The E-Lites Curv e cigarette (now renamed the Logic Curv) is the latest device from one of the first e cig brands I ever tried.E-Lites Curv Review

Way back at the beginning of my vaping journey E-Lites were one of three e cigs I bought with the hope I could make the switch from tobacco.

While I moved onto other e cigs over time I do have them to thank for helping me switch to vaping back in 2010.

What Can We Expect From The Curv by E-Lites?

Moving onto today E-Lites got in touch to see if we could carry out a review on the Curv, their new cig-a-like design. Can it sit with some of the best e cigs in the UK?

This was received free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always my views are my own.

In The Box

I received the E-Lites Curv Instant use which comes in a tidy curved package and includes:

  • 1 X E-Lites Curv E Cigarette battery
  • 2 Tobacco Refill Cartomizere lites curv e cigarette kit

The Curv Battery and Build

The E-Lites Curv e cigarette is surprise, surprise… curved! Or to be more precise it is an oval shape. As the name suggests the shape of the ecig is oval like. There is a 210mAh capacity battery and, as with most cig-a-likes, the glowing tip.

Their original e cig was designed and built to look like an actual cigarette but the Curv has stepped away from that to offer something different in the new vaper market.

I really like the new form of the Curv, in the hand it feels nice and smooth and it looks a lot better than the original design.Curv e cigarette in hand

Another update E Lites have introduced is the battery/cartomizer connection. Instead of the familiar screw design, the Curv has two spring connection pins on the battery and two matching contact points in the cartomizer itself.

Instead of screwing the cartomizer on all you have to do now is push it onto the battery which it does with a satisfying click. Very simple to use.


The battery itself has a 210 mAh capacity. Which is strange for me as nowadays I’m more used to vaping anything from 650-2400mAh with vape pens and box mods! For a new user cig-a-like device this is quite normal and as a moderate vaper the battery lasted around half a day, vaping from 9am to 2pm. So in a battery this small not too bad.E Lites E Cigarette Menthol

As with all small e cigarettes like the Curv I highly recommend having at the very least 2 batteries. Reason being, when you run out of power you are left without an e cig for 2.5 hours and that is taking into account you are next to a charge point.

Heavy smokers will find the battery won’t last all that long so be sure to invest in at least a couple of batteries to use in rotation!Curv e cig tip

The Curv Instant Use kit I received is a strange one in that it includes a rechargeable battery but no USB charger so you can… well… re-charge your e cig. I get that it’s more of a tester kit and it’s a great price for smokers wanting to try e cigs but it is in effect still one time use like a disposable.Vaping e lites curv

E-Lites do of course offer the USB charger separately. So if budget allows I would recommend just going for the other Curv kit option they have, the ‘Full Kit’. This includes the USB charger as well as an extra refill cartomizer.

Refill Cartomizer

The refill is a plastic cartridge that contains your chosen flavour. The choices are small with just three options – Regular 2.4% nicotine – Light 1.6% nicotine – Menthol 1.6% nicotine.

I received two for this review, the light and the menthol.E-Lites Menthol Curv

E-Lites e juices are Swiss made with pharmaceutical grade nicotine. I am not personally a tobacco or menthol flavour vaper anymore, I have since moved onto fruit e liquid and dessert e liquids. I will give my opinion anyway but keep in mind tastes are an individual thing!

The Light tobacco flavour I found to be smooth and I actually found it to be good. Keep in mind it isn’t going to be the same as the ‘real’ tobacco you may be use to in cigarettes.

The Menthol isn’t overpowering, the balance is right for my personal tastes leaving the familiar refreshing aftertaste in the mouth.

Both are standard flavours that can be found in electronic cigarettes such as these, they don’t give you that ‘WOW’ kind of reaction but they do the job. They don’t have the quality as N.E.T (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) e juice.The Curv from E-Lites

The throat hit on both was actually on the smoother side although you can definitely tell you are taking a draw on something.

The vapour volume when vaping mouth to lung is not very impressive but again, keep in mind I have been using more advanced refillable MTL vape tanks and sub ohm tanks for the last few years so the difference is going to naturally be like night and day.Curv-refill e cig connection

If you vape direct to lung, that is possible with this but involves longer, slower draws. This will provide you with more vapour and of course more of a nicotine ‘hit’.

The refills are disposable and cannot be refilled with your own e-liquid.

There are the usual discounts for purchasing in bulk with options for those with deep pockets to buy 40. Pretty expensive overall and definitely not as good value as some of the best e juice brands currently available.


  • Feels good in the hand
  • Good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Simple refill cartridge swap system
  • Kit prices reasonable


  • Limited flavours – Only an issue if you want to try something different
  • Recommended to have at least two batteries in rotation for moderate/heavy smokers
  • Refill prices are on the pricey side.

Final E-Lites Curv Review Verdict

As a cig-a-like product the Curv has a good form factor and performs well, I found the flavours were decent, they definitely do the job.

As a starting point for new vapers that are looking for small e cigarettes then the E Lites Curv is a decent choice. Just be sure you buy the right kit and keep in mind the batteries won’t last that long especially for heavy smokers. For that, it is recommended to buy at least 2 batteries to use in rotation.

Just be sure you buy the right kit and keep in mind the batteries won’t last that long especially for heavy smokers. For that, it is recommended to buy at least 2 batteries to use in rotation.

There are other cig-alike e cig kits that do offer more and perform better. Take a look at the Epuffer Magnum Snaps review and Vapour2 Cigs review for our top choices.

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. Along with the rest of the team we have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 500 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say high then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. had my curve 3 weeks and now not working i think one of the pins may be broken presuming they have two pins it just stays on green. totally fed up,

  2. I have been using the curve e cigarette since it came on the market .I wouldn’t use anything else now .No trouble charging at all ,and I have three .Only complaint now is most shops seem to be out of stock of the tobacco refill .Have just bought the last one in Sainsbury’s ,just hoping they get more in .I know I can buy refills on here but then you have postage to pay .Why is everyone out of stock .Hope it isn’t being phased out for the new device, although this looks quite nice .

  3. Hi, since E-Lites have changed their name to Logic are the refills and batteries compatible with each other?

    I’ve been using Blu for a while but they seem to be disappearing from the shelves, I have a spare E-Lite Curve that might come in handy. I wasn’t a particularly heavy smoker (5 or 6 filtered roll ups a day) but I’ve been off tobacco since December, since Blu appear to be disappearing it was tempting to buy a bag of Golden Virginia the other day. Blu are taking their time in sending the refills from the website.

    • Hey Flobadob,

      Yeah, as far as I am aware it was just a re-brand and not a product change. So I think the Curve will be the same. Worth gettin in touch with Logic customer services though just to be sure.

      A strange one with Blu, the only thing I can think is that if you are using the Blu Mini e cig is that they may not be continuing this due to the incoming TPD regulations on e cigarettes.

  4. I’ve been using e-light curve for about a month now, at first I was charging the small end and when nothing was happening I took it back to tescos thinking it wasn’t working.
    I had to watch YouTube to see how to charge it properly, now I couldn’t be happier it charges within 15mins and you get a full drag, it’s not like having a real fag but that’s because it’s not a real fag but it’s a very helpful alternative and I’ll be sticking with it, I’m not or never was a heavy smoker so if you want to quit I would recommend the e-light curve but would recommend watching YouTube to see how to charge it properly ( it charges from the end that goes green, which I didn’t know and as there are no instructions that come with it really did surprise me).

  5. I’m with Graham fed up with buying a so called instant curve and when I get it home it’s not charged. And when you try to charge them for the second time it doesn’t . I’ve also had one that got really hot and bent in half in my pocket.(Sent back !! )Going back,if I can I’m going back to the original e lite. I think the curve just looks good!! And could be a better price.

  6. The curv is ok they do ask a lot for the refills which is not good for heavy smokers. A lot OF PEOPLE will go for a cheaper product. would probably sell more if they were a bit cheaper.just my opinion of course.

  7. I bought an E-Lite Curv two weeks ago.
    I’m not a heavy smoker or I wasn’t. Iced been using this elite on and off. But I can’t use it much it hurts my throat, leaving an awful burning feeling. I’m still using the original cartridge, so not over using it.

  8. Might give these a try, after reading review and comments. I’m currently using the Vype epen, which lately just gives the taste of burning plastic.

  9. Bought elite curv 2 days ago so far it seems to be great you get a nice hit on your throat nice design an also you can refill them by taking cap off with corkscrew end and refill it ( there was a clip on youtube ) an it gives you more of a hit 🙂

  10. I thought the E curve was ok. What i don’t like it the fact that you can’t tell when the vapour part is running out. Just found myself with nothing to vape on, only had the starter kit a week….so my advice is don’t bother buying it!!

  11. I have just started using E-lite curve and find it really good,i have cut back a lot and only really take a couple of puffs here and there I really like this when in bed no chance of setting bed on fire.

  12. Not sure what Graham means, If you need instructions you probably need professonial help. They last plenty of charges. Not keen on the taste of Curvs though, as a former smoker not looking for any hipster-friendly fruity flavours but something that’s a bit like a “real” fag I prefer the standard (full strength) e-lites. Curvs are kind of ‘dry’…

  13. Waste of money. Bought two of the full kits now. They work for a while, soon as you charge them up they stop working. No instructions either, worst thing I’ve bought. Tomorrow I will be going back to Tesco AGAIN and asking them if they can sell me an e-cigarette that actually works.


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