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The Mojo By Voopoo Previewed

This is something quite unexpected! The Voopoo Mojo!

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Voopoo have become a hugely loved vaping brand with the well loved Drag and Alpha One mods so it’s exciting to see what they will come up with next.

mojo designSo I am a bit surprised to see a lower powered internal battery mod!

voopoo mojo componentsFear not though this little hand size mod still has the famous Gene chip with its famous 10 millisecond firing speed.

There is an internal 2600mAh battery and the mod will output up to 88W.

mojo powerThere are Variable Wattage and Temperature Control power modes.

On the base of the mod is a “System Reset” button – I have seen a few mods starting to use these – this will reset the system if an error occurs. With removable battery mods you would just take the batteries out but obviously this has an internal battery.

mojo reset buttonIt is a colourful little fella to say the least!

Included in the kit is the Voopoo UForce sub ohm tank which I previewed in December.

uforce marketing shotThe UForce tank uses a 0.4ohm Dual OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) head and two are included in the kit. The coil is rated at 40-80W but optimum power is 55-65W.

Voopoo Uforce kit contentsWith a 3.5ml capacity, top fill and bottom adjustable airflow the UForce tank should be a perfect companion for the Voopoo Mojo mod.

Here is a little intro video to have a gander at.

There are 7 colours to choose from – Black, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red and White.
voopoo mojo colours

Kit Includes

  • Voopoo Mojo Mod
  • Voopoo UForce Tank
  • 2x U2 coil heads
  • Spare glass
  • O-rings
  • USB Cable
  • User Manuals

voopoo mojo kit contents

Voopoo Mojo Mod Specs

  • Size: 82×27.5x38mm
  • Power range: 5-88W
  • Input voltage: 3.2-4.2V
  • Output voltage: 0-8.5
  • Battery: 2600mAh
  • Resistance range: VW = 0.05-3ohm, TC = 0.05-1ohm
  • Temperature range: 100-315°C / 200-600°F
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Gene Chip
  • Material: Zinc Alloy

voopoo mojo specs

Voopoo UForce Tank Specs

  • Size: 24.6x54mm
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Weight: 51.5g
  • Coil resistance: 0.4ohm
  • 510 thread connection
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Three adjustable airflow holes
  • Slide top filling cap

voopoo mojo uforce specsThis is still very new so not even showing as pre-order on the usual online retailers so I have no idea what price range this will be in.

However I already like the look of the Mojo – what a cutie and the bright colours are gorgeous.

Will you be looking to buy the Voopoo mojo kit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


  1. I have had my voopoo mojo for two years . It’s will not turn on. I try to charge it won’t do anything. I even did the reset button nothing happened I don’t know what to do. I know I need a coil. So I don’t know if that’s the reason why it’s not working

    • You have done well to get 2 years out of it to be honest – if you see the other comments a lot of people didnt have any luck with theirs! It is probably time to get a new kit sadly as these were not a great device by the sound of it.

  2. i bought a voodoo mojo r, and if hasn’t turned on? i think i have tried everything. the battery is fine, i charged it, i tried resetting it and it won’t turn on.

  3. Is anyone having problems with their voopoo mojo spitting cotton back out? Ive only had it for about a week and have constant problems with it. Day 1 it just leaked and leaked no matter what I tried. Finally got that under control by managing the wattage/temp. Now im having issues with little pieces of cotton coming off the coil. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. TIA!!

  4. Is it a thing with the mojo that the tank has a gap from the mod?
    I went back to the shop to ask and it was like it on the few he had left in the shop. But i am just wondering if its right for there to be a very small gap between the tank and the mod. Is it because of the 510 connection??

  5. i want to say something about the VOOPOO MOJO mod how stupid was the person or persons that designed this mod made it that you need to be a rocket engineer to unlock it what was wrong like every other mod to push the fire button a couple times to unlock I been vaping a long time I have a big selection of mods and I will never purchase a VOOPOO mod again it is not worth the aggravation to what you have to do to unlock the mod I tried everything and I gave up and threw it away that was the best satisfaction I got from a VOOPOO product just think when you go online there is page after page abut how to un lock a mod there is something wrong with that picture

    • It is a shame as usually Voopoo make excellent mods – however if you read all the comments on this preview a lot of people are having issues with this kit.
      The mod can auto lock and people have been struggling to get it to unlock. So perhaps that is what happened with yours?
      A comment below says
      “Litningfires January 15, 2019 at 10:20 pm Edit
      To all the people who have the perma-lock problem. Go to voopoo’s site and download the mojo’s software and the voopoo manager. Use the voopoo manager to re-install the mojo’s software, and it will do a full software wipe. Locked mode will be disabled.”
      So might be worth trying a firmware update?

      • Re: Voopoo Mojo; I have the red one. I have not yet encountered a problem with the MOD, itself – to Lock, press both Side buttons – the silver ones, which also scroll up and down the menus; then use the Multifunction/Power on/off key to lock when you see a Padlock symbol on the screen. To Unlock, use both side keys and Multifunction key and you will see an Unlocked Padlock. Click Multifunction key once! Simple. But I have had a leak problem with the Tank, which is a Top-fill Slider.

  6. Just got my mojo had it 3 days been vaping the one juice which is the best juice ever I love the unit it’s been amazing not as much smoke as I would of thought any suggestions and why it’s not putting out a lot of smoke but I do like it a lot everything works good charges fast and last bout 5 to 6 hours with me vaping pretty heavy

    • 0-6mg 70/30 juice is best, I have been advised, because it is a thin enough mix. Do not use a 50/50 mix, or higher strength Nicotine. 2 x1.8mg (or 18mg per 10ml in a 120ml of liquid.)

  7. I am really frustrated! I have bought 4 Voopoo Mojo U-Force in the last 6 months and each one of them seems to have the same issue. After about 4-8 weeks, it becomes very difficult to charge. The unit charger (in the base) becomes loose and it doesnt charge unless i put a small weight on the cord or have it positioned just right. I have very careful Not to ram the cord into the base.

    Is this an issue with the model? I am torn….do I buy another one or just move onto another company? I do like a lot of the features of the U-Force, just the charging is a problem.

    BTW…2 of the units were for me and the other 2 were for my girlfriend. Both having the same issue.

    • YES! I found myself on this thread for THIS EXACT REASON! This is my second Voopoo mojo and same thing happend to the last one, but I’d had that for a year and it had been through the wars a bit so just assumed it was because of that. Had my second one for a few months and due to lock down it’s been looked after and barely left the house, yet same problem now. I’m going elsewhere to get something similar. It’s a shame as I love it apart from this.

  8. I like mine. I’ve been using it over a year. I just don’t like that you can’t use it while it’s charging!! Otherwise very easy to figure out.

  9. My voopoo mojo keeps saying check atomizer and I’ve cleaned in and it’s very tightly locked so idk what’s going on.

    • Its shorted out. Your coil is close shorted.its dirt, juice, maybe not seated all the way or it’s got some physical damage. I had one that I dropped and ever after no matter what I did it kept close shorting. Change the tank

    • That means your pin is probably pushed in and you just need tweezers to pull it out cause it’s not touching the coil

  10. I’ve vaped since before they were available in the UK and has various types throughout. This is by far the worst one I’ve owned!!

    Hasn’t stopped leaking from day one, I’ve been back to the shop 3 times and each time advised to go thicker in the juice,.. I’m now in the thickest they stock and it still leaks. I constantly have it literally all over my hands

  11. The fact that I just bought mine today and they’ve been having a problem for this long and still isn’t fixed yet is complete and utter bullshit. I shouldn’t have to completely update my entire firmware when I first buy my vape

    • Wonder why it is doing that – did you try a firmware upgrade? Do hope that sorts it out as we seem to have quite a few people having issues with the Mojo?

      • mine too. tried firmware updates – nothing
        tried pressing reset – nothing
        only had the thing 2 days. I already have one in another colour and no problems. How do I get a link to the update that works please

        • I am shocked how many people having issues with this kit – surprising for Voopoo as their gear is usually pretty good – I can only suggest getting onto the company as this isnt good at all!

  12. HI whats the difference in using it in SS temp mode to the NI or TI mode, i’m using the stock UFORCE .4 coils ? and replace every few weeks… i’m confused (newbie), should I always be in SS mode with the temp? I get good hits but want to optimize my vape experience

    • Just looking on the Voopoo website and none of the UForce coils tell you what material they are so I will assume you cant use them in temperature mode as they are likely to be Kanthal.
      Have a read of our guide to temperature control – https://www.ecigclick.co.uk/beginners-guide-to-temperature-control/

      So you will need to use these coils in Wattage mode. The coils tell you on the side what wattage is recommended.
      Put coil in, fill the tank and leave for a good 10-15 mins – especially with the mesh coils.
      Temperature control is usually used for rebuildable tanks where you choose what material you make your coil from – so then you set which temperature mode to suit- Stainless Steel, Titanium or Nickel.
      Hope this helps

  13. I have a MOJO in the teal color. It was given to me on my 70th birthday–04-23-2018. I really, really loved but now it turned off by it self. Not able to turn it back on. I went to Swamp Vapor in Scott, La. The gentlemen tried so hard to work on it for 6 hrs. Still not coming back on. I do need your help. I miss my e-cigarette so much. It was a special gift from my best friend.

    • Hi there – have you tried upgrading the firmware see if that will help – you will need to download the Voopoo configuation software from here…

      Then download the upgrade firmware V1.0.02 and use the previously downloaded program to connect to the device and install the new firmware.

      Other than that there is a reset button on the base of the mod – you will need to poke something in there to press it.
      If that doesnt work you might need to return it to the store or contact Voopoo.

      Sadly looking at all these comments a lot of people are getting issues with the same device – which is rare for Voopoo.


  14. I was able to download the mojo’s configuration software, but I’m unable to open the mojo firmware software. Every time I try to download the mojo firmware upgrade, its saved as a xwdf file and there’s no app/windows software I can find that will allow me to open up the firmware:( I tried resetting my mod but it goes right back to the menu and is still locked. It doesn’t even turn off the device

    • Did you also download the Configuration software?
      That is like a program which you open on your PC and that connects to the mod – then you tell it to upgrade the firmware and it finds the file and transfers it for you.
      The configuration software is further down the page from the Upgrade…

  15. I have one and you cannot change the wattage even after resetting etc etc. It is by far the worst vape I’ve owned out of 10 or 15 over the years. Total garbage.

  16. To all the people who have the perma-lock problem. Go to voopoo’s site and download the mojo’s software and the voopoo manager. Use the voopoo manager to re-install the mojo’s software, and it will do a full software wipe. Locked mode will be disabled.

  17. I’ve had my Voopoo and it will not charge. It’s new so I know I’ve not wore it out that quick. I’ve tried everything. Upsetting.

    • I have just downloaded the Mojo Manual and reading through it says to enter the menu by pressing the up and down buttons at the same time. Then scroll through to “locked mode” and press and hold fire button for 5 seconds to select.
      It seems a few of you are having the same issue?
      If it continues there is a reset button on the base of the device – I would push a pin or needle into the reset hole and it should reset the software and restart the device. However any settings you have stored may be lost.
      Also on here is a Firmware upgrade – the factory version was V1.0.01 and there does appear to be a V1.0.02 on the site so perhaps you could try an upgrade.
      There is also some windows software you can download to help to customise the device this is on the same page.
      Sorry I am unable to help any more as I havent used one of these myself.

      • I had this problem and ALREADY have v installed.

        But GOOD NEWS, the above fix worked! Scroll to LOCK on the setup menu (which you get to by long pressing +/-) and then long press FIRE until it kicks back to regular display (or “Atomizer failure” as happened to me since I didn’t have a tank on at the time.)

        I then put my tank back on and low and behold it worked!

        I had tried everything – including turning it off and on, and using a pin to reset. Only the above worked for me. Phew! And THANKS!

    • According to the user manual you can enter the menu by pressing the up and down buttons at the same time, scroll through to “locked mode” and press and hold fire button for 5 seconds to select.
      Hope this helps


  18. I can’t have had mine a week
    Red as well and can’t maintain s battery at all. It gets insanely hot cost me 100 Dollars. I went in tho vape shop after needing new ego exceed box. It was only 33$ for new kit. I wasted money but now I’m stuck with the voopoo mojo and not happy.


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