The 12 Monkeys e-liquid review update, and we’re taking a look at three new flavours added to the Classic range.

The Canadian based e-liquid company is extremely popular worldwide and this trio of fruit based flavours includes the Circle Of Life – a juice they say they’re extremely proud of and forecast will become a firm fan favourite.

12 monkeys e-liquid review

I guess with that bold statement, that particular flavour may become yet another award winner!

OK I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing all of the 12 Monkey’s range of vape juice and it’s far to say and even with my temperamental and hard to please taste-buds – I’ve been thoroughly impressed. Especially with the hugely popular Intelligence line – especially Mangabeys and Harambe!

So to say I’m excited at trying this trio out is an understatement!

What Can We Expect From the New 12 Monkey’s E-liquid Flavours?

As always with this incredible juice company, we’re looking for naturally sweetened fruit based flavours that make perfect all day vapes.

With a 65/35 VG and PG mix designed for sub-ohm tanks, we’re also looking for thick dense clouds and hopefully kind to your coils.

new flavours circle of life

OK, I received the new 12 Monkey’s e-liquid flavours in a smart sample box, which also included a key ring – lanyard and t-shirt that actually fits my larger frame – so thank you very much 🙂

The juice comes in 50ml zero nicotine short fill bottles and nic shots an be bought separately.

For this e-liquid review I used the flavoursome Augvape BTFC RDA – freshly wicked every-time and on top of the Augvape Druga Foxy mod.

OK, on with the review, and given the e-liquid market is a bit of a jungle, will these juices jump to the top of the food chain?

Let’s get tasting.

BTW: the new flavours have only been released in Europe this past couple of days. There’s limited availability right now and I’ll pop up a direct link with hopefully a money saving code as soon as they become more available – watch this space!

12 Monkeys E-liquid Review – Jungle Secrets

12 monkeys e-liquid Jungle Secrets Monkey Mix review

12 Monkey’s Say:

Deep within the Tribe12M jungle, a sacred recipe has been released to the outer world for the very first time.

Exotic fruits grown from the divine 12M fields have been handpicked to create this marvelous fusion of mango-lychee.

Relish in the juices of mouth-watering tropical mangos, perfectly balanced with rejuvenating and bright lychee notes. How did the tribe achieve such a balance? Well…that’s a secret.

I Say:

One whiff of this and I was hooked before I dripped it onto my coils.

The whack of citrus aroma is truly mouthwatering to say the least.

The inhale delivers a wondrous sharpness of fresh just about ripe tropical fruits and most definitely not candied or over-sweetened.

The natural sweetness of the lychee lingers on the taste-buds before bursting into life on the exhale.

The fruit cocktail is quite simply wondrous with a perfect mix of sweet and sharp – incredible vapour too.

The say this is an all day vape [ADV] and I can’t argue with that!

12 Monkey’s magical mixoligists have nailed this one – superb and one of the best e-liquids I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

12 Monkeys E-liquid Review – Queen Soko

12 monkeys e-liquid Queen Soko Monkey Mix review

12 Monkey’s Say:

Take a step inside the magnificent kingdom of Queen Soko! Known for flourishing the Tribe12M population with the finest tasting fruits around.

This extremely fresh blend of carefully handpicked strawberries mixed with subtle melodic tones of lemon citrus has won the hearts of many.

No wonder “Soko,” meaning “market” was given to this glorious Queen. She is most definitely, the Queen of the Market.

I Say:

The smell with the bottle top whipped off is highly reminiscent of those strawberry ‘Chewit’ chews – as in more than a little sweet.

However, all thoughts of over sweetened candied fruit vapes disappear on the inhale.

Yes it’s sweet but absolutely perfectly balanced natural sweetness from summer ripe strawberries.

Once again, and just as the thick rich vapour passes over your taste-buds, the magic happens!

That first wondrous underlying hint of that ‘citrus twist’!

The exhale is pure joy for fruit flavoured e-liquid fans, with citrus notes blending with the ripest of strawberries creating a vape that you will most definitely will indeed ‘struggle to forget about’.

Absolutely delicious and a vape I can only describe as heavenly!


12 Monkeys E-liquid Review – Circle Of Life

Circle of Life Monkey Mix review

12 Monkey’s Say:

After much fun in the sun, the monkeys of the Tribe12M jungle circle back to their roots to find their beloved pear tree in full bloom.

Captivating the full essence of this luscious and delectable fruit, from its golden bright skin to its juicy core.

Enjoy mouthfuls of sweet nectar as heavenly slices of succulent and delicious pear leave your taste buds in a sensational pear-adise!

I Say:

12 Monkey’s are calling this e-liquid:

…one of our proudest creations that will be a classic flavour for years to come.

That’s a bold statement to say the least – so is this the case with the 12 Monkey’s e-liquid Circle Of Life?

Pear is one of those flavours that’s hard to replicate in e-liquid – certainly in the ones I’ve tried – they all seem a little shall we say ‘manufactured’.

My first impression from the aroma was ‘what wizardry is this!’

The smell is absolutely divine and tricks the brain into expecting a juicy pear to be popped into your mouth complete with that sweet juice dripping down your chin!

For an instant on the inhale, I worried I was getting that horrid [to me anyway] pear drop candy taste.

However that instantaneously vanished giving me a punch of pear that had me automatically crunching down and wiping my chin!

Like I said, this is e-liquid wizardry 🙂

Wow – the exhale delivers almost 3D layers of pear flavours that seem to go on and on…

A glorious single fruit vape that somehow has depth after depth – incredible!

12 Monkeys E-liquid Review – Final Verdict

I’m quite literally blown away by this trio of new 12 Monkey’s e-liquids – it’s that simple.

Magical mixing – bold blending leads to fruit utopia for the taste-buds!

Me gushing over e-liquids with my reputation for being hard to please?

You better believe it – in my eyes this juice company can do no wrong.

The 3 new flavours are quite simply sensational – go buy some 😉

Have you tried any of the Circle of Life flavours? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Jungle Secrets
Queen Soko
Circle Of Life
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