The Voopoo Vinci pod kit review and here’s another device aimed primarily at the brand new vaper.

As much as there’s been a deluge of starter pod systems in recent times I personally think you can’t have enough of them.

Voopoo Vinci pod kit hand check 2


The more choices from more manufacturers, the stronger the likelihood of transitioning over from lit cigs.

Voopoo is a very well known manufacturer having been in the industry since 2014. Its provided the vaping community with some of the finest products to ever hit the market place, in my opinion.

Am I dragging this out a bit? Let’s move on..

So the Voopoo Vinci pod kit is the latest to feature in the Vinci series of pod kits.

We’ve got the Vinci Air compatible with PnP coils, the Vinci Mod Pod with its auto and manual draw modes, the Vinci X Mod pod that requires a single 18650 battery powering up to 70W and the Vinci R Mod Pod with its three stage voltage regulation and 1500mah internal battery.

I’m just trying to paint a picture..

The one thing all these devices have in common is the new generation AI Gene chip technology – more on that below.

Please note the following review is based upon my own experiences while handling, filling, charging and vaping the device. They won’t necessarily reflect yours should you decide to partake.

What Can We Expect From the Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit?

The Voopoo Vinci pod kit is the least power hungry device to feature in the range.

The internal battery is also now limited to 800mah, yet said to last a full day.

Voopoo Vinci pod kit boxed

Incredibly lightweight and relatively slim you’ll be hard pushed to even notice it in a shirt pocket.

The single grain, single plating of the exterior is wear and shock proof while the disposable pod utilizes a leak resistant structure with brand new ITO vaporization technology for a richer, denser flavour experience.

Be aware the pod is not interchangeable with others in the Vinci range.

A single adjustable slider is incorporated which Voopoo refer to as their infinite airflow system.

No buttons or screen display feature on the Voopoo Vinci pod kit.

It’s a very simple and straightforward device that relies on auto draw to get the job done.

USA – Free Shipping Options, Rest of World – Save 10% With Code ECC

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit – Inside the Box

The simplicity is extended to the packaging.

The device lies within a plastic tray with two thumb cut outs for easy removal and icons on the inner package depict what else is included.
Voopoo Vinci pod kit unboxed

  • Vinci Pod device
  • Vinci Pod cartridge (0.8ohm coil)
  • Type C charging cable
  • User manual

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit – Features

Only a standard edition is available which also happens to be TPD compliant.

It comes in a choice of colour schemes which are: Carbon Fibre, Pine Grey, Dazzling Line, Aurora Red (under review), Aurora Neon, Aurora Pastel and Aurora Silver.

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit Voopoo Logo

All the above colours are fade proof thanks to the UV coating process used during manufacture.

The new generation AI Gene chip ensures a steady 15W output is maintained during the lifespan of the internal 800mah battery.

The chip is also responsible for a super fast auto draw while an array of safety features protect the device from malfunctioning.

During auto draw a “breathing lamp” reflects the current charge of the battery over three colour cycles, aka implanting a visual concept – Voopoo’s words, not mine.

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit – Specifications


  • Capacity 2ml
  • Material PCTG
  • Coil resistance 0.8ohm


  • Material Zinc Alloy
  • Output 15W
  • Input voltage 3.2 – 4.2V
  • Resistance range 0.6 – 3.0ohm
  • Battery Built in 800mah

The measurements with the pod installed are 93.5 x 24 x 14mm.

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit – Design and Build Quality

Pod Section

It’s disposable so don’t expect to be messing with PnP coils anytime soon, what you see is what you get. Be ready to replace it after 2 – 3 weeks of regular vaping.

Manufactured using tough PCTG plastic the 2ml viewing window is perfectly clear which is something I always welcome.

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit disposable poc

Coupled with the fact that all juice content can be seen and we’re off to a great start aesthetically speaking at least.

Measuring 32.5 x 24 x 14mm at its widest points, the Voopoo Vinci disposable pod is a compact little fella and looks to have been designed quite well too.

Voopoo Vinci Pod kit battery contacts and air ingress port

There’s a very small triple airflow ingress port on the underside which clearly demonstrates the pods MTL capabilities and the mouthpiece (which is relatively comfortable) tapers down to around 5ml to reinforce those properties.

Voopoo Vinci pod kit mouthpiece

The pod doesn’t rely on magnetic contacts to attach itself to the battery section, instead simply snapping firmly into place. There’s no movement when seated and it’s a very secure connection.

This connection is reversible too so there’s no wrong way of attaching it.

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit spring loaded coil contacts and air ingress tube
The pod lines up with the spring loaded battery contacts. Connection is reversible.

I wasn’t able to find out any information on the coil type used in the pod so I’m going to assume it’s vertical kanthal A1 round wire judging by the four wicking ports.

silicone stopper

Moving on to the silicone stopper and this one’s much more manageable for folks minus finger nails! Voopoo has thoughtfully seen to having it partially wrapped around the edge of the pod. A recess on the pods moulding allows the seal to be broken quite easily.

Given the relatively compact nature of the pod the oval fill port opening still manages to be wide at around 5mm, useful for preventing air locks and potential leaking.

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit – How to Fill the Pod

  • Remove the pod from the battery section
  • Pull the silicone stopper out of the pod
  • Turn the pod on its side and pour e-liquid into the fill port. Do not overfill
  • Replace the silicone stopper ensuring a snug fit
  • Snap the pod back into the battery section

filling the pod

Allow the e-liquid to soak into the wicking ports for around five minutes before vaping.

One final note on the pod. It’s said to be leak resistant.

It seems there’s a “sandwich” reservoir on either side of the internal structure for uptake of e-liquid after vaping. So instead of any potential leakage there’s somewhere else for it to escape.

Well. That’s my slant on the official statement. Personally I prefer ham and cheese in my sandwiches..

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit – Battery

The battery section incorporates the new generation Gene AI chip to provide a constant 15W of power to the coil which is something I’ll be testing.

Yes, being such a simple design there’s no three step wattage adjustment as with the Voopoo Vinci R Mod Pod but then again it only has half the battery capacity.

side panel pic 1

Utilising CMF design, the Voopoo Vinci pod kit focuses on colour, materials and finish to ensure a tactile and decorative identity. Again, that’s just the dictionaries explanation, not mine. I’m not that intelligent! lol

Pictures can’t really demonstrate the effectiveness of the light refraction visible on the surface of the zinc alloy material.

Vertical lines zip and flash around from top to bottom of the front side panel, merging with the Vinci logo in a stunning holographic manner.

This effect is exclusive to the Aurora colour schemes.

The front panel is also home to the battery strength indicator or “breathing lamp” that’s cleverly integrated into the Gene chip logo. (Yes, lots of marketing tactics going on here! lol)

  • Green 100 – 60%
  • Blue 60 – 20%
  • Red 20% – depleted

The breathing lamp is auto draw activated and gives enough time to view the condition of the battery before dimming.

By stark contrast, the rear side of the battery features a simple spray paint finish alongside the main Voopoo logo, so two contrasting sides.

Nothing wrong with that in my opinion but for some it may appear as unfinished.

Returning to the new generation AI Gene chip, the breathing lamp also provides information on any activated safety features built in.

  • The corresponding battery strength LED flashes during stages of recharge. The green indicator remains on when charging is complete
  • Current battery strength indicator flashes briefly when the pod is attached
  • Low battery – Red LED flashes 10 times
  • Short circuit – Red LED remains lit for 2 seconds. No vaping is possible
  • No atomizer – Red LED flashes red
  • Overtime protection – The LED flashes 8 times
  • Over heat protection – The red indicator flashes 15 times

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit – Infinite Airflow Structure

In reality this is just another airflow slider and due to the pods strict MTL style of vaping, there’s very little in the way of adjustment.

You’re given no more than 3mm to play around with so I’m going to find out how effective the infinite airflow structure is as opposed to having two fixed airflow slots on either side of the battery.

adjustable airflow slider

OK, there is a tiny pin prick on the opposite side by way of fixed airflow so again, we’ll be taking a look at how that works as well.

Voopoo Vinci pod kit fixed pinhole airflow slot
Blink and you’ll miss it! There’s the fixed airflow hole at the top..

Despite the Voopoo Vinci Pod kit having a maximum battery capacity of 800mah, there’s still type C USB charging built into the base. That’s always a plus point not only for a quicker charge but being able to plug in without too much fiddling around.

So there’s also less chance of bending or warping the internal connector pins.

Gotta love type C charging!

Type C USB charging port

Because there’s no option of charging in a vertical position my advice would be to always ensure the pod is topped up with E-liquid to prevent one side of the wicking port potentially drying up while charging.

Always try to minimise the chances of a dry hit whenever, however, they’re not very nice!

How does the Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit perform?

I don’t recommend using anything other than 50VG/50PG juice ratios when using the Voopoo Vinci Pod kit. There’s simply not enough power or resistance from the coil to handle much else.

Voopoo suggest using nicotine salts, especially if you’re new to vaping but I’m going with freebase. Using 88 Vape Cherry Morello to see how much flavour I can get.

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit – Infinite Airflow System and Adjustability

With the airflow open as wide as possible there is the opportunity for a very restrictive direct lung hit. Being a RDL vaper [restricted direct to lung] – I just had to try and actually got quite a bit of satisfaction, more vapour production than expected and some pretty good flavour.

I also quickly discovered the infinite airflow system is far from a gimmick. OK, there’s not much to play around with but the difference to the MTL vape is noticeable.

Around mid position was my preferred setting as it provided satisfactory vapour production and good flavour from the cherry, bringing out a realistic level of sourness during exhale.

So the slider mechanism will offer a relatively loose MTL vape right up to restrictive something I’m sure the new or casual vaper will find appealing.

Although it’s still possible to vape with the airflow completely closed using the extremely tiny pin hole, it’s akin the the “sucking a golf ball through a hose pipe” syndrome.

Not something I would recommend in all honesty.

All in all I would suggest fruit, sweet or menthol flavours to bring out the best from the pod. It wasn’t able to reproduce dairy, dessert or cream vapes too effectively.


  • Lightweight and extremely pocket friendly
  • No leaking from the disposable pod
  • Impressive battery performance
  • Highly responsive auto-draw
  • Choice of an airy or tight MTL vape via the Infinite Airflow system
  • Decent flavour and cloud production


  • Contoured base makes the device unsteady when stood vertically
  • Only one pod included in the kit
  • LEDs difficult to view in direct sunlight

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit – Review Summary

The pod kit does indeed seem to hold a steady 15W power throughout the lifespan of the battery which was very impressive.

Side panel pic 2

Given that the device is “always on” so to speak the battery performed extremely well with no apparent drain overnight.

  • Green – Blue 5 hours 30 mins
  • Blue – Red 7 hours
  • Red – empty 2 hours

I got a full days use from the Voopoo Vinci pod kit during which time I vaped around 3ml of e-liquid.

It took exactly one hour to fully recharge the device using type C charging.

Overall, the Voopoo Vinci Pod kit is a solid bit of kit. It’s very well constructed and the CMF design really does shine through, I love the aesthetics of the kit.

The built in 800mah battery performs its duties admirably and the Gene chip provides a responsive auto-draw every single time. Power to the coil is instantaneous providing a consistent, flavoursome vape.

Is it the most flavoursome pod system I’ve tried? Mmm. Not really.

I’d say it’s good but there are better out there, however when it comes to simplicity, portability and overall build quality very few can match the Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this to the new vaper.

It’s been designed for ease of use, filling and everyday use, so there really aren’t any stumbling blocks when it comes to the Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit.

USA – Free Shipping Options, Rest of World – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour and cloud production 0.8ohm coil
Replace if lost
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
voopoo-vinci-pod-kit-reviewVoopoo return with a pod kit that's been immaculately designed. The simplicity and ease of use extends to flawless auto-draw functionality while the impressive battery life ensures a full days use from the 800mah internal battery. Leak free pods and an easy filling system are the icing on the cake for any new vaper.


  1. Total waste of money mine stopped working hours after I started using this straight out of the package I’m not happy with it at all can anyone help it turns red when I try to take a hit off of it

    • Is the Red light flashing?

      If so count the number of flashes as this is the code for the fault that is occurring.

      Current battery strength indicator flashes briefly when the pod is attached
      Low battery – Red LED flashes 10 times
      Short circuit – Red LED remains lit for 2 seconds. No vaping is possible
      No atomizer – Red LED flashes red
      Overtime protection – The LED flashes 8 times
      Over heat protection – The red indicator flashes 15 times

      If it is short circuit or no atomiser try a new pod.

  2. I have had 2 of these and both ended up with a no fire , the first was about 9 months old and these are not my primary units Novo X is. the second only lasted 2 months the no fire , this time I save all my product boxes and receipt contacted Voopoo and went thru all of their cleaning and trouble shooting still no fore or pod recognition. They offered a discount to by more product or to send it back to china for evaluation from their engineers. I asked for a replacement but that is out of the question with them. The store I bought it from told me they were having more failures from this company than others. Please don’t waste your hard earned money with this china based company .

  3. Hi
    I dropped mine in water for a second it’s working but when try to charge it it’s showing the red colour not green and I have let it dry out over night.

  4. I’ve had a problem with one of the Voopoo’s I bought recently shorting out and just staying there. Not sure where to go from here. Anyone else know of anything/had this issue?

    • this pod kit is bad. Just bad. If you still like voopoo the company (as most people do) then the drag nano 2 is excellent, especially for the price of 20-25 pounds. It’s also compatible with these vinci pods if you have spare and don’t want them to go to waste.

  5. This product is not good at all. I bought it at a vape store because they didn’t have pods for my smok Novo x. If you enjoy having vape juice blowing out of the pod into your mouth. Then you’ll enjoy this vape. And it burns my lips. Ugh worst nic salt product ever.

  6. I would never recommend anyone buying this product. Unless you want to feel like you just flushed money down the drain. That is how you will feel after you spend days trying to unlock this product.

    • Hi, Shauna.
      I’ll reply to this comment as the other one seems to pretty much reflect the same thoughts. There’s no lock or unlock feature on the Vinci Pod Kit. You’ll know yourself it’s a no thrills auto draw device of convenience for when out and about. I will assume that you’ve attempted to recharge the device and it’s still not working?
      If that’s the case then maybe you need to refer back to where you purchased it. They may give you a replacement Vinci Pod cartridge to try first before establishing if the battery has gone the way of the dodo.
      I’m really sorry you’ve been having problems. You do need an answer one way or the other.

      Neil C

  7. Buying this was a complete waste of money. It worked when I first got it but now it has been in lock mode for days. Buying this product was basically flushing money down the drain.

    • Hi, Kon.
      Thanks for reading our reviews, it’s very much appreciated.
      I haven’t had any experience with the Aspire Oby so unfortunately cannot help.

      Neil C

  8. Hi Neil,

    Really appreciate the review! I live in California and we have some messed up vape bans going around, but I saw this particular item at a “local” shop. I’ve been vaping for about 6 years now and have been through rebuildables, disposables, and now pods. I’ve lived off of a mi-pod for a long time, but it’s quite hard to get replacement pods locally. Thought of switching over to the Voopoo but had to ask now that you’ve had this a while, does it leak? My experience with something like a Smok Novo 2 was good, but leaving the thing on its side for some extended periods saw some pretty good leaking after a while. Thanks in advance!

    • I haven’t used the Voopoo Vinci but what I can say is the Caliburn G has intense flavour and I take my two everywhere 🙂

  9. Thanks a lot Neil. You always show the honest review to us.
    This pod will be my next buy item.
    Take care 👍

  10. Hi Neil. Nice review for this again.
    I was struggling which pod to buy, may i ask your opinion?
    Aspire favostix or this vinci pod.
    My last buy are the smok fetch pro, but damage already.😅
    Now usually using the voopoo drag x at home and office, but for outsite i wish to buy a light weight pod.

    • Hi, Chua!
      Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews. Much appreciated.
      Can you believe that despite being a fan of Aspire I haven’t actually got my hands on the Favostix?
      All I can tell you is that I thoroughly enjoyed the Voopoo Vinci Pod kit. The coils are awesome at replicating flavour – reliable and last around three weeks (using the same E liquid).
      If pocket friendliness is what you’re after they don’t get much better to be honest. Talking of reliability, the convenient and discreet auto draw is also on point, working consistently well.
      Sorry I couldn’t make any kind of comparison for you, Chua.

      Neil C

  11. So far I’m having the identical experience. Straight out of the package as generally they’re only partially charged I got roughly 4.23 hrs on green within time of use, the flavor is quite exceptional as I am more inclined and lean towards fruit or preferably fruit based ice lines, the weight I’d say has some weight to it as other pods I’ve had were far lighter, my only considerable personal con is no power switch/button and outside of that only spit a little on the first pod so far and I think that’s because I filled it just a bit more than I planned which is why I usually prefer top filling spouts, but all in all it’s fantastic and simple for on the go. It’s because the f Vaping with pod devices I was able to successfully quit cigarettes 6 months ago.

    • Hi, Caddy. Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews. Much appreciated.
      Yeah I think Voopoo did a great job with this little pod kit. The auto draw works a treat and I think it’s ideal for the new vaper. Key in the ease of use and simplicity not to mention good flavour and that’s another ex smoker joining us!


      Neil C


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