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Does The New AguaVape E Cigarette Stand It’s Ground In A Crowded Market?

AguaVape is a new brand that recently got in touch with us here at ecigclick to take a look at their re-chargeable e cigarette offerings.

We were sent both the menthol and tobacco flavoured e cigarette kits, these were received free of charge for review purposes. As always our opinion is our own.

AguavapeIn The Box / Presentation

The Agua Vape electronic cigarette starter kit comes in a basic plastic packaging with inlay card that is designed for a retail display environment.

In the packaging you will find:

1 Batteries
1 Cartridge
1 Atomiser
1 USB charger


The kit comes with one automatic re-chargeable battery. They have gone for the ‘cig-a-like’ look with the white battery. Compared to other brands available the battery does have a slightly cheaper feel to it, it is however reactive when taking a drag. As for the life of the battery, this was just OK. Aguavape Electronic Cigarette

Smaller batteries such as these are never going to give you hours and hours of uninterrupted use and this one is no different. As a moderate vaper I was getting around one and a half hours vaping time from the battery, if you are a heavy smoker switching to an e cig such as this you may have a tough time with the battery life.

The real problem here is that with just the one battery you will have a couple of hours without the e cigarette whilst it is on charge. Agua Vape do offer a kit with two batteries however so this is always an option.

Overall – The battery life is as expected just average with this size of e cigarette, the actually quality is also not at the standard of some of the competing brands.


The Aguavape e cigarette is available in just two flavour options, menthol (16mg nicotine) and tobacco (11mg & 16mg nicotine). The options are quite limited here not just in the flavours but also in the nicotine strengths available and while these will be enough for most smokers making the switch it would be good to see a couple more nicotine strength options.

Aguavape Atomiser & CartridgeThey have used the 3 piece design which consists of battery, atomiser and cartridge (called a micro tank by Agua Vape). This isn’t a setup that I am particularly a huge fan of in mini e cigarettes, my personal preference is with the 2 piece e cigs that have the atomiser built into the cartridge, this is referred to as a cartomiser.

This saves having to purchase atomisers separately and for me simplifies the whole vaping experience. The actual cartridge that contains the e-liquid also has a cheap plastic feel to it.

Onto the flavours, I found the Menthol was decent enough, it supplied a good cool minty aftertaste. The throat hit was subtle which is OK for my personal tastes and the vapour volume was good.

The tobacco flavour for me was pretty average, I had no problem vaping it but having tried many others it didn’t quite reach the standard I have been used to. The throat hit on the tobacco was also a little too smooth, at some points it didn’t feel like I was inhaling anything. That was of course until I exhaled vapour. Aguavape review

The refills are purchased in packs of 5 and include an atomiser, this is where I was getting a touch confused as to buy the single pack (5 micro tanks & 1 atomiser) the price is £5.24. To buy the dual pack £14.24 (10 micro tanks & 2 atomisers) and the triple pack £20.23 (15 micro tanks & 3 atomisers).

Unless I’m missing something it works out better value to just buy multiple single packs.

I have been informed that the pricing discrepancy has now been fixed!

Overall – The micro tanks have a cheap build quality and there is very limited options when it comes to the nicotine strengths and flavours. The flavours themselves are just OK.


Agua Vape offer a 14 day return on unopened/unused goods. A 1 year warranty is also available on non disposable product. Please check the Aguavape website for the latest T&C’s.

Customer Service

AguaVape can be contacted via email and phone. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Discount Coupons

We will post an Aguavape e cig discount code as soon as we have one.


I was disappointed with the Agua Vape electronic cigarette, when compared with other brands in the market place the quality isn’t there, just check out our e cigarette reviews to compare. 

I can’t argue that price wise the value is there, what I would say though is that just a little more investment you could have a high quality 2 piece e cig starter kit. The 3 piece design feels too dated in comparison.

Take a look at Magnum Snaps and Vapour2 Cigs for far better alternatives.

Final Aquavape Review Verdict

Not Recommended By Ecigclick


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