The Voopoo Maat tank is from a brand, that I think we can all agree, have had a rough time over the last year in terms of marketing and the press.

Update: An updated tank has been released. Check out our VOOPOO Maat New tank review.

But you also can’t deny that the products they deliver consistently impress with the likes of the Voopoo Drag 2, Drag Mini and the X217 mod.voopoo maat sub ohm tank review

So What Can We Expect From The MAAT Tank By Voopoo?

This is my first time looking at a VooPoo product, but looking at their back catalogue I’m sure I’m in for a treat.

The MAAT sub ohm tank is a big industrial looking atomizer, that is best suited for wattage of 50W+. Voopoo have included two of their mesh coils that (if other mesh tanks are anything to go by) should offer flavour in the bucket load.

And with a catchy name – “Middle Adjustable Airflow Tank” – MAAT, Voopoo must be onto a winner right? Let’s find out.

For this test I used my trusty SX-Mini G-Class, on a standard power setting.

Disclaimer: I received the VooPoo MAAT Sub Ohm Tank for the purpose of this review. All opinions are based on my own experience and testing.

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In the Box

  • 1 x MAAT Tank 4ml, non-TPD (installed with 0.2ohm MT-M2 mesh coil)
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube (2ml)
  • 1 x Spare Mesh Coil Head, MT-M1 0.13ohm
  • Set of O-rings
  • User Manual

Features and specs

  • Size: 56x28mm (standard), 56×24.5 (TPD)
  • Capacity:  4ml and 2ml
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Resin and Pyrex Glass
  • Coil: MT-M1 0.13ohm Single Mesh Coil(60-85W); MT-M2 0.2ohm Dual Mesh Coil (50-80W)
  • Connection: 510
  • Materials: Glass, Stainless Steel

Design and Build Quality

I have to say that this might just be the tallest tank that I have ever used. It’s quite literally half the size of my G-Class mod.voopoo maat sub ohm tank colours

This might put some people off, but if you can get past the height and read the product description, you’ll see that the height is down to a sneaky little “semi-faded” juice storage system. This provides a hidden juice well that will hopefully prevent burnt out coils.

The tank looks and feels solid. The angular lines give a masculine edge to the tank and it appears to taper off towards the top.

Tank Options

The sample I received came with 2 tank options. The 4ml bubble tank was pre-fitted and the 2ml straight glass was in the box. I’m assuming with TPD the UK customers will only have the 2ml glass.

Using a 70:30 VG/PG ratio e-liquid I found the tank to be a little thirsty. With the 2ml straight glass I found myself filling up way too much and, in the end, I stuck with the 4ml bubble glass.

Drip Tip

From the top we get a bayonet style 810 drip tip. I found this quite unusual and it did mean I couldn’t swap the original for one of my own 810s.

The drip tip is held in place by 2 O-rings. Everything is secure and well-fitting. But I do think the edges could have been rounded off a bit more

Top Fill

The knurling at the top of the tank is smoother and less angular than at the base. The fill hole is accessed via a button on the side.maat_fill_port

Having almost no finger nails, it was a bit of a fiddle to open. However, when I did get to the button, the action was smooth and quick.

Closing the cap was a little tight. It might have been nice to have a chamfered edge to allow for a smoother closing.

I found myself pressing the button in again to help close it quickly. The VooPoo website states that the TPD version will NOT have the button activated filler cap.

I’m assuming it’ll come with a simple push/slide mechanism. To be honest I might have preferred this on the non-TPD version too.

The kidney port is short and wide. Whilst easy enough to get a small nozzle into, I found filling up from a larger bore DIY bottle to allow air bubbles to form and make things a little messy.

Air Flow

This is where things get cool and interesting. As previously mentioned, MAAT stands for “Middle Adjustable Airflow Tank”.

The MAAT works by drawing air in through the 3 airflow inlets in the middle of the tank and directing it down and through the base of the coil.

This all appears to have a massive impact on flavour as, in my opinion, the MAAT has absolutely amazing flavour!

Another plus side is that with the air inlets being so high, the chances of a leak is greatly reduced.


Functionally, the airflow control (AFC) ring was stiff when I first used the tank. But after getting a bit of juice on the ring things got a whole lot looser. In fact, it got a little too slack and I found that the AFC ring kept adjusting as I was handling the tank and taking it out of my pocket.

I think that the effect has been greatly increased because of how far the ring sticks out, making it easy to accidentally catch.

Having the air-flow wide open gave a massively airy draw and really satisfying clouds came with it.

My preferred setting was to close the AFC off half way. This really helped with flavour and found a sweetness I’d never experience in my testing juice.

How Does The Voopoo MAAT Sub Ohm Tank Perform?

Coils and Flavour

The flavour from the 2 coils I was sent was not just good for mesh stock coils. It was good full stop!

The two coils received were:

  • 0.2ohm MT-M2 – A dual coil with an open mesh type


  • 0.13ohm MT-M1 – A single coil with a more “traditional” close style mesh.


For the testing period I used Flavour Boss, Dictators Lemonade.

In my opinion, I got better flavour in terms of sweetness and lemony punch with the M2 and, if possible, more emphasis on the koolada/WS23 sensation with the M1.

I used the same liquid throughout the test on both coils and preferred the M2 overall.

Coil Life

In terms of lifespan, I got a week out of both coils before I noticed the flavour dropping and a slight burnt taste creeping in.

Coil Change

I loved the simplicity of the “Plug and Play” installation and hope that this is soon to become an industry standard.

The “Plug and Play” style of coils mean that there is now no chance that the coil can get cross threaded or stuck in the tank by over tightening.

The coil is held in place by 2 beefy O-rings that use a pressure fit to ensure there are no leaks.

Another feature I found to be an asset to the MAAT tank was the speed at which I could change coils. By simply detaching the base I could remove and replace the coil in seconds, even with a full tank. OK there was some dripping from the old coil, but to be fair the thing was saturated.

As I said before, I hope this spells the end for screw in coils heads.
maat sub ohm tank exploded view


I normally vape at above 75Watts with my pre-made coils, but didn’t want to burn out the only 2 coils I was sent so started low with both coils.

At 60Watts that flavour on both was fantastic. Both cool and fresh. Bumped up to 75Watts I found that the wicking was finding it a little hard to keep up with my chain vaping and things got a tad warm.

My preferred setting was 62Watts. This gave me the perfect balance of flavour and clouds and most probably helped with the lifespan of the coils.


  • Beautiful looks
  • Long lasting coils
  • Great flavour


  • AFC gets a little loose
  • Fiddly to get the top cap to open (Mainly for those with no nails)

Final Review Verdict

I really enjoyed using the VooPoo MAAT Sub Ohm Tank and I think I’m going to enjoy using it out and about for a long time.

The MAAT really is a flavour chasers dream. I was bowled over by just how good the flavour was from this stock coil tank. Hopefully the coils are going to be readily available because I have a feeling I’ll be using this a lot!

I can also see this Air Flow method from other manufacturers in the not too distant future.

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Red Beard Vapes

I began vaping 18 months ago after circumstances saw me reaching for the cigarettes once again. I have a fondness for tattoos and piercings but my beard is my most distinguishing feature and you will regularly find it enjoy a decent pint in a decent pub. MY DTL set up is an SX Mini G-Class with a 24mm dual coil Dead Rabbit. Vaping has quickly become a massive interest of mine.

Build Quality
Ease of use
Value for money
Replace if lost
I began vaping 18 months ago after circumstances saw me reaching for the cigarettes once again. I have a fondness for tattoos and piercings but my beard is my most distinguishing feature and you will regularly find it enjoy a decent pint in a decent pub. MY DTL set up is an SX Mini G-Class with a 24mm dual coil Dead Rabbit. Vaping has quickly become a massive interest of mine.
voopoo-maat-tank-reviewI found it really hard to knock points off the MAAT tank. But this is a very well put together tank that has given us an innovation that really works. The fiddly top fill button can be forgiven when the flavour is this good! If you take your time bedding in the coils, I'm sure you'll be able to get well over a week out of one. I'll definitely be keeping mine handy!


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