The British Hemp Co CBD Oil, drops or tinctures review and I’m putting four flavours to the taste test.

Each of the bottles are specifically formulated to tackle various health and well being issues and are mainly fruit flavoured, though one has the natural cannabis taste.

British Hemp Co cbd oil review

Don’t panic! I haven’t turned into a weed dealer over night!

CBD is perfectly legal in the UK – yes it’s derived from the cannabis plant but the active ingredient that gets users high is removed.

That’s called Tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] – and to be classed as legal CBD here in the UK, any product can only contain THC of 2% or less – in this case the British Hemp Co CBD Oil contains zero.

So nope, you can’t get high, nor can you take too much – speaking of which, here’s a few of my CBD articles for more info:

IMPORTANT: Please note you MUST NOT try to vape on CBD oral drops or tinctures – please check the link above for CBD based e-liquids.

What Can We Expect From the British Hemp Co CBD Oil?

Good flavour and not to oily is my preference when it comes to CBD drops and tinctures.

There’s different blends and flavouring for specific uses, and three are available in 2000mg strengths and one in 3000mg:

  • Calm: to promote a sense of overall well-being and settle anxiety
  • Mend: to help ease aches, pains and as an anti-inflammatory
  • Natural: a general ‘catch-all’ CBD mix
  • Sleep: as the name suggests to help with a good nights’ sleep

cbd none psychoactive

The British Hemp Co CBD Oil uses European grown plants and is broad spectrum which in a nutshell means it uses every part of the plant.

Only natural ingredients are added to create the specific use of each flavour, and all the bottles are GMO-Free, Gluten free, Vegan friendly, and Rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

Green Hippies among us rejoice!

OK, my bad…

Right then…

On with the review.

The British Hemp Co CBD Oil bottles were sent to me from the British CBD website – thank you – and NOT direct from the British Hemp Co…

As always, products in for review free of charge do NOT sway my thoughts or opinions.

International Shipping

British Hemp Co CBD Oil Calm – Broad Spectrum – 2000mg

British Hemp Co cbd oil calm review

British Hemp Co. Says:

British Hemp Co’s specially formulated Calm drops use lead ingredients Magnesium, 5-HTP and Aswagandha to help give you clarity of mind.

They are perfect partners for our high quality CBD oil, harvested from organically grown Hemp with no THC and no unwanted residues.

I Say:

Some very interesting natural additives to the British Hemp Co CBD Oil Calm, and I’ll have a look at those in a moment.

Opening up the bottle and wow a real whack of pear drops that catches at the back of the throat and almost made my eyes water.

I’ve said this before with pear flavoured juice reviews – I don’t seem to get on with this flavour.

However, a few drops under the tongue and whilst that pear drop flavour fills the mouth, it’s a lot less than one of those sweets.

In fact it’s a really quite pleasant warming taste – just a tad oily maybe – but very nice indeed – fresh but warm if you catch my drift!

Good Stuff Inside!

As to the added extras…

Magnesium is something we humans can’t live without given it makes up a fourth of our body – important stuff then! Science says it’s particularly useful for those suffering from anxiety and also add that over half of all humans are magnesium deficient…makes perfect sense to get some in your system!

5-HTP – this is an amino acid our bodies naturally produce to create serotonin – anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and even weight gain, can in some cases not be producing enough…so any added supplement can only help right/?

Ashwagandha sounds Indian and you’d be right. It’s a herb that’s been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine and is believed to help reduce stress and promote calmness.

Not sure if I’m tasting any of those – but yeah I quite like this one.

British Hemp Co CBD Oil Mend – Broad Spectrum – 2000mg

British Hemp Co cbd oil mend review

British Hemp Co. Says:

Aid your recovery with British Hemp Co’s specially formulated Mend drops.

Our three specially selected lead ingredients include Curcumin, renowned as a powerful natural Anti-Inflammatory compound.

I Say:

I’ve read a lot about the powers of Tumeric, and Curcumin is a bioactive compound found inside that well known spice.

It’s main properties appears to be anti-inflamatory, though many people around the world use it to help with heart health, arthritis, and anxiety and of course muscle soreness.

The British Hemp Co Mend is orange flavoured, and yup, that’s exactly the smell and indeed the taste.

It’s not sweet orange, more of the tangy pith, and that zingy tart taste is very refreshing indeed cutting through the oiliness quite nicely.

I’m not allowed to say if this has helped, however I am taking a few drops after my daily hike every day 😉

British Hemp Co CBD Oil Natural – Broad Spectrum – 3000mg

British Hemp Co cbd oil natural review

British Hemp Co Says:

British Hemp Co offers this high quality broad spectrum CBD oil rich in natural cannabiniods, terpenes, flavonoids and phytonutrients.

Our oil contains all the benefits of a full spectrum oil but with Zero THC.

The hemp used is expertly produced by professional European farmers.

All British Hemp Co oils are GMO-Free, Gluten free, Vegan friendly, Rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, containing Zero THC using only the finest blend of ingredients.

I Say:

Regular readers of my CBD reviews and guides will know I’m a massive fan of the authentic cannabis taste – especially those earthy botanical flavours.

Strangely this aroma from the bottle from the British Hemp Co CBD Oil Natural flavour is very subtle, you might even say low key.

Not a bad thing I guess if you don’t want your room smelling of weed…

Subtle is the word with the taste too, yes I’m getting a hint of terpenes but very gentle and almost an afterthought.

This one doesn’t feel oily in the mouth, but there is a slight residue on the lips which is strange but pleasant lol.

I’ve actually come to like this one a lot – it’s home grown on me you might say 😉

I guess this one is a cover-all option with particular emphasis on well being maybe?

British Hemp Co CBD Oil Sleep Broad Spectrum – 2000mg

sleep review

British Hemp Co Says:

Unwinding properly and getting a good nights sleep at the end of the day is important for everyone.

That’s where British Hemp Co’s specially formulated sleep drops come in.

Our oil contains all the benefits of a full spectrum CBD oil but with Zero THC.

I Say:

You can tell this is cherry flavoured – a real fresh smell once the top’s whipped off.

It is a little synthetic mind, but still perfectly palatable and again it feels less oily.

As I keep saying, I’m not allowed to say how or even if CBD helps me personally as I’m not a medical practitioner.

So for the review of the British Hemp Co CBD Oil Sleep variety, I did a little experiment.

I stopped using my usual supplement and measured my sleep patterns taking this particular CBD oil, and using my smartwatch…yeah I know get me being all trendy and technical lol….it is a rather smart if cheap one mind 😉

Anyway, here’s the results:

sleep review

Those results were taken four days apart and I guess mixed if positive results – particularly when it came to deep sleep, which is obviously extremely important.

No idea why I seemed to have been awake longer, probably stressing about the rather bad hair trim I’d given myself ha!

Anyway, just an insight and nothing should be read into it.

If you do have sleep issues a doctor will offer advice if CBD isn’t for you…

Final Review Verdict

I really do like this range, very fresh tasting with some interesting and some might say proven, natural ingredients.

The flavours are very good and whilst they are obviously oil based, the British Hemp Co CBD Oil range are not as oily as some I’ve reviewed.

There looks to be something for everyone and for whatever you want to use CBD for, and on the scale of things they aren’t badly priced – you’re getting a lot for your money.

I’ve sent the Sleep bottle to another EcigClick reviewer and will be interested to see how he gets on with it.

Until then, I’m definitely continuing to use the Mend and Natural 😉

International Shipping

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