Introduction: The Green Tank by Carrys

Carrys appear to be a newish brand offering two atomiser tanks the Carrys T4 and the Carrys Green Tank that we will be taking a closer look at today.

The tank is a 4ml capacity with a diameter of 24.5 mm and comes with a sub ohm coil. The body is made from stainless steel and a glass tank. The drip tip, coil sleeve and O-rings are made from food grade silicone to prevent any taste disruption.

Carrys Green Tank Promo ShotIt has to be said the price of this tank is pretty staggering – in a good way – it is way cheaper than similar tanks. At the time of writing (without discounts) it’s under £9/$11. Does it function like a cheap tank? Let’s get it filled up and see!!

What’s In The Box

  • Green Tank with 0.5ohm G1 coil
  • 1x Silicone airflow-control ring
  • User Manual


  • Size: 24.5mm x 55mm
  • Capacity:  4ml
  • Coil: G1 0.5ohm Coil (30 – 80W)
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Colour: Black, Green, Steel
  • Top Fill

Carrys Green Tank Components

Build Quality & Design

The tank is visually very very stunning.

Carrys Green Tank ViewsThe metal parts are stainless steel.

I got the green Green tank for review!

There is a squishy silicone 810 drip tip – which sadly I am finding very odd and it does pop off the tank with the very slightest touch.

Carrys Green Drip TipThere is a bottom airflow control on the specification – but sadly this consists of a silicone band which you wrap around the bottom of the tank to cover or expose the airflow slot as required. The price of creating a budget sub ohm tank maybe?

The top cap unscrews to fill the tank with liquid. There is so little to grip on this I have to keep using my sleeve to try and turn it.

Update 15/11/17

Just thought I would suggest to anyone buying this tank – buy the steel version – the finish on my green version has started to wear off the tank top cap a bit after a week of use….

Carrys green Tank FinishHow Does the Carrys Green Tank Perform?

I used the Carrys Green Tank on a Sigelei Kaos Z which I am also reviewing.

Carrys Green Tank on ModI used 80% VG E-liquid. As this is a Sub Ohm tank you will need a lower nicotine level as the power of this will make a higher nicotine strength way too harsh! 3mg is the go to for most and a max of 6mg recommended.

You can use higher VG liquid in this – the 80% liquid worked a treat. For information on PG and VG read here.

You set the airflow adjustment using the green silicone band – I can’t describe what setting I had it on as it kept moving every time I filled the tank!

How To Fill The Carrys Green Tank

  • Unscrew the top cap – easier said than done, not much to grip hold of, so I have to use my sleeve to grip it.
  • Simply add liquid to the tank – avoiding the centre tube part.
  • Replace the top cap.

Carrys Green Tank RefillHow To Change The Carrys G1 Coil Head

At some point the coil head will require replacing. Usually the signs to look out for are poor performance or a burnt taste.

However if the liquid level is too low this can cause the same effect – but if used with too little e-liquid this will mean the coil cotton is too damaged and will need replacing.

Also using the tank at too high a wattage setting – above the recommended settings can damage the coil head. So if new to these types of tank take a little care.

  • Turn the tank upside down.
  • Remove the bottom cap of the tank.
  • The coil just pulls out when you grab the green silicone sleeve.
  • A new coil pushes in the same way.
  • Replace the tank bottom cap.
  • Fill with e-liquid and leave the tank to stand for 5 minutes to allow the coil to soak up the liquid.

Carrys Green Tank Coil ReplacementFlavour & Cloud Production

There are 3 types of coil available for this tank. I only tried the 0.5 ohm which was supplied.

Carrys Green Coils0.5 ohm Carrys G1 Coil

The optimum wattage setting for this coil varies between 30-80W.

I started using this at 50W and it was wonderful. Lovely taste, vapour and huge throat hit.

Going up to 60W just made everything even more intense. No dry hits or spitting either.

At 80W – wow it made me cough – it really did. A bit too much for me – but I can’t deny the performance of this – wow. Clouds, clouds and more clouds came flowing out of my lungs. I am still a smoker and my lung capacity must be still pretty good judging by the vapour fog I am kicking out!

At 90W – not much difference to 80W to be honest. Still strong taste and vapour.

At 100W – this still worked fine but a slight burnt taste creeping through so I wouldn’t probably use it for long periods or any kind of chain vaping at this setting as there is a chance of burning your cotton.

I found my sweet spot was 60W – it kept the juice flowing just great and wasn’t as harsh on my poor old smoker throat.

With the airflow fully open you get so much vapour but the flavour does suffer slightly. I used it with the airflow covered slightly and the flavour and vapour were amazing.

I am actually contemplating buying a pack of coils for this as I will be devastated when the only coil burns out!

What I Like

The flavour and cloud production are so impressive. The throat hit is immense! The latter will of course depend on your nicotine level.

The Green Tank even approached me in my dreams last night – honestly! I woke up this morning really bosting (West Midlands word for “bursting”!) to have a vape on this – it’s really that good!

What I Dislike

The top cap and the airflow control ring.

I do feel they have cut corners slightly to keep the tank cheap. The silicone drip tip is perfectly functional but it feels weird and likes to jump out when it feels like it. The top cap is very hard to turn – this could have done with having a bit more to grip on to.

The big let-down is that the airflow system appears to be an afterthought. Relying on the user using a silicone ring to block or expose the airflow hole. This tank could have had just a simple metal ring that turns which would have made it a lot more professional and classy looking.

Final Review Verdict

Performance wise this is better than you could imagine for the price. It works incredibly. The vapour is immense, the taste is beautiful and the throat hit is huge!

Build wise – it is good – apart from the above mentioned points.


  • The performance is outstanding for the price of the tank
  • Looks stunning apart from the silicone airflow band
  • Environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Such a great price
  • Top filling
  • Easy to replace coil head


  • Airflow design isn’t the best.
  • Top cap hard to grip
  • Only 1 coil in the package
  • Weird rubbery drip tip
Build Quality
Ease of use
Vapour Volume
Replace if lost or damaged
My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


  1. Thank you Barnweld – it is a surprisingly good no frills tank it really is -I will continue to use this – I like it that much!


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