The Vaporesso Forz RDA review and it would appear this is only their third rebuildable dripping atomiser.

We’ve had the Transformer and the Nalu RDA, neither of which I’ve heard of if I’m being honest.

Vaporesso Forz RDA hand check

So it would seem Vaporesso is trying to raise awareness by releasing an RDA that by name alone is designed for use with their Forz TX80 mod.

I’ve come to associate Vaporesso with pod based systems. Just take a look at the Target PM80, the Luxe PM40 and a personal favorite the Barr pod kit.

All high quality and reliable vaping devices. Of course they’ve also been responsible for vape pens targeted towards new vapers and sub ohm kits for the intermediate user.

Are Vaporesso pushing further into the realms of advanced vaping?

It’s almost A RaDicAl change of direction if you think about it.

..See what I did there? lol

What Can We Expect From the Vaporesso Forz RDA?

Vaporesso tell us that the Forz RDA “gives us the liberty to build our own tank“.

With four raised posts it would certainly appear to be quite easy to install either a single or dual coil.

Vaporesso Forz RDA side of box

A honeycomb style adjustable airflow has been designed to offer a smoother, richer flavour. An alternative wider cyclops style airflow will give the user a broader flavour with increased cloud production.

The RDA is also compatible with either 510 or 810 drip tips.

Expect to be using the Vaporesso Forz RDA with other mods when running in dual coil mode.

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Inside the box

Shake it, shake it! Yup.

  • Vaporesso Forz RDA
  • Extra 810 drip tip
  • 2 x coil
  • Squonk BF pin
  • 510 drip tip adaptor
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Accessory bag

It’s one of those boxes without thumb cut outs.

Vaporesso Forz RDA unboxed

They were invented for a reason – for impatient buggers like me lol!

The spare drip tip is resin and slightly shorter than the included 810 Delrin.

Ironically it has a better fit too.

Vaporesso Forz RDA spares bag

Also included in the spares bag is a hex key, flat head screwdriver, spare flat head grub screws and an assortment of O rings.

Vaporesso Forz RDA Specifications and Features

The Vaporesso Forz RDA comes in two colour choices: Black or silver.

Vaporesso tell us that it can accept all coil sizes thanks to the wide posts.

There’s more than enough space for large builds and the airflow structure certainly galvanises that belief.

  • 24mm diameter at the base
  • Stainless steel material
  • Adjustable honeycomb/cycloptic airflow
  • Four post raised build deck
  • Single or dual coil configuration
  • 810 or 510 drip tip compatible
  • 510 BF squonk pin included
  • Gold plated 510 connector

Design and Build Quality

Vaporesso Forz RDA – Top Cap, Barrel and Airflow Structure

The RDA is made of a CNC carved steel material which gives it a highly polished appearance.

The dual airflow slots are quite wide at around 11mm indicating a very airy direct lung vape.

Vaporesso Forz RDA removeable 810 drip tip with branding

The 810 Delrin drip tip does sit a little awkwardly on the top cap, but it’s nice to see some discreetly placed Vaporesso branding on the silver trim. It’s been done by other manufacturers but I find it to be a nice touch.

There’s an O ring inside the catch cup which will allow you to use your own 810 drip tip and Vaporesso has kindly included a 510 adaptor should you wish to tweak the airflow further.

Vaporesso Forz RDA honeycomb airflow on top cap

The top cap is independent of the barrel but sits firmly in place thanks to a suitably sized O ring.

The knurling around the top is deeply etched and a little bit sharp to the touch but it works wonders when making airflow adjustments.

Being removable means it’s much easier to literally dump e-liquid straight down inside the barrel without fear of leaking, that’s a major plus in my book.

Vaporesso Forz RDA cycloptic airflow structure

The cycloptic cut outs on the top cap have been slanted to force airflow in at a slight angle providing good coverage across the coil(s).

Fully open it’s going to give a very open and airy style of vaping.

Vaporesso Forz RDA honeycomb airflow structure

A series of thirteen pin holes combine to make up the alternative honeycomb airflow structure.

These will no doubt help to diffuse the airflow and provide a much more saturated, intense vaping experience while restricting the airflow somewhat.

Vaporesso Forz RDA protruding 510 pin

There’s more branding on the underside of the RDA and the gold plated 510 pin protrudes enough for use with a hybrid device if that’s your bag.

It can also be replaced with a squonking pin – for those with more than one bag!

Vaporesso Forz RDA – Build deck

The deck of the Vaporesso Forz RDA is going to look very familiar to some.

Highly reminiscent of a certain reviewer/fireman with a penchant for all thing bunny ears.

Vaporesso Forz RDA angled four post deck

‘Nuff said…

I’m giving no points for originality here unfortunately but let’s take a look regardless.

The quad posts have been lifted and angled making the build process relatively straight forward. It’s even possible to snip any excess coil leg after installing thanks to their raised nature.

I’ve always been a fan of flat head screws so their inclusion here is a very welcome one.

The juice well is quite deep allowing for more e-liquid and less dripping. Thanks to two sizeable O ring mountings around the base there’s very little likelihood of leakage occuring.

Vaporesso Forz RDA build deck with barrel attached
The build deck with barrel attached

Two cut outs on the rim of the deck allow for alternative airflow direction to the coil(s).

Simply twist the barrel around to find the preferred setting. Further fine tuning and another nice touch!

How Does The Vaporesso Forz RDA perform?

Single Coil Mode

I went with two 70VG/30PG liquid when testing the RDA. It’s more than capable of handling higher juice ratios though.

I used Wick Addiction Lemon Meringue Roulade and Juice Sauz Irish Cream Custard.

single coil build checking height

Although two coils are included in the spares bag I wasn’t quite sure if they were kanthal or Ni80, however, they’re certainly 3mm diameter.

Note: The included coils already have their legs cut to size.

I used the Vaporesso Forz TX80 mod for these tests and ran the coil (settling in at 0.39ohm) at 45W with the honeycomb airflow wide open.

Plenty of snap, crackle and pop from the coil with just the minimum of restriction making this a very airy vape.

Vapour production is extremely good for a single coil build but the flavour is definitely muted.

When reducing the airflow down to around five holes the flavour improves dramatically.

I receive my preferred semi restrictive vape, providing me with enough warmth on the inhale and a welcoming tickle to the throat.

Vaporesso Forz RDA – Cycloptic Airflow

When set wide open it’s just like breathing normally.

There’s zero restriction that I could note and all I get from the flavours tested is a bitterness or sweetness, it’s very muted and just doesn’t work for me.

single coil positioing

Cloud production is on point again but it’s also a very loud, turbulent and coil popping experience. That alone is enough to put me off vaping further.

Things don’t improve much under tighter restrictions. A whistling is now added to the orchestra of vape noise, now I know why the neighbors dog is barking! lol

Flavour quality does improve but marginally. I’m not getting anywhere near the rich tones I associate with either profile unfortunately.

Vaporesso Forz RDA – Dual Coil Mode

I used two 0.26ohm Wotofo quad core fused Ni80 Clapton coils to test the Vaporesso Forz RDA in dual coil mode.

It was twinned with my trusty Voopoo Drag 157 mod and vaped at a comfortable 80W with the coils settling in at a respectable 0.14ohm.

dual coil positioing

The same two e-liquid profiles were used during the test.

With the honeycomb airflow wide open there was still some restriction to the lung hit with the vape being very quiet on the inhale. A very smooth affair with very little turbulence.

The increase to power really helps to kick the flavour along and the sweetness to the lemon meringue Roulade spills out very nicely. Vapour production is rich, dense and very satisfying.

With airflow dialed down to around mid way, things get much more restrictive and a little outside of my comfort zone. It falls between a restrictive direct lung and airy MTL experience, dare I say.

Cloud production suffers and the vape is much warmer but the drip tip heats up quite rapidly. Reducing the wattage helps but at the sacrifice to flavour.

Vaporesso Forz RDA – Cycloptic Airflow

As with the honeycomb setting of the single coil mode this is a very airy direct lung vape and again it’s just like breathing air!

However, the custard from the Juice Sauz juice still pulls through albeit muted and the added warmth helps with this dessert style profile.

dual coiled and wicked
Dual coiled, wicked and awaiting juice coverage

During extended vapes I noticed turbulence forming during the inhale but vapour production remained very good.

Some of the whistling returns when reducing the cycloptic airflow down to around mid way.

This is where the flavour really starts to intensify and the Liqueur qualities of Irish Cream Custard punch very hard alongside a warming custard.


  • Incredible build quality
  • Easy to build on
  • Great use of knurling on the top cap
  • O ring tolerances are on point
  • Leak proof


  • Noisy and turbulent in single coil mode
  • Average flavour production in single coil mode
  • Needs a more powerful mod to get the best results (dual coil mode)

Final Review Verdict

The Vaporesso Forz RDA has good but not great flavour reproduction.

It really comes into its own when used in dual coil mode and on more powerful mods.

Vaporesso Forz RDA with Vaporesso Forz TX80 mod

In a way that kind of defeats the object if the intention was to twin it with their Forz TX80 mod. It is what it is.

The RDA will also come into its own when picked up by the budding dripper. Someone who is new to building because the deck is very easy to get to grips with, it’s easy to build on.

The fact that it simply does not leak will also be very encouraging to the new user. There’s nothing more off putting than the sight of e-liquid running down the side of a mod.

I do feel Vaporesso are heading in the right direction with the release of this RDA and the build quality is flawless.

The attention to detail is amazing right down to the laser cut branding on the barrel.

It’s certainly a case of onward and upwards for Vaporesso.

UK Option
Rest Of the World Save 10% With Code ECC

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour and cloud production single coil mode
Flavour and cloud production dual coil mode
Replace if lost
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