco flavour and it tasted good. When I got home however, it tasted nothing like the sample… it was awful! I also didn’t get the satisfaction of the hit at back of throat and had to fight for it with every draw. The unit was leaking fluid and I was very disappointed with the product. I went back to the stall in Stockton on Tees a few days later after trying to ‘get used to it and make it work’, but I was back on the cigs as it gave me no satisfaction whatsoever. The sales assistant was extremely cocky – he took two draws on my ecig and said it was working wonderfully well !!! WTF???? He refused to give me a refund due to me not being entirely happy with the product, but took my number and said the Area Manager would contact me within 24 hours. This man would not listen to me at all…. I told him that within a 24 hour period of using the product, about 9 times out of 10 it would work well, but the other 9 times there was absolutely nothing ! Why would I go back to return it if I was happy with it? I walked away from the stall very unhappy that he wasn’t listening to me and my complaint and proceeded to tell other prospective customers not to buy anything from VIP as it was CRAP ! ha ha ha he got very angry and called a security guard to get me out of the vicinity of the stall !

    Area manager phoned me within 2 hours and told me that I could not return a used product as it was like me returning a used lipstick… they could never sell it again ! OMG WTF??? It is nothing like that at all ! A used lipstick I would NOT return… UNLESS IT WAS FAULTY of course! I would not return a used lipstick if the colour didn’t suit me… but I WOULD return it if it was faulty in some way !

    I went to another stall in Stockton and purchased another starter pack from eciggyuk (www.eciggyuk.co.uk) and it is FANTASTIC !!!

    Stay well away from VIP… they are con artists in every way !!!

  14. Recently purchased the new Photon Kit.
    Almost from the outset, there appeared a leak in the cartomsers. To be specific, hair cracks appear at the junction of the clear plastic reservoir and the stainless steel ring which secures the cartomiser to the battery.

    It would seem from the reviews that I’m not the only person to have been sold a sub-standard load of rubbish. The fault lies in the design and manufacture of these units, and don’t let anyone tell you anything different ,as they apparently have to other unfortunates.

    Beats me how any company could palm off such sub-standard rubbish upon an unsuspecting public without putting their product through at least some basic trials first.

  15. Appalling quality. Literally, the clearomisers break/crack/leak sometimes the FIRST drag you take of the thing, on average lasting about 1-2 days, also, the tips quite often malfunction, lose their screw grip or perish. Malfunctioning clearomisers and tips mean you end up losing LOADS of the liquid… Quite often I come downstairs in the morning and my upright ecig is stood up in a puddle of leaked liquid. In times of emergency when I’ve run out of my many back up clearomisers, I end up having cellotape the thing in a wasted effort to stop it leaking everywhere just so I can get my fix, but it doesn’t work, greasy liquid escapes any crack, no matter what you try. I often spend hours getting mad because I have no means of nicotine because this product has yet again failed on me. This is honestly one of the most frustrating expensive wastes of money I’ve ever encountered. Avoid like the plague.

  16. I started off using the e-cig which worked great, but after a few months I felt that the quality of the cartomisers dramatically went down hill. They would last on longer than a day. Subsequently I upgraded to the photon tank. Generally it is very effective and gives you the satisfaction of a real cigarette, however I’m having some real trouble with filling the oils into the clearomizers. I’ve followed the very clear instructions which state that once you have filled the clearomizer you should leave it to stand for at least 10 mins to let it soak in. Well I do this, and take extra care to ensure that when I am filling the clearomizer I do not get any oil in the middle where the vapour comes out of. And I mean extra care!!!! On a few occasions now when I have gone to use it after filling it, a lot of oil has come out ofthe bottom of the clearomizer and has leaked down the entire thing, and the oil is not good for skin and getting on clothes as you can imagine. It leaks a lot, so I took it into the shop where a very snotty woman behind the counter advised that it’s because I’m getting oil in the middle. I couldn’t be bothered to argue as I knew this wasn’t the case, instead I asked her to do the honours so that I could take some tips. Low and behold the same thing happened. She then told me it’s because I’ve got the cig wet which I haven’t. So I thought I’d buy a new kit all together as she told me it’s probably never going to work the same. The same thing has just happened in my brand new kit and I’m royally peed off, more about the fact that when it works it really works, but again I think the quality if the product is going downhill. Also had to have a pack of clearomizers replaced as when I tried to use them the lids would not twist shut.

  17. Started off on vip e ciggarette over two years ago great product at the time but over the months have had problems with tips not working saved all the the ones that didn’t work sent them back as I was told to do, then when I got to speak to customer service about my complain was told they couldn’t do anything about it because I had tried them, so please tell me how I can tell if they work without using them, customer service very un helpful very rude, found over the months that cartomizers have changed don’t last long taste as changed product just not the same, thinking of changing brand. If they don’t listen to what people complain about.

  18. This company has shops and kiosks in shopping centres, and a website. The products look nice but they are poor quality and the liquids are absolutely foul. I have been using e-cigs and smoke-free for 18 months and VIP are the worst. I have since found that they are reknown for terrible customer service, do not replace their often faulty products and many users say that the demo liquids are different from what they sell you and that the quality is inconsistent. Their pricing is also different between outlets and their website, There are so many far superior products and companies to spend your money on. I’m off back to JAC Vapour who have never let me down on quality or service and rue the day I purchased from VIP- the cowboys of the e-cig world. If I had started with VIP I would never have given up the fags!

  19. I have tried to quit smoking many times. I am 61 years of age, and havent been successful. I switched to the ecig and tried many when on offer on the Internet, but when I tried VIP I havent looked back and have recommended this product to many people. My health has improved dramatically. I used to get chest and upper respitory Infections, sore throats all smoking related. My health has improved dramatically as has my physical activity. I no longer stink like an ashtray. I am in the customer service Industry. I used to pop out for a cigarette and then feel embaressed in a face to face situation with my customers because of the smell. I have saved a lot of money and really dont think I have wasted cash.

  20. Started on these feb 2012. First few deliveries were fine. Cartomisers were no where near 40 cigarette equivalents. Maybe 20-30 but acceptable. As time went on I could barely get 10 out of them. Battery life poor and although cheaper than smoking the claims became ludicrous. Obvious to me that quality has gone down for profits.
    Moved onto photon product. Much better but clearomisers last a week not the 4 claimed. Batteries about 30,charges not the 150,odd claimed. Juice is nice tasting but I can’t help but feel VIP are fleecing customers with their exaggerated claims. Bought from their Manchester office and clear they are doing very well for themselves. Service on phone and delivery 1st class. Had a few quality issues with a faulty battery and sorted straight away

  21. This is the best product for stopping smoking I have ever tried. My first day is using the product I tried 2 puffs and left out the cigarette I usually have but the next time was over 6 hours before I felt I needed a ciggie. After day 3 I have completely stopping having a cigarette and only have 2 puffs of VIP 3 times per day and feel absolutely fantastic. It’s been 2 weeks now and still take 6 puffs per day 2 in morning 2 in afternoon and 2 in the evening.

  22. This is the best stop smoking aid I have ever tried. I have smoked since I was 12 years old and was smoking 20-40 per day. I tried the American 2.4mg blend but found it too sweet. As a heavy smoker I then tried the British Gold blend 2.4mg, the taste was excellent and I feel like I have smoked a cigarette. I would recommend this to anyone trying to stop smoking. I ordered online and they sent 1.6mg in error, customer service was quick, efficient and re-sent the correct order same day. I cannot recommend highly enough. The battery doesn’t last as long as I’d hoped but I just bought extras, and to be fair they do say 2-3 months battery life. Fabulous product and I have been smoke free for 4 weeks (the longest I have ever managed since 12 years old)

  23. I loved VIP at first, it was a great product which tasted good, lasted a reasonable length of time and gave me that smoking feeling. Sadly over the last 18 months the overall quality had dropped drastically. The tips last not even half a day, the batteries now die within a month and a half on the ecig. I also have a photon tank and I have noticed that the liquid (I use USA Tobacco) is lasting around half the length of time as it used to.

    I recently received a dodgy cartomizer, it didn’t vape. I let their customer services know. They took their time replying and when they did they said I would have to send it back to them, along with an unopened one so they could test the unopened one as they don’t test open ones. I explained to them that the other tips in the pack work but they were uninterested. They insisted that they had to test a sealed one and not the dodgy one. The cheeky beggars then said IF it was found to be faulty they would refund/replace.

    So basically they want to test a (most likely) working cartridge to check for a fault in a cartridge they are not even testing. Adding insult to injury they are saying IF they find a fault they will refund/replace. This made me feel like they were questioning my honesty.

    I’m tired of VIP, their poor products and awful customer services. They have even removed their facebook page because they have been getting a bad reputation and people took to FB to complain.

    The problem is I cannot find a similar tasting product to their USA tobacco, so if anyone know of one please could you let me know so I don’t have to put anymore money in their pockets! Thanks

  24. Customer service (unless you are buying something) is good, if not buying at best reluctant to admit there is a quality control problem. Some of the better brands actually send 2 new batteries when you order a 50 cartomiser box.

    Batteries are unreliable some last a long time, others are extremely short .Then you are accused of mishandling or incorrect care like I said reluctant to admit they have a quality problem. Their batteries are made in china which has almost no quality control.

    Advice is to spend the extra and get a green smoke or equivalent.

  25. I love this brand and believe me i have tried them all! The quality is second to none and i never thought id be a non smoker. Smoking is a crutch for me so these fit the bill nicely as they’re so convenient. I dont usually leave reviews either!

  26. The battery life was rubbish from the word go I called them as I had bought a deal costing £30. They were unhelpful. And wouldn’t replace battery until I returned mine which would leave me without I am very disappointed with their cust service

  27. People are complaining an awful lot about customer service…. I don’t know whether it’s the way people are pursuing the customer service and what attitude they may rightly complain with, but I have nothing but excellent news for people thinking of joining vip.

    I recently bought the proton liquid kit, there was confusion in the order, I accidentally ordered two proton kits which cost £34.99 each. I did email customer service to ask them to remove the second proton and they said no problem, it’s been done.

    So a day later the order arrived and I instantly noticed more parcels than I needed. I opened them and low and behold they had sent two protons and charged my PayPal for both.

    I wasn’t impressed so I calmly wrote an email explaining that I didn’t understand how they can confuse the order as we spoke in detail about removing the second proton. I expressed my concern as a loyal customer who has turned many family and friends to vip that this isn’t service one expects.

    I explained how difficult it would now be to take time from my busy schedule as I’m a hospital engineer.

    The customer service manager swiftly replied with an apology and showed me that a full refund had been sent to my PayPal account. He also wrote that I could have the extra proton kit, that’s £34.99 for free. I’ve never had a problem with vip, bar the odd tip that didn’t work

  28. Avoid, the quality is no longer there, they last about 10 minutes now before needing replacement. Avoid the “Proton” at all costs, just a continuous burn taste!

  29. It certainly helped me to quit smoking. No consistency though in how
    long the cartamizers last. Some last less than a day, others 2 days.
    Ordering via groupon took a LONG time for delivery.

  30. I decided to stop smoking in June (and still have) and picked VIP after having a go on a friend’s. Initially bought the Executive Kit online and was very pleased. Came with 20 refills so lasted a good month. Have ordered online and had quick delivery – I don’t think their delivery costs are great and the discounts make little impact unless you are spending large amounts – when I need to buy refills, I go to the local vendor… The only recent bargain was the Groupon offer – as echoed by many here, the battery life slowly decreases with age so the Groupon with the blue battery was a welcome addition for the cost.

    The cartridges have slowly got worse too – who doesn’t love that first ‘pop’ of flavour with a new cartridge? I would if half of them worked!! My last packet of 5 had 2 which didn’t work at all!! After an email to VIP they suggested I bang it on a hard surface – hmm..it has NO taste, I’m not rye what magical powers will add the flavour from a a sharp tap on the work top!!

    Top tip for all – open the top of the cartridge and fill them yourself with eliquid – saves a fortune and works great (loads of how to’s on YouTube) you can then try a new flavour for a fraction of the cost – first few hits may taste weird but the stronger flavour soon comes through!!

  31. Groupon deal lead me to VIP. I bought a starter pack but as the battery life was so poor (timewise) I bought another battery which didn’t work at all.
    I complained and was told that the product wasn’t faulty. But if I returned the product recorded delivery they would look into it and advise me of the outcome.
    Recorded delivery is £4.10 for a product that cost me £7.50.
    What a joke of a Customer Service Manager.

  32. AWFUL. ZERO scored on most features. Unable to get a decent draw. Poor battery with THE WORST ever customer service.
    The CS manager is called Ash too! lol


    Now trying V2

  33. I’ve always had excellent service from VIP, it does a really good job of providing a smoking alternative.Have tried 2 other types of electronic cigarette,one was cheap rubbish that I’m not sure of the brand,the other was my girlfriends e-lite.That works ok.I have found that the batteries don’t seem to last very long any more though and I seem to have to buy a few replacements.They used to last much longer.They have replaced one though,that didn’t work from the start….Will probably change brand though after reading up on alternatives,just fed up with batteries packing up.

  34. I started using VIP e-cig in January 2013 having smoked 20 a day for 30 years. I started on the 2.4mg American tobacco flavour which was great i didn’t even think about having a cigarette. When i first started on them the cartomisers lasted me 3-4 days, but the last couple of months they seem to last me less then a day not that i am using it more. Very sad that the company is choosing profit over what used to be a great product. Will look elsewhere to see what other products are on the market.

  35. Tried VIP I find there cart’s only last about 2 hour’s if you are lucky there customer service is hopeless then I switched to there e liquid range there e-liquid cartomizes have no warranty ordered 4 only 2 worked they have what’s called a dead on arrival warranty!! Don’t make sense to me.
    To cut a long story short I switched to Green Smoke – WOW Heaven sent absolute Bliss!! Just like smoking the real weed!! OK a bit more expensive but you get up to 300 puffs from one cart and the battery last’s all day.-Bottom line you get what you pay for!!
    So VIP please smell the coffee and stop ripping people off and get your act together!!

  36. Very happy overall with the VIP e-cig smoking experience. I found it to be a proper replacement for smoking and since I began, I haven’t smoked a real cigarette. That was four months ago.

    Unfortunately the Taurus E-Cig charger is not a reliable product. I got one originally with my starter kit but depsite charging the Taurus the E-Cig would not charge once inside the case. I was forced to push the battery into the case to get it to work.

    As a result I ended up purchasing another Taurus case and am having exactly the same problem. I would be interested to hear if anyone else is having a similar issue with the Taurus case?

  37. Ive been using vip’s photon tanks for the past 7 months. They started off really good and I haven’t smoked since but in recent months the quality of the product has gone down hills. The clearomisers now split at the bottom after about a week. The liquid tastes bitter. I’ve now moved over to another brand. Not recommended.

  38. Its a really good product.
    I have invested a lot of money into their products, but since they have changed their delivery structure, I cannot get spares any more, so I have been forced to switch brands to totallywicked-eliquid.
    And its seems they couldn’t care less if they tried.

    So overall, I think very poorly of this company.

  39. VIP Ecig is a good product, it ticks all my boxes other than, see Cons above. Like many here I have smoked for years and have tried many so called “stop smoking aids” but have always drifted back to cigs, that is until I came across VIP. Since using VIP I have never had a cig in my mouth and importantly, never want to have. The have effectively stopped me from smoking, I sit here typing this and still can’t believe it, but it is true. Look, we all know we should stop smoking, with VIP you can. As many have already said here, taste is down to the individual, I think VIP have got it right, for me anyway, just wish they would improve the battery life and make the vapour cartridges hold more

  40. VIP were SO good to start with – good taste, lasted well, got me off the real stuff – BUT – suddenly changed supplier or whatever, The cart which lasted a day + went down to hours, and suddenly was costing more than I ever spenton cigarettes!

    So, I talked to a sales executive and she was really helpful and explained that the suppliers changed the product. Okay – I got an extra ten carts included in my 15 order. BUT as they were so crap, I ended up with about 10 days use for 40 quid – even when I was on a big smoke I couldn’t get near that – so I tried another brand a mate was using … alas this ended up as bad.

    There’s no moral in the story except to give up completely – cigs and ecigs – but I am sure anyone reading is like me, we like the hit, but it has to be fair and right.

  41. Stopped smoking on April 25th. By April 26th I was climbing out of my skin and desperately needed a cig, was about to crack and decided to visit my local VIP seller stand in town to try the Electronic Cigarette. Was I glad I did!

    The VIP Electronic CIgarette looks like a real cigarette which is a big bonus for me in helping make the transition from real fags. Tried the USA Tobacco cartomiser and love it, just screw onto the battery and start puffing. Great taste, you get a great throat hit just like a real cigarette and a terrific and satisfying amount of vapour – I found myself blowing multiple ‘vapor’ rings no problem!

    Second battery is a must, as each battery will last you around 2-3 hours, I went the whole hog and bought the TAURUS VIP portable charger too, what a great piece of kit it is, you can charge your battery on the move, it also has space to store a full E-Cigarette and 3 Cartomisers, It’s about the size and thickness of an IPhone 4S so not cumbersome to carry with you at all, highly recommended.

    I found the 24mg Cartomisers just a little bit too strong so dropped to the 16mg ones and they do the job just fine. I am no longer climbing out of my skin and have been smoke free for a week now. I already hate the smell of real fags after 13 years of smoking and couldn’t imagine the thought of going back to them. The VIP cigarette gives me the look, feel, habit and nicotine hit of a real cigarette so I don’t feel like I’ve really stopped smoking at all, and best of all, I can breathe properly for the first time in ages and don’t smell like a walking ashtray anymore!

    If you stick to the instructions and limit your use of the VIP cigarette to when you would normally crave a real one, taking seven draws at 2-3 seconds a draw which is VIP’s classification as ‘one cigarette’, then you will find that you will be close to getting your money’s worth. Sticking to these rules keeps me right and I normally get one and a half days use out of a cartomiser, having been a 20 a day smoker.

    Bottom line is I am already feeling massive health benefits and I am going to be saving over 100 quid a month. It’s a no brainier.

  42. I love that fact I dont feel deprived of a smoke with the VIP cigarette and have not smoked a real one since the end of January. I am glad, no more ashtrays or bad smells especially in my car. I just feel that if I spent over a certian amount the postage would be excempt. The starter pack came with 1 battery 2 vapes and charger in a mock cigarette pack I soon realised I needed 2 batteries because it does not last more than a couple of hours this being the down side. I am thinking of buying one to fill myself as saw posts saying this is cheaper.

  43. I still smoke but have cut down a lot with these little beauties.

    Because of the ridiculous government tax on tobacco we pay here in the UK I’ve gradually declined over the years from the big brands like Marlboro, Benson and Hedges and John Player to Windsor Blue Smooth and if they have sold out of Windsors in my local shop then I’ll begrudgingly go for Berkeley or Pall Mall but I really don’t like their taste as much. But thats enough about the real cigs I smoke what about the VIP eCig?

    I have been using them for over a year now and although I haven’t quit real cigs completely I think these are great.


    For me, the VIP Cartomizers have a much more pleasant flavour than many of the cheaper brands of real cigarettes and I have tried the Virginia Rolling Tobacco, USA Tobacco, BH Gold, Apple and Vanilla flavours. The Apple flavouring is especially subtle.

    The USA Tobacco flavour is not really Marlboro-like but passable so I don’t know what brand they wanted it to taste like. However I find the Virginia Rolling Tobacco is almost convincing and very pleasant..

    Still not sure if the BH Gold tastes like Benson and Hedges Gold but I’m not about to spend £9 on a pack of real ones to find out.

    I know the some of the tank-style kits have many more flavours available but VIP are adding new ones to their cartomizer range (I think coffee and strawberry varieties are new).

    At the end of the day (and as the Editor says) taste is subjective so they work for me.


    I think the VIP price is still more competitive than similar brands. Their basic starter kit is now £17.50 (was £15 when I bought one) and the ones I have seen in Tescos (E-Lites and such) are going for about £20..

    Cartomizer Capacity?

    Okay what do I think about the amount you get out of each cartomizer?

    Well, even if you are not getting the 40 cig equivalent out of one Cartomizer as the manufacturer says (and you won’t), I still think you certainly get more than one pack’s worth. I’m probably getting about 20-25 cigs worth out of each cartomizer but then again I smoke Superkings and probably take more puffs per cig than those who smoke Kingsize.

    I just look at it this way, I’m still saving a lot of money if you consider you are paying less than £2 per cartomizer compared to the £7-£9 you will pay for a pack of real cigs nowadays.

    Build Quality?

    I think the build quality is good and so may have improved since the Editor reviewed them.

    Battery Life?

    Yes its not ideal.

    Under heavy use I found each battery only lasts me about half a day before it needs recharging but the manufacturer does say on their website that battery life is about 2 to 3 months.

    To compensate for this I now have four batteries including two blue LED ones for use in the pubs around where I live that let you use them inside. I actually only bought one as a spare battery because I got the two others as part of a bigger starter kit (the Platinum Kit) with more cartomizers as it was cheaper than buying them seperately plus I got a car adapter, house mains adapter and a nice hardshell carry case which can hold for two batteries and four cartomizers (one attached to a battery ready to Vape).

    The Editor commented that VIPs lack of a PCC (Portable Charging Case) offering was a problem and I wholeheartedly concur. However I don’t know if VIP saw his review and took note but they do now sell a PCC Starter kit for £42 including two batteries (1 x orange LED and 1x blue LED) and 4 x Cartomizers plus the USB charger. The case is very classy looking with a nice LCD power meter on the front.


    I’m very happy with my VIP eCigs. I have not been into any of their shops (nor have I seen one) but I have ordered online and their shipping is very fast.

    One last important point I would like to make is that I have found their telephone ordering to be excellent. The last lovely lady I spoke to was very helpful when I was ordering my platinum starter kit, and even swapped some of the standard flavour cartomizers for others that I wanted to try. Nice service.

  44. I have been using these for one year, I LOVED smoking and cant beleive I stopped and its all down to these, I have to be honest. However, the quality has gone seriously downhill in the last few months. The carts can taste COMPLETELY different – even those in the same box – they ARE NOT equivalent to 40 fags NO WAY and now I am just finishing one packet that was delivered on Tuesday and every single one in there tasted cack and lasted a couple of hours each so work it out! Our local store (which I sometimes use) has started employing really cocky people so if you have a problem they try everything to wriggle out of it – I was accused of “abusing the product” recently! In fact I have noticed that some of the recent ones I have are making me feel sick and it does worry me. They started making some with the flavour and strength printed on the cart and they are terrible – taste like washing up liquid. Am so fed up with all the problems and there is definetly a trades description issue here. I would love to change to another brand – not sure which one though. The way I am going with these – I have started craving real fags again for the first time in 10 months – I am scared I will start smoking again! All in all, although when they work properly they are great, this is becoming rarer so you never know when you open a pack what its going to taste like, how long its going to last – oh and the faulty batteries which the staff insist on trying infront of you over and over again saying “no, nothing wrong with that” – really rubbish basically. Would welcome recommendations of other products.

  45. Ran out of my usual eliquids and in an emergency visited the local VIP store. Customer service was terrible, after a few polite questions it became apparent that the guy behind the counter couldn’t give a monkeys; so just bought a 10ml chocolate eliquid for £6.98… I can appreciate stores have rates and rent to pay but this is nearly twice the price of what I expect to pay online.

    The liquid itself has a very bitter after taste, labelling is poor and no indication on the bottle or online as to the PG/VG ratio or most importantly information on DEG. Had the sales person been more interested I would have enquired but decided to take the hit and make sure that I don’t run out of my usual liquids again.

    VIP will have no more of my money…

  46. I have felt a lot better since smoking the VIP cig no more coughing, and cheaper and no horrible smell, I would like to try the strawberry and vanilla flavours but in case i dont like them i cant afford to waste the money, Should be able to buy one to try before buying 5. I do find online buying works out more expensive due to delivery costs but cant always get to town.but overall very pleased and have converted a few friends.

  47. Okay, so having seen a friend with an E-Cig and having a go. I thought it was worth giving the E-Cig a try as quitting has proved to be VERY difficult for me. I spotted a VIP E-Cig offer on GroupOn – Platinum starter kit should have been £56 and I got it for under £20.

    Very pleased with the offer, I have everything I could have wanted in a starter kit. It would have been good to have 2 usb chargers so I could have one at work and one at home as the kit does not include a PCC.

    I have since bought a second battery (very much needed) and also a mixed flavour tester cart pack. Although they send me double menthol instead so I had to return them and I am still waiting for the correct item to be delivered.

    To be honest, I am happy with this brand. And if I spot another GroupOn offer I will buy it. But if I don’t I will probably change brands when the carts and batteries have all died.

    Overall, great for the price. But I don’t think I would buy again unless discounted.

  48. I didn’t start with VIP , I started with E-Lites. VIP became a cheaper alternative but now…. With changing battery and tips regularly the cost has shot up…. When I approached VIP I was continuously ignored and then when I contacted them publicly via Facebook my comments, among with 6 others whom were agreeing with my query, were all deleted and we were all blocked from the Facebook page. Never purchasing from them again. Product is getting more expensive and the quality is more disappointing …. Good luck keeping your business VIP…. You have lost mine and my 18 family members, friends & co-workers as they will be moving to My new preferred E-Cig.

  49. Tried quitting numerous times before but always went right back to smoking. This is the first product that didn’t make me want to harm everyone around me. Its great to still get nicotine but not to smell like smoke. Now when someone smokes a real cig around me it makes me a bit ill. Love the product and have recommended it to all my friends and family

  50. After at least five brands I came across VIP on the web and was blown away. The main selling point for me was the amount of vapour and VIP has lots. I initially got hooked on the coffee flavour but now the wife and I mainly smoke the BH and Virginia Rolling cartomizers. I find that the batteries last an expected amount of time in between charges (being a heavy user – about a day) what people expect I don’t know – get a couple of batteries in the cycle you muppets. I’m still using one battery 1 year later believe it or not so they last longer than actually advertised. A filter lasts me a day, give or take, it’s really down to how you smoke. The flavours are rich and make me wonder why I ever smoked the real thing. I’m coming up to one year now with VIP and I’m happy to stay with them because I can’t see how they can be improved upon for the price. The customer service is top-notch, next day delivery is superb (order before midday) and the pricing structure is great compared to other less impressive brands, notably E-Lites, the first brand I tried at twice the cost.

  51. I have been smoking VIP for around three weeks now the vapour is quite good and the batteries last around 7 hours on a full charge, the carts dont last that long before you get that Yuk burnt taste and their flavours could be better. Overall i am quite impressed they have kept me of the fags. Think i will try the Jac-vapour.

  52. A few weeks in to smoking these, I tried a normal cig. Didn’t like it. Tasted of ash. I’m a converted vaper – this is much better. I don’t get why everyone doesn’t switch to vape.

    These are really good (for me). They give me all the “ritual” of smoking, including blowing rings with the vapour (lots of it). Feels good on the throat, real kick off the nicotine.

    I tried the 16mg and 24 mg cartomisers, both american and rolling. 24mg rolling tobacco is a really nice flavour. This is much better than i expected from e-cigs. Downside is I’ve started smoking indoors – and so (I think) smoking a lot more than I was on normal cigs. So making myself go outside again!

    Other cons. Seem to be charging the batteries a lot. And the cartomisers seem inconsistent. One lasted only a couple of days (only 16 cigs!). Some last over 4 days (closer to the 40 cigs per cartomiser they advertise).

    Really good customer service btw. Facebook comments get answered. When i needed to phone they were really on the ball. Order arrived by van just 36hrs after placing my phoning. Good email updates on order progress too.

  53. I love my VIP e-cig! I smoke the rolling tobacco flavour, and prefere it to smoking. No smells, no ash, no coughing.
    I get it from a stand in town, great customer service.

  54. i started using vip ecigs 6 weeks ago! and have not smoked a real cig since!.It’s the first time i have tried this method,after trying lots of other’s, patches, gum, ect..I’m using the 24mg virginia rolling bullets as i like to call them!..and they have a great taste and suit me fine. The only down side is the bullets don’t last long enough and the battery needs charging all the time!..but i think the is a small price to pay for the sake of my overall health!!..i hope someone reads this? and trys what i have done? and is as sucssessfull as i have been!!..GOOD LUCK GIVING UP!…just remember what made you give up in the first place? and stick to it!!..

  55. Not sure about this, I neither love it or hate it, I am finding tho it is a great help and so easy to charge and it looks good too I think, not bad value either, at the end of the day its helping me and that is what matters. My smoking habits have’nt changed too much apart from when I need a proper fag I now have me e-ciggie, so some thing is changing

  56. I started using VIP after my husband bought one. I was unsure to say the least as I have tried allsorts of nicotine replacement systems and have never found one that could replace the glorious feeling of lighting up. Well now I have. I can honestly say that after only 10 days using VIP I am a convert.
    I would advise people to buy 2 batteries and to try the different strengths and tobacco flavours if you really want it to substitute smoking, I thought as a hardcore 20 a day B&H smoker that the 24 mg B&H would be the way to go but have actually found that the 16mg “american tobacco” is the one for me.
    The extra weight takes a little getting used to but is no big problem.
    My advice is give it a go, what have you got to lose?
    I have deliberately bought the hard carry case and carry it round like I would a box of cigarettes. I still go outside with the smokers at break time so I honestly don’t feel like I’m missing out on the ritual and because I’m still getting my nicotine fix I don’t feel ratty or have any of the usual withdrawel dramas.
    I LOVE IT!!!

  57. Bought a starter pack from a stand in a shoping center and was told i could not buy it cheaper only to fibd the same thing on their website £15 cheaper. Ask customer services why i was lies to and they are not intrested. Battery life is pants. I bought another brand for six pound and it is perfect.

  58. The VIP e-cig is the 1st e-cig I’ve tried but I was so impressed with it I haven’t smoked a proper cigarette since. It’s only been 2 weeks but I’m not craving or missing cigarettes at all, in fact the smell from smokers is horrible. I used to roll my own so I went for the Virginia Rolling flavour, my wife is using the Menthol and is just as impressed. Next day delivery on all products is great and as I order for 2 people delivery becomes free because I spend over £50. Haven’t got a bad thing to say really and would recommend to everyone, in fact I already have to friends.

  59. Overall I am happy with my purchase and it does work for me . The flavour isn’t great but will be looking to get some flavoured cartomisers to try out also I will point out there customer service was very good had a small issue with my starer kit and they resolved it very quickly and are always very helpful .

  60. This is an amazing e cig, I get two days out of 1 filter.. Bat last about 5 hours not bad coz I’ve got 3 spear 1s I’ve just bought the tank starter kit n loving that too… Fantastic taste n vapour I love it

  61. This was my first e-cigarette I started using this about 6 months ago as a much healthier option to smoking real cigarettes. It started of well and enjoyed it but after a couple of months I started noticing the nasty stuff which I have listed in the cons above. Other than that shipping is speedy in the UK it arrives the next day before 1pm and they always have good discount codes. Although if I could find a better e-cigarette I would move straight away!

  62. This was my first and favourite e cig I have used it for around a year now and now I rarely ever use tobacco (only whilst drinking / social smoking)
    I would definitely recommend the VIP e cig for its reliability and price £15 for a starter kit you can’t go wrong!

  63. The guff says that the cartomizers are the equivalent of 40 cigarettes.
    Well I was only a 10-20 smoker and I blast through one in a day!

    The batteries are RUBBISH!! They last about half the day and I have had 8 in four months and 4 have died a death already

    I did like the flavour and sensation of the vape though

  64. I’m a heavy smoker and this was the first e-cig I tried.

    I found that I’d run out of juice, both charge and nicotine within about an hour or so.

    There was always a burning plastic taste with it, too.

    I’d use this if I was desperate, but only then.

    For the price it’s totally not worth it.

  65. Its help me to cut down from 10-12 cigs a day to 2, only been using VIP for 3 weeks. Fast delivery and the tobacco flavour is the best Iv tried!!

  66. I really don’t have very much good to say as this product as my first purchase from smelly smoke to vapping…
    Only that I am dissapointed in my purchase…
    I purchased my orfer online and paid £44.45 including P&P for a starter pack and £££ for an battery…
    I also found that the extra battery I bought gets very hot when in use and I have fears it may explode…!!!
    I ordered menthol flavour 24mg which did not taste that bad considering…
    In any case an aquired taste I’d say…but nothing really to compare it too in terms of vapping as yet…
    The starter pack lasted me one week and I will not be purchasing further products from this company any longer…
    I will research futher to before make the switch to my next ecigg adventure…!
    One thing I will say is I did manage to give smoking with this product but I can’t say how much of that is down to the product or how much is down to my will power….!
    Hope this has been helpful…
    Happy Vapping… X

  67. Although only a light smoker (average 10 per day) i had smoked for over 40 years and thought i would try e-cigs as a ‘socail’ alternative. Being new to the idea (recommended by a friend) i tried several brands until i found VIP, and have stuck with them for a few months now. To be honest, i havent stopped ‘real’ cigarettes completely, but have got down to about 4 per day, so it has to be an improvement! I do, and have, recommend e-cigs to anyone trying to give up/cut down. .

  68. I smoked for over 30 years….like everyone I went from non tips to tips, to smooths, to extra smooths…..

    I got my brother (a smoker) to try the VIP e-liquid version….of course, he laughed at it and then had a ‘puff’………’WOW’….’that’s amazing….’ was his response….’your’e having me on’….’is that really not a cig????’. ‘Yep!!’ He’s now of the fegs and onto the ‘e-cigs’……….

  69. This is a perfect substitute to smoking the real thing and is so easy to use it is best to buy two so you can rotate the charging and using without being without a charged item, also i find the tips last longer if you keep the rubber cap on both ends when not in use and always sepurate the two parts as this seems to prolong the battery life, in my view this is the best i have tried yet.

  70. e-cigs are all pretty much the same in design and functionaltiy. The VIP cig offers a a good vapour output and is a smooth draw. But, as I say, the key thing is the availiability of a suffciently strong nicotine cartomiser to make real cigarettes irrelavant and not an attractive option when balancing up the harmful effects of them.

  71. As a 15 a day smoker for 50 years, my cough is dreadful, and none of my mates smoke. I’ve tried every method of giving up without long term success, so e-cigs were my last chance. Bought a VIP starter kit from a kiosk. Paid £30 for the starter kit plus 5 extra carts (plus £7 for a mains charging adaptor and £5 for a case) . Might have been cheaper online.
    The guy told me I’d get 40 cigs worth from a cart, but it’s only half that. In addition, the battery barely lasts a day, so if you’re considering this brand you’ll definitely need a second battery unless you’re a very light smoker.
    I was happy with the taste – near enough to the real thing; the amount of vapour is good till the cart starts to run low, and the throat hit is good.
    So, my first impression of the ecig experience is that I didn’t miss the real thing, but I need a better e-cig – one with bigger longer lasting batteries and bigger carts. Having used this really helpful and informative site to further my knowledge, I’m going to order a VGO kit. Will let you know how I get on.

  72. I’m not smoking and these taste great – I had already bough two E-lite batteries and replaced them with the VIP kit after trying a friend’s. Highly recommended.

    I still the price of these things is very, very high.

  73. I would not want to put anyone off vaping as i have not had a real cigarette for 2 months but i am going to move to new product after using this VIP range for 2 months. I have just had too many problems. Seems to be very hit and miss with the cartridges.some tatsed great from the start and lasted well over a day and a half and others tatsed bitter and burnt from the start. the customer service were helpful and did send me 2 packs for free when i returned the bad cartridges but i have just purchased too many bad packets since. Not sure whether there is a problem on the production line but i have purchased at least 7-8 bad packets from the vendor. The batteries are also hit and miss. some lasting up 4 weeks and others dying after just 2.They are advertised to last 2-3 months!! I switched to the tank version (the one you refill yourself) only to find the liquid too easily leaks into the battery and you are constantly having to clean it out. Such as shame because the menthol and stawberry flavours in this range are really nice. I am loving the vaping experince and want to find a reliable one. After reading other reviews i am going to try the Vgo range and cross my fingers. The website is very difficult to navigate through though has anyone got any advice on what i should start with?

    • Hi Rosie,

      Sorry you are finding the website navigation difficult.

      The top navigation is based on our reviews ie: Our top rated e cigarettes start at the top.

      This shows our top rated devices by category as well as reviews by category.

      If you need anymore help don’t hesitate to get in touch, contact page is at the top right of this page.



  74. Been smoking for 27 yrs on 40 a day with asthma(i know its bad init) but thats smoking for u,,i have tried everything there is going ,,pills,patches even put to sleep!!!,,i love smoking and didnt want to give up but it was getting harder to breath,so i got a vip ecig,it is so easy to quit with this,i dont crave a smoke,bad tempered nothing ,just vaping ,if i can do it anyone can FACT !!!its worth a go for under 20 quid and see how u get on ,wish i did this yrs ago and will never ever smoke a really cig again !!

  75. After thinking about quitting for several months and previous failures using NRT I decided to go for an e-cig to mimic the smoking experience. My problem was the habit as much as the addiction to nicotine.

    After lots of research I ordered the VIP and have been hugely impressed with every aspect. From ease of ordering, delivery to the actual vaping experience.

  76. This is my first ever try with an e-cig. When i was looking into e-cigs before buying I got so confused I gave up. Thankfully I came across a VIP kiosk in Blackpool. I was able to see how easy it was to use this product. I was blown away by the taste of the virginia tobacco flavour. The carts last me a good few days, and I only need to charge the battery once a day. Have been using this product for nearly two weeks and I am now smoke free. I find vaping these e-cigs much much more enjoyable than the dirty original ciggies which I was hooked to for over 20 years.

  77. This is the first e-cig I tried. I was happy with the taste (I used USA tobacco but only seemed to get approximately 10 – 15 cigarette equivilant from each cartomizer – VIP claim equivalant of 40. The battery life was also very low and I had to take at least 2 whenever I went to work incase one ran out. Cartomizers aren’t fantastic quality or cheap and tend to leak easily and I eventually switched to the BH Gold flavour which was a huge letdown. The chocolate flavour actually made me feel like throwing up.

    Have just switched to the V2 and in my opinion the quality and satisfaction is far superior. Cartomizers work out a lot cheaper too.

  78. Haven’t smoked a rollup in 4 months. Having tried virtually every other form of Nicotine replacement, I’d say anything that can do this has got to be good.

  79. From 30 a day for 30 years, I had been using sky cig for a few months, then I picked up an offer on VIP so gave it a try. Found the battery, flavour & vapour lasted considerably longer than the skycig.

    Recommend this to anyone who wants a really good replacement. Now been nearly a year without a real cigarette, don’t think I’d ever light up again.

  80. Smoker for 10 years. It has been the easiest way so far to stop smoking tobacco. Health has improved as I have more energy just after 2 weeks of use!

  81. i quite like the taste and to be honest i run it alongside my real cigs but i am starting to enjoy vaping more than real fags, no more coughing. really like it! good product and i agree with the reviewer you get more like 25 cigs out of a cartomiser but with cheap refills its still loads cheaper than real cigs, vapour/smoke from this thing is brill, throat hit good. what iv learnt from other eciggers is that unfortunately you have to buy a few brands of e cigs til you find the one, this can be costly, i was lucky i found my e cig brand after i tried my previous ecig which was not very good, its like some people smoke mayfair, some people smoke lamberts, its the same with an ecig, point to make as an ecig smoker you HAVE to get one that produces loads of smoke!! to get the same sensation, my previous ecig didnt do it, it has to replicate having a fag and vip e cig works for me.

  82. After 31 years of smoking I bought a platinum kit from VIP (2 Batteries, 15 carts 24mg 2 carts 16mg, Case, 3 chargers £70) I got an extra battery with a blue tip £8 and haven’t smoke for 5 months. This is the only thing that has ever got me off the real cigs and would recommend e-cigs to anyone. VIP does exactly what it says on the tin, I just wish they had some more fruity flavours.

  83. love the hit in throat havent smoked a real sig for 3 weeks wish it was lighter have havth tried other make nowhere near as good very realistic love
    the vapour


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