Christmas flavoured e-liquids will not only get your taste-buds ready for the rich food ahead, but also give your room the smell of Xmas!

I’ve had a snoop around the web and found 12 days of Christmas vapes to get you in the mood for the festive food and fun ahead!

christmas flavoured e-liquids ecigclick

There’s also a couple of festive flavourings for the homebrew DIY gang out there as well as a nice icy refreshing palate cleanser and a bourbon and cigar mix for that after-dinner vape.

Indeed there’s something for every vaper out there this Christmas – including a selection box of sub-ohm juice!

I didn’t find a turkey dinner flavour – but there is a roast chicken dinner one – yes or yuk?

Thankfully this is also a sprout free zone lol – but I do like mine with a bit of panncetta and bacon mixed in…ooo get me Mr Posh bloke lol.

OK, this isn’t an e-liquid review – just a few ideas to get y’all in the holiday spirit!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Here we go – yeah I’m a big kid lol.

Christmas Flavoured E-liquids – IVG Xmas Selection Box

This selection of seasonal treats from IVG [I Vape Great] would make a great gift or a special present to give yourself – after all you’ve bought everyone else a pressie!

There’s x3 50ml bottles of zero nicotine short-fill e-liquid, meaning you’ll have to buy the nic shots separately.

christmas flavoured e-liquids IVG selection box

It’s packaged superbly and really will bring a smile to even the grumpiest vaper on Christmas Day!

The flavours are very festive indeed!

IVG Says:

Snowball Smoothie

A traditional smooth cocktail of vanilla custard and a twist of lime

Scofi Caramel Crunch

A classic bitter sweet caramel and vanilla crunch biscuit

Plum Pudding

An exquisite pudding mixed with sherry, damson plum, warm winter berries, cherries, spices and orange peel

They all sound very tasty indeed.

This selection box of Christmas flavoured e-liquids is available for a very short time and can be bought direct from the IVG online store or other sites.

Christmas Flavoured E-liquids – Candy Cane by Mr Wicks

Christmas is all about sweet tasty treats!

How about this Candy Cane flavour with a hint of mint that will also cleanse your palate ready for even more food!

christmas flavoured e-liquids candy cane mr wicks

Mr Wicks says:

Sweet, minty and creamy, not just for Christmas!

I can imagine the smell off this one is divine!

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Christmas Flavoured E-liquids – Apple and Cranberry Ice – Dr Frost

Gotta love cranberry sauce on your turkey dinner!

This one’s definitely the taste and smell of Christmas.

Christmas Flavoured E-liquids dr-frost-apple-and-cranberry-ice-christmas flavoured e-liquid

Also available in nic salts – ideal for someone making the switch from smoking this Christmas!

Dr Frost Says:

Apple & Cranberry Ice by Dr Frost Salt Nic combines the most delectable green apples and tart cranberries with a dash of menthol

Sounds wonderfully fresh – juicy and minty – ideal for after that big dinner!

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Christmas Flavoured E-liquids – Apple & Cinnamon Pancake

Christmas is all about those spicy fruity smells and of course a hearty tasty breakfast.

I’m doing Santa at my local pub again every Sunday in December and the kids have a choice from the breakfast menu.

Christmas Flavoured E-liquids apple cinnamon

Let’s put it this way – the pancakes are more popular than sprouts in a bowl of milk 😉

The cinnamon in this one is bound to lift the taste and give that wondrous Christmassy smell!

Pancake Factory Says:

Apple & Cinnamon Pancake flavoured e-liquid

– they kept that one short lol

An ideal fresh fruity vape with a hint of warming Christmas spice – a treat for any vaper.

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Christmas Flavoured E-liquids – Mulled Wine E-liquid – British Vape

I’m a sucker for mulled wine and mice pies as the landlord in my local pubs knows too well lol.

Christmas Flavoured E-liquids mulled wine e-liquid flavour

I just love the warming mix of spices served hot in a glass topped with fruit and now in e-liquid!

British Vape Says:

A Christmas favourite, our warming, spicy blended e juice is great for any time of year, but especially nice on cold winter nights!

Oh my – that’s one I definitely have to try!

Christmas Flavoured E-liquids – Manabush Firewater No1 – Cigar and Bourbon

I’m a sucker for a nice big fat cigar at Christmas – even though I vape – sssh don’t tell anyone lol.

Plus it goes without saying I enjoy a good glass of malt whiskey – brandy and bourbon 😉

Now this flavour combines cigars and bourbon and mixed by one of the best companies out there!

Manabush Says:

Firewater No.1 is the core flavour of the range and the perfect starting point.

A blend of premium cigar tobacco flavours tempered with the smoothest straight Southern Bourbon, which makes for a surprisingly easy going all day vape that is lighter than you might imagine, the sweet bourbon providing a welcoming counterbalance to the cigar notes.

Sounds absolutely delicious and then some!

Christmas Flavoured E-liquids – Skir Skirrr On Ice by Ruthless

After all that rich festive food, your tongue and tummy is gonna take a bit of a hit!

ruthless-skir-skirr-on-ice-short-fill__christmas e-liquid flavours

That’s where this fresh – refreshing palate cleansing vape comes in!

Ruthless says:

Skir Skirr On Ice e-liquid is smooth and fruity, with a cool finish

Perfect to get you ready for that next plate of seasonal snacks and treats!

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Make Your Own Christmas Flavoured E-liquids!

Of course if you brew your own juice, then when it comes to Christmas flavoured e-liquids, the world is your oyster!

Whilst I have not been able to find a turkey flavoured vape – there is roast chicken flavour lol – Google is your friend for that one – yuk 😉

So here’s just a couple of very simple festive flavourings – there are of course very many more out there!

Christmas Flavoured E-liquids – Christmas Pudding Concentrate – Vape Train Australia

My absolute all time favourite pudding in the world – anytime of the year – yes I stock up lol.

xmas-pudding__flavouring e-liquid

I just love that mix of fruits and nuts especially lit with booze and served with brandy butter!

VTA Says:

VTA Christmas Pudding flavour is a great way to create those festive season recipes.

Oh my if only I was a DIYer

Guess I need to read the superb beginners guide to making your own e-liquid from Laura-ann 😉

Christmas Flavoured E-liquids – Digby’s Apple & Cinnamon Pudding

Now this one sounds like a delicious Christmas flavoured e-liquid!

Digby's Apple & Cinnamon Pudding e-liquid flavouring

And definitely one for spicy custard pudding lovers.

Digby’s Says:

Oh yum, this 50/50 juice is rather scrumptious. Baked cinnamon and apple pudding finished with smooth lashings of custard.

It really is a treat.

Smooth sweet inhale with the custard notes on the out.

Sounds like a really warming winter treat!

A Very Merry Vaping Christmas To You All!

I hope this light-hearted look at just a few of the many Christmas flavoured e-liquids out there has tickled your taste-buds!

As I said at the start – this not a review – just a guide!

One thing I have noticed is the standard of e-liquid has got a lot better over the years – so fingers crossed the Xmas flavoured e-liquids I’ve found will be tasty!

Don’t forget if you’re looking for the perfect present for the vaper in your life – we have some ideas for every vaper and every budget: Christmas Gift Guide For the Vaper In Your Life!

I know it’s a bit early and I’m bound to say it again [and again lol] but from all of us here at EcigClick – have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

neil h as santa
Neil H as Santa with his lovely Elves 😉

BTW – if you’ve found a great Christmas flavour OR have your own very special seasonal recipe – let us know in the comments below…

Christmas is of course all about sharing 😉

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