Disposable vape pods are becoming an even bigger thing these days, so let’s review and taste test a new kit, the Vozol Bar S.

As a company Vozol has certainly impressed the reviewers here on Ecigclick.

vozol bar s review

We’ve looked at the Vozol D1 disposable pods – the follow up Vozol D2 and of course I loved the Vozol G-Roar funky, chunky pen style kit with those seaweed fibre coils.

Definitely a vape company with a very good track record that seems to really have a great grasp of the disposable vape pod market for sure.

What Can We Expect From the Vozol Bar S?

I’m not much of an ‘ice‘ based e-liquid fan – but as always I’m looking for great taste.

With a disposable vape come pod kit, I also expect ease of use and longevity.

vozol bar s flavours

The first is covered as these are draw activated – so no buttons or screens.

And Vozol say the kits have a 450mAh internal battery giving you up to 500 puffs per kit – not bad at all.

The Vozol Bar S disposable pod kits come in 12 flavours from fruits to ice creams and all have ice as the main flavour note.

Speaking of which there are no flavour notes – the flavours speak for themselves 🙂

disposable vape pod review

They are available in 20mg and 50mg nicotine levels – here in the UK we’re limited to 20mg and those are the strengths I received.

Vozol very kindly sent x5 flavours for me to review – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

A big thank you for the t-shirt – cap and lanyard too…

vozol merchandise

Jonny asked if I’d mind modeling them…so there ya go lol…might wear that ensemble at the next grab-a-granny night I attend 😉

Somehow I think a China XXL isn’t the same as here in the UK…could barely breath haha.

And yeah…I am available for modeling jobs ha!

Right…on with the Vozol Bar S disposable pods review.

Vozol Bar S Pineapple Ice 20mg

pineapple ice

I Say:

As already mentioned there’s no flavour description I can find but I don’t think we need it!

Despite not liking juice that’s too icy this is a very tasty and refreshing vape indeed.

I love pineapple flavoured vapes and this is one of the freshest I’ve tasted.

Very nice indeed.

Vozol Bar S Refreshing Mint 20mg

refreshing mint

I Say:

Yeah I’m gonna say it – I don’t tend to go for minty menthol vapes.

The smell from the kit is very minty indeed…

On the inhale you really get a whack of ice with a spearmint taste underneath.

It felt like it was going to be a little too cold ‘n fresh…

However on the exhale the ice calms down just a little leaving another refreshing and very tasty cloud of goodness.

Vozol Bar S Iced Mango 20mg

iced mango

I Say:

No denying the aroma when you remove the little stopper – and this really does smell like mango!

I know that’s stating the obvious, but a few disposable vapes I’ve tried are a little synthetic…

Again the inhale brings that cooling ice but the mango fights its way to the front as it hits the back of your throat.

It’s the exhale where the fruit takes over giving a clean vibrant fruity vape that really is quite delicious.

Reminds me of a mango smoothie I used to slurp on the beach in Goa…lovely stuff and the first I emptied!

Vozol Bar S Grape Ice 20mg

vozol bar s grape ice

I Say:

I’m yet to find a grape flavoured e-liquid or vape that I like…I find them all a bit perfumy.

The smell is promising if a little overpowered by the ice effect.

I’m not really getting a great amount of grape – it’s fruity for sure if a little sweet for me.

I can’t really put my finger on what this tastes like…it’s pleasant for sure…and very fruity.

I’m a little torn on this one if I’m honest…by that I mean I kind of like it!

Vozol Bar S Strawberry Ice Cream 20mg

vozol bar s strawberry ice cream

I Say:

I’m a sucker for ice cream – reflected in the amount of the stuff in my shopping deliveries lol.

Yeah there’s a definite strawberry sweet syrupy smell coming from this one!

I tell you what this reminds me of – raspberry ripple!

Yeah I know it’s a strawberry flavour, but there’s a line of vanilla, cut with the sweet strawberry, before the ice cools it all down.

Kind of layers rather than one single blob of strawberry ice cream.

Very nice indeed.

MTL Style Draw?

Obviously there’s no airflow control, so how tight are the Vozol Bar S disposable vapes?

They’re actually pretty tight…

With 10 being the tightest these are easy high 8’s to mid 9’s.

You can hold you finger over the air inlet on the base to get them even tighter.


  • Good to great flavours
  • Impressive vapour
  • Dead simple to use
  • Cheapish price wise


  • None really…

Final Review Verdict

I guess the world of vaping is torn on disposables – I know I am.

Yes we need to be concerned about recycling, and it looks like all the parts – box – device – wrapper and bung – can be recycled.

vozol bar s wrapper

I’m slowly coming round to disposable vapes being OK – as long as they are disposed of correctly.

They are ideal to chuck in your bag, car or pocket and perfect as a back-up or for brand new vapers wanting to give vaping a go without too much outlay.

As for the Vozol Bar S disposable vapes?

I actually like them a lot and that’s despite always moaning about the e-liquid companies chucking gallons of coolada all over the place!

The five flavours I’ve sampled are very fruity and very fresh…ideal for the current UK heatwave.


What are your thoughts on disposable vapes?

Have you tried the Vozol Bar S ones?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Pineapple Ice
S Refreshing Mint
Iced Mango
Grape Ice
Strawberry Ice Cream
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