The Bird King E-liquid review and these five juices are made by the folk over at My Vape Store.

They set up shop back in 2017, primarily based in Bristol in the UK.

Bird King E liquid review

My Vape Store also has brick and mortar shops in Dawlish, Kingsteignton/Newton Abbot and Torquay.

Their aim is to provide the best quality the vape industry has to offer.

It looks like the Bird King e-liquid range is the latest addition in their vaping portfolio, and tday I’m going to take a look at them.

In no particular pecking order..

What Can We Expect From The Bird King E-Liquid Range?

Predominantly these juices fall under the beverages and fruits flavour categories but just like most manufacturers there’s a wild card thrown in for good measure. In the case of Bird King this happens to be dessert.

The range is available in 120ml bottles allowing enough space to include two 10ml nicotine shots for a 3mg nicotine strength overall- nicotine shots are not included.

Bird King Flavour description on bottle

The starting liquid ratio is 70VG/30PG, but please note depending on the nicotine shot ratio applied this may/will alter.

I do like the humorous nature of the labeling. It’s quirky harmless fun with the crazy looking bird wearing the kings crown. Could be a magpie – pinched the sceptre..

They’ve done a great job in running the flavour descriptions down the side using large fonts that even my aging eyes can read.

The sell by date is also visible and the child proof lids work just fine. My Vape Store has implemented dark, tinted bottles which is a shame but they’re far from the only manufacturer to do so.

It’s nit pecking.. sorry nit picking but I do like to see remaining juice levels.


The following opinions are based on my own experiences while vaping Bird King E-liquid.

Your preferred devices/set up will be different from mine so the results you get are likely to differ too.

As these are a 70VG/30PG ratio I would suggest using them in sub ohm tanks, RTA’s and RDA’s. They may not be suitable for low powered MTL starter/pod kits.

I base my scores on flavour replication and authenticity, how flavours work together, texture, depth and consistency.

Above all I look for originality. Has the manufacturer attempted something different?

..Remember. I’m merely planting a few seeds in your head.

A massive thank you to My Vape Store for sending these over for the purposes of review.

Set up of Choice

The Vaporesso Forz RDA running a single Ni80 fused Clapton coil with cotton bacon V2 for wicking. Sitting on top of the GeekVape Aegis Legend powered to 55W/4.1V

To prevent flavour “hangover” fresh cotton is used with each flavour and the coil dry burned of E-liquid residue.

Style: My usual restrictive direct lung vape, honeycomb airflow restricted by 70%. That’s always given me optimal flavour output. My sweet spot, if you will.

Bird King – Peck

Bird King Peck EliquidMy Vape

Store Says:

A pecking great juice. A refined blend of juicy watermelon, elderflower and a dash of lime

I Say:

The first thing to spill from the vape, unsurprisingly is lime. It’s there in abundance with plenty of zest, plenty of zing.

So from the initial exhale we’re dealing with a very refreshing vape. That is, of course if you like lime.

That’s not the only key ingredient to be found though because I was able to make out some very subtle orange and lemon clinging together, fighting for the same level of attention the lime provides.

Not sure whether that’s the elderflower influence but it does make Peck that little more interesting.

The level of sweetness is quite high and the inhale bears much of the bitter citric properties helping to set the scene for the flavour explosion that follows.

Does it translate as a chemical tasting vape?

Yeah. It does a little if I’m brutally honest, but not to the point of becoming cringe-worthy. It remains a pleasant and quite tasty vape.

Unfortunately I just couldn’t make out any watermelon.

There is a degree of cooling noticeable upon exhale and I wonder if that’s where it’s struggling to show itself.

As for flavour? None that I could find.

So Peck is one to assign to the drinks/beverages sub category and may well be a thirst quencher for the long summer months ahead.

Just remember it contains more than just a dash of lime, it’s omnipresent.

Bird King – Floop

Bird King Floop E-liquid

My Vape Store Says:

Get your beak round this and get flapping! A super ripe strawberry and blue raspberry flavour juice.

I Say:

I almost got into a flap over this one. Why?

Because Floop is a blue raspberry slushy by all accounts. There’s enough COOling agent used to suggest this, however, it’s just not mentioned in the flavour description.

It also took a few hours for the true nature of the profile to start popping. To begin with the syrup or sauce content (works very well after a while) was acting a little odd creating a weird aftertaste.

After a period of time and once bedded into the cotton it was enhanced by a decent balance of sweet and tart. Initially Floop smacks of a chalky, candy like raspberry wrapped up in a chilly exhale.

It also took a while for the strawberry content to punch through and when it did it wasn’t what I would describe as ripe.

It’s another one of those synthetically created versions. Maybe just as well it plays second fiddle as an ingredient.

That’s not to say Floop lacks anything in the sweetness department – you’ll get your share from the included fruits but it’s somewhat nullified by the cool theme running throughout the exhale.

So Floop doesn’t quite provide the flavour explosion I was expecting, relying heavily on a cooling effect which may be fine for some but it’s just far too predictable for my liking.

Is Floop a flop? Nope. Not really because it’s going to appeal to fans of blue slushy drinks and is not an unpleasant vape by any means.

It just didn’t satisfy the taste buds in the way I was hoping.

Bird King – Seeed

Bird King Vape juice Seeed

My Vape Store Says:

Seeed makes the birds go mad… A massive tasting strawberry, melon and mangosteen.

I Say:

I’ll start with a lesson more applicable (in this case) to the birds than the bees.

Mangosteen is not to be confused with mango. They’re two very different fruits with two very opposing flavours.

Apparently it was also banned in the US for a while due to the attraction of flies, incessantly buzzing around the fruit.

On the smell test I do pick up a strong aroma of Mango with the merest touch of vanilla.

(Since I’m unfamiliar with mangosteen I’m going with my own experiences).

For me, mango is the predominant theme with Seeed but there’s more going on under the surface. It makes this one a little more complex in terms of blend.

The exhale exudes a tart like quality, backed with a touch of cooling agent that continuously kisses the lips. Again, I don’t think it’s a necessity but does make the vape that little more refreshing.

The melon shows itself very early on but it’s fleeting and takes a very slow and protracted exhale to find before flying off into the trees.

..Proverbially speaking, of course!

I found no traces of strawberry at all in a flavour profile that’s clearly bowing down to the “Queen of fruits“. The sweetness of the vape also appears to be wrapped up in the mango.

If anything, there are more back notes of lychee than there are of strawberry.

Overall, the flavour intensity of Seeed is spot on and there’s plenty of texture to the vape. As for depth? It’s lacking slightly with the omission of the strawberry.

This is another flavour likely to be appreciated over the Summer season. If anyone asks just tell them a little birdie told you so.

Bird King – Splat


My Vape Store Says:

They say it’s lucky, they’re so right. This is a fine union of luxurious caramel and rich vanilla.

I Say:

Never judge an e-liquid by the initial few vapes. If I were to, there’d be mention of the “material” eluded to early in the description for Splat! Lol.

It’s a grower – a developer. A flavour that takes around an hour to finally meld with fresh cotton. Once it has, boy oh boy this is a wonderfully complex arrangement.

I like complex. I like depth, texture, authenticity and a balanced mix from vape juice and that’s exactly what I got with Splat.

Initial thoughts head straight to the distinct buttery texture. It’s not something I’ve found credible in other juices but Splat exudes an authentic buttery goodness in spades.

Some of the back notes are subtle but do help to add depth with the caramel ingredient reminding me of those Caramac bars of the 80’s.

..You had to live it lol!

There’s also lashings of condensed milk to bring out a sweetness and richness during exhale. Vanilla does play a part but tends to get bogged down by the complexity of the juice – there’s just so much on offer here.

It seems the longer I vape it, the better it gets.

A bird in the hand is worth much more than two vapes in the case of Splat.


Bird King – Swoop


My Vape Store Says:

Swoop down on the royal medley of pineapple and tropical coconut with a twist of fresh lime.

I Say:

There’s a very pungent aroma of pineapple even when unscrewing the child safety lid.

The inhale emits a cooling blast to the rear of the throat making Swoop another profile deserving of the hot Summer months.

Initially there’s plenty of the pineapple as described in the smell test with the merest hint of the kernel from a coconut.

The coconut never manages to fuse enough with the pineapple however and after a few hours vaping seems to get totally pushed out of the nest. It seems to lose flavour property to an elevated level of citrus.

It doesn’t take long for lime to outplay much of anything else that’s going on in Swoop – and that’s a shame. Without doubt this is a tropical blend but in this case I feel the pineapple is neutralized and the coconut becomes nondescript.

For sure, the sweet and sourness of the vape helps to keep the profile refreshing and very much alive but the lime could do with toning down to allow the other main ingredients to enter into the mix.

Final Review Verdict

The Bird King e-liquid range isn’t a bad range.

A couple of the flavours teetered on being synthetic and chemical tasting but My Vape Store have managed to avoid that pit fall through some careful blending where needed.

I don’t think they necessarily needed any cooling agent to make them more appealing. They would’ve worked just as well without the added distraction.

Splat was an endearing example of that!

All five proved to be coil friendly with no build up of gunk. Containing no artificial colourings or any over use of sweetener made all the difference.

There was nothing wrong with the vapour production either. OK, it wasn’t the richest or most dense I’ve come across but there will be a difference when applying a couple of high VG nicotine shots.

Overall a satisfactory range from My Vape Store.

There’s nothing much in the way of originality and not a great deal to squawk about but they get the job done.

Have you tried the Bird King e-liquid flavours?

How did you get on with them?

Let me know in the comments below.

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.



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