A look at the Dinner Lady CBD drops and these are NOT for vaping but to be taken orally.

You use the included glass dripper and either drip the CBD oil onto your tongue or underneath – totally up to you.

dinner lady cbd oral drops review

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The use of CBD is now extremely popular and the user base is growing extremely fast.

Whilst the medical profession is slowly accepting CBD into the mainstream – I still can’t tell you if any product I review has the ‘desired effect’ – I’m not a doctor 😉

What I can say is there’s a ton of anecdotal evidence out there saying CBD helps alleviated both physical and mental health issues…so please do your own research.

Speaking of which – here’s a couple of articles and guides I’ve written about CBD – what it is and how it can be used:

Many smokers and vapers have tried vaping on both authentic and flavoured versions – but some really can’t seem to get on with it.

And that’s where oral CBD drops come in!

Dinner Lady CBD oral drops can be bought in 250mg – 500mg and 1000mg bottles.

cannabidiol-cbd chemical composition

Dosage is dependent on many factors – size/weight etc and trial and error!

There’s no hard and fast rule and no you cannot overdose!

If you are in anyway concerned about using CBD – cannabidiol – then please consult a medical professional.

The three bottles of Dinner Lady oral CBD drops were sent direct from the company – thank you – free of charge and for the purpose of this review.

As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

So has Dinner Lady transferred their awesome blending onto their award winning e-liquids?

Let’s find out.

Dinner Lady CBD Drops Jelly Candy – 15ml 1000mg

dinner lady cbd oral drops review jelly candy

There’s no flavour description – I guess it’s self explanatory – however as you can see this one contains 1000mg CBD within a 15ml bottle.

I Say:

More of a fruity tangy smell from this one and not the sweet sensation I was expecting.

The taste is not at all candied either – indeed I was getting a very strong orange pith flavour.

It’s almost – not quite – too sharp.

But as the taste settles down I really am getting an orange wine gum kind of feel with a hint of olive oil.

That taste remains in the mouth for quite a while and isn’t at all unpleasant.

If you like sharp fruits this is right up your street.

Dinner Lady CBD Jelly Candy – 15ml 1000mg

dinner lady cbd oral drops review tropical

Again there’s no flavour notes, but again we can imagine! The one I’m testing is 1000mg CBD within a 15ml bottle.

I Say:

A very vibrant aroma from the bottle and again not as sweet as I was expecting.

To the fore once again is that sharp acidic skin smell of the fruits and very nice it is too, with a generous hint of pineapple for sure.

No single flavour really jumps out once dripped on the tongue.

Instead you’re getting a tropical fruit medley that again lasts a while and seems to alter slightly the longer it remains in your mouth.

I actually found the oiliness of this one a little more overpowering – but not enough to put me off.

If anything the fruity flavours here a little more subtle – no bad thing…

Dinner Lady CBD Drops Peppermint – 15ml 1000mg

dinner lady cbd oral drops review peppermint 1000mg

I don’t think we need flavour notes to know what this one is supposed to taste like! Again I received the 1000mg Dinner Lady CBD oral drops.

I Say:

A wonderful smell from the bottle – think those strong almost powdery peppermint lozenges you get from a chemist.

Yeah, this is definitely the best flavour of the trio for me 🙂

A really warming minty taste that leaves the mouth fresh and tingly that even hides the oil feel.

Not too sweet either – think proper peppermint – lovely stuff.

Final Review Verdict

A really good selection of flavours for everyone’s palate.

Both fruits are the sharper side of sweet – in fact none of the flavours are over sweetened in any way shape or form.

The Dinner Lady CBD oral drops peppermint flavour is my favourite of the bunch.

I found that one perfect first thing in the morning – a nope it’s doesn’t taste like mouthwash!

If you’re a smoker or vaper that hasn’t got on with vaping CBD e-liquids then these oral drops are perfect.

Highly recommended.

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Jelly Candy 1000mg CBD Oral Drops
Tropical 1000mg CBD Oral Drops
Peppermint 1000mg CBD Oral Drops
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