If you’re looking for a Christmas vaping gift guide, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

One thing’s for sure we vapers are an easy bunch to buy gifts for at any time of the year whether it’s birthdays, Christmas or simply if you’re pushing that special someone to make the switch from smoking!

christmas vaping gift guide

And we have something for every vaper at every level this Christmas with links to the UK – USA and of course the rest of the world.

Make It A Cloudy Christmas With These Vaping Xmas Gifts Ideas

I mean let’s face it if you’re lucky enough to have a vaper in your life you’ll know just how ‘needy’ we are!

We always need more e-liquid – always need more coils and absolutely always need that shiny new mod – vape tank – RDA or snap back cap lol.

So if you’re looking at your ‘other half’s’ wish list and words like coils – watts – ohms and 3mg are a mystery to you never fear – here’s our guide to Christmas presents and all year round gifts to please any vaper!

And hey it’s not just our naughty but nice vaping list for folks who have no idea what they’re on about either – you’ll all find some great ideas from stocking fillers to gifts for the vaper that has everything!

Gifts For The Absolute Vaping Beginner

OK maybe you have a smoker in your life and you’re desperate to help them quit – what could be better than a vape kit as a present!

Christmas is a bit of a stressy time for many and maybe not the best few days to pack up smoking – you know what I mean lol.

But if the smoker in your life makes a resolution to quit every year that lasts until the twelfth chime – maybe a decent starter kit will get them cutting down or even quitting for good.

Of course, e-cigarette gifts aren’t just for Christmas!

best christmas gifts for vapers 2019

Technology has come a long way this last couple of years and not only are the latest starter kits effective – they look great too.

You can also check out our best e cig kits for new vapers guide to help you make up your minds.

OK here’s a few of the best vaping starter kits we’ve found and we’ve updated this vaping Christmas Gift Guide for 2020 – links to the full reviews included.

And BTW, pod kits and pod mods have come a long way since they first appeared on the scene.

And given they are perfect for brand new vapers, we’ve added a few newer and better performing set-ups to the Christmas Vaping Gift Guide.

SMOKO VAPE E-Cigarette

smoko vape starter kit review

We were gobsmacked at how well this little vape kit performed.

It’s about as simple as vaping gets – pop on the pre-filled cartridge and vape!

The flavours are great – the draw is tight and there’s a nice throat hit too.

It’s low-priced too, so would make a great stocking filler for the smoker who wants to quit.

Read the review: SMOKO VAPE E-Cigarette Review – An Old School Style Starter Kit That Is Surprisingly Good!

Save 20% With Code 20%ECIGCLICK

Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit

uwell-caliburn-g-pod-kit colours

If the original set the standard for pod kits, the new Uwell Caliburn G is nothing short of outstanding.

Superb flavour and dead simple to use makes this one ideal for new vapers – those looking to quit smoking and even established vapers.

I reviewed this one and can’t recommend it highly enough!

Read the Review: Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit Review – Destined For Greatness?

GeekVape Aegis Boost Plus Pod Kit

geekvape aegis boost plus kit available colours

Now this one has taken the vape scene by storm and little wonder!

As pod mods go, this one has it all.

Dead simple to use – can withstand water – dust and is shock proof and it looks awesome too.

Many are saying this is the best pod mod of 2020 so any vaper opening this one up on Christmas morning will be thrilled!

Read the review: Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus Review – Leak Free Vaping?

Smok Nord X Pod Kit

nord x colours

A follow up to a pod kit that was extremely well received by the world of vaping.

The SMOK Nord X is as pretty as picture and really simple to use.

Another pod kit ideal to gift to a smoker looking to quit, a brand new vaper or one that’s been vaping for an age.

Read the review: Smok Nord X Pod Kit Review – Striking A Chord With An Upgraded Nord?

ePuffer XPod

epuffer xpod colours

Site admin Jonny really rates this one as an ideal vape kit to get smokers off the lit cigarettes.

It’s a good looker and so simple even the most techno-phobic smoker out there can get this one up and running in an instant!

We reckon this is one of the better pod kits/mods out there and one to definitely consider.

Read the review: ePuffer XPod Review – Easy Kit For Making The Switch

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E-Liquid Gifts For the New Vapers

OK coming off the stinkies means the smoker is still going to need to get the nicotine delivered into their system.

It’s the nicotine that is addictive not the actual lit cigarette – so with that in mind they will need an e-liquid with a high level of nicotine.

We have a complete guide to all things e-liquid here where you can find out all you need to know about ratios and strengths.

Black Note Ethos

Suffice it to say if you’re buying e-liquid for a new vaper fresh off the fags you’ll need to buy a higher level of nicotine so getting a 12mg or 18mg is my best advice.

I also suggest buying three different flavours to see which one they prefer with tobacco being an obvious choice!

There are literally millions of choices out there – bewildering even for us established vapers – however for the complete newbie I recommend checking out our friends over at Vapour.

Here’s three great choices for brand new vapers:

NOTE: If you’re looking to buy e-liquid for a more established user it’s best to ask them outright exactly what brand/flavour and nicotine strength they like.

Gifts For The More Experienced Vaper

OK this one is going to be broken down into different sections but don’t worry I’ll try to make it as easy to understand as possible for those of you a little shall we say ‘in the dark!’

There’s more than a few different styles of vaping and indeed types of vaper so without getting a few facts from those who’ve been vaping a while – you may end up getting the wrong thing entirely!

Simply put there’s two distinct types of vaper – Mouth to Lung [MTL] and Direct to Lung [DTL].

wales vaping

You can read our full guide to both styles via the link above – but if you’re in any doubt ask them!

Generally speaking newer vapers are MTL which mimics smoking whilst the more established are those who love to blow clouds the DTL or sub ohm vapers.

I’ll go into gifts for those who like to build their own coils later lol.

So once you know what type of vaper you’re buying for read on and if nothing takes your fancy do a site search for either MTL or DTL and you’ll find something as we have a huge back library of reviews and amazing money off deals – advert over 😉

OK first up gifts for experienced vapers who still like an MTL vape.

Despite vaping for years both myself and Jonny still vape both ways – ooer haha – so here’s a few Christmas present ideas we’d be only too happy to find in our stockings 😉

BDvape Precisio MTL RTA


It looks like one of those eye-wateringly expensive high head tanks but the BDvape Precisio MTL RTA is at an extremely competitive price.

Not only does it look high class – the vape from this one is high class too.

If the vaper in your life likes to build his or her own tanks and loves a great vape this one comes highly recommended.

Read the review: BDvape Precisio MTL RTA Review – Is This High End Precision Vaping At A Low Price?

Exvape Expromizer V4 RTA


Another cracking little MTL tank ideal for the vaper in your life this Christmas.

Exvape marketed this as the best MTL vape ever and according to our extremely experienced reviewer, it comes very close to that indeed!

Once again this is for the more experienced vaper that can build his or her own decks!

Saying that, it is a very simple deck to build on so a great idea for someone wanting to make the step up.

Read the review: Exvape Expromizer V4 RTA Review – The MTL Killer?

Once again the following vape devices have been around awhile, but trust me they still stand up to scrutiny into today’s fast moving vape world – especially the JAC Vapour S22 😉

Jacvapour Series S22 Kit

Series s22 boxI already own one of these outstanding kits so if you’re reading this Santa our Jonny has been a very good boy this year and deserves one lol.

This is without doubt one of the best vaping kits I’ve had the pleasure to use – great flavour – stylish and so simple to operate.

In fact while you’re on the website do have a look around – this is one of the best vaping manufacturers out there for kits and juices 😉

Checkout my full review of the Jacvapour Series S22 Kit

New Customers – Save 15% With Our Exclusive Discount Code – Use ECC Through The Link Below

Aspire Zelos Starter Kit

Aspire Zelos 50W Kit
Now this is a fabulous MTL set-up that features one of the best MTL tanks I’ve had the pleasure of using.

The Zelos is the mod that maxes out at 50watts – plenty of power for MTL vaping and a battery that will last forever!

But it’s the tank the MTL vaper will love – the Nautilus 2 is one of if not the best tank they’ll ever use – trust me on that 😉

A classy looking full kit easy on the eye and on the wallet and a gift they’ll absolutely adore.

BTW you can buy the tank – highly recommended – separately 😉

Read the full Aspire Zelos kit review here

Gifts for the Sub Ohm Vaper

If you have a cloud chucking vaper in your life then you may know a lot more about their likes than most folk!

And I have no doubt they’ve either hinted or told you exactly what’s on their wish list lol.

I’ll get onto the tricky subject of RTAs and RDAs soon – but for now let’s look at the latest and top rated sub ohm tanks and high power mods every vaper would love to see coming out of Santa’s sack…

BTW these are the very latest ‘must haves’ according to the buzz on social media – buy them one of these and trust me the Christmas dinner [and probably Boxing Day too] washing up will be sorted 😉

Once again we’ve updated this Christmas vaping gift guide to include some of the best releases for 2020, and the others on the nice list STILL stand their ground and can probably be snapped up dead cheap 😉

Dovpo Odin DNA250C 200W Box Mod

dovpo odin 250c christmas gift

Designed by the Vaping Bogan this is a MUST have mod for every vaper out there!

Its big brash and bold and very powerful to say the least.

If Santa has this in his sack you’ll be on the nice list all year and then some!

GeekVape Aegis X Mod

Best Box Mod aegis x geek vape

It looks awesome – has a huge vibrant screen and is indestructible – what’s not to like!

Any vaper getting the new GeekVape Aegis X mod in his/her Christmas stocking will be thrilled to say the least.

Our reviewer described this as “awesome” – high praise indeed!

Trust me, buy the vaper in your life this for Christmas and you’ll totally make their day 🙂

Read the review: Geekvape Aegis X Kit Review

Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank

hellvape fat rabbit sub ohm tank bubble glass

It will definitely be a cloudy Christmas if you give the Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm tank as an Xmas vape gift!

Ideal for the more experienced vaper and those who want to try their hand at sub ohm vaping.

It comes with a couple of stock coils in the box so everything you need to chuck a few clouds.

The flavour’s great too and definitely one of the most popular releases so far this year.

Read the review: Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank Review – Am I A Happy Vaping Bunny?

UK – Save 10% With Code ECIG10
USA – Save 10% With Code DNA10
Rest of World – Free Shipping – Save 12% With Code ECIGCLICK12

OK, the following Christmas gift ideas for vapers that sub-ohm are of course from last year.

However once again they really have and do stand the test of time!

Vaping Gifts For Vapers That Build!

Nope I don’t mean those who work on a building site 😉

If the vaper in your life has a collection of Action Man sized blue screwdrivers – a stash of cotton wool and spools of wire that pop open like a Jack-in-the-Box every time you open their ‘special drawer’ – then you’ll know what I mean!

OK this is for vapers that build their own coils and use an RDA [drippers] or RDTA/RTA which are like tanks but have DIY coils.

If that’s a little confusing or none of these I’ve picked out tickle your fancy – here’s our guide to some of the best RDA’s.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA

hellvape dead rabbit v2 rda review

I reviewed this one and absolutely love it!

Great flavour and one of the easiest RDA’s you’ll ever find to build on so ideal for the new builder.

It comes in a wide range of colours and looks gorgeous.

Any more experienced vaper would be absolutely delighted to receive this dripper in their Christmas stocking!

Read the review: Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA Review – Has Heathen Pulled Another Awesome Dripper Out Of the Hat?

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Once again, these next few might be a little dated, but the 3 RDA’s below are still among the very best out there:

  • Hellvape Dead Rabbit V1 – also by Heathen: absolutely awesome – full review
  • VandyVape Mesh RDA : innovative and superb – full review
  • Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA: great flavour and clouds – full review

OK now onto the RTAs – which are like tanks but you need to add your own coils.

GeekVape Zeus X RTA

Best rta for flavour - geekvape zeus x rta

I reckon this is the RTA release of the year – it is bloody awesome!

Building is simple as it gets but it’s the flavour from the GeekVape Zeus X RTA that stands out – it is pretty much flawless!

I said in my review that X marks the spot – as in the best out there for flavour and clouds.

Read the review: GeekVape Zeus X RTA Review – It Really IS A Cracking RTA

The trio I picked out last year are once again still holding their own!

  • GeekVape Zeus RTA : 100% leak proof – perfect for Christmas parties! Full review
  • Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA: superb flavour and clouds 5/5 – Full review
  • Kaees Solomon RTA: My personal fave – great flavour and clouds – Full review

Gifts for the Squonker in Your Life!

I know – as soon as you get your head around all the vaping parlance – along comes squonking!

That word makes my son and grandson chuckle lol.

Anyway 2018/19 has seen the resurgence of squonking and as such all things ‘squonk’ are in big demand!

Right just when you thought squonking had gone away, 2019 saw more than a few new devices including a couple of VERY special ones I’ll talk about later…get your wallets ready for those lol.

Check out the full list of our best rated squonk mods.

Best Well Built and Simple To Use High Wattage Mod

Double Barrel V3 Review from Squid Industries

There’s a consensus between a few of us on this one.

We reckon the Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 is one of the best releases this year.

Not only does it look incredible it’s so intuitive to use it’s untrue.

One for the new vaper who wants a bit more power and definitely one for the experienced vaper – a real crowd or is that cloud pleaser 😉

A top all rounder for sure!

Read the review: Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 Review – One Of the Best Mods On the Market?

Budget Vaping Gifts

OK as we’ve already established we vapers are a needy bunch!

Here’s a few suggestions for little bits and bobs that really will mean the world!

Coils and Cotton

It’s best to find out the exact types they need – we can never have enough! We have put some to the test. You can take a look at the best vape cotton here.

There’s a plethora of coils out there from MTL – sub ohm – right up to wires and pre-made coils for the RDAs and RTAs.

Heaven Gifts has tons to choose from – but please do check exactly what they need first and of course shipping times for Xmas!

When it comes to cotton there’s again a ton to choose from – my preference is for Muj and Cotton Bacon V2– but again ask first and Amazon is a great place to buy your wicking from!

Best places to buy vape cotton and wire

Vaping Tool Kits

Umm OK a full vape tool kit can cost a little more than a stocking filler usually comes to – especially the superb full sets such as the Coil Master DIY V3 <- highly recommended BTW 😉

coilmaster v3 kit contents

So if the Coilmaster DIY V3 Kit is a little too much then there are others that any vaper needs [lol] in their arsenal:

  • Coilmaster DIY V3 Kit
  • GeekVape Mini DIY Tool Kit
  • Geekvape Screwdriver kit
  • Vape Mat

Vaping Attire

I don’t own one single vape related t-shirt as they seem to send me L and I’m more a 3XL [big boned] but they seem to be all the rage among vapers!

As is the ubiquitous snap back cap lol – mine – like the t-shirts – are given away to local charity shops!

OK most of the larger vendors have sections selling their wares so be sure to check them out.

I did look for some decent snap back caps apart from a keep calm and vape one they were pretty uninspiring on Amazon at least – so let Google do the work for you 😉

If you are from the USA or don’t mind waiting for items to be shipped over then Vaprwear range is very interesting for the outdoor vape types!

A Vape Gift That’s A Little Different?

Here’s a couple of suggestions for the vaper that seems to have everything!

Electronic Pipes From ePuffer!

epuffer electronic pipes christmas gift

Now this is a bit different and ideal for let’s say the older vapers or indeed the vaping hipster in your life!

And just look at the beautiful presentation box they come in – very posh!

Hit the link and check out a wide range of vape pipes all look authentic and sure to make that pipe smoker in your life happy!

Save 10% With Code ECIGCLICK

E-Cigars From ePuffer!

epuffer-ecigar-christmas gift

I really miss a good cigar – don’t tell anyone but I do treat myself to a good one at Christmas 😉

However, there are e-cigars out there and ePuffer has some of the best around.

There’s a few to choose from including the complete starter kit which looks great!

Save 10% With Code ECIGCLICK

Expensive Christmas Gifts For Vapers

OK so far we’ve looked at Christmas presents for vapers that are pretty affordable – but what about if money is no object?

Yeah I know affordability is relative – but if you do want to push the boat out then these are definitely on the top of my Santa list – though if I’ve been a good boy this year is – as always – debatable lol.

Dovpo – Topside Dual Carbon Squonk Mod

vape christmas gift Dovpo - Topside Dual Carbon Squonk Mod

The squonk mod that redefined squonking!

This is quite simply awesome looking and awesome as a performer it’s that simple.

ANY vaper receiving this one won’t be able to wipe the smile off their faces until well after 12th night!

Asmodus x Ultroner – Thor 2 DNA 75W Stabilised Wood

Asmodus-Thor-DNA75- mod christmas gift

Now we are talking!

Behold the beauty of the stunning Asmodus x Ultroner – Thor 2 mod!

Oh my!

Er, it’s a little on the pricey side but hey surely the vaper in your life deserves a very special Christmas gift – after all they’ve quit smoking!

Powered by the awesome DNA 75w chip – this stabwood mod will probably make them burst into tears of joy ha!

Vaperz Cloud Hammer Of God V3

Vaperz_Cloud_-_Hammer_of_God_V3_christmas gift

It’s big brash and powerful!

The Vaperz Cloud Hammer Of God mod is one for the more experienced vaper looking for a statement mod!

This big boy takes x4 18650 batteries delivering an eye-watering 8.4 volts of raw vaping power!

Trust me, this would be one popular Christmas present 😉

Worldwide Shipping

I hope that list has helped you decide what to buy the vaper in your life for whatever special occasion it is – once you get the hang of things we’re a very easy bunch to buy for with a seemingly endless list!

If in doubt and you want to keep that special present a surprise then give us a shout in the comments below!

And DO keep an eye out for our special vape deals – but remember if you’re buying from abroad don’t leave it too late 😉

Make it a cloudy one 😉

neil Humber 2
Neil Humber

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


  1. I gave my girlfriend Vapour2 3x(red) for Christmas last year, and i think i made right choice. She absolutely loves it. She walks around and holds that pen like a queen (actually it started to be a little bit annoying:-))). But yes she likes the design and for her it is easy to use. I use sometimes atomizer 1,5 ohm for the thick cloud (she has got 1,2). And also the temperature and voltage button is great. So I may get one next Christmas:-))


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