Mini E Cig Reviews

V2 Cigs

Another brand to make it over from the US of A! V2 Cigs is a great bit of kit that offers multiple vaping options, great entry point for those new to vaping.
Price: £54.97
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JacVapour V1P PCC

Jacvapour don't have many e cigarette options but what they do have is done very well. Take a look at what we thought of the V1P starter kit.
Price: £35.99
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Vype eStick

The latest addition to the Vype e cig range, the eStick kit. A step in the right direction but soes this still
Price: £19.99
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Fresh Cig

Does the Freshcig taste fresh? We were pleasantly surprised, check out our hands on review.
Price: £16.99
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ROK Discovery

ROK have another e cig starter kit to offer in the form of the ROK Discovery. Is this a good starting point for new e cig users?
Price: £19.99
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ROK Jet Black

ROK have taken the super mini electronic cigarette and added a slick portable charger, otherwise known as the ROK Jet Black. Does it perform as well as it looks?
Price: £44.99
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Volcano Magma

The Magma starter kit is the entry level kit from Volcano. But who is it good for and can it compete with the other top brands in the UK?
Price: £39.99
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Vapestick XL

Vapestick have released their new XL starter kit but does it excel? Oh dear these are getting worst! Anyway...find out here!
Price: £19.99
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Gamucci have been producing e cigs since 2007 but does mean they are any good? Only one way to find out... Check out our hands on review.
Price: £39.99
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Smoke Relief

Will Smoke Relief do exactly that? Provide smokers out there with a welcome relief to their smoking habit? Lets have a look...
Price: £9.95
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Looking for a PCC e cig kit? Maybe the GO from TECC is for you. Check out what we thought of the kit.
Price: £29.59
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South Beach Smoke

Is this just yet another US e cig brand or do South Beach Smoke have something more to offer?
Price: £59.99
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Blu E Cigs

With Blu e Cigs seemingly aiming for world e cig domination we take a look at the product itself to see if it lives upto the hype.
Price: £29.99
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Apollo E Cig Kit

Apollo e cigarettes are another well known brand originating from the USA but now available on UK shores, take a look how they match up with our hands on review.
Price: £44.95
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Vapouriz Gemini

Our first e cig review from, will the £19.99 Gemini Starter Kit impress?
Price: £19.99
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Innokin AIO PCC

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette with a portable charging case then you won't go far wrong with the AIO.
Price: £38.99
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Smart Smoker

Smart Smoker have a number of e cigarettes on offer, here we take a look at the Hurricane starter kit
Price: £24.99
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SD Keyring

Looking for a backup e cigarette that fits in the palm of your hand and doesn't cost the world but still has enough power in it? The SD Keyring is quite simply what you need. A little pocket rocket and cheap as chips to match!
Price: £9.98
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NUCIG have been producing electronic cigarettes since 2007 and see themselves as the 'UK's No 1 favourite e cig'. Is it just hype? Check out our review.
Price: £11.99
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Liberty Flights DSE 901-T

3 Piece or not 3 piece....that is the question! Seriously it is.
Price: £26.49
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It's always good to see another British electronic cigarette brand entering the e cig market but are they a good buy? Find out more here..
Price: £19.99
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V2 Cigs EX

Not an e cig kit as such, just a battery. I just haven't got anywhere else to put the V2 Cigs EX :)
Price: £23.99
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ROK Icon

Sporting a super slim PCC the ROK Icon is with us. Find out if this truly will be an icon in the world of electronic cigarettes.
Price: £39.99
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Smokers Angel Halo

The Smokers Angel Halo mini e cig kit is meant as a tester kit. Is it really worth trying though?
Price: £19.99
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V2 Cigs PCC Kit

V2 Cigs release a PCC starter kit but does it live upto our high expectations? Find out with our hands on review.
Price: £48.99
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E-Lites E-Pro 4

E-Lites are one of the biggest brands of electronic cigarettes in the UK. They have a quality offering which will fit in great with those new to vaping.
Price: £64.99
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Freshcig Original

Freshcig have updated their original mini e cig offering but is it a marked improvement? Find out here.
Price: £30
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Neo E Cigs. They have the Matrix style but do they have the performance to match?
Price: £19.99
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Neatcigs Switch

The Neatcigs starter kits are for the new e cigarette users out there but are they recommended for newbies?
Price: £19.99
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Smartcigs are using the same battery types as the likes of Jacvapour and V2 Cigs but can they live upto those two highly rated brands?
Price: £36.99
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ROK Original

ROK Universal have developed an e cigarette that would be classed as a 'super mini', good for those new to e cigarettes that would like a small device.
Price: £44.99
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SKYCIG Freedom

SKYCIG are one of the biggest e cig brands in the UK but does that mean they are the best? We take a look at their SKYCIG Freedom kit to find out..
Price: £29.99
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Vapour Couture

Does the design of the slim-line feminine looking Vapor Couture e cigarette still perform well?
Price: £59.99
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Escape Starter Kit

Another mini e cig but can Escape bring something new to the table?
Price: £49.95
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Offering an e cigarette that resembles an actual cigarette is something many electronic cigarette companies are doing but the standard of product does vary. Do Vapourlites pull it off?
Price: £17.50
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Sky Cig

Sky Cig is one of the smallest sized electronic cigarettes available, pretty much the same size as a normal cigarette. Although this means the battery doesn't last as long they supply a portable charging case so all is good!
Price: £49.99
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Only 510

Can the ONLY 510 Starter kit hod it's own in the mini e cig market? Find out where we think they go wrong and where they do the job nicely....
Price: £9.99
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Vapestick Classic - Updated Version

The Vapestick Classic kit has been given an upgrade with the addition of cartomisers. Find out if this makes an improvement.
Price: £29.99
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The LJ Pro 1 from Litejoy brings a slightly different PCC to the mix but is this enough to make it a must buy e cig?
Price: £39.99
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Vapestick Classic

Vapestick are known for retailing their product in Harrods, Argos and Costco amongst others, does that mean its a good e cigarette? Find out here.
Price: £44.99
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OK Cigs

New brand OKCigs enter the UK e cig market. Find out if they are 'JUST OK' here.
Price: £14.98
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Vype Reload

Vype didn't quite hit the mark with their disposable e cigarette but can they remedy this with the Vype Reloaded rechargeable starter kit?
Price: £14.99
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V Star

The cig-a-like market is a hard nut to crack. Can new brand VStar make a noise with their cig-a-like?
Price: £19.99
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VIP electronic cigarettes are one of the few brands that can be found at retail outlets. Are they a good pick though? Find out with our review.
Price: £15.98
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E-Lites E200

The E200 is one of E-Lites entry level e cigarettes. Check out the review here!
Price: £39.99
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Vapourlites VL4

You may have seen the Vapourlites brand in a high street store but does that mean this is a brand you should buy? Find out more with our VL4 starter kit review.
Price: £9.99
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E-Lites E 80

The E 80 from E-Lites is an entry level kit but will it make you want to carry on using them?
Price: £25.99
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You may have seen this e cig sold in Boots, were you tempted to buy it? Check out our review to see what it is really like.
Price: £22.99
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Lucky 8's

Lucky 8's are a new brand offering a super mini or 'cig sized' e cigarette for those that want to make the transition from smoking to vaping a familiar one. But does their product do a good enough job?
Price: £49.99
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Intellicig are a well known brand in the UK that have been around longer than most. Do they stand up well to the new kids on the block though?
Price: £29.95
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A newcomer to the UK mini electronic cigarette scene! Take a look at our hands on review of the Smoko e cig kit.
Price: £45
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Matchless E Cig

Matchless are a UK brand that sell both online and in stores across the UK. Here we take a look at what they have on offer!
Price: £5.49+
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The Safe Cig

The Safe Cig is a US based company that has plenty of press overseas. The product is good, the only problem is it isn't sold from within the UK as of yet and there are plenty of quality brands here.
Price: $69.95
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Vape Club

Vape Club are trying something that little bit different when it comes to the way they sell their kits. They are offering a subscription based e cig service. Does it offer good value though? Find out more.
Price: £14/Month
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Aguavape is a new name in the e cigarette market place but is it good enough to keep up with the leading players?
Price: £7.49
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Clear Smoke

Clear Smoke is another UK brand that has gone for the 'super mini' approach to their e cigarette size but how do they shape up? Find out here!
Price: £59.95
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