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Major Changes Announced Over Vaping Channels At YouTube – We Talk To The Man In The Know And Get Advice For Reviewers and Viewers

It’s a name you might not have heard of even if you’ve been on YouTube as a vape reviewer for years but trust me Den Duraka is an extremely influential person when it comes to the vaping ‘review’ channels.

This guy is about to change the face of YouTube based vape reviews and vlogs and offers an insight on how vaping channels can grow under the new regime.

He’s what YouTube call a team leader in the ‘Specialist Hobbyist Intervention Team’ – in other words the video site has for the last 18 months begun categorizing various ‘hobby channels’ such as guns – vaping and even flower arranging – into separate groups.

These separate categories [there are thousands] have some paid employees and thousands of volunteers who trawl specific videos to check for copyright infringements and anything that may go against the company’s policies.

Vaping channels are a relatively new phenomena – as in a little over 5 years of growth – and YouTube called in former Russian based reviewer Den who is now a full time consultant advising them on the minefield of legal ramifications over vaping appearing on the video site.

youtube vape reviewers

As vaping channels have exploded this past year he and his team have been trawling thousands of vape related review videos and are about to release a new set of vaping video review guidelines and have also used the data they’ve mined to offer struggling vape channels and reviewers advice on how to grow.

I first met Den in the bar at last October’s Vaper Expo and was intrigued by the amount of computer and photographic hardware he had on his table.

Despite the language barrier and his reluctance to tell me exactly what he was doing we swapped emails and he agreed to an interview embargoed until today.

Ok so let’s see what YouTube vape guru Den Duraka has to say.

As always the answers go in unedited so apologies for any language difficulties and indeed swearing…

When did you begin vaping and why did you start reviewing vape gear?

I am Den. I work in YouTube at Russia and vaped for 7 years.

I review for fun and helping my friends stop their smoking – I didn’t review for what you Brits call free shit – but I like them free – best thing free was a phone number of vape model in St Petersburg Expo in 2012 haha.

Was Your YouTube Channel Successful?

Yes very much so. Within a month I had 140,000 subs – not paid like some – and got very big with crazy antics like vaping vodka and smashing anything Smok with a hammer and sickle…crazy fun times…

But now I don’t think this is good.

And no I did not receive any cash for good reviews only for bad ones from their competitors…

[joking haha]

So What’s the New YouTube Vape Channel Guidelines All About?

Can’t say very much as the creases are being ironed. BUT I can say it will be the better for them.

One thing can be said that is ugly reviewers will be penalized…..only a joke!

OK…So What Tips Would You Give To a New Reviewer or Channel?


At UK Expo in research when we saw each other I watched lots more people with Press badges than paying visitors – you have very many of reviewers here in UK.

Some good some not so good some very crap and some invisible – free shit and that I think and YouTube knows this now with my data.

BUT it is important to tell absolutely everyone you meet you are a vape reviewer and have card to give willy nilly to people.

From our tons of data we have golden rules on grow you YouTube vape review channel – I could give you but have to kill you haha…just another joking promise…

There Must Be a Few Tips You Can Give?

You’re hard man to please haha.

OK here’s a few in no order of the importance but what our mining data tells us:

Den Duraka Offers Insights Into Growing Your YouTube Vape Channel

Names: Get right name is the importance of channel. Good names like Vape God Guru Guy have gone so use your job or town or country like the Vaping Tobacconist or like my vape mate here in Russia he’s called: The Republic of North Ossetia–Alania Vaper – is catchy!

Intro and Music: VERY loud rock music and at least 5 minutes of flashy things on the screen before we see reviewer – this means longer view time which is the good thing – especially if cut to little old man face as reviewer. We find music must NOT match the face of reviewer – except The Vaping Postman who is cunt and music says so.

the vaping postman
TVP like his music title

Dirty or Rubbishy Hands: VERY important to have filthy nails and maybe infections of the hands or nicotine stains. This very much means people will be revolting to them and leave comment – comments very good for channel. BTW I watch little Scottish fellow recently called Vaping Vic I think – he has long long girly nails sometimes so maybe a review channel for nail polish would be good for him too…maybe…

girl nails
girl nails good

Speak Funny: Not making joke as this can be difficult for no sense of humour Americans and especially the German guy. But if internationals can’t understand what the fucking hell you are telling me then they watch again and again to get the understanding right – more views is good for channel. Like that man from Beatles town Empire – him. No idea what he says so watch 6 times and maybe have a clue…not much though.

Get Sponsorship: Even with 5 subbers you can get good deal from company not even vaping. Devil Vaper does one with Tampax which is like vaping for cotton I suppose. But he bring in money buy new stuff to review – very clever guy indeed [think he drinks which is good for Russian and Finland folks].

Devil Vaper Tampax sponsor
Devil Vaper Tampax sponsor

Patreon: At the YouTube we call this begging. Won’t say anymore as it wasn’t invented when I was reviewer and I want to ban it. But my datas tells me it’s good for channel as name checks can be at end of video with slower scroll meaning them fans who pay have to wait longer to see name and video gets full number of the time viewing.

More On Name Checks: Of course you have to imagine big vaping review guy is your best buddy. So don’t say channel name in your review say first name or nickname. So like that beardy Worthing Vaper fellow say ‘my mate Kev’ or with that Beatles bloke say Chris NOT Empire – new watchers will think you are friends so you are important vape guy and sub you very quickly. Make sure you drop at least 12 of these name shouts for every 5 minutes of video review – this is the importance of it. BTW TVP is named Mark which is not cunt name like Marx [spits].

Drama and the Swearing: Aaah drama! This is good for engagement of viewers very much. Little Vic he very good at this and that bearded Beatles man sounding vape guy who does the kinky stuff with giraffe and make-up. Videos are like WWF wrestling call outs and fans like to suck it up on them with lots of comments – great for channel! Not so great if you are pussy vaper or wrong for the vaping crime but funny haha. And swearing is very good for me as Russia likes it but YouTube not so good. BUT if you are to swear do it lots haha.

vape drama
angry vape guy good

Hats and Clothes: MUST must must have the cap for baseballing. If it has VGOD or GRIMM you are very much a vaping guy and cool. T-shirt must be free one from company who say ten quid to wear this shirt is a very good deal for free. No erect nipples though – in guys of course and some girls – data says this can be distracted from content. Data says if t-shirt is too smaller than you are then better for fun and comments about diets and things.

Face Hair: ALL biggest reviewers without fail have hair on face – even girls reviewers like especially Svetlania Voncuntcowski who is VERY big Russian female reviewer. The bigger the beard the bigger the subs you can get – look at the hairy biker fellow who vapes and cooks in a shed – big big beard and big big subs – its crazy but true goddammit!

Equipment and Talk To Camera: Not like I mean look at camera you must must must blame the crappy camera for bad filming every time – viewers like this and big reviewers say it all the time with expensive camera from Patreon. Remember it is camera not you being rubbish so say ‘come on focus…focus…not focus today ah well maybe patreon will get new one and this shit can go on ebay’ that kind of things. Oh and make sure the ‘magic hands’ to get focus when doing this hands are dirty [see nails thing] for lots of comments on you are a dirty vaping guy – more comments good for channel.

Last One is Catchphrase: OH my God this is the importanist of all! ‘Vape on vape safe’ but it’s probably a bit crap now just like ‘I’ve kept it real have you’ which is from I think who thinks is a funny guy with puppet eyebrows. All good ones like ‘I am vaping in my shed’ – ‘I am biking and vaping’ are gone so think of good new one like how about “keep vaping else you might die of cancer…thank you for watching…” could be good…maybe.

Cheers Den…Very Informative Stuff Indeed…

And on that note on behalf of all of us here at EcigClick I’d like to thank Den Duraka for taking the time to chat with us and giving an insight into his job over at YouTube.

I hope established YouTube reviewers and newbies won’t be fools and ignore his sound advice and you’ll be able to meet him face to face at Vaper Expo in May…probably in the bar…

Happy Easter 😉

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