We’ll find out just what CBG is in a moment, it’s a new one on me I have to say, so lets put the CBDfx CBD Tinctures to the taste test.

For a specialist CBD website, I’m surprised CBDfx has only two types of flavoured oral drops, the Hemp and the Wellness 2:1.

There’s a choice of 500mg – 1000mg – 2000mg and a whopping 4000mg in the Wellness range and 1000mg and 1500mg CBD strength in the Hemp flavour.

Both CBD Tinctures come in 30ml bottles with a pipette for dripping on or under the tongue.

For best results shake the bottle first and keep the CBDfx CBD tinctures in your mouth for a couple of minutes.

What Can We Expect From the CBDfx CBD Tinctures?

I’m not actually allowed to say is the correct answer when it comes to all CBD products.

Despite reams of honest anecdotal evidence out there showing how CBD has helped people, the medical profession is only slowly [but surely] starting to realize there might be something in this…

CBDfx CBD Tinctures cbd none psychoactive CBD wont get you high

CBD users across the globe say it helps with: pain relief – sleep issues – mental health and personal well being among many others.

I’ve used it for a number of years now and won’t stop using it anytime soon, is the closest I can come to answering what to expect 😉

As for dosage, this is very much a trial and error process depending on a number of factors including body mass and just how CBD reacts to your body – truth be told the effect can and is different for everyone.

However, as a tip, start small and build up is the simple answer, and that means both the strength of the CBD and the amount you take.

BTW, I’m so full of CBD, even if I could say how a particular brand or product is affecting me – I genuinely couldn’t!

More Info: CBD is legal here in the UK and in many parts of the world – please check local laws.

CBD is the acronym for Cannabidiol and given the active ingredient in cannabis [THC] is removed, nope it cannot get you high, nor can you overdose from it.

OK, the CBDfx CBD Tinctures were sent to me direct from the company – thank you – and as per usual, my thoughts and opinions cannot be swayed by freebies.

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CBDFx CBD Tinctures – Hemp 500mg

CBDfx CBD Tinctures cbdfx hemp review

CBDfx Say:

This tincture is perfect for anyone just getting started with CBD, or those who prefer a more mild concentration.

Our 500mg CBD tincture contains a blend of our organic broad-spectrum CBD, and MCT oil to help your body absorb it as efficiently as possible!

I Say:

Absolutely no smell coming from the bottle whatsoever – which if I’m honest was more than a little disconcerting…

I filled the pipette and dripped under the tongue and waited…and waited…

Nope…absolutely no flavour and a distinct lack of oiliness I’ve gotten from other CBD oral drops!

So I guess I’m torn here lol.

I do absolutely adore those strong cannabis botanical tastes but many don’t.

It naturally follows if you’re in the latter group – this one’s ideal!

Hang on a moment…just after I ingested the CBD oil I am getting a not unpleasant after taste…weird!

CBDfx CBD Wellness Tincture 2:1 With 500mg + 250mg CBG

Before I get into the review of the CBDfx Wellness tincture, what exactly is CBG?

CBG is the acronym for Cannabigerol – as I said, one I’d actually never heard of.

CBDfx CBD Tinctures Cannabigerol cbg in CBD

CBDfx explain it thus:

Although you’ve likely heard of CBD oil, “CBG” might be a bit more unfamiliar to many experienced users.

CBG is a minor chemical compound found in the cannabis plant.

However, it’s got a bevy of unique properties that have made it a new and compelling compound for CBD lovers.

While CBD is known to affect certain receptors in the brain—ultimately coding for different physiological reactions and benefits—CBG (or Cannabigerol) interacts with the brain on a fundamentally different level, further enabling the substance’s “entourage effect.”

Incidentally, the so called ‘entourage effect’ is described by those in the know as:

Cannabinoids and terpenoids in cannabis are thought to interact with each other as well as the brain’s receptors.

This interaction has been labeled “the entourage effect.” There’s some evidence that the entourage effect makes taking THC and CBD together more effective than either alone.

You learn something new everyday 🙂

OK, back to the CBDfx Wellness 2:1 tincture review:

cbdfx wellness 2 1 tincture review

CBDfx Say:

Experience the best in taste and benefits with our latest CBD + CBG Wellness 2:1 Tincture Oil!

Combining two of the most powerful cannabinoids (CBD + CBG) on the planet with a masterful blend of 18 aromatic terpenes, helpful antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10 & Curcumin, and a sweet and citrusy finish, our Wellness 2:1 Tinctures provide everything you need to start the day.

I Say:

After that build-up I’m expecting big things to say the least lol.

Aaaand…no aroma again lol…

Not sure what I was expecting – maybe a whiff of ‘aromatic terpenes‘ or even a hint of citrus – sniff as I might, nope, nothing.

Flavour wise I’m getting a tiniest hint of those terpenes and a gentle tickle of citrus – but all very low key.

It’s not at all oily and yep – once again I’m getting a rather pleasant after-taste.

Final Review Verdict

Give the distinct lack of over-powering flavourings, the two CBDfx CBD tinctures are perfect for newcomers to CBD products, or those that like things au naturel.

Unlike many other oral CBD drops I’ve tried, there’s no oiliness whatsoever, indeed they’re crisp and definitely clean.

The taste does come in soon after you’ve swallowed the tincture, which might be my tired old taste-buds – do let me know in the comments below.

So given the lack of over bearing oiliness and the subdued taste – I reckon they’re well worth a try.

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CBDfx Hemp Tincture
CBDfx Wellness 2:1 Tincture
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