Today I’m scrutinizing another disposable vape destroyer in the form of the Vozol Switch Pro.

Vozol want to ‘make joy happen’.

They’re doing this by manufacturing the highest possible quality E-cigarette. You could say they’ve been putting smiles on the faces of vapers since 2019 with disposable vape products such as the NEON 800, STAR 600 and TIGO 600.

By end of 2023 Vozol had entered over 60 countries with the release of their acclaimed GEAR series. The latest of which features a massive 6000 puff count and filled with 12 ml of E-liquid.

However, to maintain a global marketplace presence Vozol knew they needed to be mindful of the restrictions of the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive). Here in the UK no nicotine carrying devices can hold above 2 ml of E-liquid.

Add to that the ever growing concern of environmental waste and value for money, Vozol had three worrying areas to contend with.

Vozol Switch Pro web bannerEnter the Vozol Switch Pro device with its twin 2 ml pod packs and rechargeable battery section. Not only do we retain half the device for continued use but we also retain much of the appeal of a disposable vape.

Without strictly being a disposable vape Vozol are continuing to make joy happen.

Let me explain in more detail.

What Can We Expect From the Vozol Switch Pro Device?

The Vozol Switch Pro takes over where the highly successful Switch 600 disposable vape left off. Of course there are differences and these include a crystal clear E-liquid viewing window, improved puff count and a dramatically increased range of flavours.

The biggest change has come with the advent of removable, sealed flavour pods. So this is why the product is referred to as a pod device as opposed to disposable.

The battery is essentially the device, driven by those flavour pods.

The Vozol Switch Pro device comes in its own standalone packaging and without a flavour pod to get you started. I think it would’ve made sense to include one but what do I know?

It comes protected in a sealed foil bag (in the way many disposables arrive) and a rather miniscule type C charging cable in a plastic bag.

A basic pamphlet is included with instructions for use and makes good use of diagrams to simplify things.

OK. I’m going to try out seven flavours from this burgeoning range and to see how well the Switch Pro device responds.

Massive thanks to Vozol for sending these over for the purposes of review. It’s very much appreciated.

Kit Contents

Featuring the world’s shortest charging cable!

  • Switch Pro device
  • Type C Charging cable
  • User manual

Vozol Switch Pro inside the box


  • Material: PC  Aluminium
  • Device Dimensions: 20 x 89mm
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Display: LED indicator
  • Charging: Type C – 0.5A charge rate
  • Pod Material: PC  PCTG
  • Pod resistance: 1.1ohm mesh
  • Pod Dimensions: 20 x 48.5mm
  • Pod capacity: 2ml

switch pro specs

Design & Build Quality

Battery Section / Device

It is made of Aluminium Alloy and as slim as any disposable vape!

It’s powered by a 400mAh integrated and rechargeable battery.

The Vozol logo runs vertically down the front of the device and I have to say the colour effects of the Sunset Violet version are really rather striking.

Vozol Switch Pro battery
Sunset Violet colour scheme in all its glory!

There’s a brushed ribbon appearance and the two tone colour scheme blends beautifully across the outer shell. The only thing to shatter the illusion are four visible seams used in the rolling procedure.

Two MTL pinhole airflow slots are punched into either side and peering down inside we can see both pod electrical and magnetic contact points.

Since the battery section is oval in design it sits quite comfortably on any surface and the underside includes two key features of the Switch Pro.

So the Vozol Switch Pro device is available in eight colours but I think that number has already been increased. As well as Black and White, Blue, Gold, Graphite, Green, Orange, Purple and Red there also appears to be Lime Green, Grey and of course Sunset Violet.

switch pro colours

.. You can never have too many colour schemes and they’re probably being added to match preferred flavours.

Pod Section

Good news!

These come in blister packs of two 2 ml pods. So this effectively doubles the number of puffs you can obtain from your favourite flavour. I know Vozol claim a combined total of up to 1,400 but I do often find that’s an optimistic figure.

We’ll find out soon enough.

Note: These blister packs are quite difficult to get into unless you have adequate sized finger nails! lol

Vozol Switch Pro pods boxed

One thing’s for certain. Vozol are putting a helluva lot of confidence in the Switch Pro because there are a total of 45 different flavour pods to choose from.

These range from Fruit, Tobacco, Sweet, Dessert, Drink, Mint and Menthol profiles. Expect to find the obligatory icy cold inhale along the way too.

So I’m a bit perplexed – nothing unusual with me, but Vozol mention a clear viewing window with the Switch Pro. Well, that’s both true and false.

Vozol Switch Pro pod unboxed
Don’t forget to remove the silicone stoppers in the top and bottom of the pod before using!

You’ll certainly have no issues eyeing the remaining E-Liquid levels but.. You have to remove the pod from the battery section in order to do so.

And these pods are long. Over two thirds recess inside the battery section. I guess with the length and ample magnetisation they’re not likely to separate easily so that’s a plus.

They pop in either way around and they are ready to vape without any period of waiting.

Useful for impatient buggers like me!

VAMT Technology

The bottom half of the pods are mysteriously blacked out. So I’m wondering if that’s anything to do with Vozols new atomization technology. They claim no cotton wicking is used in order to increase flavour freshness by 40% and purity by 60%.

switch pro tech

A dry, burnt taste is all but eradicated with this coil technology.

Still – the wicking material remains a mystery to me.

So a VAMT mesh coil has been employed which is no doubt vertically mounted within that mysterious cordoned off area within the pod.

I’ve really no idea what VAMT stands for but to hazard a guess..

.. Vozol Atomization Mesh Technology. Why not?


The mouthpiece has some serious crimping going on! It tapers sharply before flattening but I have to say is to one of the most comfortable vaping experienced I’ve tried with a device of this ilk.

It’s perfectly clear but likely only to gather condensation for your viewing pleasure. I’m not really sure what that’s all about, really.

The mouthpiece opening is suitably restricted and together with those two fixed airflow slots on the device should ensure a decent MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape.

It looks like you’re confined to 20mg salt nicotine strength across the range. It’s not stated so I’m going to assume the E-liquid ratio is 50VG/50PG.

I couldn’t find any flavour descriptions so I’m going in under no preconceived ideas and as always, will report back with my own honest opinions.

Quick Start Guide

On the base is where the type C USB charging port is situated but it also houses the child safety lock.

Underside of the Vozol Switch Pro

Press this button for two seconds and it switches the device on or off – hence the name? Ha!

A nifty White LED chases around the circumference while activating. This is known as the Halo light.

Nice touch, Vozol!

But there’s more, folks. By pressing the child safety lock a single time the following battery strength indicators are activated:

  • Flashing three times – Battery capacity is over 75%
  • Flashes twice – Battery capacity is between 25% – 75%
  • Flashes once – Battery capacity is below 25%

Safety Protections

As well as preventing tiny fingers from using the device, the Switch Pro is armed with a few other built in safety features.

  • Short circuit protection – The LED indicator will flash five times and the device will stop working
  • Low voltage protection – The LED indicator will flash ten times and the device will cease to function if the battery is depleted
  • Timeout protection – You’re able to vape for up to eight seconds. If you exceed this the LED will flash fifteen times as a prompt

How Does The Vozol Switch Pro Perform?

Flavour Pods

More than satisfactory and very much on par from what you’d expect from a disposable vape. The flavours are generally very well defined and you’re getting what it says on the box.

Yes there are some generic tasting ones among them but most of the blending on the multi fruit flavours was excellent.

Maybe a touch too much sweetener for my liking and the cooling agent interfered at time but Vozol aren’t alone when it comes to those personal niggles.

I’m a bit flummoxed as to why the mouthpiece is transparent yet it’s impossible to view remaining E-liquid unless the pods are removed from the device.

It is what it is, I guess.

One thing’s for sure. These pods don’t leak. Always a plus.

Read what I thought of the individual flavours I was sent below…

Cola Ice

I Say:

This is a super sweet Cola taste.

It’s far more intense than your average can of Cola, put it that way. If this were the real thing it would contain around 85% sugar. Trust me! lol I’m a vaper..

The sweetness combined with a cooling blast on the inhale only attenuates just how concentrated this one is.

There’s no escaping the familiar and popular taste of Cola and Cola Ice does more than stimulate the taste buds.

You need to be prepared for the flavour explosion it provides.

It lines the tongue and lips with all that sugary goodness but the cooling agent can and does become a bit too much after a fashion.

Mixed with all that concentrated favour it starts to rip into the throat so I would suggest avoid chain vaping this one.

There’s just far too much sweetener for my liking, unfortunately.

Pineapple Ice

I Say:

Even before removing the two sealing stoppers, it was quite evident what I was in for this one.

And I have to say this is a very pleasant tasting Pineapple vape. The inhale lines the throat with an icy cold blast before the tangy nature of the fruit kicks in.

It’s certainly full of tart like qualities and the sweetness to the vape combines with the cooling properties – both of which assist with bringing out the intensity of the experience.

Think Pineapple Chunk sweets and you’ll be getting an idea of what to expect.

Is it too sweet? Yes – it is for me but as with Cola Ice, it’s going to have its fan base.

You’re getting what you paid for and as much as you can expect from a simple, single flavour profile.

Pineapple Ice gets the job done with no fussing.

Lemon Mojito

I Say:

Here’s my first chance at experiencing a Vozol multi flavoured pod. Fingers crossed for good things!

It’s good, if a little dry tasting at times on the way out. I think Vozol have just about managed to pull it off.

There’s a healthy mix of Lemon, Lime and Mint coursing through each exhale.

On this occasion, the sweetness to the vape feels much more welcoming, primarily because I was expecting it. Once again it underpins the very nature of the taste but doesn’t distract from the concentrated flavour combination.

I think the Lime is most dominant (it kicks in first), followed by a layering of Lemon and a touch of Mint in the background.

It’s tangy and a little fizzy too, adding to the overall enjoyment.

So decent layering is in evidence with Lemon Mojito. The cool blast of the inhale sets things up nicely for what is without doubt, a refreshing drinks based profile.

I could happily vape this one all day!

Cool Mint

I Say:

I was initially a bit concerned with Cool Mint.

It tasted somewhat dry and slightly mute of flavour but after a few tokes, things seemed to groove much better. Sometimes first impressions clearly aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

The most striking element of this one is of course the Mint. I’d put it down as more of a Spearmint than anything else but the level of sweetness can be an off putting factor.

It tastes very, very fresh and much of that is due to the cooling clout of the inhale.

Again, by overloading Cool Mint with sweetener and combining with that ice cold blast, I’m also inclined to think there’s some Menthol thrown in.

If you used to enjoy Menthol cigarettes you’re going to love this one.

It may also be an ideal tonic if you’re suffering with a bout of Flu or even if you wish to reset those flavour sensors.

Cool Mint ultimately delivers a powerful Minty experience.

Lemon Passionfruit

I Say:


This is what you call a collision of flavours.

This one sends my taste buds into overdrive and really wakes them up.

The mix of Lemon and Passionfruit is very well presented. On the initial exhale it’s all about those Lemons. Zesty, punchy and bright – all the attributes I look for in the fruit.

Around half way through the exhale the Passionfruit seamlessly blends in to overlap with the Lemon. I dig it. A lot!

The tartness is there, along with a touch of Kiwi (I could pick out its roughness) and a drop of Pineapple.

Combine these attributes with a sweetness and cooling during the inhale and you get a very nice fusion of fruits.

And all the time it carries that tropical vibe. It’s almost as if Vozol have created their own drinks brand.

Top notch stuff and worthy of its overall score, methinks.

Cherry Peach Lemonade

I Say:

This one’s even more ambitious than Lemon Passionfruit. How does it fare?

Vozol have actually nailed it yet again! I’m mightily impressed. I wouldn’t have thought it possible for such an unassuming little mesh coil such as this.

The Peach is the stand out flavour and is actually one of the more authentic tasting versions – at least among disposable vape varieties.

That may well be due to its fusion with the Lemonade. I can’t be too certain but there’s certainly an overlap between those two.

It could also be where the distinctive fizz comes into play. Highly noticeable on the exhale and nestling in with the sugary content that sits on the lips post vape.

Cherry does play its role and has a tendency to lurk in the background, even though you don’t have to struggle to pick it out.

Cherry Peach Lemonade is another flavour that has an originality about it. Let’s face it. That can be quite a feat in this day and age.

Yes, a very juicy vape experience and one that oozes quality flavour.

The only blot on the vaping landscape is the excessive use of cooling agent. I found it did cut into the lining of the mouth a bit.

For flavour quality, though – it’s a certifiable winner!

Red Berry

I Say:

I get the faintest whiff of Strawberry once I’ve opened the blister pack. It is, however, quite an artificial smell.

Since we vape and not smell these products how does it actually taste?

Not too bad.

That synthetic taste of Strawberries still resonates on the exhale but I’m inclined to say is mixed in with a light sprinkling of Blueberries.

Doesn’t quite match the flavour name, I know.

I also believe there’s a background note of Grape as well although nothing amplified because trust me! I’d know. I’m not the biggest fan of Grape vapes!

Yes I know the description reads Red Berry but that’s my taste buds for ya..

That artificial taste of Strawberry does take the lead and these other fruits play second fiddle but enough to create an original blending of sorts.

It definitely doesn’t float my boat in the way Cherry Peach Lemonade or Lemon Passionfruit does. The overall blending seems less refined, less effective and lacking flavour separation.

I don’t know what’s causing it but the exhale also feels quite dry in comparison to others. Again I tested both pods to make sure and the results were the same.

So no duff pods in this review, folks!

This is a flavour profile that benefits from the cooling agent. It does help to lift those flavour notes out a bit more but I’m still not convinced by the blending on this occasion.

Then again. They’re not likely to rename it Red, Blue and Green are they? lol

An average tasting vape at best.

Auto Draw Operation

It’s pretty damn sensitive and reacts to the lightest of pulls. Again, it never let me down throughout use – another sign of decent airflow restriction in my opinion.

That sensitivity is reflected by the Halo light on the base. It’s triggered at the slightest change in pressure. Great stuff!


The MTL vape is brilliant.

I think there’s just enough restriction for a comfortable vape without straining the neck muscles. So this leads to an increased inhale and even better flavour experience in my opinion.

Vapour production is suitably thin and wispy so no disgruntled looks when waiting at the bus stop, for example.

It’s substantial and satisfying for a MTL vape and I couldn’t ask for more, really.

Child Lock & Halo Battery Indicator

The child lock / battery indicator feature is awesome too.

I switched the device off every night while testing because I’ve had products auto fire for no apparent reason. So the child lock feature removed that concern.

And the single button press to check remaining battery strength is an excellent visual addition. I used it on quite a few occasions and it worked a treat.

Battery Performance & Number of Puffs

For a 400mAh capacity battery I’m quite impressed.

I got eight hours continuous use and it didn’t skip a beat. It was pulling the same level of power throughout. I never noticed any degradation to flavour at all.

What I found equally as impressive was how well capacity was balanced with the 2 ml pod.

The pod was pretty much bone dry when the battery eventually depleted. You really can’t ask for more than that.

So expect a full pod to last the lifetime of a single charge. Cool stuff, Vozol!

The Halo LED on the base of the Switch Pro will flash 10 times when it’s time to recharge.

There’s one other eye opener, folks!

It took 45 minutes to recharge the device. That’s at least 15 minutes less than I was expecting. Very impressive.

The Halo light will continuously pulse throughout the charging cycle and remain lit once complete.

I’ve gone to considerable pains to work out my average number of puffs per hour.

Based on those figures, a 2 ml pod will last for just under 600 puffs. That obviously goes against the claims Vozol make but still better than a lot of other similarly designed products.


  • Lightweight and pocket friendly
  • Simplistic functionality
  • Leak proof pods
  • Decent MTL experience
  • Good battery life
  • Fast charging in comparison to similar devices
  • Child lock feature


  • Have to remove pod to view remaining E-Liquid levels
  • Horizontal charging (subjective)
  • Short USB charging cable (subjective)

Final Review Verdict

I make no apology for banging on about the device itself. I love it. Personally, the functionality outweighs the flavour pods in terms of performance.

Here we have a device that’s been built from the ground up, specifically designed to work with those pods and bring out the very best in terms of flavour while ensuring a more than adequate battery life and overall performance.

A simple, no nonsense device that won’t let you down and flavour pods that deliver the goods. Ideal for anyone worried about the future of disposable vapes and with added, easy to use features.

A superb effort from Vozol.

neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Cola Ice
Pineapple Ice
Lemon Mojito
Cool Mint
Lemon Passionfruit
Cherry Peach Lemonade
Red Berry
Switch Pro device
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
vozol-switch-pro-device-reviewThe flavour pods are pretty impressive in their own right but it's the performance of the Switch Pro device itself that impressed me more. It works tirelessly throughout to continuously deliver the best possible flavour experience. It runs out when the pod does, takes only 45 minutes to recharge and the child safety lock doubles up as a battery strength indicator. The Vozol Switch Pro is an impressive device.


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