Introduction – Wismec Guillotine RDA

The Wismec Guillotine RDA is from a brand that needs little introduction, at least to those of us that have been vaping for a few years!

Wismec Guillotine RDA complete kitWhat isn’t widely known is that Wismec have an outlet here in the UK called Wismec UK of all things and are owned and operated by the UK Vapour Brands (UKVB) Group, one of the leading vaping companies in the UK.

Wismec UK is the only official distributor of Wismec products in the UK, UKVB are also the only official UK distributor for several other leading brands as well.

Wismec have bought us many different RDA’s and tanks in the past, the Bambino, the IndeRemix, the Inde Duo, the Elabo, the Amor Mini, the Theorem, the Gnome to name just a few.

Today we are going to get up close and personal with one of Wismec’s latest RDA’s, the Guillotine. Is this another triumph for Jaybo? Let’s find out!

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In The Box

  • Wismec Guillotine RDA
  • 1 Sheet of cotton
  • 2 Clapton coils
  • 1 Bottom feeding pin (Squonk pin)
  • Spare parts baggy including O’rings and post screws

Main Specs/Features

  • Dimensions – 24mm x 35mm
  • Weight – 33g
  • Thread – 510
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Detachable 810 Driptip

Design and Build Quality

Wismec Guillotine RDA out lay

The Wismec Guillotine RDA is made completely of stainless steel with an 810 coloured Delrin mouth piece, the design is somewhat simple in there are no threads holding this RDA together that is all done by O’ring!

The overall the quality is quite good if not somewhat plain looking.

The RDA comes in 4 parts..Wismec Guillotine RDA bits

The Base and build deck

The build deck is of a two post block design rather similar to the goon style block posts and un sprung clamps that live half way down the blocks posts that are held in place by Allen wrench post screws.Wismec Guillotine RDA build deck

Wismec Guillotine RDA Allen screws

The positive post sits upon a peek insulator and both are removable so be careful you don’t lose or damage either when changing out or replacing either connection pins.Wismec Guillotine RDA posts On the bottom of the base you have Wismec and Jaybo engraved along with Guillotine, the 510 connection thread is nice with no burrs, the RDA has a gold plated connection pin which does stick out at least 1mm.Wismec Guillotine RDA engraving As does the Squonk pin when replace for the 510.Wismec Guillotine RDA 510 pin I’d be more than happy to place this RDA on a hybrid mech mod.

The atomiser tubeFits over the base/ build deck and is held in position by the 3 O’ rings on the base/build deck, the tube has 2 O’ring to help hold the top cap in position, the Guillotine has two airflow plates one is wider than the other enabling you to fine tune your airflow.

Wismec Guillotine RDA Atomiser ring platesHowever, these plates are a little sharp so watch out for these or like the RDA’s name sake you might get a close shave lol.

The Top cap/ Airflow ring

Fits over the base and the atomiser tube and is held in place by the 2 O’rings on the atomiser tube.Wismec Guillotine RDA TC airflowThe top cap is slightly bevelled inside to help with splash back,Wismec Guillotine RDA inside TCYou also have an O’ring that sits in the top of the top cap to hold your driptip in position. Wismec Guillotine RDA TC topThe outside of the top cap you have 4 airflow slots 2 either side of the Guillotine RDA you are able to fine tune your airflow to your preference.

The Mouth Piece

Made of a coloured Delrin and is a comfortable 810 goon style wide bore drip tip.

Wismec Guillotine RDA mouth bit

A quick guide to Coiling and Dripping on the Guillotine RDA

As I suffer with arthritis in my hands and fingers I found that the Wismec Guillotine RDA a little harder than normal to coil up!
Wismec Guillotine RDA coiled up

The block posts do not have springs to hold the clamps up and out of the way, I found the easiest way for me to coil this RDA was to hold it upside down so the clamps stayed open enabling me to slip the coils in!

Once in I held the coils and turned the RDA up the right way to position and screw down the Allen screws. Placing the wick through the coils was a simple matter, what I like to do with this RDA is trim the cotton to the bottom of the deck so that the cotton sits just inside the deck to soak the e-liquid.

As normal I pre wick the cotton and re assemble the RDA adding a drop more liquid to the cotton after the atomiser ring is in place.

How Does The Wismec Guillotine RDA Perform?

For this review I have used the included dual flat Clapton coils they include in the box, along with Caramel Macchiato e-liquid by The Coffee House sat on top of the Wismec Gen 3 that was reviewed not long ago.

Wismec Guillotine RDA liquid mod

The pre made coils that come in the box are Kanthal, I would call them Flaptons as they are flat wire made into Clapton’s. Wismec say the coils are 0.2ohm but after playing and scrubbing them they settle in around 0.17ohm for me.

The Guillotine RDA has provision to allow you to use single or dual coils and this is reflected with the airflow, where we have positions for completely closed, 1 airflow open on either side, 1 hole open one side, 3 holes open and then fully open all with all 4.

Being a 24mm RDA the Guillotine sits perfectly on the Gen 3 mod.


The coils and airflow are able to keep up very well at this wattage. In fact I felt that while the vape was quite warm with a large amount of vapour that I could have pushed the wattage up more, I haven’t yet as I prefer a cooler vape with more flavour!

The airflow for this test was fully open and I can state that the noise from the airflow was considerable, the flavour was OK but nothing to write home about.


Airflow set to 3 as one might expect the airflow seemed imbalanced, however a descent amount of vapour was produced.

Staying at 80w I closed the airflow to only 2 holes open 1 each side, the vape was warm but not overly so with a good amount of vapour. This is the setting I have used with the Guillotine RDA for over a week and I’m enjoying the vape I receive from it. The noise from the airflow is considerably reduced and the flavour is very good.


Using a single coil and closing the airflow down to match, the flavour is wonderful which is more to my liking lol. The vape was cool with a good amount of vapour for 40w.

However I did struggle using mouth to lung vaping style with this RDA it is my opinion that this RDA it is more suited to the straight to lung style of vaping.

A few words about the Deck and block posts

I found that putting coils into the clamps of the Guillotine RDA a right royal pain in the butt, OK I suffer with arthritis but normally with RDA’s like the Goon I am able to coil it the right way up with it sitting on my ohms meter!

Wismec Guillotine RDA post holesNormally with the Goon it will take me a couple of minutes to complete, with the Guillotine I had to hold the RDA upside down to just get the coils in so that the clamps would stay open, all told it took me nearly 5 minutes to just place the coils in this RDA after working the above out lol.Wismec Guillotine RDA build deck

The block posts would be ideal for larger wire builds than those they supply as the posts protrude quite a way from the deck, the liquid well is quite shallow but putting the atomiser ring in place allows you to add a fair amount of liquid.

It is stated in the user manual that this RDA is best suited to be used with the RX Machina Mechanical 20700 Mod, I don’t own one yet! It is on order from Totally Wicked, although I have used the Guillotine RDA on several of my mech mods.

What I Like

I have had no leaks with the Wismec Guillotine RDA in the time I’ve been using it apart from the normal water vapour collecting upon the top of my mod. The flavour at lower watts is full on with a decent amount of vapour. At 80w with a good amount of flavour and vapour. Chain vaping the Guillotine RDA does get warm but cools quickly.

What I Didn’t Like

The changing of the 510 pin to the squonk pin is very easy to do however once you remove the pin the positive block and peek insulator will fall out. The Atomiser Ring Airflow plates are sharp so care must be taken or one will cut a finger.

I don’t say this often but I hate the clamps on this RDA! Springs would be a good addition. It is a plain looking RDA I believe it could do with some sort of pattern to make it look a little more interesting.

Final Review Verdict

While I like the vape and flavour quality I get with the Wismec Guillotine RDA I don’t recommend this RDA to new users! The coiling could well put some people off from taking full advantage of this RDA.

Would I buy the Wismec Guillotine RDA again should I lose or break it i some way? If Wismec brings out another evolution of this “yes” I would, if they don’t then “no” I wouldn’t lol having had one is more than enough for me.


  • Good flavour and vapour production
  • No liquid leaks
  • Little heat while chain vaping
  • Larger wire builds can be installed


  • Airflow plates are sharp
  • The post clamps
  • unsatisfying vape M2L
  • Plain looking

WorldWide Shipping

Build Quality
Easy of use
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
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