The Digiflavor Liip continues the influx of pod style vape systems hitting the shelves lately, which is no surprise given the recent development of pod loving nic salt e-juices.

There have also been a number of disposable, nic salt pods making the rounds, such as the Stig, by Vgod, which had the pleasure of reviewing.digiflavor liip pod main

Over recent years, we’ve come to know Digiflavor as a high-quality designer and manufacturer of everything tank related, their Drop and Mesh Pro RDAs were amongst a long list of recent successes, as was their Pilgrim GTA.

Introduction – The Digiflavor Liip Disposable Pod System

With the Liip though, Digiflavor is venturing into what is, for them, uncharted territory.

Indeed, the Digiflavor Liip Disposable Pod almost seems to be in direct response to Vgod’s Stig and, I imagine, as far as the nicotine variants go, it does indeed match up. I, however, have been treated to the rather unusual experience of the Liip Reddy flavour, a non-nic variant that employs an altogether unusual and even more potent stimulant than nicotine, namely…Arecoline.

“Disclaimer: Arecoline is a component of the Areca nut that has been found to have carcinogenic and stimulant properties that far exceed those of nicotine, I therefore only offer an unbiased review and most certainly am not recommending that anyone use the arecoline containing Liip pod.”

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What’s In The Box

  • 2 x foil sealed Liip Podsdigiflavor liip pod box


  • 240 mAh built-in battery
  • 72.3 x 20 x 12.9 mm
  • 1.2ml liquid inside
  • 2.4 Ohm MTL coil
  • +/- 3 V output
  • Nic volumes: 48% for tobacco, 36 for berry and orange and zero nicotine for reddy
  • Nic variants available in 3 packs and Arecoline variant in 2 pack
  • 200-300 puffs per device
  • Tiny, lightweight and disposable
  • Draw activated
  • LED indicator lightdigiflavor liip pod pack

Build Quality & Design

I received the Reddy variant, which comes in packs of 2 (possibly due to the extreme effects). They arrive in a small red and black box, sealed inside little foil freshpacks.

Opening one pack, I discover a flashdrive shaped device, somewhat bigger than the stig, made of plastic, with ribbing all round the body, by way of grip.

At the base of the device are two small holes, one is an airflow hole and the other is an LED indicator.

The Reddy flavour is printed at the bottom of one side, in a silvery white and Liip branding is printed in the same shade on the other side.

The ribs run up the length of the plastic pod. The body and mouthpiece are continuous.

The mouth piece ends in a small, elongated, mouth to lung (MTL) friendly opening, which is stoppered with a disposable silicon plug.digiflavor liip pod base

The Reddy variety is red, Tobacco is black, Orange is orange and Berry is purple.

That is all there is to it. Since the device is draw activated, there are no buttons anywhere.

The size is convenient, the shape even more so. I like the fact that this device can stand up on its base and the overall finish is high quality for a disposable.

How Does The Digiflavor Liip Disposable Pod Perform?

Having sampled the Stig Pod by Vgod, I must say, I was highly impressed with the flavour and cloud production I experienced here.

I found the lifespan of both pods in the pack to be consistent, sitting at around 250 draws, which is, in my opinion, phenomenal.

The draw activation is smooth and easy.

The pods deliver a medium clouded MTL hit which, if compared to the Stig’s cloud production and delivery performance, is slightly higher.

What took me completely by surprise her, especially since I have the non-nicotine variety, was the intense stimulating effect of the arecoline stimulant which is used in lieu of nicotine in the non-nic version. I feel that users should be more appropriately warned about this ahead of time as it is a far more noticeable HIGH than nicotine.

Now, arecoline is derived from the nutty fruit of the areca palm and is an oily, odourless liquid with an intensely herbal flavour which reminds me of nothing more than the dried hay stalks I used to chew on in our family’s barn as a child.

Unfortunately, it raises a lot of questions as to it’s safety and while we cannot be sure what problems it can cause when vaped, I can’t in good conscience recommend it to anyone.digiflavor liip pod hand

If you’ve ever accidentally or purposefully inhaled a lungfull of butane gas, you’ll have some idea of what a draw on an arecoline vape feels like.

I literally have to sit there for ten seconds listening to the throbbing in my head slowly die down. My face goes red, my lungs seize up, it is intense.

I don’t smoke or vape marijuana or CBD e-liquid and I don’t feel any conscious effects when I use nic salts so the instant and undeniable stimulant effect I got from vaping this was a real shock to my system.

I took it in my stride and managed a few rounds of chainvaping this thing and let me tell you, I couldn’t even focus my eyes while doing so. I’m honestly not sure what Digiflavor was thinking.

Certainly, given the nature of this particular compound and the fact that addictive types would probably easily get hooked, I find the addition of arecoline to be highly irresponsible and certainly not what we’d expect from one of our trusty vape brands.digiflavor liip pod side

Battery Life

The battery on one device will last between 200 and 300 puffs, mine was right there arounf 250, so better than the Stig on that front.


  • Small, ergonomic and stealthy
  • Excellent battery life
  • Full flavour with maximum stimulant delivery
  • Draw activation for a simple and easy fix


  • No proper warning given on the stimulant effects of arecoline in the Reddy flavour
  • Arecoline is a known carcinogen
  • I experienced chest tightening, heart palpitations and intense hot flushes
  • Noticeable stimulant effects will be very upsetting for some users

Final Review Verdict

Now, based on the performance, active component delivery, battery life and overall convenience of this pod, I think I would have given it an outstanding review, had I received the nicotine version for review. Unfortunately, I received a version that contains a component of the Areca nut which has been found to have carcinogen properties, something which I, as a vaper, SERIOUSLY prefer to avoid.

I cannot in good conscience recommend the Reddy Flavour Liip Pod by Digiflavour to anybody and I can only imagine the sort of stir this product might cause when someone less lenient than me experiences the unexpected side effects of vaping it.


Would I buy this if I lost/broke the device? A nicotine variety, yes, this one No

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Do I Recommend This Flavour
Would I Buy It Again
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