coil master diy mini kit v2 hard shell

The New Coil Master DIY Mini Kit V2 – Vaping Tools In A Hard Shell!

Coil Master is pretty much the first name that pops into your head when you think about tools used for rebuilding and the new Coil Master DIY Kit Mini V2 is the company’s latest offering.

I didn’t see a need to buy the previous mini kit as I have the larger version – the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 – and whenever I was away I popped all I needed in the Coil Master K Bag [which I bought and highly recommend BTW].

The first mini kit came in one of those strengthened cloth box/bag type things with book like fold out ‘pages’ with all the tools neatly stashed away.

The DIY Kit Mini V2 has done away with that and now comes in a tough ABS hard shell very much like your typical tool box and very smart it looks too especially with the branding on the front.

Coil Master has also done away with the coiling jig kit and we’ll see exactly what they’ve replaced that with in a wee while.

OK this was sent to me for the purpose of review direct from Coil Master – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Coil Master told me this is available now.

BTW they also very kindly popped in a ton of Chinese New Year posters and a handful of those red envelopes that folks pop money inside to give as gifts – sadly mine were all empty however my grandson loved his with a crisp tenner inside 🙂

They also added their cute as a button Elfy RTA that we reviewed here.

OK let’s see what’s changed and more importantly how the tools handle.

Inside the Box

coil master diy mini kit v2

  • x1 Ceramic Tweezers
  • x1 Mini Diagonal Pliers [snips]
  • x1 Multifunctional Screwdriver Body
  • x1 Diagonal Stainless Tweezers
  • x1 Stainless Folding Scissors
  • x4 Screwdriver Winding Rods [2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5mm]
  • Size: 19mm length x 10mm wide x2.5mm deep

coil master diy mini kit v2 contents

Coil Master DIY Kit Mini V2 Tools

As I’ve already mentioned the tough hard plastic box is more your traditional tool box and closes with two strong clasps.

The tools are neatly packed away in cut outs and very smart it looks too.

OK let’s break each of the mini kit tools down.

Mini Ceramic Tweezers

coil master cermaic tweezers mini

Roughly about half the size of the larger kit version but just as solid and actually feel a little easier to hold being stubbier.

Mini Diagonal Stainless Tweezers

coil master diagonal tweezers mini

Once again about half the size of the ones found in the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 and again no issues whatsoever using them.

They feel solid and very comfortable to hold and use.

Mini Diagonal Pliers

coil master mini snips

I guess we call these snips or wire cutters and again they are much smaller but are very comfortable to hold.

They’re sharp too and coped very well with the larger coils so smaller they might be but still as tough.

BTW – the scissors are exactly the same – the pull apart style – so not much to say about those!

Multifunctional Screwdriver and Coiling Winding Rods

coil master mini screwdriver coil jigs

Now regular Coil Master kit users are going to either love or hate this new feature!

Gone are the two screwdrivers and instead you get a screw driver body and four screwdriver/winding rods that snap into the base.

This of course means you will now have to manually line up and wind your coils but for a quick fix it works very well indeed – please ignore my scruffy looking coil that’s there for illustration purposes only!

manual coil winding

BTW if you’re thinking about making your own coils I have done an absolute beginners guide which follows my first few attempts 😉

OK I actually like the screwdriver set up – especially as Coil Master has added a couple of hex/grub screw shafts which many RTAs and RDAs now use.

Coil Master DIY Mini Kit V2 Final Thoughts

The tools are of the same high quality you’d expect from Coil Master and even the shortened down versions feel solid in the hand and comfortable to use.

The snips are just as sharp as the larger versions and are very sharp and coped with larger complex coil legs with no bother.

screwdiver coil jig sizes

I like the screwdriver and coil winding set-up especially as you have x4 different sized winding options and the inclusion of hex and grub screw options.

And I really think the box is the cherry on the cake – it’s tough and looks great.

This is definitely a tool kit to consider when you’re on the move or on your holidays and one I highly recommend.

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