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E-Lites E-Pro 4 Review – The Latest Addition

e lites epro4After reviewing the E-Lites E200 electronic cigarette and finding it to be a good product I was contacted by E-Lites and offered an E-Pro 4 starter kit to review.

The new kit uses the same battery and cartridge technology as the E-200 but comes with their updated presentation packaging and portable charging case.
Just so you are aware, this kit was sent to me free of charge, this (as usual) will not sway my opinion one way or the other

E-Lites E-Pro 4 Video Review


e-lites epro4 starter kit reviewThe first thing I noticed is the actual packaging now looks a lot more appealing and professional. The compact black presentation box with its clear window really does look great and is a definite improvement over the E200’s presentation.

In the box we had the new E-Pro 4 portable charging pack, which is without doubt the star addition. The pack has a soft touch finish and slightly rounded edges which makes it easy to slip in and out of your pocket, it also has a digital display on the front that tells you how much battery charge the pack has remaining.

When you flip the lid there is room for one charging battery, a spare battery and two refill cartridges, all of these fit in snugly with no rattling about. The case itself is charged via a USB cable but E-Lites have just released a charging dock (similar to an iPod dock) that sits neatly on your desk.

The only downside is that this doesn’t come with the kit, its an extra cost which on top of the kit starts getting expensive. If you feel you need the dock I would recommend getting it at a later date so you at least have a time to decide if this it is something you need.

I would like to see an ‘ultimate starter kit’ that includes everything from the start, obviously at a bundled discount.

Battery/ Responsiveness

e-lites portable charging caseThe E-Pro 4 comes with two batteries, which by the way is essential when buying ANY starter kit, if you only have one battery then what do you do when this runs out? You will be tempted to buy 10 cigs while you wait! That’s what you will do, I have been there I know!

The other reason is that the smaller batteries such as these can have a limited charge, not to say the battery life is bad, they are still better than Sky Cigs but I can guarantee its always inconvenient when they run out!

This starter kit provides you with a green light tip and a red tip, which for me is a good touch.

As previously mentioned the G9 battery is the same one that is used throughout the E-Lites range, they have gone for the ‘realistic look’ with the faux rings which I actually like.

Overall – The battery feels quality and although the charge time is ok it is definitely a good thing this kit comes with a spare.


e-lites chargerThe flavour is where personal preference kind of takes effect. I for one though liked the tobacco flavour E-Lites offer, I used the ‘Reds’ which are their regular strength nicotine cartridges.

They also offer ‘Golds’ which are lights, menthol and nicotine free. There are a couple of things here though that I think can be improved on, the first is the flavour offering.

When I first started to use e cigarettes I just wanted a good tobacco e juice flavour and wasn’t too bothered or interested in all the other flavours I saw brands offering. That was until I tried some of them, there are some great flavours out there which are a nice change from tobacco every now and then. Flavours such as cherry, coffee and strawberry as well as the different tobacco flavour options. This is an area that could do with being addressed.

The 2nd thing for me is the prices of the E-Tips. Whilst they still work out far cheaper than traditional cigarettes they are still a lot more expensive than other brands out there.

These do get cheaper the more you buy but for most people forking out triple figures for 100 e-tips isn’t an option for most.

When it comes to vapour volume E-Lites still do a decent job, I have however seen better vapour from the likes of Vapour2 Cigs though.

Overall – The battery and vapour volume are decent on their own but there were points lost on the lack of flavours offered as well as the price of the E-Tips.

E-Lites Guarantee/Warranty

E-Lites do offer a both a refund policy and product guarantee. At the time of writing they have a 7 day returns policy for unused product in their original packaging . They also have a limited 12 month warranty. To get the most up-to date T&C’s please check out the E-Lites website.

E-Lites EPro 4 Review – Overall

E-Lites electronic cigarettes will I’m sure do the trick for many and with the E Pro 4 portable charging case they have a well designed PCC that looks good and should ensure you won’t run out of charge on your battery.

The only two issues we had were the lack of flavours and the cartridge prices, they are very expensive especially when compared to other brands. The flavours aren’t a major issue though and the ones they do they do well.

If you are new to electronic cigarettes and are looking for a mini e cig kit then I would suggest checking out this Epuffer Magnum Snaps review for a better option.

If you are not set on a ‘cig-a-like’ then I would suggest bigger devices such as the Jac Vapour S22 Vape Pen or a Box Mod if you don’t mind a little learning curve.

Final E-Lites E-Pro4 Review Verdict

There are better cig-a-like e cigarettes available.

Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
e-lites-e-pro-4-reviewAs a complete product with plenty of vaping options the E-Lites E Pro 4 doesn't live up to other products in it's class.


  1. You really do have to pay for quality and while E-Lites are a little more expensive than some other e-cigs, they are up there as the standard-bearer.

    Unlike some other rivals, they do the full package. From the tobacco ‘hit’ to the packaging, charging cases and refills – this brand reeks quality and class.

    I also smoke Nicolites and, honestly, though I love my Nicolites, E-Lites has the whole package sorted – nothing compares.

    Not smoked in months now after 30 years of tobacco-slavery.

    The best thing to happen to me in years.

  2. Love this product, I got a disposable to start with and liked it so I bought a rechargeable one, I smoke menthol so I tried those first good flavour and smoke production, when I decided that I would swap to e cigs I got another rechargeable and a charger a pack of 5 carts and off I went, I have`t had a proper cigarette for 2 months, the carts last for ages and I even bought a rechargeable carry pack so I`m never without my e cigs and I even managed to cut down the amount I “smoke” and I am saving so much money.

  3. Easy and quick to try from local tobacco shop. Battery didn’t last a while cartridge. Vapour was poor very poor I volume. Taste was not menthol infill the last puff before the battery started to flash. Very expensive refills poor afterlife. Carts also don’t last anywhere near the claims of xx cigs mere like 5 to 8 cigs.

  4. At first it feels a bit clumsy – due to weight and battery at front and it is thicker than a normal filter. Once you adapt to the size/weight difference it feels pretty good. It is a bit odd having a green glow but it is not a problem and helps alert people to the fact you are not actually smoking.

    I have only triied teh regular cartridges so far and although a little harsh by no means unplreasant but I will try the lite cartridges on my next purchase – in other reviews the lites seem to have been rated with a better flavour.

    it is s product i want to try for an extened period (at least 3 months now I have started and found it okay as a substitute) to see it ultimately it will replace cigerettes altogether or just be a way of cutting out many of the ‘habit’ cigerettes – leaving real cigerettes for when I may feel like a need one.

  5. I tried the new E-Lites after purchasing it from a shopping mall in the New Year.

    I smoke just under a pack of regular-strength fags a day and thought it would be cheaper, more healthy and help stop cravings.

    It has cost me lots of money and to be totally honest they aren’t able to stop me wanting to smoke. I looked into another brand and discovered I was paying two or three times as much for the re-fills as I needed to.
    Also, if you only puff them for 1 or 2 seconds not much comes out of them. The batteries don’t last long so I’ve already bought 4 batteries and a spare charger.

    Not enough nicotine. Not enough puffs….but plenty of money.

  6. I have tried patches & gum before, patches don’t give you control over your nicotine intake, and gum is, well, revolting. this product allows you to control your nicotine consumption and also gives you the feeling of actually smoking.

  7. love using my elites, had them for a year now and just moved to methol….wow…very minty

    No longer do i smell of smoke, or huddle under an umbrella outside on a rainy night. Would love to try different favours as others do.I

  8. Good all round product, there are a help to me, but love to see other flavours rather than original and menthol. Such as cherry, strawberry, chocolate ect.

  9. The feel and quality of the product is better than all the others that I have tried.
    After smoking for 35+ years I have tried several methods to stop smoking, for the continued well-being of my fellow passengers on frequent long haul flights (and to save me from a murder charge) I decided to give a disposable e-cig a try. After trying several different rechargeables I came to E-Lites; they are the only product that have kept me clean for the last 3 months. Using them is around 95% as satisfying as a normal cigarette which makes it very manageable. Although they are not allowed to market them as an a aid to quitting, the different nicotine levels should (I hope) enable me to achieve this eventually.
    The service when you call them is very good, but at times of high demand the delivery is not so hot, you should allow a good week for delivery at peak times (Xmas, promotions etc).
    EPRO-4 charging case is excellent but slightly lacking that it will not accept an assembled cigarette (same with the new carry case) however the e-cig case is a good alternative once you have smoked the cigar.
    For me a black battery option would also be good to make it less obvious when vaping on aircraft for example.
    Overall 4.5/5 – just a few support issues and range extension issues to be sorted.


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