A multi-award winning UK based company with a strong sense of community makes the DragonFly CBD oil drops review a little more interesting to say the least.

The CBD is harvested from organically grown crops and DragonFly say it follows the plant from seed to harvesting.

dragonfly cbd oil review

The community spirit comes from the company’s latest endeavour, the aptly named Dragonfly Community which is an extremely important mental health project, particularly in these trying times.

DragonFly CBD say:

The numbers of those suffering from a mental health disorder in the UK has been steadily rising since the early 1990’s.

Awareness and destigmatisation have done much to open up the conversation about mental health, yet access to and funding for support systems are still short supply.

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus pandemic has only worsened the current state of the nation’s mental health, with anxiety and depression levels rising in the lead up to lockdown and holding steady at their new highs.

The Dragonfly Community was started with a simple purpose: to direct funding to the vital charities and organisations that provide the everyday mental health support that so many are in need of.

dragonfly community cbd

I think that’s bloody fantastic – great to see a CBD company putting something back to it’s users.

I say ‘users’ because that is really what the vast majority of CBD users, whether it be leaf, CBD oil, CBD gummies or CBD vape juice, tend to turn to CBD for – better mental health and well being.

You can find out more about the benefits of CBD in my articles:

OK, let’s put the Dragonfly CBD Oil drops to the taste test and see if they acn rank with the best cbd oils available – and for the record, they were sent direct from DragonFly CBD – thank you – and as always, my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

Dragonfly CBD available to buy on Amazon

Vitamin D Dragonfly CBD Oil – 500mg


DragonFly CBD Says:

Vitamin D Dragonfly CBD Oil combines super distilled, organically grown CBD Oil with Vitamin D to help you maintain normal muscle, bone and immune system function.

Vitamin D proven to contribute to the normal function of the:

  • Immune system
  • Bones, muscles and teeth
  • Postural instability & muscle weakness among men and women 60 years of age and older

I Say:

I hit 60 this summer and yeah my ‘postural instability and muscle weakness‘ is there for the world to see…

I tend to slouch rather than walk with shoulders back – as I did as a younger man – my bloody back hurts to stand up straight lol.

My knees and ankles like to randomly give in too – makes me look like I’m drunk whilst hiking lol.

I’ve been taking Vitamin D as a none CBD supplement for the last couple of years and to some extent it has helped.

As to if the DragonFly CBD Oil with that vitamin added has helped, unfortunately I’m not allowed to say as I’m not a medical practitioner.

However, I have been using this for quite a while now and – instead of my usual supplement, and can say whilst I’m not walking erect [stop it…] I’m certainly not noticing any regression.

This particular CBD oral drop is natural flavour with a lovely aroma of terpenes from the bottle

Taste wise it’s bang on my preferred profile with those woody plant flavours to the fore.

It is a little on the oily side with the consistency of olive oil…certainly a thicker consistency than some of tried – just about OK though.

Broad Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil – 900mg


DragonFly CBD Says:

Derived from hand-crafted Cannabis Sativa L. extract, Broad Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil is a close reflection of the plant’s natural complexity and is ideal for an experienced CBD Oil user.

I Say:

Broad spectrum CBD is, in simple terms, a collection of various cannabis plant compounds rather than just one variety.

Users say they’re getting the very best out of each plant rather than just relying on one – more info in the links above.

The DragonFly CBD Oil Broad Spectrum comes in 3 strengths: 270mg – 450mg and the 900mg I received.

Again this one has that natural flavour I enjoy and again is almost too oily.

There is that botanical almost plant bitter after taste which I really like.

DragonFly CBD say this one’s ideal for the experienced CBD oil user and I can see why – this one has an acquired taste.

Flavoured Dragonfly CBD Oil – Orange 500mg


DragonFly CBD Says:

Flavoured Dragonfly CBD Oil brings you freedom of choice. A variety of four naturally infused CBD Oils means there’s something for every taste.

Benefits: Naturally infused, vibrant flavours for maximum enjoyment: zesty Orange, soothing Peppermint, spicy Cinnamon, subtle Anise.

I Say:

No mistaking what the flavour of this CBD oil is once you whip the top off.

It’s a sweeter orange aroma rather than tart citrus but still appealing.

And that sweetness really does come through on the taste buds…

It’s maybe a tad too sugary to be classed as a freshly squeezed orange, but still refreshing and ideal for your morning dose.

Not as oily as the others I’ve tried either.

If the other 3 flavours in the range are as tasty as this one you’re in for a treat.

Narrow Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil – 30ml 2000mg


DragonFly CBD Says:

Narrow Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil is the bigger version of our best selling range.

Its super-distilled formula delivers quality and smooth tasting CBD Oil that’s perfect for all users while ensuring the bottle lasts longer.

I Say:

This one’s a one dose for all kind of blend and comes in x4 strengths: 1000mg – 1500mg – 2000mg and 3000mg.

I’ve received the 2000mg bottle and this one’s part of the high strength range.

It’s also a natural flavour and the smell has a very gentle back note of those botanics I adore.

It’s actually a very nice subtle smell and if I’m honest, I found myself sniffing the bottle rather a lot lol.

Taste wise it doesn’t let the aroma down either, though again it is a tad on the oily side.

This one’s fresh with a gentle introduction to those botanic and herbal flavours I love.

Love the whole experience of this one and felt great through out the day…despite it being a lower dose than I’m used too.

DragonFly CBD Oil Drops Final Review Verdict

I’ve mentioned the DragonFly CBD Oil Drops are almost to oily for me a couple of times…

And yeah, I know the clue’s in the name – as in oil drops.

However, they do have a much thicker consistency to many other CBD oral drops I’ve tried and are almost to thick for me.

There is a very noticeable after-taste too, one that I really enjoy but might put others off.

The orange flavoured one definitely cuts through the oiliness and is of them all one I’d recommend to brand new CBD users.

The other varieties are very good indeed and most experienced CBD users – especially those loving the natural taste – will definitely enjoy them.

Price are very competitive too – good to see given some OK CBD products can be and are bloody expensive.

Dragonfly CBD available to buy on Amazon

Vitamin D Dragonfly CBD Oil – 500mg
Broad Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil – 900mg
Flavoured Dragonfly CBD Oil – Orange 500mg
Narrow Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil – 30ml 2000mg
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