Today I’m taking a look at two new disposables in the Beco Beak range.

Beco Beak disposable e-cig range main picBeco Vape acutely understand the pressures of modern day life. They know it’s not easy juggling a busy personal life with an even more packed working schedule. So what better way than to find time to relax with a premium quality, healthy disposable vape?

It’s their pledge to provide you with the flavour experience you crave.

So why the name “Beak”? Well, Beco were inspired by the Toucan of all things because of their energy and liveliness together with its rich, fruity diet. These very same fruity flavours have been transferred into their vaping products.

Today I’m going to be testing flavours from the Beak 600 and Beak 700 Petal disposable range.

Let’s just hope that Toucan doesn’t end up biting me on the butt.. That could be rather nasty!

What Can We Expect From The Beco Beak Disposables?

These are sleek looking disposables. Both the Beco 600 and 700 disposables adopt a double colour injected plastic process which certainly makes them look unique, modernistic and mature in appearance. They have a glossy finish yet still grip the hand in a reassuring manner.

An ergonomic and distinct moulded mouthpiece follows the contours of the mouth for additional comfort. It’s also been designed to ensure a stable one handed grip.

Mouthpiece on the Beco 600 and 700 disposable e-cigs
Left: Beco Beak 700 Petal Right: Beco Beak 600 Petal

At the heart of the disposables lies a specialised heating and airflow arrangement that relies on a tiny Stainless Steel tube. It clusters and conducts airflow into the chimney to provide a smooth, consistent and flavoursome vape.

We’re told the Beak 600 and 700 can be fully disassembled for recycling purposes without the need for tools.

..all I can say is – I’m going to need tools! lol

There are a total of ten flavours to choose from (identical to both) and these range from fruit, menthol to Marshmallow with a spattering of ice.

Beco Beak 600 Petal – Specifications

  • Size: 19 x 90mm
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine strength: 20mg nicotine salt
  • Puffs: 600
  • Coil resistance: 1.6ohm
  • Flavours: 10

Beco Beak 600 hand check image

Beco Beak 700 Petal – Specifications

  • Size: 19 x 99mm
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine strength: 20mg nicotine salt
  • Puffs: 700
  • Coil resistance: 1.6ohm
  • Flavours: 10

Beco beak 700 hand check image

OK, it’s time to sample the flavours. Please use my thoughts as a guiding light. Everyone’s perception differs. I’ve tried to establish if they live up to their profile names. I wasn’t able to glean any flavour descriptions but they’re all pretty much simple and straight forward.

Massive thanks to Beco Vape for sending these across for the purposes of review. It’s very much appreciated.

Beco Beak 700 – Strawberry Ice

Beco Beak 700 Strawberry IceI Say:

The ice cold nature of this vape builds up quite intensely during the initial inhale. It will leave a lasting impression on the rear of the throat. Some of the sugary sweetness of the Strawberry also gets drawn in during inhale which does help to stabilise the Koolada somewhat.

This is very much a sweet, candy inspired version of Strawberry and very similar in taste to a Chewit or Opal Fruit sweet. It’s lively and flavoursome without being too over powering and that’s a nice touch.

The flavour certainly lives up to its name although I’m not over keen when this level of iciness lingers so long. Then again, Ice is in the name so that’s what you should be expecting if you decide to partake.

Beco Beak 700 – Mango Ice

Beco Beak 700 Mango iceI Say:

A strong smell of Mango wafts out of the torn vacuum sealed bag. I was pretty much expecting that. This is a straight shot at the fruit with no added bells or whistles. Being the only flavour it does need to work. Does it?

Yes it does and it’s quite a natural and authentic taste too. All the floral undertones associated with Mango are present and correct and a creaminess latches onto the tongue to compliment the flavour.

This all makes for a nice, smooth inhale and that’s where the icy content is introduced. Thankfully it’s not over powering and really does help the Mango taste refreshingly cool.

Running underneath the entire exhale is a proportionate level of sweetness. This also gives the fruit added oomph and appeal – I like it when a Mango vape doesn’t taste too sweet or sickly.

There’s nothing to fault with Mango Ice and I highly recommend it to cool the soul on a hot Summer day.

Beco Beak 700 – Banana Ice

Beco Beak 700 Banana IceI Say:

There’s nothing chemical or artificial tasting about Beco’s version of Banana. The fruit tastes very natural, very ripe. It’s the flavour you’d expect from a yellow and green skinned Banana – not one that’s starting to brown. You know. The mushy type.

But that’s not all. Alongside a few back notes of Clove and a sensible layering of sweetness there’s also a creamy texture driving through the vape. That’s something I wasn’t quite expecting. Personally it’s a very welcome addition.

So what about the icy content? Well I think it’s OK during the exhale but it does tend to start dominating especially post vape. It hits the back of the throat and has a habit of staying there. Long after the flavour experience has passed on.

It will last for a good few minutes and if you chain vape you’ll never be free of it. That’s probably OK for lovers of ice in their vape but for me it becomes too much of a distraction.

Without the presence of Koolada it would have been a perfect dessert vape and that’s the type of vape I prefer.

However, once again you’re getting what you paid for and the Banana is as natural tasting as it gets. Full marks to Beco for not supplying us with the usual foam, sweetie version.

Beco Beak 600 – Blueberry Raspberry

Beco Beak 600 Blueberry RaspberryI Say:

Sometimes flavour blending can be a tricky, haphazard affair. That tends to go double with disposables but I think Beco have weaved some magic with this one.

Both fruits are given enough room to play and they perform well in equal measure. Although not mentioned on the disposable you will still get an icy cold blast and again, one that will stick to the throat long after the vape.

A sweetness builds on the inhale and joins forces with the sourness of the Blueberry on the way out. That’s where I picked out most of the candy like Raspberry. The two fruits create a very effective partnership.

Although neither fruit is exactly natural tasting their presence is acute and lively. This helps to keep the vape moreish and interesting.

Blueberry Raspberry makes for an ideal Summer accompaniment.

Beco Beak 600 – Rainbow

Beco Beak 600 RainbowI Say:

Rainbow is a very sweet, fruity vape. Predominantly I can pick out fresh Orange on the exhale. The citrus nature of the fruit is traceable during the inhale along with an elevated level of sweetness.

It’s a very juicy and tasty experience and something of a subtle tropical blend because there’s definitely some Pineapple and Grapefruit back notes thrown in.

Again, expect Koolada. It’s not as invasive as some of the other flavours in the range. It merely tickling the throat and tonsils in a playful way.

So when all the pieces of this vape come together I’m left with a tangy, tasty blending of fruit that’s very much representative of a cool Summer beverage.

Beco Beak 600 – Marshmallow

Beco Beak 600 MarshmallowI Say:

The throat is initially invaded by an icy cold blast – something I wasn’t expecting from this vape. Does it impact on the flavour? Yes it does to an extent because it’s omnipresent and outlasts everything else.

That doesn’t stop Marshmallow from being a quiet, silky smooth vape though. The Marshmallow is represented by a rich, creamy texture and the gooey-ness of the real thing pushes out during exhale.

There’s a pleasant richness and depth to the flavour that rarely appears with disposable vapes so full kudos to Beco Vape for replicating some complexity here.

It’s also important to mention that this is a candy Strawberry Marshmallow. Combined with the sticky sub notes it takes on a more creamy, beverage like taste.

I just wish there was less of the Koolada because for me at least, it stops Marshmallow from scoring a perfect ten.

Battery performance and Number of Puffs

It did concern me slightly that the Beco Beak Petal 700 shared the same coil resistance as its sibling. This obviously means e-liquid is being vaporised at the same intensity with an additional 100mAh to take into account.

This proved to be significant in terms of overall battery performance with the 700 beginning to taste burnt towards the end of its life span.

However, I did harvest 7.5hrs use and the puff count came in at just under 700 so the claims ring true enough.

Oddly enough the Beco Beak Petal 600 suffered with the same semi dry faint burning taste towards the end too. I managed 6 hours use with the puff count weighing in around 60 less than suggested.

I’m not going to complain too much about that – It’s near enough when taking into account a few inevitable variables.

Final Review Verdict

Quite impressive stuff! All the flavours tested were bright and lively without being sickly sweet. There’s usually an over abundance of sweetener crammed into disposable e-cigs and I’m assuming Beco Vape are well aware of this.

As a consequence (in my opinion anyway) it lifts the Beak 600/700 above the efforts of a number of disposable vape manufacturers. You are effectively getting exactly what you’re paying for. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Cloud production was as to be expected from the 1.6ohm coil. Very light – dissipating within seconds of the exhale. Converting smokers will feel very much at home with its volume.

This classic MTL (Mouth To Lung) experience ensured a comfortable and smooth inhale every time and the contoured mouthpiece worked an absolute treat.

I’m hard pressed to fault them. The only reason points were deducted was because at times the level of Koolada was a bit too much to gain the full enjoyment of the flavours.

Other than that? Well done Beco Vapes. You’ve ruffled a few feathers today..

Strawberry Ice
Mango ice
Banana Ice
Blueberry Raspberry
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