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The Ehpro Panther RDA is from long established (2011) Chinese brand Ehpro. They have a great range of products that include, Billow X RTA and the Bachelor X RTA that we had the pleasure of reviewing not too long ago, Ehpro have also produced Mods like the Fusion 200w TC Box and RDA’s like Nixon V2.

Today we are going to take a detailed look at Ehpro’s latest RDA, the Panther. They say it is a cloud and flavour chaser let’s find out…………

Ehpro Panther Video Review

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In The Box

  • 1 x Panther RDA
  • 1 x Squonk pin
  • 2 x Pre-made Flat Clapton Kanthal 0.13Ω coils
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 2 x Flat head screws
  • O-rings
  • Cottons
    Ehpro Panther RDA comp kit

Main Specs/Features

  • Size: 24mm x 30mm with 510 threading
  • Type: Dual Coil RDA
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tip: Resin 810 drip tip
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Gold-plated build deck
  • Bottom-up direct air flow
  • Regular 510 pin
  • BF pin for the squonking
  • Colour options Rainbow, Black, SS, Gold

Design and Build Quality

The Panther RDA comes well presented in a card box.

The design of this product had me intrigued the moment I opened the box, the build quality is extremely strong and robust, with the added option of the included BF pin makes this RDA versatile, the RDA was clean with no machine oil present.

The RDA is slightly heavier than other RDA’s in its class and measures 24mm in diameter.Ehpro Panther RDA in box

Made of Stainless Steel and Resin the Panther RDA dismantles in to 3 parts for easy cleaning.Ehpro Panther RDA bits

Base/Build deck

The base is made of stainless steel and the airflow is an integrated internal direct bottom up airflow, the internal AF is surrounded by SS on all sides,Ehpro Panther RDA OV deckThe exterior slots are angled in to concentrate the air flow directly to the bottom of the coil.Ehpro Panther RDA slope AFThe juice well is quite deep, the base has 2 block posts with 4 staggered wire holes that are made of gold plated stainless steel. The post screws are also gold plated the positive post sits on a peek insulator,Ehpro Panther RDA postsThe bottom of the base has a gold plated connection pin which sticks out a little way, while I am comfortable placing this RDA on a 510 mech, I do not recommend using this RDA on a hybrid mech, the 510 threads are well made.Ehpro Panther RDA threadYou also have Ehpro branding the normal CE marks and S/N laser printed on the bottom of the base. Ehpro Panther RDA bottom deck


This section is made of stainless steel and has 1 wide airflow slot to each side of the barrel.Ehpro Panther RDA cap airflowThe inside is domed so that your liquid splash and condensation will drip back down to your cotton.Ehpro Panther RDA cap domedThe barrel will accept goon style 810 drip tips and has an internal O ring.Ehpro Panther RDA oring 810The barrel is decorated with a laser etched Panther logo.Ehpro Panther RDA cap panther

Drip Tip

The low profile black 810 goon style drip tip that comes with the Ehpro Panther RDA is made of resin and has a honeycomb type of pattern. It has a wide bore of almost 18mm tapering to nearly 10mm internally.Ehpro Panther RDA DT resin

A quick guide to coiling and dripping

Placing your coils in the Panther RDA is very simple!

  • Put you coil leads in the wire holes make sure you have 1 in the negative and 1 in the positive post on either side of the RDA build deck; the positive post sits on a peek insulator.Ehpro Panther RDA coils
  • At this point I would suggest you strum and glow your coils.
  • Place your cotton through your coils and fluffEhpro Panther RDA cott wet
  • Moisten your cotton and tuck the ends down into the juice well.Ehpro Panther RDA coils cotton

To re drip your E-liquid, it can be done 2 ways!

  • 1- remove the cap and paint your coils and cotton, replace the cap.
  • 2- splurge your liquid down through the drip tip and carry on vaping.

Whichever method you use: place your Panther RDA on your mod and enjoy.

For those that are not able to build their own coils there are many companies on the net that sell pre made coils of various types and Ω’s for RDA’s and RDTA’s. You can find out more in our beginners guide to building with RBA’s.

How does the Ehpro Panther RDA Perform?

For this review I’m going to be placing the Ehpro Panther RDA on my Drag mod by Voopoo, I will be using the Pre-made Flat Clapton Kanthal 0.13Ω coils that come in the box, and my own liquid I call “Elevenses”  (mocha and digestive biscuit) the cotton I use is Cotton Bacon V2.Ehpro Panther RDA liquid mod

30 – 40W

Airflow set to almost closed and Mouth to Lung style of vape, at 30w the vapour production was a bit on the weak side and cool but the flavour was rich. Knocking the wattage up to 40w and keeping the AF the same, again the flavour was rich and tasty the vapour production was better, much thicker, although I did notice a slight whistle from the AF.Ehpro Panther RDA AF near close

45 – 60W

I opened the AF up to half and using direct to lung style of vape 45w the vapour was thick and cool, the flavour was very rich.Ehpro Panther RDA AF halfUpping the watts to 60W the vapour was warm but not overly so the cloud was very thick and creamy and the flavour was again very good, no whistle detected, opening the AF up full resulted in a lot of vapour being produced with no drop in flavour quality.

Temperature control

Changing my coils for dual SS316L 0.21Ω coils and I loaded up with the same e-liquid.

420F and 80w

Using the AF wide the resulting vapour was thick and dense; the flavour was out of this world.


Is easy to operate by simply turning the cap, open fully I found it was a too much for my poor old micro lungs to handle lol, I prefer to set the AF to half no matter what wattage or TC I use, the AF for the Panther is very swishy.Ehpro Panther RDA airflow guide


You are always going to expect a little liquid escape via the AF. With the Ehpro Panther RDA I didn’t have any leaks unless I over splurged the liquid or turned it upside down after putting liquid in, I did however experience vapour residue on the top of my mod. Understandable because the AF is low on this RDA.

Chain Vaping

Starting with the Panther cold I chained 8 pulls at 60W with the AF closed to half, the Panther RDA gets very hot and takes a good while to cool down! I’m not too worried by this as no heat hit my lips, and as I always say chain vaping is not the norm.


  • Excellent flavour at all levels of wattages
  • TC was better for flavour for me
  • Vapour Production was considerable at 60w +
  • Airflow is excellent swishy and very easy to turn
  • Design and build quality is excellent
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Very easy to coil and wick
  • Decent amount of spares
  • BF Squonk pin is included
  • Very good pricing


  • Apart from the heat created by chain vaping I have no worries with this RDA

Final Review Verdict

The flavour I get from the Panther RDA is out of this world. I’m a flavour junky so I’ve been enjoying the rich intense full on flavour and excellent vapour production!

I’ve really enjoyed the time I have spent with the Panther RDA it is fast becoming one of my favourites, I would happily recommend this RDA to the novice builder as it’s very easy to coil up and use!

The airflow is simply delightful where a lot of RDA’s in my experience have sticky AF the Panther does not! If I had to criticise just one thing, I would ask Ehpro to move the AF up the body of the cap just slightly, thereby eliminating vapour residue to the top of the mod.

Would I buy the Ehpro Panther RDA again if lost/stolen or damaged it? Darn tooting I would.

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Vapour Production
Build Quality
Ease of coiling
Would I replace if lost, damaged, stolen
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