Have Two Vaping Giants Created the Perfect Pod Kit?

The Augvape TugLyfe pod kit is a collaboration with famous semi-high end vape and e-liquid manufacturers Flawless.

It joins a market swamped with pod kits so will need to be something very special to steer a course through the choppy crowded waters of the current overflowing choice out there…as to if it sinks or swims we shall see.

Powered by a tiny internal 300mAH battery and topped with 2ml pods pumping out 2.0ohms it’s discreet – light – and comes in three metallic styled colours: black – red and the silver I received.

augvape tuglfe pod kit review

I’ve reviewed many Augvape products but have never used a Flawless device though I have in the past coveted their DNA250 mod – looks lovely. So given the company could be classed as almost high end and Augvape have a superb track record with tanks such as the Skynet Pro – RDAs like the BTFC and mods like the Foxy Druga – I guess we’re all expecting something a bit special from this collaboration…

OK this was sent to me direct from Augvape – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Inside the Box

A rip to open box with everything neatly packed away inside:

  • x1 Augvape TUGLYFE Pod System
  • x2 2.0 ohm Replacement Pods
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual

augvape lyfe pod contents

Augvape Lyfe Pod Kit Specs

  • Draw Activated
  • 7.6W Maximum Output
  • 3.3 to 4.2V Voltage Range
  • 300 mAH Internal Battery
  • Micro USB Charging
  • LED Indicator
  • 2ml Pod Juice Capacity
  • Short Circuit Protection/ Over Discharge Protection/ Over Charge Protection/ Low Voltage Protection

Quick Start Guide

  • Plug in USB cable to charge
  • LED red whilst charging – green when fully charged
  • To fill lift silicone seal on pod
  • Insert pod – light flashes green x3 when ready to vape
  • No fire button – this is draw activated
remove pod seal
remove pod seal before use!

Key Features

Ease of use is the most obvious key feature with the Augvape TugLyfe pod sytem – simply fill charge and vape no messing about so ideal as a backup or for a complete newcomer to vaping.

It’s powered by a relatively tiny 300mAH internal battery that I found goes from flat to fully charged in a little over an hour or so.

augvape tuglyfe pod review

The pods are obviously refillable and hold 2mls of e-liquid and I’ve found nic salt based juices work well.

For a pod system there’s quite a few safety features too including automatic cutoff which shuts the system down if you’re ‘sucking’ on it for longer than 8 seconds. As to if that effects the vape quality I’ll touch on in a wee while.

Not much more to say on the key features – it’s a pod system so as I said earlier – simplicity is key!

Design and Build Quality

As with pretty much all Augvape vape gear this little pod is beautifully put together. The pods whilst not snapping in with a satisfying click – there is a kind of pop that tells you it’s in place and of course the LED lights up confirming your connection!

I do find the pods a little tricky to grip when pulling out as they are as smooth as the rest of the metallic style finished body. And given the overall symmetry of the design you can find yourself tugging away [pun intended lol] at the wrong end if like me you’re getting a bit doddery and aged 😉

this way up!

Incidentally if you’re using the Augvape TugLyfe pod whilst working or not paying much attention – you will find yourself sucking on the USB end of the device…something I’ve done on countless occasions…like I said old and doddery.

druga end to charge!
druga end to charge!

Design wise hey it’s another pod system however its simple lines – the metallic finish and the contrasting black ends makes it easy on the eye with even the Druga and TugLyfe logos not overly obtrusive.

It’s also very comfortable on the lips and light as a feather in the hand…so light in fact in my jeans pocket I forgot it was there and almost sent it to the laundrette…

How Does the Augvape TugLyfe Pod Kit Perform?

Straight off the bat and if you bite your nails then removing that silicon stopper will be a pain. I don’t bite mine but even so I found it a bit of a struggle to say the least – have some tweezers handy! Luckily when you do get the nozzle off it is attached so no danger of dropping it on the floor and losing it to some carpeted black hole.

fill port
fill port

The fill port itself is also quite tight – I found 10ml bottles fitted ok but larger shortfill tips were a bit of a squeeze so be careful of leakage! Incidentally I have had not one leak or indeed any e-liquid residue around the pod which has to be a good thing!

As to the actual vape experience? Not bad but not amazing.

in hand

I began using my go to 12mg tobacco e-liquid and found I need to puff on it like a pipe a couple of times to get it going. The early throat hits were nothing to write home about but by about 4 or 5 puffs in things got a little better with decent clouds for such a small device. It is definitely a restricted draw but once again not the tightest out there and I found it a very comfortable mouth to lung vape.

I switched to a bottle of nic salts I found in my vape cupboard and given they were sour apple flavoured I got a bit more of a throat tickle for sure…probably down to that tangy flavour more than anything else. Look this is a tiny 300mAH battery firing a 2.0ohm coil so it’s not chucking out a lot of power to help with that throat hit! I recommend high PG or sharper flavours if it’s that back of the throat hit you want.

Flavour – Battery and Pod Longevity

As to the flavour? Again not the best pod system I’ve used – and trust me I’ve used many lol – but certainly up there with the better ones I’ve used. The flavour whilst definitely not muted is shall we say a little low key with smoother tobacco flavours for sure – however that nic salt sour certainly tasted good.

Battery life as you might expect isn’t so good especially if using this as your go to device. I found around 3 to 4 hours of steady vaping had me searching for the charger and sadly you can’t vape whilst charging which is a little odd in this day and age.

pod connection

Pod life seems OK – this has been on the go for a week and no dip in flavour so far nor any suggestion of it giving up the ghost. Based on that I reckon you’ll be getting 10 to 14 days out of each pod which is about average.

BTW I managed to draw for a full 8 seconds a couple of times – turning a bit blue lol – and yes the kit does switch off!


  • Dead simple to use
  • Contemporary smart design
  • Light as a feather
  • Refillable pods
  • Quickish charge time
  • Plenty of safety features
  • Easyish to fill [see cons!]
  • Not a bad flavour…
  • Decent price
  • No leaks or residue build up


  • A VERY smooth vape with not much of a throat hit
  • Flavour a little lacking
  • Pods can be tricky to get out
  • Filling can be fiddly if you have no nails
  • Tiny battery means less vape time
  • Unable to use whilst charging
  • Not the tightest MTL vape

Final Review Verdict

It’s another pod kit in an already flooded market which seems appropriate given this one has the famous TugLyfe logo – so has it floated my vaping boat?

Not really but then it hasn’t really disappointed either. It’s definitely not one to use if you enjoy or need that throat hit and tickle on your tonsils – unless you puff like a paddle-steamer half a dozen times that is and even then it’s barely a scratch.

Flavour, whilst not bad, is nothing to write home about and the fact you can’t vape whilst charging means it’s not one to rely on for longer than a couple of hours.

The Augvape TugLyfe pod kit has a nice design but nothing we haven’t seen before and to be honest I wouldn’t be rushing out and buying it personally, however I reckon it’s worth a punt for newcomers to vaping at a decent price point.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Replace If Lost Or Stolen?
Neil H
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