Vision Release A Sub Ohm Tank For 30w+ Devices – The Vision MK Tank

New from Vision, the MK Sub Ohm Tank. Vision High-Tech Electronics Ltd were formed in 2007 and are based in Shenzhen, China. Vision believes in catering to improving the experience of e-cigarette users via a range of quality products.Vision MK Sub Ohm Tank Review

New to these kind of tanks? Then read this first:

Before we do though there is a very important note to make regarding Sub Ohm vaping. While they offer a new way to vape they are not for everyone and require a certain learning curve. Please take a look at our beginners guide to sub ohm vaping before you decide to buy! Also be sure the device you have will work with sub ohm tanks.

Regarding Mechanical Mods:

If using a Sub Ohm tank with a mechanical mod be certain you are using good quality batteries and that your mod has adequate venting.

Absolutely do not use mechanical mod hybrid adapters with sub ohm tanks, to do has been proven to cause problems and could be very dangerous.

Above all be mindful and stay safe.

In The Box

Packaged in a hard plastic box with a press fit lid it contains:

  • 1x Vision MK Tank with drip tip
  • 2x 0.2 ohm coils. One of which is pre fitted

The packaging is certainly protective but contains no extras such as spare glass or even a user manual. However the tank I received was completely free of machine oil, although it may not be in your case so giving it a wash is always advised.

Features, Build Quality and Design

  • 4.5ml Capacity
  • 22m Diameter
  • 72mm tall
  • Weight: 70g
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Operating Range: 30-100w
  • 510 connection
  • Adjustable Copper Pin
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Drip tip Heat fan/Air vent
  • Coils use imported Japanese cotton
  • Coils and wire are imported from the U.S.A.
  • Pyrex glass tube

The Vision MK Tank Is Not a Looker:

Sadly in the looks department this tank does absolutely nothing for me. I think its a combination of things to be honest. The tank looks dull, the airflow control is very large which is understandable considering the size of the largest air holes. Maybe its the logos, a high voltage one on one side and a horseshoe logo on the other or its possibly the steel struts that support the tank glass. Whatever it is I’m not a fan.

Essentially it looks like a tube with a drip tip on top and what I’m really saying is it has absolutely no elegance. Clearly this shouldn’t matter if the tank works well but its certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing tank that I’ve come across.

Nevertheless the construction is actually very good. All the parts fit together well and feel durable.

The airflow adjuster is huge, certainly larger than a lot of comparable sub ohm tanks. It has three settings, two small air holes open, two medium and two massive. That’s right the most wide open setting has air holes that a train could fit though. Somewhat of an exaggeration I know, but they very large.

Vision MK Tank Base View

Priming Coils:

With sub ohm tank coils you first take the coil and drip a small amount of juice down the centre of it. Also apply some juice to the side wicks or wicking holes. It is important to make sure the wick becomes fully saturated. With darker juices this is easy to see and you will notice the wick changing colour.

  • After priming the wick proceed to fill up the tank, then screw in the coil and its attached tank base.
  • Leave the tank for a minimum of 15 minutes to ensure coil saturation.
  • If the tank supports a closed down airflow option you can take a few primer draws to help (this one doesn’t).
  • Fire the tank at a lower wattage to start with and gradually increase to your desired setting.

If the above isn’t done then you run the risk of getting a burnt taste in your coil.

The Vision MK Tank is straightforward to use:

This is a good example of another simple to use sub ohm tank. Fitting and removing coils is easy and I encountered no issues. There is plenty of room between the main air tube and the glass for filling so you shouldn’t run into any problems there.

Airflow adjustment is simple and clicks into place at each desired setting. I found it to be just right and was neither too loose or too stiff.

Vision Mk Tank Parts

The drip tip fits well and is thankfully wobble free. It features another one of these heat fans which I now refer to as an air vent. It is not practical to adjust when fitted to the tank but its just a case of removing it and tweaking to suit. It does actually work and helps to cool the drip tip somewhat at high wattage, also by closing it down or opening it up you can achieve a tighter or more open draw.

For those that like to close down the airflow for priming coils this is another tank that doesn’t allow for it.

When taking the base of the tank for refilling I did notice that juice tends to pool around the base of the coil and it does on occasion lead to some minor leaking but when the tank is put back together and in use I did not have any leaking issues.

How Does The Vision MK Tank Vape?

Interestingly the coils in this tank allow for a minimum of 30 watts. I did test it at this wattage on my Geekvape Aegis Mini having filled the tank with Kind Juice eliquid, I would say it wasn’t the best vape at this wattage, flavour was alright but vapour production while present was rather weak.

Increasing to 40 watts led to better flavour and a far more satisfying amount of vapour. At 50 watts it was good with a slightly warmer vape and  obviously a lot more vapour. Between 60-70w this tank really shines with a dense, warm vape with great flavour and excellent vapour.Vision MK Tank On MOD

To test the limits of the coil I did vape at 100 watts just to see how the tank performed. It works very well, although I have to say it is rather too hot for me. The drip does heat up considerably at this wattage despite the air vent and you certainly wouldn’t want to chain vape at this level.

Wicking did actually keep up but you can hear a lot of hissing from the tank at 100 watts and I would say it does almost borders on the edge of becoming a dry hit. Vapour production with the most wide open setting at this wattage is huge, comparable to a good RDA with a Chuff Cap.

Personally for me 75 watts was the sweet spot. The flavour was full on and very crisp with a good amount of vapour produced.

In terms of coil life I have heavily chain vaped this tank for three days and the coil is still working perfectly. The coils appear well made and should last you some time, I would like to estimate at least well over a week for a normal vaper.

Vision MK Sub Tank Coils

Is the Vision MK Tank worth it?

Its certainly an unattractive tank but it does the job and performs well. It is durable and fits together without issue. It’s reasonably priced but my main gripe with it is the lack of included spares. I think at the very least spare glass should have been included.

Final Thoughts On The Vision MK Subtank

A inelegant but very well made tank that consistently works and provides a excellent vape that should appeal to most people. Despite it’s looks I have certainly enjoyed the quality of vape it offers.

The Good:

  • Good flavour and vapour production
  • Well machined
  • Coil life seems very good
  • Simple to use

The Not So Good :

  • Poor spares
  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • If you have a device that only fires upto 30W this won’t give you great performance. 40/50W+ is ideal.
  • Some very minor leaking when refilling
  • Drains juice fast like all Sub Ohm Tanks
Build Quality
Vapour Volume
I have been vaping for four years now. I was a 20 a day smoker and a friend of mine encouraged me to give vaping a try. He gifted me with a ego/ce4 set up and some juice and to be fair I found it reasonable but not ideal so I was still also smoking. I went to my local B&M and got some good advice regarding what vaping gear would suit me, as well as finding some juice more to my liking. For a couple of months I used a Vamo V5 but I kept seeing these shiny tube mods and I wondered what they were. After some investigation I discovered they were called mechanical mods and I had to buy my own. From that point I was completely off the cigarettes and quite satisfied with my set up. I eventually moved on the rebuildable devices with my first RDA and RTA. I love vaping and I have no plans to ever stop because there are so many new flavours to discover and a vast amount of different devices with newer technologies to try. While I still own a couple of mechanical mods my preference these days is VW box mods and I really do enjoy a vape with temperature control. I also make my own e-juice as time allows.


  1. I’ve had a vision mk tank about 2 years ago, and like the reviewer said it doesn’t look good, that didn’t bother me, you can also use aspire atlantis style coils in the mk, so you can vary your wattage from 25w upwards. I smashed mine dropping it. But I’d buy another if I seen one.


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