Introduction – Reuleaux RX Machina Kit from Wismec

I was really surprised and delighted when I found out about Jaybo’s latest design for Wismec, The RX Machina Kit and just had to procure one for myself and share my thoughts and feelings about it with all our wonderful readers here on ecigclick.

As many of you know Wismec are an e-cigarette manufacturer based in China, along with their long time American designer Jaybo they have turned out some great regulated devices under the brand name of Reuleaux, RX DNA 200, RX200, RX200S, RX Gen 3 Dual to name a few.

The Wismec RX Machina kit follows on from the brands other mech deivice the Skyladon! Let’s take a look at it and see what it’s like.

*This is a Mechanical Device and therefore suitable only for experienced users.

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In The Box

  • 1 x Wismec RX Machina mod
  • 1 x Guillotine RDA
  • 1 x Battery adaptor
  • 2 x Clapton coils
  • 1 x Sheet of cotton
  • 1 x User manual
  • Spare parts

Main Specs/Features

  • Claims to be the smallest 20700/18650 Mechanical Tube Mod
  • Interchangeable exterior sleeves
  • Innovative Guillotine RDA
  • Thread less RDA assembly
  • Tube Dimensions: 81.3mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 97.2g
  • RDA Dimensions: 35mm x 24mm
  • Weight: 33g
  • Available in 4 colours

Design and Build Quality

For those of you that are regular readers of my reviews @ecigclick you will note I have already reviewed Guillotine RDA that comes along with the Machina Kit so I won’t cover that again in this review.

The RX Machina tube with the Guillotine sitting on top is a work of art and in my view, a thing of beauty that looks to be of good build quality and as you would expect from Jaybo a well thought out design.

The Guillotine RDA disassembles into four parts.

Made completely from stainless steel and a coloured Delrin 810 mouth piece, included in the baggy is a bottom fed or squonk pin as well as cotton, coils, O Rings, post screws and Allen key. The overall the quality of the RDA is quite good if somewhat plain looking.

The Machina Mech mod consists of 6 parts these include:

Battery top cap

The top of the cap has a 510 connection with a gold plated spring loaded pin, also the words Wismec RX Machina nicely engraved.

The reverse side of the cap features a gold plated connection plate for the battery under which is a peek insulator. Surrounding the inside of the cap is a spring loaded insulator. This is for when you push your fire button the top of your battery is cushioned for engaging and disengaging.

Bottom cap Is just a simple ring to hold the fire button in place.

Fire button

Made from gold plated stainless steel and is around 25mm in height. The fire button holds your battery stable for firing, the bottom of the button is engraved and around the base are 7 battery venting slots.

Internal stainless steel sleeve

At around 68mm tall and made of stainless steel the battery sleeve has 6 venting slots cut into the body, the top of the sleeve has female threading while the bottom has male threading, each end features O Rings.

Exterior resin sleeve

As you can see the Machina I manage to procure has a blue/gold metallic resin sleeve this is not only decorative but covers the parts of your battery that are exposed cutting down on the chances of damage to your battery wrap. The resin sleeves will soon be available to purchase separately.

18650 Battery adaptor tube

Battery adaptors I have seen before from Wismec have always been open tubes, this time around Wismec have included a closed tube with a gold plated connection. You simply slip your 18650 into the adaptor and place inside the battery tube of the Machina, seating the GP connection into the fire button. Along the sides of the adaptor there is battery venting on both sides cut out in the form of the word Wismec.

A Quick Guide to Setting up the RX Machina Kit for First Use

I feel that I must say that this for the safety of novice users that are reading this review *This is a Mechanical Device and therefore suitable only for experienced users. Before buying and using this kit please make sure you have sufficient knowledge of battery safety and ohms law! In the wrong hands this could be a dangerous device!

  • Load up with the Wismec supplied pre made coils or your own build.
  • Wick your coils with your favourite cotton and juice it up with an e-liquid of your choice, re assemble the Guillotine RDA.
  • Unscrew the 510 connection cap on the Machina and insert an 18650 or a 20700 battery in the mech (if you use an 18650 please use the supplied battery adaptor tube)
  • Replace the 510 connection top cap and screw on your Guillotine RDA

You are now ready to fire the Machina Mech for the first time.

How Does The Wismec RX Machina Kit Perform?

For purpose of this review I have used the included dual flat Clapton coils Wismec include in the box, and a DIY liquid I like to call “Elevenses” its a biscuit enriched coffee mocha.

Installing the Guillotine with the pre made KA1 coils that come in the box, I would call them Flapton’s as they’re flat wire made into Clapton coils. Wismec say that the coils are 0.2ohms after playing and scrubbing them they settle in at around 0.17.

My opinion of the Guillotine RDA has not changed much from my previous review of it, however I will say that after using the Guillotine for a number of weeks now the O Rings holding the top cap on to the body of the RDA are not thick enough to hold the cap securely.

I have often picked up the Guillotine and mod by using the top cap and every time I am left with just the cap in my hand lol.

Using both the RX Machina and the Guillotine together

The flavour and vapour is good and I do like this combination, the vapour is dense and the flavour is good not stellar but good; I must say though I have used harder hitting combos in the past.

With the 20700 installed

I found I had to choose my battery carefully, normally I would use an iJoy 20700 for this type of mech, I found that while they fit and engage fine they are a little tight and restrict backward motion (un engaging) I did find that the Ampking 20700 battery’s that Innokin send out with their products fit and work fine.

With the battery adaptor and 18650 installed

While I would prefer to fire this mod with a 20700 battery I have tested the adaptor with a Sony VTC5a there is no movement or battery rattle with the adaptor installed.

What I Like

I love the look of this mech combo as I said at the start of this review to me it’s a thing of beauty, the look of this product had me drooling the moment I saw the photos of it!

I love the fact that Wismec have included a battery adaptor, it makes the kit just that bit more versatile as to what battery’s you use with it. I have tried multiple RDA and RTDAs on the RX Machina and can state that all have sat and fired well on it.

I would never condone firing a stock tank on any mech but being secure that the connection is a 510, not hybrid, I did try the Ello T on it for a few puffs it worked well.

The device also has a comfortable fire button which doesn’t take too much pressure to activate.

What I Didn’t Like

While there is no battery movement with this mod the resin sleeve does move and if shaken the mod does make a slight rattle sound this is due to the resin sleeve.

Nowhere in the instructions or on the box could I find a statement that said this kit is a tube mech mod, neither is there mention of battery safety or ohms law! However there is a card included that mentions wrap safety!

I found the O ring under the bottom cap above the male threads serves no purpose as far as I can see, apart from annoying me when I put the tube back together lol. I have since removed the O ring.

Final Review Verdict

The Wismec RX Machina Kit is beautiful and well constructed. Another great design by Jaybo. I do not recommend this kit for novice users unless they have done a study of ohms law and battery safety, however it would make a great introduction to vaping with a mech tube as long as care is taken.

Would I buy the Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina kit again should it be lost or damaged? Heck yes! I might put the Guillotine to one side but I would definitely want the tube again.


  • Good flavour and vapour production
  • Ascetically pleasing combo
  • Great Design for the Tube
  • No battery movement


  • 20700 iJoy batteries don’t fit well
  • Resin sleeve has movement
  • Instruction sheet is incomplete (my opinion only)
  • Not ideal for novice vapers
Build Quality
Easy of use (Mech)
Easy of use (RDA)
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
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