Here’s something a little bit different, the CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies review.

Yeah I know, not exactly vape related is it lol.

CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies Review

However, we are very aware that a heck of a lot of vapers are extremely interested in all things CBD, so why not branch out a little!

OK, the CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies are exactly that, cookies [or biscuits if you’re a Brit like me lol] with a little ‘extra‘ added.

As a bit of a cookie monster myself, I couldn’t wait to try these – let’s hope they lived up to my expectations!

What Can We Expect From the CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies?

I’m hoping for a tasty sweet treat just like mamma used to make!

Each cookie, as well as the different flavourings, contain 20mg of CBD and 13 grams of protein – ideal for serious athletes like myself…

cbd none psychoactive

Why you laughing..?

They’re vegan friendly and have broad spectrum CBD content – which in a nutshell means lots of parts from the cannabis plant.

BTW – CBD cannot get you high, because the active ingredient – Tetrahydrocannabinol – is removed, and neither can you overdose from CBD.

CBD products are perfectly legal here in the UK – please check your own country’s laws before buying and if in any doubt seek medical advice before trying.

OK, the boring bit out of the way…

CBDfx say:

These cookies contain all the plant-based benefits of high-quality CBD, but we also made sure to include a good amount of protein as well.

This added protein can support your diet and eating habits in a positive way by curbing your appetite and rebuilding broken down muscles after working out.

Proper amounts of protein can also provide mental clarity and focus, because it’s vital to brain function and development.

I guess after the year we’ve all had we could do with a bit of mental clarity and focus lol.

OK, the CBD cookies were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review from CBDfx – thank you – and as is always the case, freebies in no way affect my thoughts or opinions.

On with the CBD cookies review and let’s see if they take the biscuit, or channel my inner cookie monster…

Me eat cookie!

More Info On CBD:

CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies – Chocolate Chip – 20mg

CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies - Chocolate Chip review

CBDfx Say:

Looking for a way to sweeten your daily CBD intake and get the protein your body craves?

Well, look no further, because these Protein Hemp Cookies are everything you need: they’re loaded with scrumptious chocolate chips, and all the other mouth-watering ingredients we know and love when it comes to chocolate chip cookies!

Whether you’re just looking to indulge in some gooey chocolate, enhance your workout, or get a little energy boost, these cookies combine 20mg of CBD with 13 grams of protein, so you can make it happen!

I Say:

Oh my – as a bit of a cookie addict, hello my name’s Neil, my mouth watered at the prospect of tasting this one.

The smell is all you’d expect, sweet, sugary with a real waft of chocolate goodness.

It’s not the crunchy kind of cookie, more the chewy almost juicy kind if you catch my drift…

Yes it crumbles in the mouth and when it does – wow – this is delicious and then some!

CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies – Oatmeal Raisin

CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies oatmeal and raisin review

CBDfx Say:

This spin on a classic favourite will change the way you think about taking your CBD and protein every day!

Here at CBDfx, we understand that you take your health and your CBD products seriously, and that’s why we’ve formulated these cookies from all-natural ingredients and flavourings.

Enjoy them with no guilt because they are 100% vegan and non-GMO!

Each cookie contains 20mg of high quality, broad-spectrum CBD, plus 13 grams of protein — so you can approach the day with strength and tenacity!

The protein content in these cookies allows your body to replenish and refuel itself after any draining activity.

You’ll move through your daily tasks and goals effortlessly while you’re munching on this tasty treat!

I Say:

I always carry this flavour cookie or flapjack whilst out hiking…the sugar gives me a bit of a boost.

Again the smell is bloody lovely – with a hit of fruitiness and vanilla.

And yep – this isn’t a crumbly cookie – more like the flapjacks I love, and bloody lovely it is too.

I have to say and even for a big bloke like me, this is very filling – I’ve only managed half of one out and about!

Very filling – yet moreish if that makes sense, and yeah I definitely got a boost on my recent 11 mile hill walk – ooo get me bragging lol.

CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies – Peanut Butter

peanut butter flavour biscuit

CBDfx Say:

If you’re looking for a tasty way to experience your CBD while getting a boost of protein, you’ve come to the right place!

These cookies make it easy to take your CBD + much-needed protein snack with you wherever you go.

Enjoy this CBD infused peanut butter cookie whether you’re in the car, on your lunch break, or leaving the gym.

Not to mention, when you eat one of these cookies, you’re getting 20mg of premium CBD and 13 grams of energy-boosting protein, so you’ll be feeling like nothing can stand in your way!

I Say:

I bloody love peanut butter – has to be crunchy though…

And again this isn’t a crunchy crumbly cookie – and as I keep saying, more of a chewy flapjack.

Packed with nutty buttery goodness, this is bloody gorgeous.

Peanut butter can kind of clag your mouth – making you rush for a glass of water.

This CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies certainly doesn’t do that but again it is VERY filling.

Final Review Verdict

A fun, sweet and tasty way to get your daily dose of CBD and very moreish they are too.

Ideal for popping in your gym – sports bag or rucksack and perfect for an anytime snack.

cbd cookie
CBD chocolate chip cookie

They really are filling – even for me – and I’ve found myself having one for lunch even when I’m not out walking the hills.

So yeah I’d definitely recommend the CBDfx CBD Protein Cookies, and hey, they’re perfect for Christmas…

Santa is a very busy bloke and does need a bit of a boost delivering all those pressies – so these are perfect to leave out on Christmas Eve…Ho! Ho! Ho! 🙂

So…have you tried these CBD cookies?

What’s your favourite flavour?

Do let me know in the comments below…

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CBD Chocolate Chip Cookie
CBD Oatmeal and Raisin Cookie
CBD Peanut Butter Cookie
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